[Resolved]  ICICI Lombard — Cheating & Fraud by ICICI Lombard

Suraj Parkash Tuteja
38 Azad Nagar, Jagadhri Road.

MARCH 19, 2008

Mr Manpreet Singh Mob [protected]
Authorised Signatory
ICICI Bank Ltd,
IInd Floor, FCO 151-152 Sector 9C,
Opp Yes Bank, Chandigarh

Reg Dues against Credit Card No.[protected]

Dear Sir:

Please refer to your proposal No IBBC/COR/2476/51 dated 18.3.2007 offering to settle dues at Rs 58, 000/- as against the amount earlier claimed at Rs 78.973.56 as on 28.1.2008. In fact nothing is due from me, rather some amounts are due from you. But even for this so termed generous proposal the language and wording of the letter is not only insulting to any customer but also reflects the lack of even an iota of common sense, because without looking to the large scale criminalities indulged into by ICICI Lombard itself, you are time and again expressing your large generosity of spirit in allowing the so termed huge rebate of Rs 20, 000/- and putting up misplaced conditions. Because being a % share holders in the amounts recovered, your first and last intentions - whatever your Principal’s faults - is only to extract heavy amounts by terrifying & threatening customers, and so you can earn more commissions.

Besides, this letter IBBC/COR/2476/51 dated 18.3.2007 which was kept being forcefully withheld by your Mr. Rana and given a copy only after prolonged heated discussions at various levels right up to Chandigarh, is a mockery because the letter is not on the Bank's letter head, or carries a rubber stamp, does not indicate the branch or postal address, or telephone numbers or even designation of or copy of Authority Letter of Manpreet Singh. It is a scrap of paper. A fresh copy of the same duly rectified be sent. Yet again, the bank is vigorously with holding from me copy of my Savings Account No ?? statement since December 2006 and creating hurdles for me to arrive at the final amounts withdrawn against the credit card from this account.

This rebate of Rs 20, 000/- does not reflect in full the wrong and excessive charges unlawfully debited to my Credit Card. In the first place I only provided details of my two sons to to ICICI Lombard to obtain detailed proposal, but ICICI Lombard straight away issued two policies, which were refused and surrendered, and only against repeated requests both policies were cancelled within less than 3 months on 28.3.2007 and even after repeated requests for refunds of the excess amounts charged ICICI Lombard never responded.

The reason for immediate refusal for the Insurance policies was the flood of lot many and excessive charges being debited and unlawfully extracted from my credit card like huge Rs 1533.80 EMI Principal debited on 21.12.2006 as also EMI Interest of Rs 302.62 for what ? The amount payable monthly was only 301.87 i.e. Rs. 7245/ 24 months = Rs 301.87 Why debit charges interest unlike in all LIC and other insurance companies, interests are never chargeable on monthly, or other periodic instilments.

If ICICI Lombard do not cancel policies around 3 months it was certainly not fault of mine, but of ICICI Lombard only. Then why damage me with all of the charges, service charges, interests on interests and what not ? Not resting with these frauds, even against both policies cancelled on 28.12.2006 ICICI Lombard illegally kept on further EMI Principal and EMI Interests charges but also started debiting for 6 policies with consequent Service Charges etc in January, February, March, 2007. Both policies were at last cancelled on 28.3.2007 but without giving rebate for the amounts debited and collected from day one or any amount whatsoever.

Again even after canceling both policies ICICI Lombard kept on unabated bombarding charges and collecting from my Credit Card amounts for the months of April, May and June 2007. But the height of criminality reached when long after the policy was cancelled on 28.3.2007, in June alone the ICICI Lombard bombarded my credit car with 13 EMI.s and 11 EML Interest charges amounting to Rs 50304. 31 EMI Principal, and Rs 1334.60 EMI Interest and together with service charge etc the amount criminally debited to my account in June alone ran to 64415.50 closing balance minus 10579.97 = Rs 64415.50 as reflected in the statement itself. And your Mr Rana and Ravi Gupta continue to insist for payment of Rs 58, 000 /- with threatening postures.

I insist on you to prove concusively that I ordered for any of the 3 EMI.s and 11 EML you have criminally dumped on me and know adamentally insist on me to pay up.

