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[Resolved]  ICICI Prudential — Lifetime Super Pension sold WRONGLY

I am an NRI, a student actually. I was trying to find a good investment p[lan for some money I had saved up from my stipends, I wanted part to be in FDs and part to be in mutual funds. ICICI lied to me that the only option I had was the Lifetime super pension policy and that I could not directly hold in mutual funds otherwise. This is ofcourse, but I was completely new to the indian market then and I just took their word as I was on a one week trip to India. further, they did not inform me of the lock in period and the fact that the surrender value of these funds at the end of first or even second/third year is so low (0 percent, 25 percent and 40 percent!). this was sold to me as a short term policy, and all my savings put into it. whereas, the policy is actually a minimum 5 year (for full surrender) policy. Moreover, their entry loads are so unreasonably high! you can get a good index fund for 1 percent and these guys do just about as well if not worse, and charge you 14 percent, 9 percent and then 1 percent every subsequent year!

Lastly, I had asked for the balancer scheme, a scheme in which my money would mostly be under debt and partly in equities, but the agent who filled out my form wrote in maximiser, which was 80 percent equity exposure and not the risk I was willing to take (and I took the recent beating from the crash too without any idea that I was!). I had not suspected someone would do this, as I did not know in India, we still have this crappy system of brokers and agents selling us plans, and getting a larger commission and cut from selling as high equity exposure plans. I am not sure if there is anyway to complain and get my money out of this fradulent scheme, I have been contacting ICICI customer service in vain for the past three months. I keep having to hold endlessly (over half an hour, which is very hard on an ISD call) and each time I am transferred to someone new who pretends not to understand my problem.

If anyone has any pointers on what to do, that would be great!
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Aug 14, 2020
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Lifetime super pension plan — No any Bond Received

Dear Sir,
I have taken a policy from your company which policy No. 07954472 approximetley 3 or 4 months ago. but I have not received any bond yet. i want to withdraw my money back.
for this what is the procedure to withdraw the policy.
Kindly process the same urgently.

Thanking You

Deepak Kumar Srivastava
GTL Limited
Asha Bhawan 2nd floor
27/2nd A, gokhley Marg

ICICI Prudential — wrong expectations and cheated by the company

purchased 2 policy from your Chennai Branch Office 1 for Investment and 1 for Health Insurance Plan I paid Rs 2900 for the same. I paid the amount on 1st oct 2008. Mr Jayakant from Chennai Branch was the person who took the amount and till date I havent recieved any confirmation from your side any reciept any policy or anything regarding the same. This is the height of irresponsibility from a company like you which claims to be best Insurance Policy in India. Well this is the worst customer service you have ever seen.

I paid the amount on 1st OCt and today is 12th Oct. It is more than 10 days and still i havent receieved the reciept of the amount being paid. Morever your officer half of the time does not pick up the phone and if phone is available he does not answer the phone even if he answers the phone he says he is in a meeting. For the past 10 days he is saying i will come to my house to give the reciept. He has give 3 cell no but none of them works. This is the end of my patience and physical and mental frustation

Now i dont want the policy from Icici prudential. Now i just the amount that i paid to icici prudential back.

I came across your post when I was searching for some solutions to get out the ICICI pru life time super. I was sold this from the investment advicor at ICICI bank, by projecting this as a short term investment mutual fund. Later my money was allotted into insurance also and now I am ending up paying up premium for a fund that is doing so bad.

Stay away from ICICI bank... and its investment recommendations

lifetime super — not coming advisor for e-pin

from last two three months i gave again and again details for e-pin registration but time of registration message will come that advisor will come within two working days but till today i am not geting any response.before one month i go to icici prulife insurance office (near basera hotel)but he gave me one customer care no.there is no option for e-pin. so please help me.

Thanks .
I am an NRI I went to India for a short trip, he came to me and this fund is yeilding 40% results of course I didn't trusted, I asked what if my fund is performing low then he said we will invest them back to Govt Bonds or FDs with ICICI, but [censored] didn't do any thing I lost 1, 10, 000 Rs in one year, now I want to get out from that [censored] BAS***** is saying if you go out you will loose every thing put your money for 5-10 years then we will give all the returns.

God kill bank bring all those BAST**** on to roads and let people rip of their flesh
Have any of you (who have written comments to my original post) checked with the Investor's grievance forum on what can be done? I plan to be in India for a while and might pursue this course of action. According to the SEBI rules, mis-representation and wrong advertising of the fund (for. eg., it was sold to us as a short term investment plan) is grounds for action against the firm. It may be tricky as to how to prove it in court, but if there are enough o[censored]s with complaints, we can still file a petition and atleast take it as far as possible. Consumer court procedures are getting quicker and simpler and although it will take investment of time and effort on our parts, it may well be worth it or in any case, it is atleast our duty to bring it to the notice of the IGFs so they may advise future investors appropriately.

Lifelong ,One Two One — Wrongly Charged

Dear Customer Care,

Deducted money for my Account as a caller tunes without selecting the any option & caller tune from my side. So please Solve my problem as soon as possible & directly add my exting balance in my account.
My Fund Value also decreased by the Company, I have paid my premium after sacrificing all my expenditure.

I have to put a case in the Consumer Court very soon, I had never left such a company.

