[Resolved]  India Infoline Limited — Unprofessional Services

Dear Zurica,

I hope that you are aware of the past so many concerns I have raised. Is it professional on your part to simply communicate me about the status of the Reliance Power and simply IGNORE the other issues. How on this earth could you still copy paste the line "Assuring you of the best of our services at all times. Please get back to us for any clarifications?"

I won't accept any more of this and for the last time requesting you to fix-up an appointment for me to discuss over all of this with your MD failing which I'm open to resort to take an appropriate legal action which does include cheating on your behalf to not offer the full range of services as offered (if only you could bother to read all my mails earlier). I've got all the necessary proofs with me and please be warned that by simply ignoring you are deteriorating the relationship and the trust I had put in you.

Till now, I've lost ample time and money (I mean the opportunity cost of not having an alternate alliance with another broker and not being able to utilise trading in the market using your shabby services). I do hope that you are learned enough to understand what I mean here. I do look forward to hear from your MD today itself.


On Feb 11, 2008 7:41 PM, [protected] <[protected]> wrote:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With reference to your mail, kindly note that your account RITESH10 has been credited with 16 shares of Reliance Power.

Assuring you of the best of our services at all times. Please get back to us for any clarifications.

Warm Regards,

Zurica Miranda

Request you yet again to fix up an appointment for me with your MD, a telephonic call will do. I am frustrated with my experience so far and would certainly seek to know his feedback as regards India Infoline's professionalism (or the complete lack of it). You have been simply ignoring all concerns raised by me so far and it's not helping the cause.
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On Feb 11, 2008 12:49 PM, Riddhi <riddhi.[protected]> wrote:

I will courier the CDSL statement which shows the Rpower allotted shares

From: Ritesh Garg [mailto:ritesh.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 12:36 PM

To: Riddhi
Cc: [protected]
Subject: Re: Re: Urgent: Please reply this time

Plz see the attachment. I hope I'm not wrong in my interpretation.

btw, isn't it very convenient for you to not even address the earlier mails with genuine points raised at the top of my voice/irritation?....Am wondering!

Plz note that I need to speak to your MD right now. Ignore this mail to your own peril.
On Feb 11, 2008 12:28 PM, Riddhi <riddhi.[protected]> wrote:
16 shares has been allotted in your account……..n its showing in ur DP account….u can call on 40071000 n confirm the same.

From: Ritesh Garg [mailto:ritesh.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 12:16 PM
To: Riddhi
Cc: [protected]
Subject: Re: Re: Urgent: Please reply this time

One more feather in your cap!!

I do not see my Reliance Power share holding in my a/c now.

Do you guys do anything professionally AT ALL??? Will you bother to reply???

I might seem like a crying baby but am frustrated to the core and am trying to find a suitable contact in Media/judiaicry to expose this now. You might resort to not even acknowledge but please be assured that I'll keep you posted of my actions from now on.

All the very best.

On Feb 8, 2008 3:22 PM, Ritesh Garg <ritesh.[protected]> wrote:
Is anyone at India Infoline concerned about sending at least an acknowledgement to this mail or is it simply worth going to the trash? Either way, reply to me before the EoD today or I feel free to resort to any action I deem I should take.

On Feb 6, 2008 6:21 PM, Ritesh Garg <ritesh.[protected]> wrote:
HI Riddhi,

Thanks very much for doing some research for me in terms of identifying the way your website works. I'm surprised to observe that India Infoline doesn't provide its own staff basic minimum training so as to enable them in resolving genuine customer concerns/issues. To add to that I'm not even able to see my account information including the change of password shows how poorly constructed this website is. I can understand your embarassment and at the same time I'm once again forced to rethink whether my decision to start a relationship with India Infoline had any merits as I've lost considerable time while dealing with some of the very BASIC issues.

It would be professional on part of your senior management to address these concerns. I'm sure that given its lack of empathy, this lkind of business model wouldn't have lasted a single day in the western market and there would certainly have been numerous legal cases to sue such a company for its unprofessional attitude would have been lying.

It goes without saying that I had put my faith in your widely known and respected (?) organisation's capabilities in delivering me the best services. I'm splitting my hairs apart on not even being in a position to use it even after 3 months!!! I can see tall claims being made in the newspapers by your organisation but it must be a shameful scenario for your management (not you) and if they have any profesional respect, they must address it NOW without fail. I pity all other customers who have had to go thru this harrowing experience with India Infoline's services.

On Feb 4, 2008 6:04 PM, Ritesh Garg <ritesh.[protected]> wrote:
I just hope that you understand simple English, I'm sure I was lucid in explaining you my problem. !!!

On Feb 4, 2008 6:03 PM, [protected] <[protected]> wrote:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With regards to your mail, please note that the passwords that are sent via SMS would now expire, within 72 hours before which the same has to be changed by you through your terminal and thereafter the same would expire after 15 days.

Kindly note that if you forget the password or it expires, you could intimate us the same and a fresh product password for your account would be sent to you by us via SMS on your mobile number.

Please note that you would require TPIN (Telephonic Inentification number ) to place order through tradeline on[protected].

Assuring you of the best of our services at all times. Please get back to us for any clarifications.

