— India Rajasthan Government brutal & inhuman behavior along with the dirty politics. Human Rights Violation by Rajasthan Government

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 manik_072003 on May 14, 2011
With very heavy heart I want to make your attention towards in India Rajasthan Government brutal & inhuman behavior along with the dirty politics. Human Rights Violation by Rajasthan Government
Salary exploitation -,NRHM Staff nurse Rajasthan payment is Rs7500/- (US $150 per month) but other states have payment of Rs19000/- (US $380 Per Month) in Delhi & Haryana & Bihar, Rajasthan government is making money of it let us calculate the same 17098 NRHM STAFF, for 4 years, Rs19000 Other state salary - Rs7500 Raj. Salary = Rs 11500 government saving, so RS 11500 X 4 Yrs (48 months) = Rs 552000 X 17098 Staff = Rs [protected], (US $[protected] so mug big money fraud) so Rajasthan government has eaten Rs943.80 crore, so much money from poor GNM/ANM & Ayush, oth. Please note it is difficult to maintain living with such kind of poor salary, which is worst than an office peon salary, How government is exploiting such literate NURSES u can see!!!.
RPSC FRAUD OF RAJASTHAN GOVERNMENT –, They are organizing RPSC, to recruit new NURSES, on the other hand taking staff under NRHM in very low salary but now the question why need RPSC when already temporary STAFF is there under NRHM BANNER, WHY NOT MAKE THEM PERMANENT, it is because can make more money by bribe, 2010 RPSC way paper leaked for RPSC & case Is outgoing in court on Rajasthan Government, Government want to recruit them in spite of paper leak , that means government in involved in this paper leakage , SHAME on Rajasthan government .
Strike of (NRHM GNM/ANM/AYUSH/ASHA Sup. /Accountant /all staff) Rajasthan for making them “Permanent”- Since 11 April
NRHM staff got appointment on merit basis with exceptional VERY GOOD percentage, so they were the best in education, As all work is done by NRHM new recruitments in result RAJASTHAN received the first Prize in HEALTH SERVICES , GNM/ ANM working for 4 years, they crossed age limit to get new jobs, as need to work more than 11 hours, they do not have any time to study to get any exam cleared like RPSC etc., earlier many of them refused the big hospital jobs like forties / Apollo etc, they thought they shall get permanent. What they will do when in 2012 NRHM aid will be closed? How long they have work in contract?
RAJASTHAN Government announced 3 months back all NRHM STAFF SHALL BE PERMANENT, but in March 2011 Budget when no announcement made by the government and so all staff got worried & got united & gone for mega strike on 11 April2011.
Dated 11 April which was brutally destroyed by the Rajasthan government by using HORSES & BEATING WITH STIKES, to many female & Male nurses & their children many of them badly injured (, published in RAJASTHAN PATRIKA, News Paper Dated 12 April Page 1 & 2) they made a hold on electronic media so that this news cannot be spread.
(Here government brutally killed people human rights – Rights to speak, rights to protest against exploitation)
In protest of that BRUTAL BEHAVIOUR 11 GNM/ ANM gone for ‘HUNGER AGITATION’ at Jaipur Civil lines on 12th April to 16th April (check, Danik Bhaskar News, Paper 15 April page no 09, Times of India NEWS paper ),
On 16th April 3 am in dark Rajasthan Government forcefully inhuman way broken down the “Hunger Agitation”, made illegal alignment between KARODIMAL MEENA, CM agreed to K.Meena Demand , & K.Meena a corrupt politician SOLD ethics and handed NRHM in hand to CM do break strike by any means , police forcefully tried to put biscuit in their mouth & forcefully put glucose drip in their veins, one sister ‘’sari’’ got opened when police brutal enforcement was going on this was pathetic (check, Danik Bhaskar News Paper 16 April page no 10, also given on SAHARA TV NEWS) government stopped all media to broadcast this message. (Once again government brutally smashed people human rights -Rights to speak, rights to protest against brutality)
But this STRIKE & HUNGER AGITATION has taken palace in all DISTRICT of Rajasthan.
On 20 April 2011 , when CM Told to 5 member delegation that he will agree to all demands , CM fooled by giving a letter in which nothing was written in approval to our demands , he made a KAMETI of 5 member to discuss issue , 2 IAS & 3 NRHM , AYUSH broken strike first on 20th April made union weak , strike was ended on 21 April by union leaders, but is any one capable of arguing with IAS. so accepting this letter & breaking strike was wrong decision .
Then on 1 May government announced to close employing staff in "SAMVIDA"(Contract), and cancelled all employment from 2003 till 2011, and told SAMVIDA STAFF shall be replaced with REGULAR STAFF before they finish their contract , means before March 2012 , RPSC will be organized & new permanent staff shall be taken, they will replace us , hence Raj. Gov. CHEATED ALL.
So, we need to get united again & this time we need to make plan of action, how to fight.
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My dear fellows Get united to take the ball inside ur court n all this needs struggle which perhaps in no way is easy but everyone has to remain focussed till the goal is achieved ! Best of luck! With regards, Dr. Rajesh Kotwal (Medical Officer (N.R.H.M.) I/C P.H.C. Bhatni Block Batote, Dt.Ramban J&K. [protected])

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