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 Susheel Sundar
On 24th of june my friend had deposited 24, 500 inr into my icici bank account and at that night i have sent my friend to withdraw his amount from a non icici bank atm, i, e. Hfdc bank, k. H road branch, bangalore. As a matter o[censored]rgency and the lack of knowledge regarding the atm permissible amount to withdraw, he tried to withdraw 24, 000 at a time, which was a failure transaction and then after understanding his mistake, he tried to withdraw the amount in full figures (10000 inr) and atm machine persistently responded erratic, after several trials (Including around 5 failure transactions)

He successfully withdrew 24, 500 inr. As i am waiting for him at my desk i could observe the mail alerts which i am receiving on my official e-mail id, kindly check the altered e-mails screenshot for your reference : http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/3217/cgqs.jpg

If you have looked at the image, you can understand how erratically i have received the alerts, as an regular icici bank customer from 7 years i thought maybe this is some alert errors and ignored the available balance figure in the last alert guessing that if there is some error in my balance maybe it would be alright/or regain to the appropriate figure within 24 hours.

I have checked my balance next day in the icici website and from a non icici bank atm, the balance

Has gone to -2000 inr rough change, so i have made this complaint sr[protected] and i have clearly explained all the situation to icici customer care for they have promised that the issue would be

Olved within 7 days, noting my urgency. Now after 7 days even after my repetitive calls to icici

Customer care nothing happened, the customer care has been telling me "back-end team has been working on your issue" after 7 days i have called back icici customer care again to know the status and

Reversal of my money, when i got to speak to the customer care, they have told me the transactions

Occurred in hdfc bank atm was successful and hdfc bank have denied of any error related with the

Dispense of cash. Then, i had to ask the customer care what would have caused the alerts i have

Received go fully wrong figures and how does atm machine delivers the amount which is not even there

In my account? (When appropriate balance was around 5880 inr hdfc atm had dispensed 8000+ inr?), then the wisest icici customer care raised one more complaint which is escalation complaint

Sr[protected] and this complaint would make the actions happen within 24 hours, i mean to say they have promised the money reversal within 24 hours.

24 hours have passed and i can see my balance still in subtracted mode, so i have called the greatest

Icici customer care again to find out what made them to lie about "24 hours" promise, the customer

Care executive says "sir, it takes 17 more days to reverse your deducted amount", i have literally

Lost my mind, for the first fact the amount was deducted mistakenly and customer like me are taken

For granted when it comes to customer's money not the bank money. My card is blocked and i cannot use my account and the balance which i had been waiting to get reversed since 8 days had not returned after one more call with the customer care, this time the customer care executive says "we have inquired on only one of your 8000 rs transaction, there are two transactions with the same amount, this time i will register the complaint on the other transaction" this time the complaint number is : sr[protected], then my little mind asked myself, "how come they don't check all the transactions occurred on that night??", "how come the hdfc bank cannot check the atm cameras??", i understand there is a huge lack of common sense but this is outrageously stupid among these people when these people are maintaining such big financial corporations, and cannot promise good service to small time customer like me, how can they improve this nation? How can they provide service properly.

My 7 days waiting had been prolonged more 13 days and its as per the bank's wish i have no right to

Talk a person with my physical presence, who actually deals with this, i don't understand whether there is any value for customer's money or take us for granted like two flying.

Customer like me should wait for his deducted money as long as bank can make him wait it is not

Bank's problem even if customer is dying with starvation, because small time customers like me are not really a big sweet doughnut to eat for these corporate dimwits, all we have is customer cares and complaint numbers and their statuses but there is no guarantee for money. I have made them several calls, and i have sent them 2 emails (No response the last email) and i have asked them to check the hdfc atm machine cameras, i have asked them reasons for faulty transaction alerts and i have even asked to check the faulty transaction alerts from their side, i have asked them "how does it goes minus balance"?... I do not know when my problem is going to resolved because icici bank gives very poor response to the customers who need help.

Kindly, someone help me or suggest me, because i do not want to lose my hard earned money for any stupid atm machine fault or the lack of hdfc bank, icici bank "vision". I only have a choice to take this issue to consumer court now. — thanks,

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[Sep 13, 2016] ICICI Bank customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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a.t.m — a.t.m fault


with grea regards i am here to confirm you that on when i am in churu at station road i use ur ATM which shows transaction failed and unable to process, Bot my from my account 25000/ debit.
I inform at ur churu bank manager but he is not taking any intrest and i have required this money on urgent basis.
This is ur regard i[censored] are taking a customer seriously.
All the detaile shown as below.

