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[Resolved]  Hyundai i20 — problems in fixing the fog lamps in i20-magna

I am Sridhar from Pondicherry.I bought a Hyundai i20- Magna, after selling off Swift, from KUN Hyundai, Pondicherry.At the time of purchase I had asked for fog lamps to be fitted.They said that there were'nt any stock of fog lamps and asked me to wait.The next time I asked the dealer, he said that the fog lamps are in the process of R & D.I had even lodged a complaint but there was'nt any reply.Yesterday when I called up the dealer, they asked me to bring the vehicle.After about an hour they said there was'nt any provision for fitting the fog lamps.
I have this basic doubt and question that when others cars of the same company could have the provision why not the i20-Magna.
I am really upset as it is totally uncomfortable while driving at night.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Please take a necessary action.
i have an i20 asta.. The fog lamps hardly even matter..i feel no difference wen i drive my other car without fog lamps
I too have purchased I20 magna on Jun 18, 2009. There is no provision for fixing fog lamps on the front side. If it all it is has to be fixed, we should go in for change of the entire bumper and ask for Asta bumper, and the cost of which may be very high. One can manage without any fog lamps in the normal weather. Only during rainy season, that too when rains are heavy, it may be difficult to ride.

I looking at buying a new i20 magna and also it will be my first car..wanted an honest opinion if they are any problems with the car? Also can somebody please tell me that how expensive are its parts as maitainance will be a big concern? looking forward for you feedback/

i am interested in buying i20 and i have taken road test.i found the leg space for the driver seat is not adequate and the dash board beneath steering is very low thus cause touching legs with the lowered dash board.can any body throw light on this aspect?
I 20 magna compliant -
Seriously needless to say customer is paying 5.5 lac for a car which is not a small amount & it's not having provision to fix fog lamps..?Co.'s Representative says customer have to change the bloody bumper.
Even the small car like alto, santro & wagonar have got provision to fix..I suppose hyundai R&D is Reading & Listening it out to have solution for this.Otherwise it's gonna be affecting it sales.
i had booked i20 megna on the 23/25 nov. 2009 but i yet not receive any status information about my booking. i had promised the delivery of car on the 7 dec. 2009. that was past away. i have to widhdrew my claim if your iresponible behaviour continue.
we buy i 20 before 3 months, but have not get fog lamps provision, .we went to dealer for fog lamps but they also said that have to change bumper, it very difficult drive at night & w'll also in raining days...
Hi please production the magantic doors for hyundai cars
For those people who want to make a choice of i-20.. mean buy i-20

My opinion :

Good car with very good comforts, except the drawback of having fog lamp which i am suffering too.. but that doesn't make the car bad ... simply b'coz it has the best seating and steering .. ease gear comforts which u may not find it any other cars like swift or any ...
i too own 2 cars (fiat punto and i-20) and recently sold my Alto... i-20 does not have any issue in terms of maintainence .. but piece of advice would be to have extended warranty ..

Fog lamp requirement may not be that much in rainy season ... believe me i have rode it in worst rains.. i have rode the car for more than 10, 000 KMs... without any problem in vehicle..

Only comprise is in terms of mileage... think abt it if it matters ... else its a good buy..

I purchased I20-Magna on 14.01.2010, but till date I have not received my registration & insurance policy paper of my car. My dealer is Krishna Hyundai, (west region) Korba, Chattisgarh. Kindly instruct the dealer for the same.
The Company fitted fog lamp doesn't make any difference in view, its only for viewing things just close to the bonnet.
hey guys... i think i m the i 20 owner with the maximum driving car...31000+ KMS done in my hyundai i 20 yes u guys r absolutely correct that fog lamps can not be fitted in i 20 MAGNA *(mee too suffering with the same problem as i want to fit fog lamps in my car)* but its really doesn't makes any difference in the outside lightening... i 'll say that fog lamps are totally for LOOKS of the car and less usefull...

rest the car is very very superb, the ultimate car i have driven it 1400 Kms in a stretch with out any halt more then 15 minutes... so friends i must say u have purchased a perfect car, most spacious, perfect piece of engineering. so enjoy ur car and i[censored] r desperete for the fog lamps ...then do like me ... i just change my bumper ...and got of i20 ASTA and fog lamps are now illuminating in my i20 magna...
u have to pay some more money for what u want

Prashant Chouhary
i20 magna

purchasing date
08 may 2009
i own i 20 magna..
yes, d dash board goes a way down.. d leg room for driver is less.(not a prblem though)

wen thr isnt the provision for fog lamps y did they leave two grills down thr?? they cud hav given a plain bumper instead.!

good fog lamps wud really add to d look..or a plain bumper would do.. but d one that magna has sucks..!!!
people plannin to buy i20 ...plz once take a test drive in a sunny afternoon and try the ac..!

d air conditioner sucks..!!
foglamp provision not provided unless i chanege bumper, very inconvinient at night and winters. This is a basic safety feature, which the company fails to understand. Please dont expext customers to buy a new bumber and inverst so much just for fog lamps.
Dear Friends,

Fog Lamps could be a help in twilight or along with headlamp to improve the low beam light density. I have a solution for u guys. Change the Head Lamp Bulb to 130/90 (Hella) along with (regulator / cutout as they say) Total Cost should not exceed 1000/-

Mine is i20 Asta... Have done it...
Yes, there is no provision on i-20 magna, era, sportZ for fog lamp. You need to change front bumper that costs 2 Rs.10500. At the time of booking salesperson told me that there is no provision for fog lamp on those model so I changed my mind and booked Asta instead of SportZ.
Hi its gurinder here
i have i20-asta petrol model. i am facing a problem in my car i went fr a trip to dehradun during my hault i observed that boot cabin is very hot especially on the side exhaust is present. my luggage bag was very hot. i am not able to find out the cause of it as i have shown to the service centre engineers.
waiting fr ur reply.
Gurinderpal singh
yes i would agree with the complaint..i also brought anew i20 sportz diesel i bought it from lakshmi hyunda ap..i had a doubt, that why hyundai is not providing rear viper and foglamps for i20 diesel sportz eventhough it is the top second model in i20.. when i asked him about this to the sowroom dealer he was unable to answer i request the company to arrange this immediately..

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