[Resolved]  ICICI Bank Credit Card — irrelevant payment due on unused credit card

The head of Credit Cards,


This is to state that I am not satisfied with your Credit Card Service and would like to bring your kind notice, the negligence of your staff towards customer’s care/ complaints, hence request to go through this complaint.

My credit card No.”[protected]”. Since last four months( June’08) I am receiving wrong monthly statements showing transaction of Rs. 20000/-(Rupees twenty thousand) with installment of Lombard Insurance. These statements are wrong and not acceptable to me because I had never asked / proposed for the policy. I have not done any transaction through Credit Card till date too. As such, the statements being sent to me from your office are not acceptable to me. Your customer care executives are also not attending the phone and replying through IVRS only.

Looking to the above fact, you are requested hereby to terminate my credit card account immediately after the receipt of this message and correct the statements to receive me it as NIL payment. Also instruct your staff / call centres not to harass over phone and visit frequently for irrelevant recovery.

Please check your record once again as no transactions, no shopping, no dealings of any type has been done through the card and the card is totally unused till date. Some contact Nos. I have tried for guidance are[protected],[protected] Rahul Vaidya),[protected].

You are once again requested to look into the matter seriously and check the records as your staff have compulsorily imposed a insurance policy installment on me. I do not want that policy which I never agreed with it and will not agree in future too. So, the question of payment does not arrive.

Terminate my credit card immediately. You will soon receive the card cut in pieces with the application for cancellation.

Please treat this message/complaint urgent and final. Oblige. The very immediate reply / response is expected at E-mail address- [protected]

Yours sincerely
(Arjun R.Raut).
Date: 18/09/2008.
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Jan 15, 2019
Complaint marked as Resolved 
bank had reverted all dues and sent the nil statement. thanks
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ICICI — Regarding unused credit card

Respected sir,

I am working in Panjab University Chandigarh as Sr. Scientific Officer. About 5-yrs back a personnel of ICICI bank visited my office and issued me a credit card. I was told that it is free with life time validity. Later, I found that it is no more usefull to me and I never used it even once. So, I returned it back by cutting it diagonally. About a month back, I received a call from Delhi that a case is going to be registerd against me for not paying the money for the credit card No. [protected]. I explained him my case as above. Today, I again receverd a similar call thraetining me to either deposit the the money (Rs. 4818/-)or case will be registerd. Sir, I fail to understand why such a torture calls are being made against me as I have not used this card at all.
I humbly request to please look into matter and save me from this unwanted harrasment.


Naresh Agnihotri
The ICICI Credit Card Manager

Subject: Regarding raising dispute for transactions on my card
(No. [protected])

Dear sir/madam,
I like to bring the following fact to your kind notice for immediate remedial action.
I was in Chennai on an official from 26th Feb. 08 to 6th March, 08. On 29th Feb (evening) I was intimated over phone by your ICICI Mumbai Head Office that my ‘credit card’ has been hacked. Immediately I informed both your Mumbai and Kolkata office (Customer care) to block my card and that I am in Chennai and I have made payment of Rs.10, 200/- to Sabari Classic Hotel, Chennai through credit card (No. [protected]) only. I was intimated by your customer care that my card has been blocked. Immediately, after arrival in Kolkata on 7th March, 08, I contacted your customer care (kolkata) who assured me there is nothing to be worried about and I will have to make payment of approximate Rs. 10, 200/- next month. In 16th March, 08 a mobile message reaches me intimating that I have a pending of Rs. 8624/- but neither any statement to my residential address nor to my email ID ([protected] was sent by you. Having received no document I made payment of the aforesaid amount to you (27th March, 08, cheque no. 839668 of Bank of Baroda) on good faith and a new card (no. [protected]) was issued to me instead of the old card (..6004). For the next 3 months I have purchased different items using the new card (..6012) from market and also made payment regularly on the basis of mobile SMS but no bank statement was received. In August, 08, I was intimated by your office (2A upper Wood St, Kolkata) over phone that an amount of Rs. 10, 200/- is due from me as previous balance but I informed them in details about this. But I was advised to make due payment in order to avoid late charges. Then I handed over a cheque (no.430121, Bank of Baroda) to your collector Mr S. Mandal of your office (2A upper Wood St, Kolkata) to clear the due payment [(10,[protected]+ 254 (ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd’s monthly fee)= 1830/-] with written document. Surprisingly enough, in the 2nd week of Oct, 08 I was phoned by Mr. Bablu Debnath of your office (2A upper Wood St, Kolkata) to inform me that I have made purchase from my old Card (..6004) and payment is due from me. I again contacted your kolkata office (customer care) and narrated the detailed case history. Hearing from me in details and after searching your database I was told that on 29th Feb, 08 payment of Rs.8624/- has been made to Future Bazar (Mumbai) in my name (in my presence) and this amount was paid from my card. On the same date in the same credit card pending of Rs. 10, 200/- in Chennai is being shown. How it is possible?
I think there is major lapse or mistake somewhere on your part? I was again told to contact your Head Office (Mumbai Branch). I have already intimated Mr Debnath (of your office, 2A upper Wood St, Kolkata) in details and requested him for taking necessary action. You are also requested to look into the matter and find out the mistake without unnecessarily harassing one of your bonafide customers.
Thanking You

