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This car was purchased in Aug.'03 This type of product quality is not o k , if it gets rusted after 4 years , as I am observing this for the last 2/3 years.
We can also see from the picture , type of rust developed & also getting developed further in other areas.

Car is in NCR region only , since its delivery.

This is question mark on below points , during that production period , produced cars.

Life of the product i.e. Car Santro Xing.
Paint quality & process of painting.
Steel sheet used by HMIL.
I had approched service centyre / company service incharge - north , they replied simply - this is not under warranty, repairs / replacement of parts.

Can we request to arrange to replace the doors.


R K Aggarwal

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Simply FORGET to buy Hundai... and tell everybody near and deal to them... I am sticking and telling others Not to Go for Hyundai simply because of IGNORING SERVICE and not at all listening to customers...

Not to Buy Hyundai-Spread this Loud and Clear..Hyundai never listen to any Complaints and are anti-Service people as even after so many complaints of their dealers:

Proof ..
So many mails sent to none other than [protected], and even after so many auto reponse generated and talking over phones, none cared...
To Hyundai...I do not also care for your company... Bye Bye...Hyundai...

I have bought 3 more cars but not any Hyundai. I will not do any mistakes. My relatives and nears and dearss who were thinking to buy Hyundai also were deviated to Honda, Maruti because of the POOREST OF POOR SERVICE.

My case stories (long back but still unresolved)
SR Acknowledgement :[protected]
[protected] 18 Mar 2013
Dear Customer,

We thank you for contacting Hyundai Customer Care.

Please note that we are in receipt of your request, we shall be advising our concerned Regional Office to coordinate with our dealer to arrange for necessary action to address your concern. You shall be hearing from our Dealer / Area Office within 3 working days. Please bear with us till such time.

In case you are not contacted within 3 working days, you may contact our Regional Offices from Monday to Friday between 8 am till 6 pm at :-

HMIL Central 1 Regional Office

(Delhi & NCR, Rohtak)


For any queries/complaints on product and service you may also reach us at our 24X7 Customer Care Toll Free Number:[protected]From MTNL/BSNL) or [protected] from others.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best possible services at all times.


Hyundai Customer Care, India
Myself wrote:
Presently, my car is at Delhi, while I am outside Delhi for the last 3 months. I am most likely to come to Delhi by 18-06-07 or 19-06-07. So I request you to extend the last service due as on 30-04-07 to 30-06-07 as I was unable to come to Delhi for my 3rd service. You'll appreciate that I just cannot send the car through to Himgiri Hyundai (in my absence), as even in my presence they were doing not proper service and I have many complaints towards them, some of which is described below:-

At Himgiri Hyundai
1) Engine was making noise but nobody cares..

2) At the time of 2nd service, they were arguing (wasted my 2 hours) to charge for tyre rotation & balancing, while I have purchased the car on 30-04-06. Pl. reply to me whether should I be charged. If not then who is going to compensate me for wasting my 2 precious hours.

3) They broke my front number plate of the car during 2nd service.

4) One of the balancing weight of the car wheel fell off immediately while at the time of fitment of weights (after balancing) in the very presence of Mr. Pandita, a Senior Person and (a good person) at Himgiri, Peeragarhi and he was the witness for it. To my shock, more weights fell off within 2 months of the 2nd service. Sticking of weights (for balancing and crimping the same properly is an art. is himgiri taught this. Now who is going to compensate for my tyre imbalances and wear off, as I noticed more weights fallen down after 2 months of 2nd service only and I don't know when the same fell down.

5) The tyre rotation would have been wrongly done if I and Mr Pandita would not interfere with the worker/ foreman doing the job. As they were not properly rotating, but only on our pinpointing the same, did the right job.

6) After washing, the water was left over in dicky. The cleaning was not done properly as under mats, no cleaning was done.

7) Various checks at Himgiri were not done thouroughly. Even you will be surprised to note that "1st Free Service Coupon-Customer copy" was filled only upon my insistence but not stamped by dealer (Himgiri) while "2nd Free Service Coupon-Customer copy" is not even filled and stamped. Is it OK. Then what is the need for customer copy. Why should they not fill-up. They Don't care at all for service. You can judge their service from it. the supervisor or whatever they call the person does not attend to the car while service is going on and he was brough near to the car at least 10 times to attend to the service.

