[Resolved]  ICICI Lombard Health Insurance — fraud, unwillingly offered policy, need refund

Sir, My policy no. is 4034/fpp/03724121/00/000, i was allotted the policy based on verbal proposal from icici lombard health insurance on 27 June 2008. No one approched for signature & confirmation.
They started the procedure and debited Rs.14713/- from my icici bank credit card. even they had all the details of my credit card, i didn't reveal anything.
Now, i have to pay Rs.695/- every month till 2011(3yrs monthly installment).
I want whole money returned and discontinue the policy.
It is an act of fraud by "ICICI". First they offer credit card, then act as third party and levy charges on innocent public.
Please do the needful & reply at [protected]
mrs asha aggarwal.
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Aug 14, 2020
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ICICI Lombard Ltd — Fraud


I have taken car insurance policy from ICICI Lombared, the IDV value agreed with them at the time of signing the insurance policy was totally different what I have received in my policy, now they are not correcting their miskate and if I cancel my policy they will deduct 50% of the policy amount.

This is to inform you regarding insurance policy which i am
unaware of, and i wish to cancel this policy as soon as possible
and do revert the due amount of(Rs:3209).
Below are my credit card details.

Credit card No:[protected]
Holder Name:Ashwin ramdas Anvekar
Mother Name:Savita
Contact No: [protected].
Holder Address: No:2272,7th cross,near ohm shakti temple
chandranagar kumarswamy layout bangalore -560078

Kindly take necessary action on the matter above or else i need to
take legal action on this issue


icici lombard general insurance company — not intersted to recieve credit card

please return my all documents. i m working in esic rajendera palace, rajendera bhawan 4 floor-accounts branch, new delhi.

ICICI Lombard & Credit card — Misuse of credit card by ICICI lombard

June 19, 2008.

Dear Sir,

My name is Thomas Varghese. I am a Chartered Accountant working abroad. ICICI credit card people are following up for some payments of dues according to them on account of nonpayment of an ICICI lombard policy. Now their Lawyer has sent me a Lawyer notice for the immediate payment of dues. I shall now tell you the story behind this.

One person, claimed himself as ICICI credit card employee, called my wife Beena Thomas, in my absence and checked up whether we hold an ICICI credit card. He then asked for our credit card no: and got the credit card no: from my wife. Later on he explained her about the Critical Care – Secure Mind Policy and compelled her to join in the Policy. She then explained to him that she could not take the policy as she has to get the consent from me. The person then misguided her by telling her that she has got 21 clear days for canceling the policy with out any loss of premium and she can get the consent from me during that period. He then told her that somebody will ring her from ICICI immediately and she has to say that she is mentally sound. He also told her not to inform the caller that she wants the consent from me for taking the policy since there is 21 days for her to cancel the policy in case of need to do so, without any loss of premium. She did exactly what she was instructed to do without knowing that she was being cheated by an inherent criminal.

She contacted me for my consent for taking the Policy within 3 days time and I told her not to take the Policy. She then tried the person (employee of ICICI Credit card division) several times in the mobile no: which he had given to her for contacting him, for the cancellation of the policy, but no one picked up the phone. To her surprise she got the policy within 5 days.

Within 2 days of receiving the policy she immediately went to ICICI Lombards office at Ernakulam and met a staff by name Arathi and gave a written application for cancellation of the Policy. Later we got a confirmation from ICICI that the Policy was cancelled.

Even after cancellation of the policy I used to get dues statement from ICICI credit card division. When I enquired about this with ICICI Lombard at Cochin they said that ICICI Lombard will let ICICI credit card division about the cancellation of the policy and reverse the Card dues. Now to my surprise I got a Layer notice for payment of ICICI credit card dues with interest.

When I enquired about the reason for this Legal notice I was told by ICICI Lombard that there is another Policy taken in my name (Thomas Varghese) in July 07 and cancelled after one month in August 07 and the dues are for the cancellation charge.
I have never contacted anybody in ICICI Lombard for taking a policy nor given any application signed by me nor given my credit card. I am working abroad during that period & even now. My serious doubt is that the person to whom I referred above, who got my credit card details from my wife, would have done this mischief. I have so many policies and investment with ICICI and I have no need to cheat anybody or have any intention for nonpayment of credit card dues. Also I have never taken a Policy at any time using my credit card. All the Policy which I have taken from ICICI & others are paid in cheque.I am a Fellow Chartered Accountant working abroad in a responsible position as General Manager -Finance in a multi national Company.

I have already made a telephonic complaint with ICICI bank (complaint no: SR[protected] & with ICICI Lombard (complaint no: icicilombard[protected]

I humbly request you to please follow up the matter and absolve me from this liability and advice the concerned to reverse the credit card dues. I would be very happy if you can find out through your system the details of the person (commisioned agent) who has cheated me & my wife misusing my credit card . I will be also very happy if you can let me know his whereabouts.

