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[Resolved]  IDdesigns - Mohamed Yunus is a FRAUD — Fraud - Iddesigns - Mohamed Yunus is a FRAUD

Iddesigns - Mohamed Yunus is a FRAUD

Iddesigns is an India Based company. It is Owned by Mohamed Yunus. Its located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This person is a BIG FRAUD. He deals with Mobile Phones and Computers. I m one of the victim. People, please do not trust him.

There are many people who lost their lacks of money and this fraud is freely roaming in the city.

His contact number is +91 [protected]
E-Mail: [protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
Jan 21, 2015
iddesignpl's response
i have mailed this customer numerous time but there is no response from this guy. so obiviously someone has just put this complaint for spoiling our reputation. Please delete this complaint immediately. We had given same complaint at too for which they removed the post. Hope your team also does this. Because without any proofs you put such blogs without verifiying facts it deos hurt the company name Thanking You
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iddesigns — Iddesigns

hey this person is just spoiling our companys name iddesigns by posting an wrong ad stating we are fraud..if he was real and genuine why has he not given his age as well country based.. and no email id to correspond..

this person is big liar if he is genuine and truthful.. then he will let us know how much we owe and when did he pay us.. if in our records we have taken payment from him and not supplied him anything then we will immediately pay him and if we dont owe him anything then we will surely see to that he takes this ad off as well we will file a case against him on moral grounds.. please ignore this message.. anybody can visit us and buy goods.we do only cash and carry we dont take prior money and if we take we do provide the goods or if not able to provide we refund immediately..


mr. mohamed. what moral grounds you are talking about, even you have taken my money and have not deposited till today in my account, this year is going to end up. and now when you have closed your mobile, give me your new number.
and respond to my mails. give me money and clear this matter.
Now tell me you have taken my money that you have taken money from others too...
Would you mind elaborating?

IDDesings Banglore — Muhammad Yunus Fraud Never Sent item and Take advance

Street Address: 430, 1st floor, 28th A cross, 10th Main, geeta colony, jayanagar 4th block
City: Bangalore
Province/State: Karnataka
Country/Region: India
Zip: 560011
Telephone: [protected]
Mobile Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

The Above mentioned Company is 100% Frude and he never send any goods to you. and always take advacne payment. so please too far from this company.

i have made ne order to this company and give him Advance Rs. 300000.00 but he didnt send any item and now also dont give me my money back. i have filed case against Mohamad yunus of this Comapny Proprietor...
This is Geniune Company and i will get my money trust him every one...thankss
This company is a fraud, i ordered around 10 apple iphones to him in july 2008 and i never got the goods and the money. every time he was giving me new dates and now he has changed his address. He barred my calls and I have around 6 cheques ehich have been bounced.
The IDdesigns Company on India is a scamming company.

The story is : I was talking with Iddesigns’ sales representative in Latvia for 200 pcs iPhone buying order on the beginning of Dec, 2009, whose name is Torres Jenifer . And we have PO & PI agreements before my LC issued. My company open LC on 8th, Dec, 2009 and set up the inspection date on 17th, Dec, 2009. Before the inspection time, we made an amendment under IDdesigns’ owner’s (Mohamed Yunus) request. And after that no responses and no any explanations for the shipment until 25th, Dec 2009. Then, Ms. Torres Jenifer told me that the performance failed was just because of Mr. Yunus had an accident on 16th. She told me he was in hospital, and request for another LC amendment to extend the expiration date to 17th of Jan, 2009. We tried to trust them one more time and made the second amendment again. Mr. Yunus always promised me that the shipment will be on time before the amended expiration date but never submitted the inspection details until the LC was expired. Then he told me the shipment was on the way to my destination and request me to do the third amendment . I refused it and told him that I’ll pay cash whenever the goods is arrived. Mr. Yunus then promised me that I 100% can make the inspection the goods on 21th or 22th of January. But he was disappeared and never replied my e-mail or phone call again without any notices or reasons.

I tried to e-mail him and ask him to send the LC back and wire the LC application fees (USD440.0) to me as a smallest penalty for their joking business many times. They finally responded me that they will do it. But they were using many excuses to make lies over and over again until now. They never say sorry for the failed performance and take the results for granted. They seem like no responsibility for the failed performance at all.

I post this here, because I am not only compensated about USD 7, 000.00 to my client, but also I lost all my business reputation with the 10-years buyer due to their cheating and lying again and again. I hope there is no one will be getting hurt from them from now on..

I have no idea how and why they were doing this. The only two reasons I can guess are: 1. they might just try to use your LC to get money from the banks with some
tricks – if your LC conditions have some “gaps” or not clear enough
2. they didn't have any goods on stock at all. But they try to get your LC first,
and then start to find the goods for lucky . If they can’t, they just ran away.
Anyway, I’ll leave you guys to think about another possibility and to judge whether they are in scamming or joking. In any case, are you dare to do business with this kind of company by T/T, credit card or paypal ?

Take care everybody !. Be very careful of your money and your business reputation. .

The company information is as below:
ID Designs
430, 1st floor, 10th Main, 28th A Cross, Geeta Colony,
Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore-560011,
Karnataka, India
Owner : Mohanmed Yunus (e-mail: [protected]
Latvia Sales: Torres Jenifer (e-mail : [protected] )
Msn : [protected]
Skype : id.designs
Their website -

If anyone needs to know the exact details, please feel free to contact me. I will show you all the e-mail communications and documents between I & this scamming company and persons. I am very welcome those scammers hire lawyer to sue me.

Alex Yeh
Hai-Jet International Ltd. Taiwan
Summit-Tek Co., Ltd. Taiwan
e-mail : [protected]
Please read about this looser, he is out to steal everyones money. Do not trust this guy, the went as far as using a friends company to process my credit card for payment of his equipment, only problem the did not count on was that American Express protects their customers from degenerate like himself so in the end he screwed his own friends company. I have to laugh at this , but also must warn all people to be cautios of this guy (Mohamed Yunus) who is a FRAUD. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR PRODUCTS, he is a liar, please protect yourself from this .
Thank you, Edgar Diaz
Hey This idoit who says this is wrong.we charged his card and we knew the sme if we fail so to supply he can charge back get his money back.Thats the reason we use such systems.Second my friend agreed to charge his card bcos am trustworthy.and it was chargeback he got his money back same time.wher is it cheat or fraud
Simray Solutions, under Mohammed Yunus leadership (if you can call it that) is straight forward THIEF'S and corruption is part of their daily routine. We paid money over on in April this year (about $20, 000.00) for stock purchased . In the beginning Yunus was on the line 20 times a day, but once the money cleared on his side, he just disappeared... he still stayed in contact once a week or so, sending through fraudulent paperwork for refunds etc, and after he was caught out, came with all kind of stories, every time swearing on his families life and on Allah's life that he will pay back the money on a certain day, and then nothing. This guy and all his employees and family who is part of this whole issue will be caught and they will get every thing they deserve.
We have the Indian High Commission and various debt collectors involved and it is a matter of time before justice is served.
I also lost 2, 40, 000 for laptops deal with him 2 years back. I dont have his contact yet. If any one find his contact kindly share me. My email is srikanth.[protected]

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