Looking to all these wrong. excessive and criminal charges, and looking to the adamant attitude & insistance for payment of Rs 58, 000/- it is disgusting to discuss matters with your Mr Rana or Mr Ravi Gupta or others who brazenly and blatantly insist that the amount as shown in the statement is payable under all circumstances they threaten they have lot many ways to extract the amounts. as is also visible from two dull-witted legal notices from Amardeep Singh Sukhija 23.7.2007 and Sandeep Suri 8.2.2008 were ignored. Both notices presupposes that only the ICICI Lombard as the most pious instead of the and acted like Mafia's dens or goons themselves fully knowing the repeated and heavy penalties and fines imposed and reprimands and warnings from Supreme and High courts in India. Both of these threats termed as legal notices were ignored. You are fully aware of the dirtiest reputation ICICI Bank is held in public, and you can refresh your memory if you click on internet for Google or Yahoo or any other search engine and check results ICICI + criminals or cheats or crook's or frauds or thieves or decoits or robbers or whatever else derogatory adjectives and see the results what lacs and crores of banking customers think and shout about you, And state till when the shameless conduct will continue by you people ?

In fact the four amounts actually withdrawn by me i.e., Rs 92/54 on 30.09.2006, + Rs 5, 000/- on 18.10.2006 were adjusted on 17.11.2006 with Rs 5, 489.96, 10, 000/- on 02.11.2006 ) 512.5 on 18.11.2006 were adjusted on 19.12.2006 with Rs 11, 701.02 with along with unlawful charges like processing fee, 199.99, manual cash Rs 300/- +300/- as against Rs 75/-, excess charged Rs 649.99 is to be refunded to me. Rest of all of Rs 78.973.56 as on 28.1.2008 is wrongly charged and needs to be set off .because I never accepted any of two insurance policies. Even a casual look at the statement will show that after 18.11.2006, with nil balance due from me, there is not even a single withdrawal but only illegal charges dumped on me.

Hope better sense shall prevail and it is requested that fresh statement of account with statement of savings account be furnished be furnished detailing the final amount lawfully due - not as per your senseless arguments - to either o[censored]s for final adjudication. Study the above facts carefully, and take this as legal notice and respond within 15 days failing which I shall get the matter adjudicated through RBI, Banking Ombudsman, Insurance Ombudsman, Consumer Forum or law courts at my option, as also go to the national Press and TV Media,
as also take up matters with the High Court and Bar Council against the two advocates why their Bar Licenses be not cancelled for sending out illegal threats and calling names in the name of so termed Legal Notices without studying the vase, all the while knowing full well the criminalities the ICICI bank is known for all over. One Advocate had the audacity to send copy of his notice illegally to Senior Superintendent of Police knowing full well the legal options available to him, Copy is being sent to SSP Ambala to check these white collar goons.

Suraj Parkash Tuteja

It is your responsibility copies ot this legal notice be also provided to following :
cc. Mr Rana (Mob [protected]
Mr Ravi Gupta Mon [protected]
Amit (Mob
e-mailed to chairman ICICI Bank,
Reserve bank of Inkia

E-mail address: [protected]@GMAIL.COM
Correspondence address: 38 Azad Nagar, Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt 133006
City: Ambala
Country: India
Pin Code: 133006
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Aug 14, 2020
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I hold 2 Health Insurance policies (Family Floater Plan) with ICICI Lombard - that is my misery. One was purchased in 2006 & renewed in 2007. Then I wanted my child to be included in the plan to which ICICI Lombard refused. Hence, I had to buy another plan in 2008 March (again Family Floater) covering myself & my daughter. My first plan i.e older one came up for renewal in 2008. Since I made no claims to ICICI Lombard for last 2 years I was entitled for No Claim Bonus. But the company instead hiked my premium. On query, they simply reply that we have increased the premium as you are an old customer & now more benefits would be coming to you. Hence you can go anywhere & if you do, you lose all your benefits which you are entitled to after 2 years of policy. So either renew by paying higher premium or just go off and lose your benefits. DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW BUT ADVISE OTHER CONSUMERS NOT BE FALL IN THE SAME TRAP AS THEY WOULD KNOW ONLY AFTER 2 YEARS. BETTER NOT TO GO FOR ICICILOMBARD - ADVISE FROM A SUFFERING CONSUMER
This is worst health policy I have seen till now. they charge 70% amount on cancellation of policy after 1 year paying EMI. I called in support to cancel and did not tell me when I saw my cc bill it showed the amount. The customer service is horrible. please do not take this policy horrible simple horrible
Dear sir
There is aimilatr case with me
I have been haunted by the customer care executive department to take health card but I disagreed over phone But I have got health cards sentto my home and billed Rs.5684/- in my creditcard, Again after few days I have received another health policy of same value but they have changed my name and sent to me again and have billed Rs.5684/-on my credit card for the second time, I have tried to contact customer care in various means and finally got my one of health policy cancelled this time I rubbed my eyes looking at my credit card for being charged cancellation fee of Rs.1746/- from my creditcard and the charge which has been previously charged (Rs.5684/-)is never returned to me . This was an additional charge.
Finally My credit card bill is 24000 including my actual purchages of 8600/- I have askedthe Customer care about the bill and They have said They will see in to the matter and asked me to pay the bill first I disagreed and(My thought is that If I was charged like this Its not a credit card and not even a debit card Its the Fine card The minimum balance which I should pay as per the bill is 3200 and in my actual calculation it was 1200 Even If they Return my Cancellation charges this will be OK for me to pay the minimum amount)But the twist started here. Since My Card limit is only 2500 and As I have not paid the minimum amount in time They fined me with 1200 and Now I havebeen receiving the bill of 1000 late fee and 1000 overlimit fee.and At last My bill is 3600 and I am being forced to pay 36000 I have received three consecutive Legal Notices to pay the bill amount og 36000 for my actual spendings of 8600.
finally I have decided to lodge the compalint with the consumer court I really do not know wjhat happens Please suggest me withthe help. Also I would like to have my card returned active under any circumstnces.
If it is impossible It is also impossible for me to pay single penny to ICICI bank.
I am dare enough to stretchout any kind of threats by ICICI, Finally I have started collecting various legal information regarding the health policiesd from RBI, IRDA, and local consultants that It is not legal to issue two health policies of same value and same issuing financial organisation and also The terms and conditions to be mentined very clearly by giving a separate sheet printed in arial 12 and above font and similarly I have thousants of points to fight gainst the ICICI bank. But I am just waiting for the right time to Sue ICICI bank, and Those White collered illiterates and cheaters,

