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[Resolved]  Indian Railway — Doubts of malpractices by railway department

Booked 2nd class sleeper class ticket (PNR[protected] well in advance i.e on 14th par 2007 for 25th may journey. Waiting list no 47. today is 16th may 2007. And waiting list shows 37. Could you please educate me on what basis this waiting list prepared/cleared or quotas alloted first excluding common/general public.

Its really creates lot of doubts of malpractices by railway dept. As per my experience, when person travel by waiting list ticket, he has been treated very badly in the coach by TC as well as by Confirmed seat passengers.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Re: Indian Railway

I venture to bring to your kind notice that i with my family members were going to Delhi From Abohar by 3008 [UATE] On[protected]. Our Coach No. Was-AS-2 and Our Bearth No. Was 1,2,3,4. Our P.N.R No. Was[protected]. The Condition Of the Coach was Worst. Earlier We Didn't Face any Problem But Later We shocked to SAW That there was Numerous Of COCKROACHES And INSECTS around us. Secondly the Bedsheets Which Were given by the Coach attendant were Wet. The coach was also in very Dirty condition, celling and woodwork of the coach was also not perfect. One of my family member was at the problem of BACKBONE. He Was totally restless because of the coach condition. The whole night we took care of him only. We Didn't sleep even. We felt mentally harassment. It was looking like a 3rd Class coach. First Time i was travel by this train and specially i booked the AC coach for my Convenience.What is the use of this. I think this is the wastage of money. It was better for us to travel by Road transportation. Will u take strict action against the liable authority or i have to do it. IN FUTURE ALSO WILL THE COMMON MAN FACE SAME MENTALLY HARASSMENT.
Whom You are talking to?

Indian railway is as deaf as its care taker (Read Lalu).

Sorry to be rude... but sometimes it hurts that with all brouhaha about India growing and Indian rail improving... the ground reality is totally opposite...
I have booked 3RD AC waiting list tickets from Banglore to Hyderabad on 10.06.07 by Kacheguda Express with PNR number[protected]. The status after chart preparation is RAC & WL1, so Mrs. Rama devi who is supposed to travel canceled her journey by seeing the status. I requested TTE many times to give endorsement for cancellation but he dint, I came to know only 25% of amount will returned on travel less ticket. Pl do the needful.


I am an engineer working with GE-countrywide here in delhi. This is regarding my train journey from delhi to rudrapur on 29 may 2007, by the sampark kranti exp between delhi and kathgodam.

The train is a chair car, and i purchased a ticket for ordinary chair car and boarded the train, however as it was very hot i thought of checking if i could get an upgrade to a AC chair car by paying the difference in the amount subjected to the availability of seats in the AC coach.
so i went to the AC coach and spoke to the TTE, who asked me to wait for 15 mins while he is done with checking the tickets.

So i stood outside the AC coach... near the toilets... and the train by now started moving, now another person... who i guess was not a TTE, but a pantry superintending supposedly, asked me why was i standing there... So i told him the reason... he called another TTE who asked me Rs 500 for a seat... I agreed... but he said he would not give me any kind of a receipt for the same... i asked him... Why not... he said... he will allot me his own seat and cannot give a receipt of the same... I then asked him... what if the checking squad comes in.. he said.. he'll manage that.... i however wanted a receipt for the price that i paid him... to which he did not agree... And asked me to get out of the place... i said the TTE has asked me to wait and he'll find out if there is any vacancy... the person than told me there is no vacancy and he himself is a TTE...

The entire passage between the coaches was blocked with the stuff from the pantry and no space to move out... i asked the TTE to ask the pantry guy to remove the stuff and clear the way... the pantry owner and the person than said its all from the pantry and cannot be moved. They started abusing me... and said... why did i board the AC coach... and that they would impose a fine on me... the language these people used was not at all...
parliamentary... Then I asked them their names... and said i shall complaint about them... I also took some pictures of the blocked passage, through my cellphone... Then they snacked my phones and started pushing me out...The other TTE meanwhile came from the coach... and i complaint about these guys asking me money... TTE then got the passage cleared and asked me to sit in the ordinary class... which i did...

