[Resolved]  ICICI Bank — ICICI Bank cheated me with deducting 10,000/- from my saving account

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

MySelf Rupendra Mehta, From Delhi Itself, I have a major issue with ICICI Bank and right now i am very much fed up because of my financial condition is not good and above that ICICI bank had deducted 10, 000/- Rs. from my saving account without any information or intimation to me. This is purely a theft made by ICICI Bank.

Here I would like to update you with full case study of mine and requesting you to please help me immediately so that I can spread this issue everywhere so that all o[censored]s can get to know what exactly ICICI Bank is doing.

I have a saving account with ICICI Bank from last 2 years; recently I had deposited 20, 000/- Rs. Cheque in my ICICI Bank account, today when I checked online I found that ICICI Bank has deducted 10, 000/- Rs. from my account and account statement also showing 13000/- Rs. in negative. when I checked with ICICI bank they told me that I didn't made the credit card payment that’s why they have deducted the amount, when I asked with ICICI representative that how come you got to know that I had a credit card and didn't made the payment where they said we just assumed and by name and if customer has taken any loan from us and didn’t made the payment then we are liable to deduct the amount from any of his account.

Here my issue is:
1. How come they can deduct any amount from my account without informing to customer or to me?
2. Take an example if I had a credit card and they want money then they suppose to contact me first by address or phone number, where I suppose every bank has all complete details of the customer.
3. This is purely a theft made by ICICI Bank.
4. Here I feel, Bank can do anything for the sake of their own benefit or their own purpose, where as a customer we have to run around number of time to the number of desk.
5. Why ICICI Bank didn’t contacted me that they are going to deduct ‘x’ amount from my saving account, the same question I have asked with ICICI Bank representative, she told me that we don’t have your address and contact number, now the question is how come this is possible where first of all whatever transaction happens in my account for above 5000/- Rs. I always get a sms, they have my mail ID, and they have the address otherwise how come I used to get cheque books by courier.
6. I have just downloaded bank statement where after depositing 20, 000/- Rs in my saving account no transaction happened then how come account balance is in negative.
I would like to update all of you that I am going to lodge a complaint against ICICI Bank with asking a big compensation because I want to teach them a big lesson.

And finally, please be very cautious if you have ICICI Bank account (or any other bank account) anything can happen with you money.

ICICI Bank has deducted 10, 000/- Rs. From my account easily, now for getting the same back (my own money) lets see how much struggle I have to do.

Sir / Ma'am i would like to please take this issue seriously and take an action them immediatly.

God will help….? God knows….!

Rupendra Mehta
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Aug 14, 2020
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Hi, this rajesh from delhi

I had icici bank account, today i fond, dedect my 11, 000/-when i call to customer care i found that this ammount dedact dueto cradit card.but i dont have any credit card.
Hi this is suresh from chennai. i have a same type of problem. read below..

I apply for the ICICI bank credit card in the month of June 2007 when I was working in IBM, Bangalore. But till the time i had changed my room in Bangalore in the end of July 07 i didn't get any kind of response from the bank. From the month of October 07, i got a job offer in Satyam Computer Services and i had changed my place of residence to Chennai on 22nd Oct, 2007. When I joined in Satyam Computers I got an SB account in ICICI bank, Chennai as my salary account. The account number is[protected] and is maintaining at Chennai-Cenotaph Road branch.

Recently I noticed that amount of 14, 528.52 is debited from my account on 18/06/2008 and now ICICI bank has blocked the amount of 38, 845.04. You can see those details below. The ICICI bank people are telling this amount is blocked for my ICICI credit card which was issued on 23/09/2007.

Without my notice or my permission the bank people have linked my saving account to credit card. Even I made a call to ICICI customer care people and I shared my mobile number with them also. But I didn’t have any positive response from them and they are talking very rudely. Even now I can’t able to do any transaction with my SB account. They are telling that the card was delivered to the below address at which i was not residing in the month of September, 2007 and i am totally unaware of to whom they had delivered the card and who used that card. The bank is making me responsible for the usage of the card by someone else. Also the kind of delay in responding to the query through customer care is costing me Rs. 38845.04 which was billed again and debited from my account.

When I asked them how my Chennai SB account is linked to Bangalore credit card..??, they are telling that bank has authority to do this without giving notice to customer. Right now i am in the position of not having any salary from two months and depending upon debts from others.
To whomsoever it may concern,

This is to draw your attention towards the issue o[censored]nauthorized amounts taken from my ICICI SAVING account[protected] by ICICI CREDIT CARD irresponsible dept. My credit card no: [protected], which I was trying to settle & deactivate completely. The CC agents have been in constant touch with me when I was settling the final amount since approx last 9 months. The agents never took my requests seriously. Iam a working woman & I too have loads of responsibilities on me & very less time for myself too. But in spite of me requesting them to come & collect the credit card deactivation letter from me, they refused to follow-up & shamelessly kept delaying this but for money recovery they were always there, be it the right or wrong time. Just to make you aware that this Credit card was opted by me for medical reasons for my sister, if need be anytime to be on a safer side, understanding the fact of monthly interests too .I would not be able to give you the detailed information about the reason was me being convinced for credit card. Parallel I collected some amount in my savings for the same medical reasons which was one fine day to my SHOCKKK there was a huge amount was taken from the Credit card dept against the outstanding amount for my credit was without my knowledge & consent .Who has authorized ICICI credit card to remove my hard earned money from my savings?? It has become a terror for me to even have a saving a/c with ICICI bank! I have not agreed or signed any such clause while accepting the T&Cs for credit card. The agent had actually read out & explained me the small print / T&Cs in details on my request. If there is any such thing then I assume ICICI has trained their agents to achieve targets of subscribers count by cheating, hook or by crook.

