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Hyundai Motors India Limited — Dissatisfied with Hyundai Santro Cars and Poor After Sales Service - Himgiri Motors

Dear Sir,

It's been few days I've raised my concerns over the unsatisfactory performance of Hyundai Santro cars and poor after sales service through their grievance cell (REF: SR[protected] but till now I haven't got any proper resolution as it seems that Hyundai Motors India Limited is ignorant when it comes to any concerns raised by the customer for any of the Hyundai cars.
I just heard from them once and rather than focusing on the actual concerns, their ASM (Mr. Pankaj Singh) is tried to focus on the partial problem where he was convinced that he can prove the customer wrong from all ends, and moreover he seems more biased to Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi from where . According to him:
1. If we are complaining against Hyundai cars, we are biggest fool as Hyundai cars comes with the label PERFECT that there are no chances of any issues coming up.
2. If Hyundai cars are not performing well in terms of mileage then, customer do not possess driving skills and apart from that the road conditions are not favorable to Hyundai cars.
3. Till free services, their authorized service center do not have anything to suggest or advice but from the time we start going to them for paid service, their engineers start coming up with one or the other things that utlimately results customer shedding out too much money. When asked is the maintenance cost for Hyundai cars is this much the answer was that it was done with customer's consent and is required once the car has been driven this much.
4. Every time I've gone to Himgiri motors, Peeragarhi for getting my car serviced, and once they have delivered the car to their satisfaction, there were follow up repairs that had to be done within days for which i had take my car to service stations. There is no value for customer's time.
5. Whatever feedback is given in the calls from service center, there has sheer ignorance on the same.
Just wondering if HYUNDAI CARS are worth enough on Indian roads in terms of performance and maintenance cost, and/or can we trust the authorized service center engineers in making the job cards. I don't think everyone who take their car(s) for servicing knows internal of a vehicle. Assuming the expertise of the engineers, they go by what's been told as no one wants to compromise with the quality and of course don't want to face a serious breakdown in the left stranded in the middle of the road. But whatever service centers are going by is really and actually required at that point of time of it's just the money factor.
FOLLOWING IS THE COMMUNICATION that has happened so far between me and Hyundai:
[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]>
Date: Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 9:56 AM
Subject: Fwd: [ATTN: Management] --- REF: SR[protected] Dissatisfied with Hyundai Cars; After Sales Service; Unsatisfactory response so far
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], Arvind.[protected], [protected], ashok.[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

Dear Mr. Pankaj,

Appreciate your response. Please find my replies inline (below in red).

However, reiterating my concerns (that I've raised in my earlier communications as well - REF: SR[protected]:
1. Does maintenance costs of Hyundai cars is this much what I've beared till date (reflected in bills for both of my cars Reg. no. DL9CA 6119 - Santro 1999 model; and DL4CND 2990 - Santro 2008 GL model).
2. Genuineness of your authorized service centers in terms of making the job card and services delivered by them. Whatever is there in the predefined guidelines is actually required at that point of time of service keeping in lieu the current condition of car(s).
3. Ignorance on the feedback given.
4. Performance of Hyundai cars which Hyundai motors claims as one of the better in terms of mileage on Indian roads as compared to competitors.
5. Why follow up repairs are required; or some other things/suggestions come up from your engineers after they have serviced & delivered the vehicle once to their satisfaction. This has happened twice in the same year (2011) for each of my vehicle serviced by Himgiri motors, Peeragarhi.

Thanks & Regards
-Amit Gupta

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 10:12 AM, Pankaj Singh <[protected]> wrote:
Dear Mr.Amit

This has reference to your trailing concerns & our telephonic communication
done on 29th Nov 2011.

As per you major feedback & Concerns
[Amit]: Please DO NOT ignore all the concerns raised (mentioned above). You have been specifically focusing on mileage issue alone and ignoring rest.

