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[Resolved]  HSBC Credit Cards — Wrong billing & late payment charges on wrong bills

I have been using the HSBC credit card since 2005.....HSBC has offered me the credit card with no annual fees....

In the year 2008 i have got a statement with wrong billing where i have made a purchase of 2467 rupees at Big Bazar......for which i have not made the payment because i have got the statement with annual fees... i have told the customer care executive clearly that i will not be paying the annual fees....customer care executive told me that we will wave off the annual fees and the additional charges....he told me to pay 3000 rupees in end of June-08 and told that he will be sending a person to collect the cheque...and give me the closure...but he never turned up for 4 days, every day i used to call the customer care and he used to tell me that the person has left ....then immediately i have gone to the HSBC branch Located at JMD building in Gurgaon and dropped the Cheque for Rs 3000..with a cheque No. 110361....... later again i started getting the statements saying that you need to pay the outstanding amount and i used to communicate to the customer care about the payment made and no waver has been done.... pls lookinto this... no one has responded to me clearly.... instead started telling me to pay the same or else it will increase month on month.....Now the amount has gone up to 7000 plus amount and HSBC is not taking any interest in resolving the same.....

Today some one called up from HSBC legal department and started saying that what ever you do you have to pay the outstanding reflecting in your account....or go round the courts....

Please do the needfull
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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HSBC Credit Cards — wrong billing

Dear Sir,

Its very much disappointed from your side. that today I recived a sms from HSBC Bank stating that there is a outsstanding of Rs. 1263.78 on my credit card and I need to pay that amount by 02-Aug-08

But you will surprise to hear that, I m not using any credit card of HSBC Bank, last year I applied for the same, at that time my address was changed due to that I did, nt recived my credit card, So I called HSBC Bank Credit Card call centre @ 23739696 and they blocked my card

and, now again whn i call in your esteemed call centre first executive Miss kenjal picked my call approx 02:00 pm(16/07/08), she listed my query and asked me that she would transfer my line to cancellation department for the same, but after 15-20 minutes there was no reply, so I dissconnected the call, again whn I caklled some guy name rajeev picked the call again this time he discoonected my call with in 2-3 minutes without resolving my query

again on 02:17-18 pm i called 1 gal name tapasaya picked my call, she give me surity that she will reverse my amount and handled my query in very well and systematic way

my details are following, kindlly give me a confirmation that my amount is revered on urgent basis

name : atul nagpal
old address : J-66, south ex-1, new delho-49
mobile no. [protected]
new address : A-25, okhla Ph-1, new delhi-20
credit card no(which miss tapasya gave me) : [protected]
card blocked on : 16/Jul/08, 2:19 pm

Kindlly confirm the same on urgent basis, otherwsie i need to take somne strict action against this

Atul Nagpal

HSBC Credit Cards — Collection calls without holding a credit card

I have been receving collection calls from HSBC bank regarding a card that was issued to me. They are providing incorrect details and wants me to confirm my details. When advised that I am not the right person and dont know how they have my phone number. The rep on the other side started abusing me and giving all kind of threats.
I think the bank needs to vrfy the details using the date of birth so that they can get to the right person.

HSBC Credit Cards — Mismanaged Services

I had a dispute with HSBC Bank Credit card for the false Cash Back Commitment, but they never entertained the same. They keep on imposing pressure on me to clear their dues, which i refused to pay until my dispute is resolved. Getting too much fed up with the things I finally decided to go for settlement.

I got a settlement letter from Bank in which settlement was going on for Rs. 6000. I did paid this amount on 11th December against the settlement.

But till now I have not received any confirmation from HSBC. I have also not received Zero Balance Statement as mentioned by Bank.

When I asked bank about this, they said they never went for the settlement kind of thing. This is really bad on bank's part. I guess i should now go to consumer court for the same.

I have a letter in my hand for settlement issued by bank, but bank is saying that they don't have any information.