8) They waste time of people by taking car in the morning and then not attending to the service as they want to give it in the evening (not doing continuous service as they will start doing other cars or go for tea or rest, as it is my guess that they want that max. cars should be brought on pick and deliver basis so that they can do their own mischievous things i.e. MANMANI.

9) More than half of service item description were not done/ not done properly.

10) Even after making request at the time of service 'Not to paste any sticker' their person tried to paste the same on many occasions during the service.

11) At the entry point, the guard just asks for what is there in the dicky and notes down. You just check my 1st service report from Hyndai, wherein I had to tell them rather teach them to strike down what was wrongly written the contents in my car like spare wheels, tools, jack etc. Their attitude is negative. I cannot think of leaving my car unattended even for a minute with Himgiri as I have not build that type of trust, as every time (during my 2 services, they have proved lacking in providing appropriate services to my satisfaction).

At Hans Hyndai also
1) Engine noise was not cared for and Engine is really making problem... since I purchased the car. But Hyundai people never listen.. and cares..

2) At Hans Hyndai, the inside plastic cover of my 2 doors were removed at the time of change over of glasses (broken during parked car) without my knowledge. It came to my knowledge 1 month after the glasses were fixed by people fixing Remote Control that the plastic covers are missing. They even damaged my door by making a dent. This is accepted by their staff also at denting painting div. but again who'll send the car to them for a small dent and waste one's valuable time.

I just wasted my TIME and Money in emails, bad service by dealers, making so many calls etc. But their calls never came.
Myself still suffering HEAVILY because of no-response of Hyundai..

Rishi, New Delhi [protected] ([protected])

I DEFINITELY want to teach Hyundai a lesson or may be 2...

Pledge: I shall never buy any Hyundai in my lifetime (unless Hyundai attend to my problem and make me due compensation and proper service in their own people's presence as I have lost FAITH with the dealers of Hyundai and as Hyundai are also having no caring attitude as not even replied so same) I also tell my countrymen on REGULAR basis to be aware of Hyundai's poorest of poor service... so never buy any hyundai product in future...Jai Bharat... Even I say to Hyundai... pl. go back from India...if you cannot care as our Country is having ethical values and need proper service... Not just ignorance.. Hyundai are not even making a single call... that is really very funny
I too own a second hand santro which is oct 2003 Xing XP model which has similar kind of issues at dicky, and other parts, I will upload the photos once i got them later.
2007 Hyundai Getz, Poor Quality Cars from Hyundai motor india ltd

By Sony Lazarus (Pala, kottayam kerala) on May 29, 2012

Poor quality cars from Hyundai Motor India. Cheating of customers. My 3.5 year old car have extensive rusting!, I purchased a Hyundai Getz Prime 1.1 GVS model approximately 3.5 years back from Popular Hyundai Pala, Kottayam, Kerala state since past 2.5 years I noticed slight blebs due to paint getting detached from underlying metal surface developing on four car doors. During the last 1.5 year the damage seemed to be fast progressing as well as there is corrosion and rusting on all four doors. Now it became a big hole. ---What I did--- Contacted Popular Motors LTD, Kottayam, Kerala who was the dealer from whom I purchased the vehicle. Contacted Hyundai customer care via email, who following standard procedures forwarded the mail to my dealer. Discussed with customer support manager HMIL south 1 regional office. ---What they feel--- All are prompt in stressing that neither company nor the dealer has any responsibility to what happened. Will a vehicles steel doors rust extensively in 1.5 years. I should be keeping my vehicle in sea water full time to generate this much damage. Vehicle was serviced in authorized service centers at recommended intervals regularly. I believe the damage is due to the quality of material that went into its construction. Now I had to take up the matter further in order to seek justice, filed a complaint to the consumer court at Kottayam to replace my car. This is on the final stage. If anyone has had the same issue and interested to participate on this please call me in my Mob: + 91 [protected]

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