1- Maintenance of Vehicle - As per our discussion it is explained you that
as per the recommendation you have to get you regular Periodic service done
10000 Km or 6 Months from last periodic service.
[Amit]: I don't see the recommendation of 3rd free service at 10000 Km in the manual provided to me..... It says that that 3rd service is recommended at 20000 Km or 12 months which ever is earlier. Well, In any case the concern will remain the same pertaining to the maintenance cost.

We not discussed for any specific service.
[Amit]: Yes, you were particular about paid services and did say that once car has been driven that much or is that old, it by default asks for repairs or replacements as reflected in the service bills for my car.
For more information & reference,
I am
providing you the service Schedule
1st Service - Free at
[protected] KM within 2 months from date of Sale
2st Service - Free at 10000 KM in 6
months from date of Sale
3st Service - Free at
20000 KM in 12 months from date of Sale
4st Service & regular Paid Periodic Services - Paid, After 10000 KM or
6 month from last Periodic Service
And the cost come in during the service depends on the Repair requirements &
the beautification products used along with the recommended replacement
[Amit]: Who gives recommendations for repairs and beautification... I believe Engineers making job card at your authorized service centers only ...We have already discussed a real time example over the phone and I've also mentioned in my previous communication..... how and under what circumstances customer's consent is taken... This is what I can say based on my experience.
I do not doubt their expertise and their ability but do have doubts of genuineness and being actually customer savvy.

2- Mileage issue in your vehicle - For this, we requested you to check the
mileage by correct way of full tank method & for more précised checking
We requested you to take the vehicle to
Himgiri Hyundai, Peeragarhi. As when your vehicle was checked last time your
vehicle is
Perfectly OK.
1. I told you over the phone that I've already tried Full Tank method on DL4CND 2990 but still somehow not satisfied and convinced.
2. Your authorized service center guys only have told me in the last service ....that they have done some tuning and/or changed settings which have improved it's mileage and I should get somewhere around 12 Km/Ltr as they saw some problems which they didn't disclose. Apart from that they also told that meanwhile I continue driving my vehicle,In the next service they will further tune it for better mileage. Just want to understand what was done, what and how it was checked, and what will further be required. Also is this mileage justified ??
As for as the suggested
speed is concerned, You are suggested to drive the vehicle at speed of 50-60
KM/Hr in Top
Gear & clutch released. But you
misunderstood the things, it was explained to you that at high speed like
100 KM/Hr power
requirement will be more. So, in that case
vehicle will not give good mileage.
1. I do remember the context and meaning of the conversation we had over the phone if not the exact words. When we discussed about city and highway/expressway speed limits, you only told that “90/100 pe kya mileage pata chalegi…”. There is no point that i misunderstood the things.
2. I've been driving cars for years now and have driven across few cities in India and outside India as well. Though I don't know much on the internals of an automobile but do know how to drive. So let's not get into the driving skills and gear/clutch changing stuff.
For further checking your vehicle with
KPL test
you have to come to Himgiri Hyundai,

So, any concerns we are looking for your appointment at any scheduled date &
time at Himgiri Hyundai, Peeragarhi.

[Amit]: I've already told you that I've lost trust in Himgiri Motors and will not prefer to go to them as my most recent experience has been worst in terms of:
1. Professionalism shown
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Ignorance on the feedback
4. Commitment for delivery ultimately leading to no value for customer's time.

Apart from that, had to call them again for follow up repairs and even then few issues are still open.

From the feedback perspective.....On first feedback call from Ms. Deepika, no action was taken. On second feedback call, she told me that she will arrange for pickup/delivery to get my vehicle reinspected but again, nothing happened for few days. After raising a formal complaint I got a call from Mr. Harvinder suggesting me to bring my vehicle during some weekday and we can then go for test drive to actually look at the mileage and see if the issue is there or not. Later on when I had a conversation with you who told me that I need to bring down my vehicle to Himgiri (peeragarhi or wazirpur) where vehicle will be inspected scientifically through some machine/instrument, and I also need to be present physically as this exercise will be done to convince me. Today (i.e. 2-Dec-2011), again I got a call from Ms. Bharti following up on some concerns raised by me for DL9CA 6119 without actually knowing the background of the communication/concerns and asking me to tell what's the problem I'm facing with my car. I am sorry, I am not going to reiterate the things over the phone again and again and waste my time and energy.

