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[Resolved]  IBP Petrol — IBP Petrol Pump at RT Nagar Bangalore Cheating customers

I have been filling petrol from IBP petrol pump at RT Nagar for the past 8-10 months and I have caught them red handed atleast 5-6 times cheating while filling petrol. At first I thought that it was one or two employees doing it, but over the time I realised that all the employees especially ones standing at the road side pumps have been instructed either by their owner or have a nexus among themselves to cheat customers.
Their modus operandi is as below
1. Ask the amount for which petrol needs to be filled- in my case it was 100
2. Showed the Zero reading on the dial.
3. Just after inserting the nozzle into the petrol tank of my bike they distract our attention to some dust on the tank or on the engine.
4 by the time we look down they change the reading to either Rs 30 or Rs 50 and when we say that it was for a Higher amount, the fill the balance for Rs 70 or Rs 50.
5. Thus cheating us for 30% to 50% of amount paid.

Today I saw a man in front of me duped for Rs 25-70. He was distracted by the person collecting money to see his bikes engine and the person filling petrol stopped at Rs 228 and abruptly made the reading Zero he charged Rs 300. And when I was watching this he pushed me to go behind and was very rude and angry. And when i went to the pump behind this the person started with Rs 30 at the start after shwoing zero reading. I asked him to stop and did not fill petrol. I have decide NEVER to fill petrol at IBP Petrol pump in RT Nagar till some action is taken by IBP.
These Thugs need to be taken care of very seriously or innocent civilians will be looted by them...
Where is the Greviance number, where we can lodge complaint and some Action MUST BE TAKEN
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Aug 14, 2020
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We should never go to this IBP petrol pump RT Nagar. Yday I was about to be cheated by the person over there. I asked him to fill it for 1000 in my car but he pretended to be deaf and set it to 200 I was surprised Then I asked him to fill the tank full. He had kept the nozzel in my car but had not given the petrol. He reset and filled. He was adding that 200 to the final amount. I fought with him and didn't give that extra amount.
he is. Deserve to be slapped.
I have the same experiance in New BEL Road Petrol Pump (opp. CIty Super market/Near Nandini Hotel),


I request you my Hynes President of India, I here by a regular customer of IBP Petrol Pump, Near N.H. Highway Vapi - 396191. I filled Rs.200 petrol in to my Vehicle HONDA ACTIVA having bearing No.GJ-15-GG-6752, which was running perfect before the petrol filling and after filling of the petrol and i went to Valsad I found uneven noice in the engine and, i was not taken the bill due to our regular petrolpump but its a not 100% genuane petrolpump. Pelase do the need full and give me a clam which i had given the Vehicle in to the Honda Activa i[censored] wish to confirm speek with them,

IBP Petrol — No System to attend Customer Complains

I visited CITY MOTORS IBP Sector 12 Faridabad:- Indo Burma Petroleum Company Ltd filling outlet on Feb. 10, 2010 at 20:30 Hrs and i got petrol filled in my Car (Esteem) for Rs. 730/-. While filling the petrol the service men was very careless and spilled almost a liter of petrol. I had requested this service men to fill the car completely and either the auto cut did n't work or he did not put it on auto cut.

The supervisor refused to compensate my loss and when i demanded the complain/ suggestion book he refused to show me any though it's mentioned on the notice board that complain/ suggestions are welcome.

Also, the mobile number ([protected]) of the IBP Sales Executive mentioned on the notice board of this filling station is out of service. The Indo Burma Petroleum Company Ltd and its filling stations Agencies (City Motors IBP Sect 12 Faridabad) are both making fool of the customer and it seems the company (Indo Burma Petroleum Company Ltd ) has no system of monitoring customer complains.

The other thing i noticed that the some employees at this filling station were wearing Indian Oil Uniform though it's a IBP filling station.
The Petrol Pump Near New BEL Road always cheats people...especially while collecting cash...they always try and cheat on the balance change...i have many a times scolded them but at not peril..