I can be reached at[protected]

HSBC Credit Card — HSBC wrong billing

Dear Sir,
Credit Card account no: [protected]

I am a very loyal customer of HSBC credit card for more than 4 years. I have been very regular in making my payments. In the month of Aug 2008, i received call from HSBC call centre requesting me to transfer the Credit card balance of any other bank to HSBC. I transferred ICICI credit card balance to HSBC for the period of 6months.
I was regularly paying my outstanding to bank till Oct 2008, but suddenly my card was deactivated and reason told to me by your customer service executive was there was error from the banking staff, and I will have to pay my remaining outstanding of INR 7020/- immediately.
Hence i requested them to reactivate my card, but till date my card is not reactivated, now I have stared getting threatening mails that I will be blacklist . Now they are also unable to tell the reason for card deactivation. My question to you is : “Why is the error of your banking staff, not been taken into account, and a loyal customer is penalized for same.”
Please look into the matter, as I again repeat that I am ready to pay the outstanding dues, but want to know why my cards was deactivated?
This is last communication with bank.

gold creditcard — credit card extra charges

Hello Sir,
reference to comment from site i m sending my credit card no [protected], where bank charge me extra amount when ever i received bill i pend it before time but because of your
courier delay company charge me late fee amount . and again in feb month i have not purchase
any thing but i receive bill along with previous late fee amount. kindly settle my account for further
transaction it is creating problem to use icici bank credit card. kindly inform me on above email id
or [protected]my mobile no.

thanking you.

HSBC Credit Cards — Threat over phone without listening to my cause and neither sending any intimation to my Kolkata address

I am having this card for few years. Besides this we also had number of other relations with HSBC. Inthe month of April 09 I last spoke to somebody over phone from Bank may be Mr.Rajiv or so and intimated him my worst financial condition. In short since July 2007 I am facing tremendous financial crisis and along with my family of me and my wife with 2 children are in a very bad condition. I was jobless. After that I have also posted letter to HSBC via regular mail as well as through their collection represenattives and we need cooperation from the bank with regard to time for repayment. As I am trying frantically at this hour of recession and that too at this age of 40 to find a job which is very important for our survival and also slowly regain the strength to repay the dues. In the meantime I came for job searching in Bangalore last month and my wife along with my kids are still there in Kolkata, anybody can contact my residence and there is no hide and seek about it. Yesterday somebody rang me up from Kolkata threatening me that if by today afternoon I am not depositing 94000/ to the bank I will be taken into custody. Then I called him up twice and explained him my present situation and also intimated him that there is almost an arrangement at the verge of completion with reagrd to my livlihood and asked for cooperation. Even I explained him that see if I am taken to custody as I have no assets not only my family will be finished but also the chance of banks recovery would be over. But he refused to hear to me, e only said that by tomorrow if you pay 45000/ one go it will be over, I explained him rather requested him to convey it to bank my prsent incapability. Then after I arranged for some borrowed amount of Rs 5000/ for my wife so that she can deposit the same to HSBC my card account today, this I did just because I got almost an assurance of a job here in Bangalore. Then I called that number[protected], and tried to once again plead to that spokesperson to accept that payment and give me time so that again by next month I can make payment and so on settle the dues. But he refused. Instead he told me keep that money with you it will be of your help for fighting the case.
Now my question is what about humanity from the bank, what about my worst financial condition and what about my gesture of starting the repayment and also getting the chance to survive. I question the bank that if they take me into custody will the purpose of the bank be fulfilled. What the bank will get in finishing me and my family. Even I have told bank to send representative and get the clear picture from my house and even the shop which we have in Kolkata in almost dead condition and judge the seriousness of the situation. Still I am sure that Bank will realise my genuinity and help me and family to survive and thereafter get the cahnce to repay my dues. I honestly and genuinely plead before banks authority to help me out. I am confident of turning round and I commit to make payments in installments to bank from now on as I am getting a job.

HSBC Credit Cards — Account Settlement

I have a credit card with HSBC. I have been paying on time however recently I lost my job and due to recession I am unable to find another, so I am going out of the country to search for a job. I requested HSBC to close this account as I can;t pay anymore but they are continously adding interest and calling me. I cannot pay anymore. So please close this card.

HSBC Credit Cards — Balance Transfer - Hassles and harrassment

The history of my case goes like this.