Sir, these type of happenings really harasses me & my family in addition to spoiling my reputation. Sir, I don’t know what mistake I have done in this respect. The mistake I have done is that I have taken a Credit Card facility from ICICI for which I am forced to suffer now.

I am also informing you to issue cancellation order to all my ICICI credit cards and supplementary card for my wife Beena Thomas with immediate effect. I am sorry to take such a drastic step as my card is being misused by ICICI itself.

So once again request you to initiate action immediately.

Thank You,
Yours truly,

Thomas Varghese

icici lombard general insurance company — not refunding my payment

i am arun sharma,
living in delhi
i bought a policy called from icici lombard . in was told that each and every medical expense will be paid by company in each and every hospital of india, whether it is of indoor and outdoor medical expense, when i have made the payment to icici lombard i recievd my health card and policy documents on 22 nd of may 2008, i try to use it in mahraja agarsen hospital punjabi bagh delhi . they told me that this health card only to be used when u medically hospitalised for more than 24 hours. so i canceld the policy becoz i am aklready insured by the TATA AIG, i called icici lombard customer care at [protected]. from that day it is 8 th of july 2008 i am still struggling for my refund, but they r just giving me fake couriers p.o.d nos fake telephone nos, and just time passing, i am struggling for my rupees, help me .

arun sharma

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance — Case of fraud


I recieved a call, from ICICI Hydrabad, a lady shila (ph:[protected], [protected]), told me that the credit limit of my EMI credit card has been raised to 1Lac,
She also insisted me to take up a health insurance of some 3Lac Rs. to which I refused.
She told me that I will recieve a call from ICICI Chennai, confirming that I recieved my call, and he will ask me questions related to insurance policy, to which i have to reply yes for every questions.
She told me that it is just a confirmation call that I recieved my Credit Card, She told me that

She pestered me to say yes for every answer, which i did not for the first call(ph:[protected], which I recieved in some 2 mins. There she called me again, insisting that I need to say Yes that I know about the policy, she was annoyingly adamant on my saying yes to every question except for the 2 que that i do not have any doubt and i do not suffer for any disease
(ph:[protected]. She even told me that for formality she need to forward 2 names from my family.

within 10 mins i recieve 2 messages that Rs 5860.00 has been deducted from my credit card.
I do not recieve any papers requiring my approval.
This is a clear case of fraud. Your employees cheated me by providing me with wrong information.

I am not going to pay this bill of insurance, I do not want it, Do not push my name in CIBIL.
I called your [protected] toll free number and asked him that I do not need this policy, and he told me that the database is not yet updated, then how come I recieve the message this soon.

Do look into the matter, I will lodge a complain in consumer forum about this incident, and log a case if required.

This is a highly disappointing. I will not suggest any of my friends to have an account in ICICI bank any longer.

-A really disappointed User.
Neha Gupta
ph: [protected]

ICICI Lombard — i don't have any policy but they give me sms for due.

i don't have a policy for the icici lombard.
but they give me sms that
ÿour instalment of to avail interest reabate.
they give me onthere sms in that sms they give me policy no 3001/52418023/00/000.

tell what i do?
Good Afternoon,

This is Rajasekhar I have complaint is there regarding Lombard (cashless healthcard) your one of the executive Rani is there did the blended mistake for me.

Actually I have apply for credit card. She calls to me and told that your credit card has some amount will be blocked some 20000 amount suppose this amount will be unblocked you must take the policies that amount. After that you have received documents you given a 15 days grace period for decide whether the policy is taken or not. My policy is activated on September 20. She told me after 1 month there is no deductions in the amount suppose you want to cancel the policies.

My policy details are one is 04007890/00/00 and 04007889/00/000 regarding this plz help no deduction of my amount.
I enquired that executive Rani is leave that company.


ICICI Lombard General Insurance — Credit Card

Hi, I was issued a credit card on Nov 2007.after a long follow up Icici bank failed to provide the PIN for the same card. Again in the month of february one person called from ICICI Lombard(kormangala Branch, Bangalore) his name was Naveen, he asked me to purchase a health card stating its advantages as...1) No investment(no need pay any premium) 2) Just like credit card, in case of hospitalisation treatment would be first and alike credit after some days we need to pay the amont of treatment.

On the above two conditions i gave my consent to purchase the policy. Again for this transaction there was no proof of signature or in other words that was a oral comminucation. After one month of purchase of Healthcard, one statement came to my house stating so much of amount as the premium to pay.Since I Was out of station I could not cancell the card, but in the beganing of june 2008 i went to ICICI Lobard branch at richmond and cancelled the same. But ICICI bank withdrawn Rs 1735 from my saving account of ICICI bank which was not yet informed me.
Now also Iam getting every month Bank statements at my home, this has made my home unpeacefull. I am afraid that even after cancelling the policy again why the statements are coming.

also i tried to reach your customer service executives but they are not even picking the phones.