A.t.M card no. [protected]
bank i c i c i
name Deepak Sharma
atm id 1FDCHU01
transaction id 072
amount 25000/
MOBILE NO. [protected]

Deepak Sharma
Reliance communication limited

ICICI — failure of icici to provide proper service

today ie 16th jan 2009, i made a sale of "suzene" using margin plus in icici bank. when i tried to square it off at 2:45 and it never happened, at that point i was at profit of Rs 500(as i am not a big time trader). but it didn't happen. I tried to call and find out from icici service people who said they encountered some problem (technical problem) and due to this i made a loss of Rs 650. I want to know if its only me or some one else faced same kind of problem. Can anyone please tell me where can i complain about icici. I guess if it happened to every one then most of them must have made staggering losses. Please let me know if there is a organization where we can complain regarding this issue.

ATM services — atm machine almost faulty

With utmost reverance I Submits on the Subject cited above, that the atm machine of main branch, shahganj, aurangabad m.s. is almost faulty whenever customer visits for using atm . so pls do needful, thanks.

HDFC Bank — ATM mistake

sir, i m sandeep chaurasia i m saving a/c holder in hdfc bank.
i fill the amount 10000/- in ATM (raj muhlla Indore) but i got only 7000/-but in my a/c it had reduce 10000/- then i went to HDFC bank that time and i had complained and got the received 7000/- i had received and GM accepted the mistake of ATM machine. but he didn't solve my problem and said that i can't return amount. my A/C NO.[protected]
date of incident 02/03/09.

ICICI Credit Card — Deduction of amount from my bank amt

I am sending you the copy of my settlement letter which I received from your credit card department, with this mail

Please go through the below points

1.Friday( 16.01.09 ) there was 13552.15 Rs in my salary account no[protected] ICICI Bank) & when I checked my account on Wednesday ( 21.01.09) it was showing zero balance.
2.I received the mail from ICICI credit card department on Wednesday (21.01.09), that they had received the payment of rp 13552.15 against card no ([protected]). It means they had taken the money from my salary account.
3.I did the settlement of my credit card with amount 14000/- in three installments on 10th Sep 2007. (Letter of settlement is attached with this mail.)

4. Now at prsent i am not operating this account, at statement showing me -24000negative ( approx ) in my account, they still deducting the money from my account.

If you will contact the bank then you will find that i had given more than triple amount to ICICI bank against my uses of card.

I would like to request you kindly take up this matter with company & resolve my problem, i am getting mentally harressed by company.

Now it is really a serious matter, ICICI bank/credit card division is cheating with the customer,


Rohit Raj
ph [protected]

Banking — transaction fault

My account no.is [protected] and on 10th august 2009 due to transaction fault 2000rs from my account has been deducted. I got the slip for transaction declined but still 2000rs were deducted.I have confirmed it from mini statement.
sir, i m Rahul Kumar Singh i m saving a/c holder in hdfc bank.
On 4 August, 09 I was trying to withdraw a sum of Rs. 1000/- by ATM. I had
tried the transaction twice from Oriental Bank of Commerce ATM. What exactly happened is both times ATMs did not dispense
the money as well as slip and both times amount had been deducted from my
account. I mean total Rs. 2000/- had been deducted. Once money(Rs. 1000/-) was credited
in my account immediately and the second transaction is still in
dispute. For the same I have lodged a complaint on customer care on date 5/08/2009 of HDFC the
complaint number is "MUM068574"
Initially they told me to respond in 12 days but still I have not gotten
their call and also money back in my account.

Please help me as soon as possible.

