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[Resolved]  IIHT Andheri — IIHT Andheri Cloud

Hi , I have done the cloud course form IIHT andheri center and also don’t OJT at Bangalore. I am a working professional and had taken the week end batch. Some experiences I had to share to students across Mumbai .

Just one thing good about IIHT andheri center is Dev sir. He is really committed to quality training and is a genius . I am sure that IIHT andheri is working just because of him. The day he leaves this office , this office will shut down.

Rest all at IIHT andheri is pathetic. after reading the reviews on the net , let me tell you all , every review is true. To begin with we were the first batch , so to get in people they promised us laptops. The they realized that form 1 lac fees , giving a 8gb RAM laptop was not possible. So they changes their word and later said they will refund 15,000/ back. Then came the other promise of jobs. Jenifer lakhani , the center manager committed us 100% job guarantee and that to with a salary of 35,000/ plus and that too in data center. Then she promised us OJT at the data center at Bangalore.

Each of the promises was utter fake . the job never happened. The OJT was not at all to the satisfaction of the students , rather it was time pass , we instead lost money for 15 days at Bangalore as we spend for the OJT. Since we were working we dint feel the pain for the same as we are all working in the industry.

But for fresher’s who had joined the course for all the promises made by jenifer , it was really painful. I got a chance to speak to some of them and they were really in tears. Just for admission jenifer had promised them the above promises and the poor students had paid one lac each. Today the course is over and there is no sign of placements they say. They have started searching jobs on their own as they have pressure from home. Jenifer and the placement manager send them for one campus at iiht , but the job was for desktop and salary was 6800/. I happened to be there during the campus and saw the placement guy come form Bangalore. This person was just smiling and said its difficult to keep such commitments and said if there were such high paid jobs then he would not have been here. So pathetic is this place. The students are so frustrated that they are now ready to even do desktop jobs as they have already lost one year doing the course and spend one lac. If we working students feel frustrated and cheated , I can imagine what this fresher’s must be going through.

Yes one good thing is just Dev sir , whom we all respect. He is the only person I feel who knows what training is. Rest not a single person in IIHT andheri is worth. Not a single trainer there is worth. We have heard of some things which I feel I cant disclose about some trainer, which is really pathetic .

All they do is just talk of the OJT , then the job. The student feel its true and they pay one lac. Such a easy way of making money. They have cheated so many students till now and are cheating more. I feel more students should come and write and speak to colleges and friends that such institute who cheat people promising of jobs and then later don’t keep promises must not operate in Mumbai. Poor parents and students get cheated of huge money.

One advice to fresher’s , start your career just by doing CCNA and MCITP. That is all and you will spent just 14k , once you get experience then upgrade your self . please avoid IIHT andheri. They just make promises which they themselves don’t know and then make easy money form students who are looking for jobs. Beware fresher’s. AVOID IIHT ANDHERI
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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IIHT andheri staff and the Institute owner jenifer still keeps on cheating students and keep on taking extra money from students in different ways taking advantage of the students pressure form their homes for jobs.

I thought after mail send to Mr. srinivas form IIHT there would be some changes, but its getting worse day by day. I am sure IIHT andheri is not in training but is running a money racket to make money in the quick and cheap way. Being a professor I have seen many tution classes and also seen institutes but this is the first time I am coming across such a place which is just wanting to make money.

First students were promised a job in cloud and that to of salary above 30, 000/- . the only condition was they had to pay fees of one lac in four installments and the course had to be completed. The course was completed in November as told to me by my friends son and yet there was no placements. One campus took place but it was fo a job of 6000/-. My friends son said that the students have started searching jobs on their own and some have got jobs on their own. None of the students have got cloud related jobs.

The worst part is there is no assistance or help form the staff at iiht andheri and the center owner jenifer. All her promises she has made are forgotten. Instead of helping they have started an other way of making money. My friends son told that there is a trainer who speaks to students and tells them that he can give them jobs . he says to get the job he has to pay the HR department some money, the cost is 10, 000/-. There have been some 3 to 4 students who have paid 10, 000/- to this trainer and then the trainer gives them some Rs 5000 to Rs.6000 job in some company.

I just cant understand, if the student is from IIHT andheri, and he has paid the course fees, then why cant the Institute look for his placement as promised. What is the placement executive doing, is it not the center owner jenifers and the placement executives responsibity to search for a job for the student. Why has the student to pay extra 10, 000/- for getting a job. I am sure that this is a money racket again done by the center owner. The trainer is working for the owner and without owners permission the trainer will never ask for money from a student. This is an other easy way of making money for the owner jenifer form the poor jobless students.

Instead of giving the promised job, they ask for more money for placements and that to for a job of 5000 to 6000. Is this not a money racket. The worst part as told to me by my friends son is the placement executive calls students who have got jobs on their own and starts crying on the phone . she tells them to send a mail stating that they got jobs because of her, she says that this will help her be in job or she will be asked to leave the job. How foolish and cheap is all this. instead of helping students and giving them jobs, this executive is asking students who have worked so hard to place themselves on their own, to send mails on her mail ID to save her job.

I feel this is all a racket, each of the staff member with jenifer is in a plan to get more money from a student. How is not important. Money is important. Poor students after paying a lac rupees have so much pressure that they are ready to pay another 10, 000/- just to get a job and keep their parents happy as they have lost nine months and also one lac.

I will request all the people and studenst reading this, please don’t go this place where education is treated like dirt and money is just the objective. Please avoid this cheating place as this people have just intention of cheating students and making money in any way possible or they would never come to such a cheap level. We have collected all the evidence possible and are in process to gather more. We will soon place a complaint in consumer court for all the fraud and cheating that’s happening in this so called IIHT andheri.

Mr. Srinivas so boldly you write that in case any one or a student has a problem, write to me. I am sure even you are in this racket or you would have taken the action long time back. Any way slow but for sure we will as a group soon lodge a official complaint. Please don’t forget the students don’t talk on your face but are in touch with each other and one day all will get united and then you will have no place to go.

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