Though I've no issues with Hyundai management taking full responsibility of my vehicle and arrange for pick up/delivery to/from any workshop they desire to take. I simply do not like to waste my time again and again and moreover i presume that policies state that outside personnel shall not be allowed in workshops.

Assuring you of our best services,
[Amit]: Certainly hoping for best service and responsible & corrective action

Thanks and Regards

Pankaj Singh
Central RO 1
Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
A-30, MCIE, Matura Road, New Delhi - 110044

-----Original Message-----
From: Amit Gupta [mailto:amitgupta.[protected]]
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2011 3:12 AM
To: [protected]; [protected]; [protected];
[protected]; [protected]
Cc: Arvind.[protected]; [protected]; ashok.[protected];
[protected]; [protected]; [protected]@hmil.Net; [protected];
[protected]; [protected]; [protected];
[protected]; [protected];
[protected]; [protected]
Subject: <pls read> Re: REF: SR[protected] Dissatisfied with Hyundai Car
Performance and Poor After Sales service

Dear Madam/Sir,

On 29-Nov-2011, I got a call from Mr. Pankaj (ASM, Hyundai, Delhi Region,
+[protected]. I do appreciate that he took time to discuss on my
concerns but was disappointed by the fact that he showed lack of
professionalism in handling customer queries, working towards resolution and
ultimately customer satisfaction.

1. Right through the call he ignored my concern on maintenance cost for
Hyundai cars and Genuineness of authorized service centers. He kept on
telling whatever maintenance has been done is required and requested by
customer only. To this I just gave him a real time scenario that if you go
to doctor with for e.g. some gastric problem and he ask you get the MRI, CT
Scan and Chest X-Ray done because of some doubt raised by him. You will
certainly go with it as you don't want to compromise with your health.
Similarly Hyundai authorized center engineers advise customers to get this
and that done otherwise that would lead to some problem with the vehicle.
Keeping in mind the expertise of the engineers customers most of the time go
for it irrespective of the cost associated with a particular service, since
as a customer we sometimes do not understand the internals of the vehicle
and show full trust on the expertise of the engineers. There is no record of
the conversation except for what's being written on job card and shown in
2. He seemed more biased towards Himgiri Motors as he stressed me to
bring my vehicle (DL4CND 2990) to either their peeragarhi or wazirpur
service center where i need to be physically present as well to
scientifically see that Hyundai Santro car can never under perform. There
are no chances of defects in the machinery and my concern is totally
baseless. I do understand that there are other factors including road
conditions, traffic etc. that accounts to the performance but still it can't
be low as 11-12 Km/ltr in normal city driving conditions. By no means,
mileage of 11-12 Km/ltr for newer models of Hyundai Santro is justified when
older models are still performing better in terms of mileage. Moreover this
equation of 12Km/ltr was confirmed to me by Himgiri Motors service center
only after they did some tuning (that's what they told me) and they said it
will improve after next servicing as they need to change some settings.
Anyways when i told Mr. Pankaj that i don't want my vehicle to be inspected
in Himgiri motors this time as I've lost trust in them and also they may try
to cover for their mistakes as both of my cars have been serviced by them
last. On that, he said that he then have to look into if my vehicle can be
inspected in some other service center or not.
3. According to Mr Pankaj, the only way we can get better mileage is to
drive vehicle at the speed of 100+ km/hr. I am wondering whether it's
justified to say this when Delhi/NCR speed limits on city roads is 50-60
Km/hr and on expressways/highways it's 90Km/hr. In case yes, so whatever Mr.
Pankaj is saying clearly reflects false claims by Hyundai in terms of
performance of their cars or is there something i am not able to understand
and/or compare with your competitors.
4. I'm unhappy with the way he kept on ignoring my other concerns for
both of my cars and kept of focusing on the partial problem (mileage) giving
reasons that I might be at fault as we all are aware of road and traffic
conditions in India and may be i don't how to properly drive vehicle and
started explaining me about gears shift and vehicle speed. According to him
if a customer is complaining against Hyundai cars especially Santro then he
is the biggest fool on earth as Santro cars are the best in the market;most
selling in India and by default comes with label PERFECT. There is not even
a slightest chance of any manufacturing defects as well. I like Hyundai cars
and that's the reason i own two of them but if am raising some concerns then
your department personnel is making me regret for it.
5. According to Mr. Pankaj, the 3rd service for hyundai santro car is
recommended at 10,000 Kms but as per the car manual the third service is
recommended either at 20,000 Kms or within 12 months. It seems either he is
not aware of the guidelines or the booklet that Hyundai has provided to us
contains wrong information.