So i request you to chek the issue, and cancell the credit card immediately and stop sending the staements.


ICICI — regarding cancellation charges (misguided by icici ...

Respected sir/madam
This is veerendra kumar reddy from bangalore.KINDLY GO THROUGH THE MAIL WITH PATIENCE .Recently i got a credit card (gold). card no. [protected]. After recieving the card i got a call from chennai[protected] satya) and telling that u have to take health insurance otherwise they will cancel the credit card and u need to pay some charges.then i
asked is it compulsory to take the card, and he told that first u say yes what ever they ask since everything will be recording later i will tell u the procedure how to i agreed for that and took a health insurance policy( 2 yrs) 4034/fpp/04043178/00/000)on[protected].

On[protected] i called customer care ([protected]) for cancellation. but
again they misguided me. one person (male) told me that i[censored] cancel now u need to pay 35% cancellation charges, so instead of that u take one more small policy so that no need to pay cencellation charges for previous policy. so i took one more policy(1 yr) 4034/ffh/w'365872/00/000.

Then i got a call form cancellation departmet(hari[protected]on[protected] and telling that u cancel the policy with in a week then u wont get any cancellation charges so u continue with the 2 year policy and cancel the 1 year policy which i booked on[protected]. so again i called
customer care for cancellation of Second policy which i took on
[protected].finally they cancelled second policy 4034/ffh/w'365872/00/000.
but now when i see my credit card details in internet it is mentioned that Total amout due rs.883.why should i pay cancellation charges they totally misguided me .
but this is not fair.This is a bad remark for ICICI itself. So kindly go through the problem and do the needful.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance — Fraud and Bogus Insurance, Fraud by ICICI Credit card and insurance

I am Sharad, one among huge sufferer from ICICI credit card and Lombard general insurance departments.

I got a call from ICICI credit card CC 3 months back saying that they approved my Credit card for which I have not applied. They told about this ICICI LOMBARD General Insurance policy. I denied both of them. They kept on calling and said that they have already dispatched the Credit card to my residence address (donno from where they got the info)

After many calls, finally I told them that I will not pay any amout towards premiums of the policy and if it is free then they can send. The customer care executive said that only once the amount will be deducted from my CREDIT CARD intially and for that I will not get any statement and no need to pay that amount to CREDIT CARD Department.

Till then I have not recieved my card and executive has given my card details and said that if LOMBARD Insurance guys calls you please tell them these details. I told him I have not recieved card yet, but he said its courier delay, anyhow you get it. These are your card details just inform them and MY MISTAKE I did that.

Finally within two weeks they sent me the Insurance policy for my self and for my Mother (as free) and deducted app 15000 from credit card. To my surprise till now I have not recieved any credit card but getting STATEMENTS for the payment they made for insurance thru card which i am not suppose to pay as per CC Executive.

If this is one case, I am fortunate (unfortunate) happened to utilise the insurance which was for my mother (of 2 lakhs). I admitted my mother to a reputed hospital in Hyderabad, but was shocked when I got the denial for my TTK claim which I had from ICICI LOMBARD Insurance Policy. Our Doctor " a highly known MD DM Cardiologist" surprised when TTK denied stating some stupid reasons which is out of consideration in our case. Doctor personally wrote a letter to them stating the problem, procedure and treatment and cleared them that the denial they made are not correct. But event then, they denied again.



ICICI Lombard Health Insurance — fraud, want discontinue & refund

Sir, My policy no. is 4034/fpp/03724121/00/000, i was allotted the policy based on verbal proposal from icici lombard health insurance on 27 June 2008. No one approched for signature & confirmation.
They started the procedure and debited Rs.14713/- from my icici bank credit card. even they had all the details of my credit card, i didn't reveal anything.
Now, i have to pay Rs.695/- every month till 2011(3yrs monthly installment).
I want whole money returned and discontinue the policy.
It is an act of fraud by "ICICI". First they offer credit card, then act as third party and levy charges on innocent public.
Please do the needful.
mrs asha aggarwal.
Sir, I have received call from Mr. Rajeev from ICICI Lombard, Hyderabad from this number [protected] at 11:43 am dated 12/1208. This guy told me that his company offering some health insurance policy. I replied that I am not interested in any health policy. He again told me that “Sir after read the document, please decide to take it “. I agreed and ask the procedure. He said that “one verification call will come after some time from ICICI LOMBARD verification department. You just agree to all condition and will reply only positively.” He disconnect the call.
At 4:40 pm dated 12/1208 I received call from ICICI Lombard Verification Department from number [protected]. He has started the process to verify all things like
“Sir Do you want to take our health policy. My Answer: -yes”
“Sir this is final verification call and the amount is debited at once after this verification call. My Answer: - No don’t debit it until I confirmed. Your agent told me that when I received the document then I can decide to avail and reject this policy”.
“Sir ok I think you have some doubt, we will call you after some time. My Answer: - ok”
He disconnected the call after above conversation.