MR. NRI just chill.. coolllllllllll
you have taken a very beautiful plan which gives you all in one how??
tax rebate under section 80 c, Retirement soloution, Insurance and tax free returns what you want ma"n??
Definately nothing is free in this world if a company giving you specialised services of CFA/FUND MANAGERs/underwritrs than definately they would charge for it..
if you will compare this product with othercompanies product you will get to know how cheaper is this plan for you.
it is a ULIP plan which is always better than MUTUAL FUND Investments...ok...
now just listen carefully...

it is a regular investment and long term wealth or capital appreciation plan.
keep investing every year in the same product or fund. it would definately come up with a large sum becoz it will give you power of compounding effect and average ruppee cost and most important retirement solution as well.

AND always read broushers before investing samjhe...

icici pru investment plan — hopeless service

i am Karanbir singh, my mother is a senior citizen & NRI, sales girl in the icici bank branch (DELHI, MODEL TOWN)sold two investment plans to her.That time the market was good they suggested her to invest the the problems she is facing follows.

KARANBIR SINGH-[protected], [protected].
i Fully agree with the grivances of Ms. Meghala Mani. I am also a victim of this bloody life time super pension plan. i am 61. so awarded no insurance or benefit yet a hefty allocation charges of 17% have been deducted straight from the premium and bal. invested in an ever sinking fund with my money's value eroded to just 40% now. They are further demanding for the next premium. I am shaky to put further money in such negligent, apathetic and inefficient hands for it'd further erod. However, non payment of further premium shall put the existing fund value to total loss. This appear to be just a systemetic procedure adopted by this crooked company to dupe and rob the hard earned money of their investors through their professional managers and advisors who have no concern with the safety of the investors money but look to their fat salaries and hefty commissions earned through the robbed investors' money. This company should be blacklisted and its personneld be jailed for committing such crimes of systemetic duping their customers.
Dear Sir,

Please send me the statement for my 2 policies
[protected] and[protected].

Thanking you

Pradeep Singh
Please send me the statement for my 1 policies
1. 04855280
My mother is a pensioner and she wanted to invest some money. An ICICI agent got hold of her and asked her to invest 1Lac in a market scheme that would yield good returns. My unsuspecting mother put in her money, and this B**** set her up with a Lifetime super pension plan.

Now ICICI is demanding yearly premium payments of 1 Lakh. My mother did not know this was coming. We have complained to ICICI, but the customer service is filled with with power to do nothing.
i never receive premium receipt from 2007 to till date. in every month i receive massage on mobile but never got receipt towards life time super pension policy no. 05287242.

please do something.

B - 453, GALI NO. 06
DELHI - 94
MOB.NO. [protected].
this is a stupid policy that no one should opt for as they said that investing 2000 a month for abt 3 yrs will give an amount of just double i.e paying 72, 000, 1, 50, 000 can be obtained for sure

but the stupid agent from icici never said that after the completion of 3yrs we get 98%, then 4th year 99% and 5th year 100% only when the fund value is 110% more than any of the year's premium paid

ICICI mutual funds policies will give all the false statements for getting the customers and hidden conditions will not be shown to the customers

They want to sell the policy in a way that they earn out of it for the cost of a customer his life, his savings and his earnings

ICICI badly plays with the customers ruining their money and want to earn out of it

Anyone please tell me how can, one investing in a pension policy doubles the amount from 100 to 200%

I sincerely believe ICICI always searches for some foolish money earning buggers and earn our of them simply showing the night mares.
Think if one invests in Any of the postoffice/sbi/ppf policies does one complains anything to such an extent that coz of the policy he got ruined and there is no value for the money after the completion of the policy Tenure??????????????????????????

One with over expectation and to full fill his dreams that he sees at night and vanishes with the daylight will become a fool and an educated BRUTE to invest in these kind of policies

Being educated why one dont show interest in LIC/POSTOFFICE/PPF/SBI and many more govt projects

we started thinking that we became americans that we transformed into AMERICANS and start investing in stupid policies and then start complaining against them

ITS ONLY WE RESPONSIBLE TO ENTERTAIN THESE GUYS who wants to earn out o[censored]s

Please behave that we are normal like others.We cannot transform to WESTERNERS though we work like dogs for them
SOFTWARE PEOPLE dont use logic to grow early.Think like HUMANS, understand others and think that we are INDIANS and we live in INDIA.
I am an NRI I went to India for a short trip before 2 years, when I went to one of the famous bank to put some money on Fixed deposit, he told instead of putting in FD put it in Life Time Soooper! which will give minimum 30 to 40 % returns. Now 3 years I paid premium one lac each year, totoal paid 3 lakh, now my fund value is 255000, rest 45000 is in loss. When i contaced ICICI office they told I need to pay minium 3 installments otherwise I will not get anything back ! thats why i paid. when i am complaining this to my agent he is telling Please wait... Please wait... Please wait...
I dont know what to do now!. Before the investment they will not tell you about their charges etc...only they will tell 30 to 40 % [protected]@#$!. Ofcourse this type of companies should be black listed, so others will not fall in this type of foolish investment plans.

lifetime super — ACCOUNT NOT READ SINCE JULY 2007


I am completely agree with these people, I am also victim of same policy.Never take ICICI policy, they are simply cheating us.

lifetime super — surrender amount not given

my name is santosh kumar pradhan. i am from brajrajnagar.dist-jharsuguda.i have surrendered my policy no[protected] on date-24/12/2009 and i have not got my surrendred amount till today.

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