Please do something about this...
I have been filling petrol from IBP petrol pump at Vijayanagar Pipe line Road ( exact loaction: Goripalya road near telecom layout) somant times and realised that they are cheating all the customers.
Theey will cheat us as below
1. Ask the amount for which petrol needs to be filled- In my case 100
2. Showed the Zero reading on the dial.
3 They will fill the petrol for only 30 rupees and they act like they heard our 100 as 30 and when we say that it was for a Higher amount, they fill the balance for Rs 70 or Rs 50.
4. But finally when we see the Fuel meter it will show very less quantity. For 100 rupees it will show less than 1 litre of petrol.

Two weeks back one day I filled petrol for 100 rupees and after travelling 45KM's my bike got stoped as the petrol got over. (Suzuki Zeus which gives 50KM's Milege). Somany of my friends experienced same problem with that Petrol bunk.
I have decide NEVER to fill petrol at in this bunk till some action is taken by IBP.
These Thugs need to be taken care of very seriously or innocent civilians will be looted by them...

Vijayanagra Bangalore
I have filled petrol from IBP petrol bunk RT Nagar from 2005 to 2007 and i have never faced any problem.Then I was abroad for 2 years. I returned to Bangalore end of 2009 and have settled in RT Nagar.My family members and myself fill at this petrol bunk.We have 2 cars and my children use two 2 wheelers.We are satisfied with the service and we get good mileage.I am retired and normally fill in the afternoon as at other times there is heavy rush.I get correct petrol and my maruti is giving more than 14 km/lt.One can expect good service at this bunk. Ranganath
I have been cheated in this method:

1.This usually Customer Request's for filling of fuel for > Rs.1000
2.Operator Enters A Service Code along with an amount of around Rs.200.
3.The counter starts to count without the use of fuel.
4.He stops at #2. This money is kept by him.
5.He then resets the counter to 0 and starts filling the requested amount minus #2.

I have caught them doing with on hidden camera. And recovered the money at a later time. However I made a mistake of misplacing the bills of few places, so showing the footage was of no use.

Shell bunk is the best and I curse the government for mindlessly imposing tax on them. Once I get a well paying job, I will only fill at SHELL even if it is Rs.200 per litre.
I had a Similar experience with the IBP station on RT Nagar Main road recently These smart people think they can fool the innocent consumers. We as consumers should them our power by boycotting such petrol stations. I have written a blog on narrating my experience with them. Please check it out.

Petrol — not filling exact amount of petrol we have paid for

Hello Sir ,
Myself Abhishek , resident of Indri (karnal), want to say that most of petrol pumps in indri are not filling exact amt of petrol fr which we have paid for . If we ask them to do so , they reply by saying that our meter is not working properly and it will be ok in few days , but thats just an excuse , same thing is going till now ,,,, So just please take necessary actions against them .
I have been visiting IBP Petrol Bunk R.T. Nagar, Bangalore since 1 year. I have not faced any problem. Service is good and i am geting good mileage
for my bike and car. As customers we have to be careful while filling fuels. The Management is very help full and providing good services. All our family & friends are using IBP Petrol Bunk R.T Nagar & happy with the service.

Srinivasa .M
IBP Petrol pump on RT Nagar Main road has shameless/rude vendors working.

I experienced the same thing a couple of times, I decided not to visit them again..but due to some unavoidable situation I visited them today and it happened again !

I asked for petrol of Rs.200/- clearly and loudly. He filled in for 50/-, I said Boss I asked for 200/- and He started from 50 and I said to him that you cheated me and he was taking all nonsense with the other customers that he filled correctly.

I went in to the managers cabin, he opened their transaction report online and told me that he filled for Rs.200 by showing me some transaction. I asked him the transaction on the bill and report is different, he says that is random number. I could not fight with them, as they keep talking in kannada. I try to talk in Eng/Hindi, They do not talk in either langague.

and the most disgusting part is the smile on all the workers face (they smile looking at each other, that they are not caught).

People should boycot this IBP petrol bunk in RT Nagar main spreading through social media...
RT Nagar Petrol pump guys are thieves .

The same experience happened with me, asked for a fuel for 100, guy stops at 30 and then when i say that I asked for 100 moves the 30 to 70 without moving it to zero.

- They try to targets not only people who are outside the state and who do not know Kannada however the ones which are from the state as well.

I realized this and then they say that he could not have put in the fuel without moving it to zero, was in a hurry hence did not argue much

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