I have bought a mediclaim policy from ICICI Lombard (Policy No. 4034/FPS/03499714/00/000) IN APRIL 08. I submitted 4 installments. They assured me that Rs 452.00 would be deducted every month from my credit card but they went against there assurance & get RS 453.49 deducted every month.

I call there customer care executives & send too many mail regarding this. But I did not get any satisfactory answere from them. Like this my first problem was wrong deduction. I did not care for 2 Rs. but it is the matter of a Company's wrong assurance.

They cheating with customer and after having policy recived they even did not care about the customer they compelety forget & try to ignore him. On the other hand they publicly shout & try to convey the message in market that they care the customer better than anyone.

When I call there customer executive they talked with me in a very rude & improper manner & said that they could not return my money as per their Company's policy but could not tell the policy to me & ask me to withdraw my policy & once again assured me that they will return me my complete money without any kind of deduction & I diid so.

I get my policy withdrawn but once again I get cheated & I got my money deducted by the company. When I asked how my money get deducted whereelse you have said I will get my complete money back, Once again they said[protected]As per the company policy[protected] like this without telling me any policy of their company they get my policy crushed & cheated me at every point.

Now recently I received a mail "
----- Original Message -----
From: CustomerSupport
To: Nagendra
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:40 AM
Subject: RE:'ICICILom=[protected]' ICICI Lombard Website - Email

Dear Customer,
"We request you to provide us your contact number with the STD code to serve you better."
As per our discussion, we request you to provide us the new policy number in order to reverse all the charges related to your cancelled policy.

Warm Regards,
Praful Karkera
Query Resolution Team
When we received this mail and make a call to customer care they told me You purchase a new policy and we can settle all the thing.
How can I belive of this type of company I never want to purchase any policy from them.
Now I want to tell the public through you that teh assurance that these Companies are making to you are all empty bans.
They are lier, They are cheater and they are[protected][protected]-----.
Now would you please help me in this matter.
This is with reference to ICICI Lombard - Executive told me you can pay the amount any time even after 6 or 12 months you don’t want to pay EMI for this but now im getting statement from ICICI credit card for Lombard insurance I spoke to concern executives regarding misguidance. ICICI Lombard and ICICI Credit Card division executives gave me false information and sold the product to achieve their target. When I tried to convey my problems regarding this issue to your executives they said very coolly yes the agent would have given wrong information for that we can not take action against him. they said if you want you can file a complaint. I really surprised to see this kind of big banking sector making fool the customers.

ICICI Lombard — Excess Deduction for Floater plan

I buy Family Floter plan for my mother name Suhasini Raul from Icici lombard.
Policy Date:04/08/2008
Policy no: 4034/E-FFH/3882504/00/000
Till date I have not received policy kit, after repeted reminder i got soft copy of policy.
Amount deducted from my account is Rs 9778.(Cheque no:645055 Icici Bank)
When i saw soft copy, premium was only 8167. Customer care executive could not give satisfactory answer for the same.
Can any concern person give refund of Rs 1611 as well as Hard copy of Policy?
ICICI is cheating the customers in name of Lombard Policy ..I suggest Dont take Credit cards from ICICi ..Even i was a prey to the same, credit card team gets the full rights to credit any money in name of lombard ..when complains they says the lomabrd and credit card is different companies, regarding lomabrd talk to them ..If asks how can debit money from my credit card account they says the telephonic consent is enough and that to lombard executive ..even if we asks fro the documents and will decide later, they starts deduct ...unluckily i got understand after 4 months of deduction, after somplaint they lagged it for another 3 months and cancel the policy ..and that ttime they debited full amount of policy amount from account ..i didnt understand then why shud i cancel the policy ...clear cheating ..may be can complaint to ombudsman but in my case my written correspondents starts after 6 months ..i dint paid but i thrown the creit card it self
i want to cancel the icici lombard healthy policy if not i dont want to detuct the amount from my credit card
credit card no.[protected]