My account number is [protected].
Dear sir, i have saving account in Bank of Maharastra,
today[protected] i have made a tranction throught axis bank atm my total account balance is 3500/-
i have made a tranction two time but both time i have not receive any cash by axis bank atm, next i have to to another bank SBI ATM, & make a balance enquiry it was found Rs. 2000/- deducted in my account.
i have reported in bank of maharasta, but result is awaiting...

any body help me & give me suggestion...
Dear Sir/Madam,
Today I withdraw amount of Rs.4000/- from Canara Bank ATM but not received because transaction is declined and the withdraw amount is deducted from my account. So, please take necessary action or solve my problem.
My ATM Card No. [protected]

Thanking you

Banking — fault in transition

i hav withdrawn 2700 from axis bank atm but i have not recieved the cash and i have loosed the balance from my card.the atm is located near bvp katraj(satara road)pune.
my card number is[protected] and my account number is[protected].
please make it soon.i mam waiting for a positive reply from your side.

My account no.is[protected] and on 4th april 2010 due to transaction fault 2700rs from my account has been deducted. I got the slip for transaction declined but still 2700rs were deducted.I have confirmed it from mini statement.


I had tried to withdraw Rs.5000 from HDFC ATM at jandiala road, Tarn Taran on 13th nov. 2008 twice but due to ATM error i got it only once and deducted from my account twice.The amount was refunded on 6th Jan 2009 but the same was reversed again on 24th Jan 2009.
please look into the case and refund Rs.5000 in my account.
Inderjit Singh
acc. no. [protected]

ATM — wrong subtraction

on 13/04/2010 at 20.24 hrs. balance showed before withdrawl Rs.92850.85. After withdrawl of Rs.2500.00 balance showed Rs. 87850.85 at SBI of ATM ID is S1AN 0013 7706, TXN no. 8191
My A/C no.[protected]
ATM card no. 421458xxxxxxxxx4
Dear Sirs,

I used Union Bank Of India, No. 473, Town Hall Road, Maduai-625 001 ATM for withdrawing cash of
Rs.10000.00 on 18.4.2010 ( my SB A.c No. 10068 - Port Blair Branch, Andaman). After completing the transaction I received only the transaction slip (record No.1162) as transaction declined - unable to process and I did not receive the Rs. 10000.00 cash. But when I checked my account, the amount Rs. 10000.00 was debited in my account. Now I request you to do the needful and credit my account immediately, as I require cash very urgently.

I give below the details.

ATM used : Union Bank Of India, Town Hall Road, Madurai, Tamilnadu.
Date and time of withdrawal : 18.4.2010, Time : 10.49 hrs.
Amount entered for withdrawal : Rs. 10000.00
Cash not received, amount Rs. 10000.00 debited in my account.
My Canara Bank SB account No. 10068
Branch : Port Blair, Andaman.

Please do the needful.

Prabha Rani
Dear Mr. Singh,

We regret the inconvenience caused, and would like to investigate your complaint further. Request you to send us an email at [protected]@hdfcbank.com with your contact and account details. Also, please provide the id number TTU[protected] in the subject line. Once we receive these details, a bank representative shall contact you.


Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank

ICICI Bank Ltd — No cash from ATM machine

Dear Sir,

I Karan Singh, ICICI Bank S/B A/C holder, attempted to withdraw a amount of Rs. 10,000/- from a ATM machine of Bank of India installed at Delhi Cantt. (Near Brar Square). The date of transaction was 5th Nov 2010. However, no cash wash delivered by the machine, but it was deducted from my ICICI Bank account. My A/C No:[protected], Branch Suncity, Gurgaon.

It has been about 20 days since this transaction, but no reversal has happened till date. The slip printed as suspected transaction.

Please help in getting reversal of this amount with interest at eraliest.


Karan Singh
Hi Karan,

We are sorry for the problem caused to you. We have made note of your mobile number.We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.
Dear Mr. Sundar,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your Service Reference Number. Our official will get in touch with you to assist.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Dear sir,
I made a transaction from icici ATM near by ICICI Bank gangyal, jammu or 400 Rs.but suddenly ATM UPS down and ATM machine goes shutdown and money deducted from my account No.[protected] on 22.05.2014.Please help me for my money back.
Sachin Kumar
Sir this is cyber crime ammount(14057) is debited from my account I have already maid a complaint in customer of ICICI BANK PLEASE HELP SIR SO NEED FULL

Name:- Jitendra Pandey
ICICI sr no:[protected],[protected]
amount :-14047(form Faridabad between 02:08 and 02:30 on 08/08/2019)

I have submitted all documents but no reply your end
The time this transaction was taking place, I was in my office.
my office location :-A6 noida sector 16, near metro station.

Thanks and Regs
Jitendra Pandey

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