Dr Shirshendu Chakraborty
(Gazetted Officer)
CGCRI, Kolkata 32
Govt. of India
(Mob. [protected])
E.Mail: [protected]
Dear Sir,

I would like to know my billing date.My credit card [protected]
The head of Credit Cards,

This is to state that I am not satisfied with your Credit Card Service and would like to bring your kind notice, the negligence of your staff towards customer’s care/ complaints, hence request to go through this complaint.
My Credit Card number is "[protected]", and using this card from 03/2007, till now there is no late payment, no delay of payment, regular i am paying my ammounts regularly. Two of my cheque has returned due to missmatch of signature beacuse the signatureof mine with bank is 3 years old, so different of signature is very often. Now without informing me my card has been blocked.
Now i am seeking your halping hand to reactivate my card so that i can continu my faith and belif with you bank and card.

Selim R Ahmed
The ICICI Credit Card Manager

Subject: Regarding raising dispute for transactions on my card
(No. [protected])

Dear Sir,

I am Sudhir Kumar Raiguru bearing the a Furute Card from ICICI bank card number [protected] had made a purchase of 1598/- on 21st Sept 2008. I did not received my first month bill statement till January 2009. While enquired about the bill statement on the ICICI bank phone number [protected] I got to know that I have a bill statement of more than 2500/- billing amount as per the non payment of the last bill. When I complained regarding the same, the Executive with whom I was talking to said all other expenses would be waived off and I will receive the updated bill by email. However I confirmed him that after receiving the Updated bill, I will make the payment of only the amount that I have made a purchase of, i.e. 1598/-. After 10-15 days I received the same bill of more than 2500/-. I again request you to send me my updated bill to my updated address ASAP so that I will make the payment of 1598/- and also I want my card to be functioning so that I will be able to use the same. I would also request you to send any collection executive to my billing address so that I will make the payment of the above said bill.

Seeking your help to resolve my issue and reactivating my Card once again,

Yours Faithfully,
Sudhir Kumar Raiguru
The head of Credit Cards,

This is to state that I am getting calls from your Bank for Credit Card Payment,

Also note I am not a Credit Card Holder of your Bank, but I get calls on name of Saud/Asif Garbekar regarding the payment.

I also dont know who they are & I think somebody has given you'll my contact number.

So, requesting you to knidly look into this matter & while issuing the Card pls check all the details properly.

Seeking your help on this matter.

Your Faithfully
Mitali Chotai

Citibank & ICICI Bank - Credit card division — Action for not paying the credit card bill

Dear All,

Can any one from the bank explain me that what kind of action the bank will take for not making the credit card bill payments ?

I like to share one case of my friend who misuse the credit card for his royal life. But see the action the bank taken on him.

My friend has made a purchase for Rs.60, 000/- & above and didn’t made a payment for more than 2 months. The bank people called him for settlement and after face to face discussion he was asked to pay only Rs.8, 000/- as settlement & cancelled his card. There is nothing to pay after this.

2nd case - same friend has got another card from other bank & he made the same thing. He was called & were asked to pay only Rs.6000/- as final settlement.

As this kind of news make the persons like me who pays the full payment in time to think not to make any credit card payments. For nothing there are the people who enjoy and this bank people will not take any action on them. Why not the bank list those people & see that they should not get any card from any bank & other loans for them.

Also i request the bank should see the person who are sincere in their payment & encourage them with additional benefits.

Kindly MNC bank should answer my query.
I have been issued with two credit cards valid from 03/07 till 03/11, which are as follows:
1) Petro Card No.[protected]
2) Shop Card No.[protected]
I have not used any of the above cards till today i.e. 20/03/2009. However, as I am willing to use the above cards, will you please mail me the procedure and passward on my e-mail ID, as I have forgotten the things.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Suresh Wadkar
In Any business we (the customers) are god. Its really amazing to know that icici has a really poor customer service.

I cald icici customer service ...

sir i have applied for credit card before 7 months... not received but getting messages about my card details from icici. Suddenly they told they will transfer the call to another dept.

disappointment... (because i have chosen the right option from IVR)

again blah, , , blah, , , blah...

Suddenly they told they will transfer the call to another dept.

one more time... then the call gets routed to IVR ...

I know about IVr application and hence i will suggest the credit card head to fully automate the process using IVR application or atleast give pending salaries.