I requested for a balance transfer from HSBC towards my CITIBANK credit card in the month of November-2008.

The request was raised on Nov[protected]as per the statement) for an amount of 22, 000.00 INR for six months plan.

The same amount was debited (along with the processing fee and the eligible taxes) onto my card.

The check for the mentioned amount was issued in the name of my CITI card as per HSBC updates, but the amount never got credited to my CITI account.

Still, as a faithful customer, I made 2 consecutive payments of 2K each, hoping that amount would be credited to CITI account.

As a result of my sincerity, I was being charged by both, HSBC and CITI, so I made the payment of total outstanding on CITI and I stopped making further payments on HSBC, as the amount in question was never used by me. I made several calls to HSBC reporting the situation, but all in vain. Pissed off with the situation, I stopped ma, king calls, hoping that after some 3 or 6 months, the check would automatically get cancelled, and HSBC will have their money with them. Meanwhile, I kept getting calls from their collections department who kept asking for payment towards the outstanding, on which even a fat interest had accrued. I again took time and pain in explaining the situation to them to which they assured me of appropriate response and resolution.

Now, after almost 9 months of this torture, I'm being tortured even worse by HSBC's recovery department, who (some guy named Tarun) are threatening me of legal actions, in case I fail to pay the sum.
So, in summary, I'm being traumatized to pay a hefty sum of around 17K as the settlement amount, post which, I'll be issued a settlement letter, and will be barred from any further relationship with the bank ever in future.

For me, the total comes almost close to 22K (as I've already paid 4K), which I've never used, and, I'm deemed guilty and punished 'no future relationship' (though it should be reverse instead) without even utilizing a single penny.

I would like to mention that I’m sick of the pathetic and ridiculous services of HSBC's multiple departments (customer care, collections, recovery), and I'm strongly going to publicize the bad treatment that I've been subjected to by HSBC.

I'd request all the people to think atleast a 100 times before getting lured into any of the HSBC's credit card services and products as I myself have had enough tortures and harrassments for all my life times.

HSBC Credit Card — Member ship fee and Late payment charges

I am one of the HSBC card holder and i am using this card last two to three years. I am getting this card on basis of life time free card.But in my nov month statement it contains membership fee as rs700.I called to executive and complaint regarding this now they are saying its not free card.

One more thing is last two years i am receiving the statement properly with same address.Last month (i.e nov) statement i received on 4th which is having the due date as on 03rd.I called to HSBC customer care centre and complaint about this they are saying that there is no proper address in thier records.I can not understand this.Even i can not able to hear they replies.

Currently actual my card out standing balance was around 3000 but they are demanding me to pay is rs4500.

Please help me how can i handle this.

HSBC Credit Cards — Undo Changes on the Closed Credit Cards

I had an HSBC credit card some 3 yrs back, due lack of proper services and undue late payment charges being levied on my card i stopped using the same within 5-6 months of issue.
I would never get the credit card statement in time, neither through snail mail, email or even SMS. On top of these they would charge me late payment fees. Due to all this i stopped using the card and opted for a StanC card.
I made whatever amount was due in my card and closed the account.
Now after 3 yrs I get phone calls from HSBC's recovery dept. that some Rs. 4000+ amount is due in my card and I'll have to make this payment to avoid listing as a defaulter. I have been told that it was actually the closing amount on my card which I had not paid and is now blown into this much amount.
At the time of the issue of the card I was told that this was 'free for life' card and there would be no additional fees at all whatsoever. Even the Terms and Conditions document did not mention of any Closing amount that would be charged in case of Card Closure.
Now the recovery dept. reps are asking me make the settlement with a lesser amount but I dont understand why I should pay anything at all for a service that I am not availing
This is a total RIP OFF on HSBC's part.

HSBC Credit Card — wrong billing done by hsbc.

Respected sir,

I was a HSBC credit card customer from last 4-5years.
Kindly refer my credit cards ending with ****8512 i was offered this card by HSBC as a life time free card now they have charged me with annual sevice charges of Rs.700/-& Rs.350/- for addon card.