ICICI Credit Card contact persons — Beware!!! ICICI Contact persons give false information on taking lombard policy


One month back, I got a call from a person in ICICI credit card section, Chennai for extending my ICICI credit card limits from Rs. 55000 to 1 lakh. As a add-on to this offer, a lombard health insurance policy will be issued on behalf of my parents. As I am not interested in this offer and the add-on policy, I refused to accept. But, I am asked to accept this offer for just a formality and the policy will get cancelled after few days without any charges. As a benefit of this, a premium certificate will be issued to the customer. So, I agreed to accept this offer. I am asked to accept all the terms and conditions when the offer document is read out while activating the policy.

I am told that the policy will get cancelled automatically and this will be reflected in the next months statement. But the policy is not getting cancelled and the first EMI is debited onto my account. I lost the contact number of this person as this happened one month back.

Two days back, I got a similar call from another person. But, I told him all the details about the past.
He asked me to take one more policy so that by cancelling the new policy the old policy will get deactivated. I didnt believe his words so I refused to accept this offer.His name is EDWIN.D, [protected]. I asked him to cancel the existing policy, but he asked me to contact Lombard for cancellation.

When I applied for the cancellation, I am told that 50% (Rs. 7500) will be waived for cancellation charges.

Is there any such offer (add-on lombard policy for extending credit card limit) exist in ICICI ?

Can this policy be cancelled without any charges (including the first EMI and its tax)?

Can action be taken on those contact persons?


One month back, I got a call from a person in ICICI credit card section, Chennai for extending my ICICI credit card limits from Rs. 18, 000 to 50, 000. As a add-on to this offer, a lombard health insurance policy will be issued on me and my wife. As I am not interested in this offer and the add-on policy, I refused to accept. But, I am asked to accept this offer for just a formality and the policy will get cancelled after few days without any charges. As a benefit of this, a premium certificate will be issued to the customer. So, I agreed to accept this offer. I am asked to accept all the terms and conditions when the offer document is read out while activating the policy. The contacted person name Ms.Devi phone number is [protected], contacted me on 21Jan'09.

I am told that the policy will get cancelled automatically and this will be reflected in the next months statement. But the policy is not getting cancelled and the first EMI is debited onto my account.

Is there any such offer (add-on lombard policy for extending credit card limit) exist in ICICI ?

Can this policy be cancelled without any charges (including the first EMI and its tax)?

Can action be taken on those contact persons?

B.Sundara Raman
Dear Mr. Shaikh,

Please write to us at [protected] with your credit card number and contact details. Please use subject line as " Comments from Site".


Nazia Sayeed
Office of Head Service Quality

ICICI Credit Card — Beware from icici credit cards-icici lombard health insurance is charged in icici credit cards although i have cancelled my health insurance

Hi All,

This is very painful for me that i have already cancelled my ICICI Lombard Health insurance in September 2008, which was deducting from my ICICI Credit cards and still deducting every month from my credit card.

I have called up cutomer care of icici credit cards, they told me that you they have't got any cancellation confirmation from icici lombard, but when i have called icici lombard my insurance policy is cancelled, and they said me you need to contact icici credit card. Its like shifting their responsibility i am a big trouble.

Please help me with this issue, as to maintain my credit in market i am still paying my credit card bills every month of the expenses which is not related to me.

So beware from icici credit cards frauds, is this is the message which Mr.Kamath has given to icici bank, please respect him and make the best thing to create India proud by understanding customers problem, needs and happiness.

God bless you all


ICICI Lombard — Insurance not covered for flood

My vehicle was sank in flood and i have approached ICICI Lombard and asked about the insurance coverage but they said these kind of damages will not be covered... But their website says damages caused by flood will be covered...
Dear Mr. Ponnusamy,

Kindly write to us at [protected] with ‘Customer Service - Insurance’ as the subject line. Request you to provide the relevant details of your policy, along with your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer
please let me know the contact details of general manager, branch manager of icici branch dwaraka nagar, visakhapatnam, andhraprades, india.
Dear Manisha,

We regret the inconvenience caused.
We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.
Dont take Credit cards from ICICi and don't take icici lombard policy. the both are cheating customers.
It is better to not insured.
Worst company fraud company
Also suffering from there mediclaim policy

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