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[Resolved]  Indian CITIzens — Responsibilities of Indian Citizens

Let me start with the remarks of former president and supreme commander of military forces of India, also a wirter & professor, “If an country is to be corruption free and be a nation of beautiful minds, then I strongly believe that there are three socital keys in our society who can make a difference, they are the Mother, the Father & the Teacher”.
Let us appeal to the three socital keys, the mother, father and the teacher to perform their respective duties properly and not to divert themselves from their duties to cheap attractive desires.
Mother and father should keep watch on their kids not to indulge themselves in cheap reality show for a temporary victory which may damage their future. There are so many such small things which should be avoided by the parents for the sake of their children. Here I can not write all in detials in such short column. However, anyone can write to me for the same at email ID-exindian.[protected]
Teachers should concentrate their minds in building up the education of their students to a great extent, so that this students will change the present scenario of our nation in future, because the students are the future of our nation.
Joblessness of our young generations is like cancer disease which is slowly destroying them. 20 to 30% educated youths are getting job. Rests are hopeless, depressed & frustrated due to joblessness. But Government is unable to provide them job. These so called jobless people ultimately opt the illegal way to earn money and become criminals. Those who can’t, commit suicide.
In our country there are so many organisations who easily gather these distressed people in their traps to fill their pockets from them. Such organisations are mainly from spiritual fields and shortcut money making companies (Multi Level Marketings). These spiritual leaders gather money from the distressed people in the name of God by arranging seminars meetings amongst the mass. The hindu spiritual caretakers can easily pursuade the distressed people by quoting few lines from our holi books i.e., Srimadbhagwat and all Purans, Upanisads, Vedas and the two great epics, Ramayana & Mahabharata. Actually these holy books were written in the different time & situation and were useful for the people for that particular time. Now the present time & situations are different and these holi books may not be useful for the people of present time. In between the past and present there might be so many caretakers of all the religions came across and might have altered or modified the original holi books for their purposes. All religions’ caretakers of the present time, have kept open their holy shops to attract the so called distressed people to run their business. They pursuade the peope to comply or adopt or act as per the holy books which may not be useful to them at this present time & situations. But question is that who can clarify about the reality of these holy books with the originals.
But I will suggest to the distressed people not to be trapped by these religious caretakers. Avoid them and try to concentrate in your own self. You know that every religious books tell about the happiest person. The happiest persons are those who have no tension, no worries, no sadness, no attachment to anything. Because they have given up the desires to get anything, You need no guru to guide yourself to choose the real religious path to get the Almighty. Because who can tell who is the real guru? Here every one is trying to be a guru to loot the distressed people. But I will suggest this desire to get the Almighty is also a type of attachment, so there will be anxieties towards getting the Almighty. I will suggest you to give up every desire and let become stay without any thaught. Do your job as your duty for others around you. Never desire anything for yourself. You try to take care for others who in return will care for you. If anyone is in need, judge yourself that he is really in need and then help him out if you can without any desire.
On the otherhand, the MLM companies are looting the poor and distressed people in the name of giving them false opportunities to earn in thousands and lacs. Actually 10% people are earning money from the downlines 90% people’s money. To safeguard themselves from laws the MLM companies are selling products and gathering huge money in the name of joining kits which may cost from Rs.1300/- to 4500/-. The joining kits are not worthy as its costs. However this business exploit the good relationships amongst the people. Once the downliners come to know that they are not gaining inspite of regular buying products and enrolling some more people under them, so they drop out from the business. Like them so many people have lost their money and broken good relationships with whom they had joined the business.
Our administrations are watching all these but they keep silent, because some great leaders or their followers may be involved in such organisations. If we - the citizens of India try to amend ourselves not to indulge in such illegal and cheap business, I hope the present scenario of our country will change to some extent.
To tell about few words about the present situation of terrorism and its activities, If we go past we could find that terrorist activities were not seen. Only there was foreign intruders from the borders and our soldiers were capable to tackle with them. But for the present days we find the terrorist activities in every places inside our country. But there is no foreign intruders from the borders, because our soldiers are very strong enough to defeat them in the border itself. India is the largest democratic country in the world. So surely it will have largest political parties to run the Government. But it is not like that. Our democratic country is like a field with good fertility where so many policitical parties like different corps have been produced. Our political party has broken into pieces and they have grown up in different names. This is the main problem for our country and I will blame all these political parties for the present situation of our nation. They all fight and blame each other to sit in the rulling chairs. This is their daily role which we found in the media. If they would not mind in such cheap mentality, then there would be possible ways to look forward and take timely precautions to safeguard our country from inside as well as outside intruders.
To run any country there must be only two major parties – one the leading and the other as opposition. The duties of leading party to run the Government with honesty. The duties of opposition party should be to criticise about the wrong steps the rulling party about to take and to help them to run the Govt smoothly and to avoid cheap fighting with the rulling party to compell them to give up the government. For the next five years the opposition party will automatically get chance to run the Government and vice versa. This way the huge expenditure of the government for the election process will not be wasted.
However, in short I would like to write about eveteasing. Today the most reasons of eveteasing by the young boys are the only girls and ladies. The western culture has enterd in our country and the girls and ladies have forget what is the Indian culture for them. They unnecessarily lure the society to attact on them, that is why the young generations are very attracted to this kind o[censored]ncivilised girls and ladies. I suggest our administrations to arrest the girls and ladies for luring and spoiling the society by showing their beutifulness (or nakedness?). And due to this kind of their acts the young generations are spoiled and if anything untoward incidents happens this kind of ladies or girls approach the police for help.
If I try to write about all guidelines, safeguards, duties and responsibilites for every citizens of India, then it will become a big size book. Let me stop here.
………….Trilok, ex Indian Air Warrior - email – exindian.[protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Dear Trilok ji,

First of all I would like to give my respect to you for having such kind of knowledge of wisdom.

You should write further more to awake the sleeping people after knowing all, but they never initiate to say or write about the differences found everywhere in India.

We the people of India are with you, please continue raising your words for the welfare of human beings.


Hyderabad, AP, India
I have seen so many complaints regarding the bus issues while i was going to submit my complaint.

Just wanted to know does anyone gets some respond from the government officials or it is just make people relax that there voice would be heard.

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