During the entire conversation which lasted for precisely 35 minutes, I
could not get what part of my concerns your customer care and/or your ASM
were not able to understand when everything is clearly mentioned in the mail
and moreover I've sent scanned copies of all the bills reflecting the
spending done against the maintenance of my Hyundai cars (DL9CA 6119 &
DL4CND 2990) till date by authorized service centers, along with sharing the
feedback of my recent experiences with your Authorized service center.

I would request if some senior, responsible and sensible person can look
into the matter as i am in no mood to reiterate my problems over the phone
or getting into any kind of argument of what (my concerns) seems to be
irrelevant to Hyundai Area Sales Manager. Kindly value customer's time and
money rather than playing blame games. If you have grievances cell then
anything that comes through it should be dealt in a professional manner and
customer should not feel like being harrassed.

I hope to hear from Hyundai soon and work towards resolution of the issues.
In case Hyundai is not capable of addressing my concerns then I need to look
for some other way out as i can't continue to bear losses.

Thanks & Regards
-Amit Gupta

1. I'll be posting all of my concerns and communication so far on the
consumers forums and blogs in couple of days in case i don't hear
satisfactory response.
2. In case if this mail has come to you by mistake and you are not relevant
point of contact, would request to kindly forward it to the relevant
distribution list and/or contact.

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 12:48 PM, Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]> wrote:

Can some from Hyundai ACK my mail and look into the concerns ..

-Amit Gupta

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 12:22 AM, Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]> wrote:

Dear Madam/Sir,
With reference to the concern raised by me pertaining to my Hyundai Santro
cars (Reg No. DL9CA 6119 and DL4CND 2990), I've got calls over the last
couple of days from Himgiri Motors, Peergarhi (Deepika -> +[protected]
and Harvinder -> +91 [protected] as a follow up of complaint forwarded to
them as "Mileage issues with my car Reg. No. DL4CND 2990". Mr. Harvinder
today asked me to bring the car to their service center again and suggested
to go for test drive to check the mileage. It seems They have done this
exercise earlier as well before delivering the vehicle to me and i am not
convinced at all with their suggestion as i don't trust them anymore. As far
performance issue is concerned, I've been reporting this every time i've
taken my car to authorized service centers for periodic service.
Reiterating my concerns again (in case if they have not been understood

Does maintenance costs of Hyundai cars is this much which i've beared till
date. I've already sent the scanned copies of bills in seperate mails for
both of my cars.
Genuineness of your authorized service centers in terms of making the job
card and services delivered by them.
Ignorance on the feedback given.
Performance of Hyundai cars which Hyundai motors claims as one of the
betters in terms of per ltr of fuels on Indian roads as compared to
Why follow up repairs are required;or some other things/suggestions come up
from your engineers after they have serviced & delivered the vehicle once to
their satisfaction.