At 5:14 pm dated 12/1208 I received call again from Mr. Rajeev from number [protected]. He told me that sir it is simply formality verification call. When my verify call will complete. He will call me again. I was agreed.

At around 5:20 pm dated 12/1208 I received call from [protected]. I completed call verification.

At 5:41 pm dated 12/1208 I received call from Mr. Rajeev from number [protected]. He told me, “Sir I got confirmation about your verification call, and money will not debit to your credit card until you do not confirmed that you want to get this policy.”

I got sms on 15/12/08 at 8:01 a.m. from ICICI Lombard for confirmation for issued health policy. I was shocked and see my credit card statement online. I found that my credit limit is decreased and Rs.5890 is debited to me.

When I am trying to call Mr. Rajeev on [protected], I got pre dubbing message that “ this number is does not exist”.

Now I got understand that I was cheated by someone. I am confirmed that he is the employee of ICICI Lombard insurance. Otherwise who is interested and get benefit from this type of fraud.

I called to ICICI Lombard customers care number. He told me that if I cancel this policy, Rs.890 will deduct as penalty. When I informed all the matter, he told me that it does not matter, and he has dubbed voice verification call. According to that I have to pay the amount which is applicable for cancellation the policy.

I told to cancel the policy. Now I don’t understand what should I do? I don’t have any voice recording of conversation between Mr. Rajeev and me, but ICICI Lombard Company has proof as voice recording for verification in which I agree for all terms and condition.

It is an act of fraud by "ICICI LOMBARD INSURANCE". First they offer credit card, then act as third party and levy charges on innocent public.
I am confirmed that he is the employee of ICICI Lombard insurance. Nobody is interested and get benefit from this type of fraud rather than ICICI Lombard Insurance.

Please do the needful & reply at [protected]
Aditya Garg


THIS IS NIKHIL SHINDE A CUSTOMER OF ICICI SINCE 5 YEARS. I HAVE HOUSING, CAR, PERSONAL LOANS TAKEN FROM UR BANK. I sujested my friends to take up loans from ICICI so that it is a good reputed trustworthy bank. but yesterday (24.11.08) i received a call from ([protected]) ICICI LOMBARD GENERAL INSURANCE (MALAD) regarding some policy. i was busy wit some work so i just said dont call me again. but the guy who was on other side started using abusive words on me. i just hanged off but the guy has started callin me since then n uses abusive words again. i am goin to lodge a police complaint regarding this and hence forth i am transferring all my loans to other banks and would not sujjest any1 from now ABUT UR BANK.

Health Insurance Policy — Need to discontinue my Health Policy

Dear Sir,

I have purchase the health policy for my family. I had requested many time to executive but i am not getting the responce from customer care.

I need to discontinue this policy.Request you please help me to discontinue this.

Policy Number :-4034/FPP/03508762/00/000.
Card Number :: 03663291/03

Awating positve response from your side.

Thanks & Regards

Rajendra Zambre

ICICI Credit cards — Refunding of amount blocked towards ICICI Lombards policy


I have ICICI Credit card ([protected]). From this card they blocked an amount of 24261/- for ICICI Lombard insurance policy in Aug 2008. I did a complain on this fraud then they returned a partial amount (13344/-). Please help me get the remaining amount as well as the amount which i paid as premium and interest of that premium.

Rajesh Kumar Pandey
I'm unable to understand which company are you talking about? I guess here you can only make complaints and make people aware of the service. You're not going to get service here. You've to talk to your respective company representative in order solve your queries.

I blog @
Many people are facing the problem with ICICI Bank and the complaints about the bank is common. I totally agree that people are really getting cheated by the agents. Please do the needful. For ICICI bank amount premium that policy holder pay will not be a matter but for common man even a rupee matters a lot. Kindly do the needful to stop such frauds. To start a policy they make it easy, but to cancel a policy its customer's wish to continue it or not. The cacellation process should be made easy and refund should be done quickly.

Thanks in advance.
I am Rakesh from Gujarat .I read your complain in consumer .I also have been cheated by ICICI Lombard Health Policy they have been given me Policy by Phone only .I did not sign any documents .How can they start policy ? Can I claim against Co.? What you did ? And then what happen ? My Mob No is [protected].call me please .
I saw many are cheated by ICICI Lombard health co I am going to mail all of them . If we all together fight with co. bank will be finished .All Indian should know how ICICI bank is cheater !

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance — cancelling

i am not interstig in this lombard

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