The above mentioned charges i have not paid same and have informed HSBC to reverse the same. but still date they have not done the same stating that HSBC currently does not have any promotional scheme. Due to this i have cancelled the card after paying all the purchase outstanding of Rs.5760/- . Even after this they are still sending me bill by adding charges and late payment charges finance charges etc. & sevice charges etc.

Kindly refer my to my another credit cards ending with ***8516 as per my record their is no purchase outstanding left with this card. what ever outstanding HSBC is telling is the carry forward amount which you have credited in the subsequent month. In one month HSBC charges finance charge and service charge in subsequent month they reverse the same and again charge with finance charge and services charge for the same which again had mounted up in the range of 2thousand. If you go thru all the statement you can conclude. how can you charge finance charges for the principal amount which is being reversed time and again.

Also it is humble request to you kindly go through my tenure associtated with HSBC from last 6years and pls. let me know any incident of part payment made by us or late payment made by us. we use to operate 6credit card within our family. now due to your above nuissance we have to cancelled all our cc.

Also be informed i have cancelled all my credit cards associated with HSBC. You are kindly requested to take up the issue with HSBC and help me to overcome this mess.


Avadhoot Roge

HSBC Credit Cards — Illegal usage of charges and levying extra charges on the card

In may2008 , I have made the total outstanding amount of the card and dropped a letter to close the card , which didnt happen .. I left for onsite from my company and came back in May 2009 .. I received one statement from HSBC saying there is some 6000 outstanding on my account.. I immediately called up the helpdesk and asked whats this , I havent received any positive response from them and from then on they started sending monthly statements adding late payment charges and interest charges .. No that they also mentioned they cancelled my card , they still issued interest charges .. In december , I thought I cant take this much more and called them up again and asked if there is any amount which I can pay as full and final settlement . They said no , I have to pay entire amount . On december 31st , I have paid off the total outstanding amount of 8213 ( which was full of interest charges only ) and I paid 100 rs extra as they collected that as I paid in cash . And I imeediately informed the helpdesk to send me NOC and settlement letter .. Which I havent received .. And again , now I received a fresh statement with outstanding as 110 rs which they said as legal interest charges ... Now if i dont pay that amount they will again add interest and latepayment fees and in one yr it will go to some thousands .. This is not a good reply from the Bank and I never received any positive response from them .. Because of this , I am totally tensed and running short of money as one can understand paying 8000 rs only as interest is really troublesome ... Can you please help and help me get justice . Thanks in Advance .

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that your company HSBC cards is badly harrashing for uncredible payments. Earlier also I complained regarding this matter. Let me inform you that my actual credit amount on date january 2010 is Rs 12000 INR, and already made the payments of Rs 4000 INR and balance amount is only Rs 8000 INR. But as per your records I have to pay Rs 21000 for my card no.[protected] I dont on what basis your officals are asking me for the payments. Few months back I had a chat with your representative, and he said that I have to pay only Rs 6000 for the settlements but i dont know what happend to that promise, i never have back call on this point. Now I am getting frequent call to make the payments for Rs 21000.
On a serious note I am ending my complain that take proper action asap otherwise I will move this case to the consumer forum with the charges of false billing and mental harrashment. Dont take this matter lightly, I am really pissed off with your services, now its time for action, its better you do first otherwise i have to act.

Ajay Jaiswal


I had been a user of HSBC Credit card for two years before i sent a request for surrendering my credit card in july/august 2009(month not sure) through customer care. At the time of taking credit card the executive told me that this is free membership card and no membership fee shall be charge against it. But after one year o[censored]sage i was charged by Rs. 800/-(approx) for membership fees that i request for revert back that charges through customer care because my card was free & subsequently my charges in this regard was reverted back.

In the second year again HSBC charged Rs. 750/- (approx.)for membership fees, again i talk to the custmer care but they refused to revert back the charges by saying that this is not a free membership card & you have to pay the charged amount. I still wait for the customer freindly response from the HSBC & stop the payment of my last bill of Rs. 4100/- (approx).

After that i had a long conversation through my mail to the HSBC for near about 3-4 Months & 5-6 times. Meanwhile HSBC put late payment charges for my bill amount every month.

After so many conversation the executive adviced me to pay my actual amount of shopping. In March 2010 I paid the actual amount of my shopping bill.