Pls. Note:

I am not going to take my cars to Himigiri Motors as i don't trust them
anymore. There is possibility that they might try to cover up for their
mistakes. Hyundai management should take all the responsibility as it's
Hyundai which have authorized the service centers for customer satisfaction
which i don't see at all in my case.
Would appreciate if my concerns are taken seriously by Hyundai Motors India
Ltd. and corrective action being taken at the earliest keeping in value of
customer's time.
I don't like to spend unnecessarily anymore like the way Mr. Harvinder
suggested me to bring the car to the service center and we can go for test
drive and all that stuff. Pl note this they have done earlier as well and i
am not going to spend on the fuel cost for this action suggested by them.
My cars have already been through the hands of Hans Hyundai (Moti Nagar),
Deep Hyundai (Peergarhi) and Himigiri Motors (Peergarhi). Mr. Jaipal
(Customer Care Manager) from your delhi office did suggest to take it to
different workshop which i don't think is required after three of your
authorized service centers have already worked upon my cars over the last
few years.
I've mostly driven my cars in Delhi/NCR only.
There has been cases of negligence as well which I've not touched so far
(like issue with the A/C as something went wrong after one of the service,
loss of my central locking remote with no responsibility taken by the
service center and infact the driver blamed the customer)

Thanks & Regards
-Amit Gupta
On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 12:00 AM, Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]> wrote:

Dear Sir/Ma'm,
I've sent scanned copies for following documents in separate mails because
constraints pertaining to attachments sizes.

Copy of bills for DL4CND 2990
Copy of bills for DL9CA[protected]
Copy of bills for DL9CA[protected]
Copy of latest job cards for DL9CA 6119

It would be great if someone can ACK those mails and would appreciate a
reply soon from your end with reference to the issues/concerns raised
(below), and I do hope a corrective action without any escalations and
follow ups required from my end.
Thanks & Regards
-Amit Gupta
1. DL9CA 6119 is santro 1999 model
2. DL4CND is santro GL 2008 model

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 11:44 PM
Subject: Fwd: [REF: SR[protected]] Dissatifying experience with Hyundai
Santro and Authorized Service Center (Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi)
To: [protected]

PFA the scanned copy of bills (from[protected] and job card for DL9CA
-Amit Gupta
1. Copy of bills for DL4CND 2990 sent separately because of attachment size
2. Copy of bills for DL9CA[protected] sent separately because of
attachment size

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 11:35 PM
Subject: [REF: SR[protected]]Dissatifying experience with Hyundai Santro and
Authorized Service Center (Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi)
To: [protected], [protected]

PFA the scanned copy of bills (from[protected] for DL9CA 6119
-Amit Gupta
1. Copy of bills for DL4CND 2990 sent separately because of attachment size
2. Copy of bills for DL9CA[protected] sent separately because of
attachment size
2. Copy of latest job cards for DL9CA 6119 sent separately because of
attachment size
[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 5:07 PM
Subject: Fwd: [REF: SR[protected]] Fwd: Dissatifying experience with Hyundai
Santro and Authorized Service Center (Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi)
To: [protected]

I tried sending attachment of bills for my other car DL9CA 6119 but somehow
that mail is getting bounced (probably because of the attachment size)...I
may have to split the attachment and send it you again...will do that later
in the day ..Hope you have recieved the scanend copy of bills for my other
car...Kindly acknowledge that.

Thanks & Regards
[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Fwd: [REF: SR[protected]] Fwd: Dissatifying experience with Hyundai
Santro and Authorized Service Center (Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi)
To: [protected]

PFA the scanned copy of bills for DL9CA 6119.


Note: scanned copy of bills for DL4CND 2990 sent in a separate mail.

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta <amitgupta.[protected]>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 4:45 PM
Subject: [REF: SR[protected]]Fwd: Dissatifying experience with Hyundai
Santro and Authorized Service Center (Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi)
To: [protected]

PFA the scanned copies of bills from service centers for DL4CND 2990...

Will send the scanned copy of bills for my other car DL9CA 6119 (serviced
recently by Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi) in seperate mail (as attachment size
is too much)


[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: Amit Gupta
Date: Friday, November 25, 2011
Subject: Dissatifying experience with Hyundai Santro and Authorized Service
Center (Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi)
To: [protected]

Dear Madam/Sir,

First I would like to congratulate you on the great achievements of Hyundai Motors which made Hyundai one of the top preferred cars for all consumers in India. That's the reason I’ve two Hyundai cars (Santro) bearing registration numbers as DL9CA 6119 (Santro 1999 model purchased second hand in 2005 at approx 50000 Kms and currently at 80000+ KMS) and DL4CND 2990 (Santro GL purchased new in 2008 and currently at approx 20000 KMS).