I demand the full reimbursement of the amount taken from my savings a/c please. I would not hesitate in escalating this to Ombudsman of banking if need be. I want to request you to take action on this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So I could follow a decent procedure to settle the a/c.I clearly mention refund of the amount taken from my savings & be kind to revert time to time on the actions taken. I would not hesitate in dragging the names of EACH & EVERY agent involved in this from day one, that’s from the day I accepted the SCARY ICICI credit card.

I am very well versed with the procedures of escalating the issue to right places.

Requesting you to please be kind on my request.

PS: -I had a company a/c with Citibank & had opted to change my bank because of their inefficiency in everything & believed in the efficiency of ICICI bank but it is not upto my expectations at all. Its feels like a hidden terror .I am too upset & hurt with this ongoing unresolved issue & is now taking a toll on my health as well. I hope I get a chance to change my views for ICICI's reputation.

Thank you for your valuable time.
Awaiting reply with actions taken

Thanking you
Tripti Sharma
I applied for a home loan with the advise of ICICI Bank agent (whereas I was sanctioned laon from SBI Bank) that I will be given the laon within two days after application as my documents are OK and I will be given the loan in two instalment immediately. I convinced and I signed the documents. Then I was told I have been insured with the home loan and I will have to pay the amount in instalments. I got the call from ICICI Prudential company . I replied that as I am not interested that may be cancelled. That was cancelled with very difficult with the remarks that the policy will be treated as cancelled from the insuing date. But i was surprised to know that a handful of amount have been deducted from my account.
Secondly, I was not given the loan on time. I was given in 4-5 instalments in more than one year time. Due to delay the rate of construction accelerated to more than double.

So, I hereby advise to all not to believe this fraud bank and its agents.


Manphool Saini
Home Loan No.LBROHoooo1566281

ICICI — Money deducted without my permission or knowledge

Name: Ajay kumar Jha
Product: Savings Account
Account No:[protected]
Application No: sr93000612
E-mail address: ajay1.[protected]
Mobile no: [protected]
Telephone no: +91-0-[protected]
Details of complaint: Hi.. My account was debited with 11200rs on 6th jan09. I never requested for any such payment to anyone. I went to nearest Branch(Indirapuram, ghaziabad) and raised my complained. They said its paod to TATA HYD. My question is not that to whom its paid-- MY QUESTION IS WHY IT WAS PAID TO ANYBODY WITHPUT MY PERMISSION AND KNOWLEDGE..
Branch asked me contact customer care after continuously being torchered abt transfering calls from here and there they lodged a complain number SR93000612 ON 13TH JAN09 which they closed today on 14th.. stating that money is paid to TATA...
I want someone to help me to get my money BACK.
I would really appreciate the response.

is the credit card paymnt department or the bank has rights to withdraw /transfer / or freeze money from the customer's account without giving intimation or information to the customer.

1) my problem is that i made a settlment 7-8 yrs back, after settlemtn, 8-9 months later i shifted to another place, but my office addres is same, after settlemtn, i didn't received any statmnt, letter or any visit from the bank's side,

2) i lost my settlemtn letter, it's not possible to maintain for such a long period,
3) one day i see that the bank has freeze 7000/- rs from my saving account, without giving any information, i was surprised, i just want to know that bank has the right to do so.

plz reply asap...

i'm a memebr of jagoo grahak jagoo. i need ur help plz reply asap

there r many cases like this,
icici bank really fraud i am agree with u,

now my problem is different..
i am getting phone calls from your bank people without reason they are calling different-different style.. and they are asking about "ROHIT" and i don't know who's given my contact number to your bank people. and already I inquired about ROHIT..
now i want to tell you" in this world i am not alone same name of ROHIT okk
there are Thousands name are same... right!!!
last 3 times-i received call from your bank and they speak bad language.. then i said come and i will tell you..
they were speaking bad words like"GUNDA style
if this is your icici recovery people will call back and again try to ask then really we will take some action on this..
now u tell me i[censored] r on my place- i[censored] are getting unknown phone calls by credit card Dept or Loan. and talking wrongly.. what u will feel?
i hope u will feel bad.. upset.
same happen with me. my friends was asking to me u taken bank loan and not repay them??
now this is my reputation question! .. if i missed my reputation without reason then .. really not good for u and for me.
so please informion to your Department to stop calling me.
and i want to know who's that person ..given my contact number to your bank Dept? .. i am not same person (rohit) some miss-understanding with you otherwise i will change my mobile number.
or take some action..!

I hope you will try to understand my point and solve it please..

i am receiving call in my number is: [protected]

soft — 13 k amount is not reflecting which is deducted from icici ac


I have transfered 13k from icici bank acc to my reliance demat acc which is not reflecting.
Later i transfered 100 rs which ia reflecting. I am trying to reach customer care, but i am unable to reach.

sir i hve an account in your bank...this is saving account...rght now my balance is 10, 000 rs...i think this minimum limit...if i withdraw 6000 rs, then how much amount u will deduct, if my balance is less then 10, 000 rs...
DR.Sandeep Seth, [protected],, want to clear my name from CIBIL due to fraudulent transaction done by the bank in paying my utility bills without my consent, and that too the bank settled the payment issue without i paying any dues.

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