Now again calls is coming from the HSBC to pay all the balanced amount i.e. membership fee & all other late payment charges & the executive visit fee for collecting the amount from me.

The executive from HSBC are using such a rough manner which is unbearable.

Kindly help me out from this issue.

Kailash Chander ([protected])
Credit Card No. [protected]


Respected Sir,
This is with referece to the wrong billing of HSBS credit card. Sir i am Kailash Chander Bhagat holding a HSBC Credit Card (Card no = [protected]) in which i requested a balance transfer facility for Rs 19300/-, which i received after two months of the request which is of no need and hence i opt to cancel the service and also submitted the Amount cheque with the corresponding HSBC Bank. I am also holding the Recieiving of the same. The issue had allready been allready more than 2 years and still i am getting the billing of the balance transfer with i have allready cancelled.
Hope you will pay heed towards my problem and try to solve the matter as soon as possible.
Thanks & Regards,
Kailash Chander Bhagat.

HSBC Credit Cards — Harassment by the Credit Card Division of the HSBC Bank

I was given a credit card by the HSBC Bank executives while I was employed as an Engineering Manager in a Software firm in India. It was given to many employees along with me and claimed that it’s

a lifetime free card.

1. Unfortunately the Wireless division of the said firm collapsed and most of the executives of the division moved out along with me.
2. The Bank then started levying the yearly fees to my account. I sent them multiple requests but there was no response by the bank.
3. I deposited the entire outstanding amount to the bank (except the yearly fees, plus the service taxes levied on top of it), trashed/destroyed the card and sent it over registered post to the bank

along with the request to close the account citing the above reasons for closure.
4. There was no response from the bank. So I sent one more registered letter to the Vice President of the Bank along with all the proofs. This was almost 2 years back. It was only then the mails

stopped coming.
5. One year back again the same problems started, but when I spoke to the executives and explained them everything. Things settled down and there were no longer problems.
6. This year again I started getting calls and the statements. Moreover there are threatening calls being made to my wife. And I am not even staying in Delhi anymore, where my wife resides.
7. Now after sending them multiple mails to their Nodal Officer, there is a reply from the department along with the statements which clearly show the amount manupulation being done by the credit

card guys. But again they have written to give them my number and clear the dues which are actually not there.
7. The telephone numbers from which the guys call are hunting numbers and while trying to call back, it says that the number does not exist. So the problem is that we can't even lodge a formal

complaint against the harassment/threatening calls.

My questions are:

1. When I had paid the entire outstanding amount and requested the closure of the account after trashing the card and sending it over the registered post, why it did not happen.
2. If the bank checks the records, they will not find a single entry of card being swiped/used. So how are the charges being levied on me.
3. Why is not the account being closed till date.
4. Why don’t the Credit Card executives send communication over written along with the entire statements as to where the card has been used and where the purchases have been made. They

cannot do it as the card does not exist from past 3 years or so.
5. Why do the Credit Card executives make fake promises when the Bank does not offer the fee waivers. And why doesn’t the bank take the responsibility/ownership of the statements made by its

Goto Consumer court and file a case against the Bank then only they will learn a lesson.

Never opt for credit cards from International banks. Always buy from an Indian/nationalised bank.


Card No.[protected],as per bank no payment recd. for nov.2010,whereas payments made on 30/11/10 thru drop box cheque & cheque details name cheque no. ammount & date of drop informed to bank,even then bank suspended all services on the card without information to me.Resulting in harrasment at the outretail outlets.

First instance of delayed payment,previous record clean.

When bank can ask about the payments details & has every right to suspend services,only thing is they have duty to inform customer about no usage of the cards.

HSBC Credit Cards — Heavy charges

Hi, i am Lakshmi kanth,

I have taken a HSBC credit card, while taking the card, the credit card sales executives didn't give proper information about annual charges, they immediately charged 2000 rupees as annual charges. I told that i never pay... i informed them about cancellation. Now they are telling that i have to pay 30000/- (Thirty thousand rupees ).. you please take a necessary action on these people...

My card number is [protected]

Lakshmi Kanth.

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