But your after sales service (including free and paid) have raised serious doubts on either the performance of Hyundai cars or on capability of the authorized service centers. Initially both of my cars were good in terms of performance and maintenance but my visits to Hyundai Authorized Service Centers over the period of time has resulted in the downgrade of performance and increase of maintenance costs, with the last/recent visits to Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi proving out to be the worst and dissatisfying experience.

I do understand when the car is new it certainly is better in terms of performance and maintenance. From the day I purchased Santro GL model (DL4CND 2990), I was not getting a good mileage with/out AC. When I raised this to the dealer, they said that since the car is new you should not be worrying about and after first service, you will see the improvement. Even after all free services, there was no improvement as I was getting approximately 10 KM/ltr of fuel. Thereafter the dealer said the all GL models give around 10Km/ltr in city and if i want to check the real mileage of car I should see that on the highway driving which I figured out later to be around 12 KM/ltr.

Anyhow over the time when I started taking my cars for paid services, there were consistency over the following from your Authorized Service Centers:
1. Overhauling of one or the other components to improve performance
2. Suggestions on replacement of certain components
3. Basic checks including oil change, air filter etc...

I never questioned your service center personnel assuming their expertise in the field and of course working towards customer satisfaction. As a result I’ve paid them whatever they have come up with. But my recent visit to Himgiri Motors, Peergarhi have changed my opinion of genuineness towards services being provided along with customer satisfaction. I do understand that every authorized service center work under predefined guidelines for each of Hyundai make & models but somewhere or the other i felt customer being cheated and real concerns going unaddressed even though being reported at the time of job card creation.

Last week I took my car DL9CA 6119 to Himgiri Motors, Peeragarhi for service and it was the worst experience in terms of:
1. Professionalism shown
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Ability to understand, identity and rectify the core issues
4. Ignorance on the feedback

After taking the delivery of the car on following day of servicing, I noticed some issues emerging out (particularly wiper water, brakes and problem with the rear door). I called up the service center and reported the same. This time they scheduled the pick up from my home and after doing partial repairs along with replacing rear door shockers which were fine before giving them the car for servicing, they delivered my vehicle same day. Also they told to get the motor linked to wiper replaced which i refused mainly because of the reason that it was ignored earlier despite of them making a note in their job card. I paid them the bill in excess of INR 15000 and the moment i questioned them, there were no satisfactory replies. On top of it, i got only one call for the feedback where i explained the lady calling, about all the issues and that's it...NOTHING HAPPENED AFTER SHE PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Is this WHAT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ALL ABOUT. I either doubt the ability of mechanics working in their workshop or it's the sheer ignorance for the sake of money. Similar incident has happened with me when i took my other car (DL4CND 2990) to their workshop earlier this year.

I would appreciate if someone from Hyundai can address following concerns:
1. The running and maintenance costs of Hyundai cars
2. Genuineness of Hyundai Authorized Service Centers

These incidents have forced me to rethink on my plans to buy another Hyundai car and/or recommend it.

Looking forward to hear satisfactory reply with proposed action/solution.

Thanks & Regards
-Amit Gupta
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I and my wife have purchased a Hyundai Accent vide registration number HR51AB9144, in the name of my wife Sheetal Dubey on 5th June 2008. I had booked the same in the second last week of May 2008. This was booked and brought by company showroom on Mathura Road, New Delhi.

History: When we booked the car in May 2008, we were told that vehicle would be delivered before 5th June 2008 at any cost, post CNG fitment at an additional cost of Rs. 64, 000/-. As it was my birthday on the same day, and my wife wanted to present me the same. We wanted to have a test drive on CNG fitted Accent, which was denied and promised that it has been tested well internally and there would not be any issue. Our salesman Mr. Manoj Rangar promised exhaustively on the timelines and other benefits. When asked for a discount he mentioned that I should go to dealer and get discounts, what a great way to handle customer coming to your door??