Warm Regards,


CASE :- 109559

Hi Riddhi,

Just now I have received two messages from 5 HYPERLINK "" The first one told me Product "IT" Password & PIN while the second told me the Password for the product "TPIN". I`m confused as to what does the second password mean & what is TPIN!

Anyway, I tried to login using the "IT" password & PIN. After successful login, I got a message that my password will expire in 3 days but surprisingly I do not have a change password link anywhere on the website. I do have a change password link for the normal login ID and password that you had sent to me earlier.

The whole above explanation should be able to indicate you that I`m utterly confused as to what to use for what 7 when!!!

It would be helpful if you could spend some time in explaining about all of them.



On Feb 4, 2008 1:07 PM, Ritesh Garg <HYPERLINK "mailto:ritesh.[protected]" nritesh.[protected]> wrote:


Haven`t heard from you on this! I`m unable to use my a/c and also the status of my IPO application for RPL (the only transaction I could manage to do) is not updated. It seems that Riddhi is not
On Feb 1, 2008 1:59 PM, Ritesh Garg <HYPERLINK "mailto:ritesh.[protected]" nritesh.[protected]> wrote:

I`m not able to use TTAdvance on my m/c owing to certain security firewalls (as told to me). How can I trade on your website? PLz guide me.

On Feb 1, 2008 1:50 PM, <HYPERLINK "mailto:[protected]" [protected]> wrote:

Dear India Infoline Customer,

As part of our ongoing endeavor to serve our customers, we are pleased to present you with the features available in TTADV- our advanced trading software.

Important features which are present in TTAdvance and that will help in market hours for analysis are:

1. Net position-This option will help to square off the position, if any during market hours.

2. P & L Summary-This option will show the Profit and Loss statement for the selected period.

3. Ledger-This option will help in viewing the ledger balance for the selected period without entering any password.

4. Zero Terminal-This option will help in market hours to confirm the trade execution.

All the above features are available under the ` Report Menu` or on clicking ` F3 button`.

5. Historical charts- This can be accessed by using Ctrl H. This option will help in viewing historical data and charts.

6. Reconnect-This facility is only provided in TTADV. Incase you are disconnected from the server there is no need to logout.This option is available under `File Menu`.

In case you need any clarification, please do contact us at HYPERLINK "mailto:[protected]" [protected] .

Warm regards

Manjiri Apte

Head - Customer Service
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Aug 13, 2020
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IndiaInfoLine — No proper response,very unprofessional

Even i have applied my dmat account in may 2nd week 2008, they informed me that the account wil be opened by max in 4days, u wil receive a kit, wher there wil be login id, but till today(jun 16), i didn't receive any kit, and also they deducted 2555 from my account, New guis, think a while before opening an account in indiainfoline.
The login given to me :rajangam
I don't know whom to give this information in indiainfoline, neither they didn't give me any phone numbers or anytin, only the correspondent number is with me(Ramesh:[protected]), this is number of that person, before account opening he called twice or thrice in a day, now he is not lifting the call, management is not good, the kind of inconvenince caused of this situation is unbarely, my money was deducted i can't do anytin.

if any person who can do something regards to this, kindly help me, whom to i need to complain?
my trade terminal password is expired am not able to relogin with my password .when i cald to my agent he told me it wont expire generally .please why my pass word is expired, and how can get my password again plsease give the solution as soon as possible
Issue is that there is no loyalty or sense of belonging in the minds of employees of any company nowadays. No one does a job with dedication. This is because of the companies top management people who are shrewed and cunning. they set the path to the lower level employees to follow. My observation is that everything is very artificial these days. So your concerns will not be addressed with any sincerety or sense of service. If something has to happen you should either use the carrot or the stick.
HELLO I[censored] WANT TO OPEN DEMAT A/C IN INDIA INFOLINE CALL ON [protected] OR [protected]
Dear sir,
I have been in indiainfoline for the past 8 months and some how i had lost all the contacts with them, I need to contact them and i waana continue my trading again.
User Name is VINUBINT., I forgot for which branch i had an acount.Moreover it would be much better u made the authority of indiainfoline to call me. My Mobile number is [protected]
[protected] change [protected]
i am open india infoline my account number:[protected] please reduce my intraday
charges are very high please reducing my charges otherwise close my account . And how to download to the my system connect to indiainfoline .
please call my mobile no :91-[protected]

thank you
I kept pay out of Rs 20, 000 (on[protected]:50pm my token no is 948406) i have not selected the print location properly . i request u please send it to vizag thankyou. please mail reg my money.
Dear Sir,
Few months back one guy called Nirmal has taken a franchise of India Infoline at Balasore(Odisha).He has opened a demat & trading acount of mine.
But from that day onwards i m able to track my account.
My account id is --- MAIKAP81.
Now from 15days onwards that guy Nirmal is also absconding.Where as from last 7 days i m getting a debit balance message in my mobile no.
Now what to do, please clarify.
How can i get my money back . Shall i include media people, to trace the whereabouts of my money.I had invested 20, 000/-
Yours early response will be highly appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Lalatendu Maikap.
My Email ID is [protected]

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