If possible please let me know the status on the card ending with number 2005
I have not recieve any ICICIcredit card till the date naw but i have received a mesage dated 07th may 2009 from your comany of that cellno[protected] in wich the limet of card is Rs 20000 and cash limit is Rs0

I am icici bank customer & have savings acount & credit cards.

This is in regards to health insurance policy icici lombard given to me where i did not receive any intimation or e mail from the day 1 regarding payment & the late charges are charged in my account.

Instead of sending me any reminder or intimation they have charged me thousands of money & over and above they have blocked my savings account[protected] with more that Rs. 9000.00.

Please check all the details in my savings account.

I also have 2 personal loans from icici & i am a good customer & you can even check my payment history.

Terminate my Health insurance policy immidietly.

Please treat this message/complaint urgent and final. Oblige. The very immediate reply / response is expected at E-mail address- rakesh.[protected]

I would appericiate if you will take my request seriously else i would stop paying any dues to icici for all the accounts.

Please clarify these ingenuine charges or i would be forced to take any legal action against your bank.

Waiting for your positive response ASAP.


Rakesh Arora
E mail - rakesh.[protected]
No.1 Fraud Bank in the world ICICI
The Manager,
Credit Card Division

Dear Sir/Madam
sub: Credit card facility - not availed- false transaction statement claimed information for making necessary corrections made for cedit card No[protected] details- reg
Ref : 1. my letter dated 11.3.2004
2. my letter dated 27.3.2004
3. legal adviser Mr. T.thirumanthiram B.A.B.L notice dared 29.05.2004
I made already the following representative on 27.3.2004
1. i have not appied for credit card from ICICI bank
2. without any representation from me a packet was sent to ne by post from ICICI bank
3. since i have not applied anything from ICICI bank, i dropped the packet( may br containing the said credit card) in the drop box kept at ICICI bank, ashok nagar branch, chennai-600 083 which is nearest to my residence
4. since i have not made any application and i have not utilized your said credit card(No[protected], the claim now made by you unnecessarily annoys me
5. kindly take necessary steps for the mistake committed by your employees and corrct your records
at present i came from the central credit investigation its noted that the loan amount only is write off but the above said account is not yet closed. hence it is requested that kindly close the account and send me reply to my mail to avoid further disturbance
thanking you

your faithfully
Would like to put in your notice that i manisha singh was using icici credit
>card no-[protected], last year in the month of Dec'07 i got a call from
>Ankit & rajesh from number-[protected], stating my dues on the card. i told
>them that i was not recieving my bills and late charges and other extra
>charges to be waived off. i had long conversation with them and after that
>they told me to pay Rs 15400, afetr paying it i don't have to pay a single
>penny. I have recording for the same conversation. I
>made a chq payment of 15400 which got debited from my husband account i
>believe on 9th or 10th Dec'07. i'm continiously getting calls from your
>collection agencies. I told them the whole scenario. Kindly get this done as
>i'm not going to apy a singly penny against the card as i have never used
>that card since paying Rs15400.Get this done asap else i have to take some
>serious action against the bank for disturbing the customer.I got a call
> from your collection agency today and the number was [protected]. It's a
>humble request that i should not get any call onwards.

My name is Vikram Singh, H/O of Manisha Singh. She was using ICICI credit card hold number – XXX, In the year 2007, month Nov-Dec, I got a call from XXX number telling this call is for due amount on my credit card. I had conversation with 2 gentlemen, however now I cannot say then as gentlemen, I got call from two fraud people, they were from ICICI collection agency, they said I have some amount due on my card of around 19000, out of which there are some late fine also in 19000. I asked them to remove the late fine. They agreed upon the same. I asked them that how much amount do I pay to close the card, so that I need not to pay a single penny more in future, they told me 15400/- is the amount which I have to pay. As this was a confirmatory call on total payment, it just happened that I recorded all the conversation. Their names were Rajesh & Ankit. I asked them to send their executive to collect payment. I gave them cheque of 15400/- at one instance, so to clear all my outstanding. The amount got cleared from my account too in 2-3 days.

Now since last 1 year they have again started asking for money, saying that you should have letter against the same. If not then you have to pay the amount. They keep on calling on my cell, I have moved out of DELHI, reason being my JOB, now they have started calling at my inlaws place as the card when was given to Manisha, she was unmarried. They have started misbehaving with our family members. 1-2 days back they called up at my inlaws place and told that “Manisha paise lekar bhag gaye hai, apna ghar check kar lo, kuch waha se to, lekar bhagi nahi hai na”. This has become so embarrassing for us that I cannot express through words. If ICICI bank is going for bankrupt then they should start begging for money instead of abusing people and threatening their family members.

This is my complaint against ICICI collection agency & Bank both, please help us.

Just a word - All, please be aware of ICICI bank & their services, it will take your happiness, your money and will force & push you to get into …….

Attached is the call for your reference which I had with Ankit & Rajesh on amount.

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