It became night mare since then, we had to constantly follow for the vehicle delivery. Example of your customer centricity and time adherence After long persuasion and constant follow-ups from my wife I got a delivery on 5th June 2008 evening. I was asked to submit vehicle back on 7th morning as there were few tests remaining on CNG platform. This was surprising as it was confirmed by sales manager Mr. Mishra that every thing would be tested well and in perfect condition before delivery of the vehicle. We were promised that the vehicle would be provided to us by 9th June evening. We diligently handed our vehicle on 7th June morning. We gave them an extra day and contacted for our vehicle, which they told that it would take another 2 days, this was also after our follow-ups. We kept on following up, but nothing happened even after that. Another example of your customer centricity and time adherence. Finally I was promised that I can take my vehicle on 14th June. I gave them an extra day and went to your showroom on 15th June 2008. where I and my wife were made to wait for 2 hours without any support. They told us our vehicle is not ready yet. We tried to contact Sales Manager Mishra, who cleanly avoided us and was seen roaming here and there. Another hour went away and finally I caught him smoking outside the office. Mr. Mishra told me that vehicle has not passed all the tests, he was the person earlier who boasted of quality checks and other things. This shows how we were made fools by you and our life has no meaning for Hyundai motors. I told him I would have to got Mr. Lheem and escalate further. I was offered to take an Elantra for the mean time and vehicle shall be provided in another 2 days. Finally I got my car on 20 -21st June. I was promised that my RC of the vehicle would be given in another 15 – 20 days as it required CNG endorsement. I still have not got that RC yet, it is past 6 months now. Another commitment failure. I am driving that vehicle illegally on the road, thanks to HMIL. Also I was told during my purchase of vehicle that in 6 month’s time I can show the papers of my other car’s transfer and would get a sum of Rs.10000 as a loyalty bonus. When wanted to talk to Sales Manager, Mr. Mishra, who again avoided us went some where. Wow a great example of customer centricity.

When I checked with Manoj Rangar, he says policy changed and cannot be given, further example of your customer centricity and trust worthiness. I met your customer care employee, Mr. M. U. Ahmad on 3rd December and he promised to take an action within next 2 days. However nothing has happened yet. True to the spirit of Hyundai Motors.

I know that my writing a mail to you would also go into the bin, but this mail is just to tell that you have lost a loyal customer and a business of minimum 40 cars. I am going to the consumer court and can pinch you enough to teach a lesson. I am also going to press for the same.

A harassed customer.

Kusumadhar Pandey
poor service

Hyundai — CNG Endorsement not done for last 6 months


I purchased Hyundai accent CNG Model on 25 Dec 2008 from HMP, Mathura Road, Delhi and till date the CNG is not endorsed on my RC. I have done several complaints to the dealer (HMP is a company showroom) with no luck. I then tried calling Hyundai customer care with no response yet.

I am also trying to reach the Regional office now.

Its been 6 months now that I am following with them but no response from their side.


Santro Car GL model — Poor Mileage of SANTRO GL

Sir/ Madam,
I have taken a new Santro GL car from Goyal Automobiles , G T Road , Paragpur, Jalandhar City in the month of Feb 2009. They assured me of a good milage of around 14 KM with LPG or same with Petrol usage per litre. On the contrary my vehicle gives hardly 7 KM/Litre with LPG and 9 KM with Petrol. I tried to dealer but not with muc good result . Dealer said the milage after first service will be better but it become same.
I am disappointed at the way I have been cheated in term of the poor milage of vehicle.
O P Kanwal
I have recently buy grand i 10 from verma hoshiatput.they have done commitment but now refused .also charging for free service when i refused they did keep first free coupon wlthout my anybody know how to teach them a lesson. NeerAj gupta [protected]

Sold 2013 Car model as 2014 Model

Advaith Hyundai Sold 2013 Sep manufactured car as 2014 Apr . They got the car registered telling its 2014 model. Need to take action against them

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