I however wanted to complain about these corrupt people... so at Rampur (one stop before RUDRAPUR where i had to get down)... I went to the actual TTE and asked him the names of the two people... The TTE asked me to forget about it and said "galti ho gaeee sir unse, ab jaane bhi do" i said i will not let it go... And shall definitely complain.. about them... i asked his name as well... He neither told me the name of the 2 people nor his name... instead threaned me... That they can get me arrested if i asked their names... i said i have not committed any crime... and i will definitely complain about them... as i was about to get down at my station (RUDRAPUR) 2 police cobtables... came to me and said... you are confined shall be handed over to RPF at the station... i said that is OK... i am not afraid... as i have done no crime... by asking their names... The RPF took me into their custody at the Rudrapur station. When i asked them my fault they said... they have been told that i was interfering in the government work.

I then asked them to call the TTE and bring them before me... and tell me how exactly was i interfering... except for asking their names... When the RPF personnel asked the TTE about it... they had no answer... all they said i was creating a disturbance... how exactly... they had no answer...

The RPF personnel... then asked them... when did i create a disturbance... they said when the train started from delhi... The RPF then asked them... If it was at delhi why did they not inform them at that point... and why did they have to wait for 5 hours before informing RPF...

Bottom line: They complaint to RPF only when i asked their names... at RAMPUR... the RPF did not find the TTE convincing and allowed me to go home... I wanted to complain about them at the rudrapur railway station, however was told that it cannot be done... They even did not have the names of the TTE... and i shall have to complaint either at delhi or at Kathgodam.


I have however taken the pictures of the blocked pantry and the 2 people... in my phone... i can send those...

As one of the pantry boy informed me... The name of the 2 people were:
Mr SHARVAN, and MR RAMNIVAS (i am not sure if the names are correct though)

I am an educated person and understand its my duty to point out the wrong and question it... It was very easy got me to pay them Rs 500 as others did and sit comfortably in the AC. i am bringing this to you so that a strict action can be taken on these people... So that... we do not have to see the wrong examples everywhere. And so that the TTE's can stop filling their pockets out of the public money!

1. Can a TTE ask for money for allotting a seat, without any receipt.
1. THE TTE's should be asked why should they not reveal their identity. if its as simple as their names... also they did not wear any nameplates .
2. Are the TTE's supposed to misbehave with a passenger and get him arrested for no reason... if they had a reason, why was i released by the RPF.
3. TTEs should be asked what exactly did i do that was termed as interfaring with the government work "sarkaari kaam me baadha" !!
4. If i interfered with the govt work... why did they not inform the RPF then and did that only when the train reached Rampur... that was when i told them that i was going to complain about them and asked their names...
5. Aren't TTE's supposed to check the tickets of the entire train...the TTEs actually never came out of the AC coach.. and when i went there to see if a seat was available... they said i was not allowed in the AC coach... how then do u talk to TTE???


my email address is

Indian railway is greatest railway in this world. I am very happy to success in indian railway. But only some problem hear their in no fixed timetable in train sometime we are waiting for long Time.
Divisional Engineer,
Divisional Railway Manager's office,
Chhatrapati shivaji turminus,
Mumbai-400 001.

Subject:- request for practical approach to stop the construction work adjacent to railway land within 30.0 meters without obtaining railway N.O.C.

Respected sir,
We beg to inform you that inspite of three letters given to you regarding the construction work adjacent to railway land within 30.0 meters without obtaining railway N.O.C from railway authority.
On 2nd October 2007 the private builders came to do the construction work on plot numbers B/12/2 to B/12/6 near the seawood’s darave railway station (EAST). The persons from SADGURU, OMKAR, SEAWOOD and TRIVENI SAGAR HSG SOC asked the builders to show the railway N.O.C but the builders replied that letters of railway authority have been filed only by the CIDCO (city and industrial development corporation) and NMMC(Navi Mumbai Municipal corporation) and nothing will be done in practical.
We are hereby request you that quick practical action should be taken by the railway authorities otherwise we shall highlighted the matter through media.

Thanking you,

N.B.:- In support of my application we are acknowledging you the very important letters given to CIDCO and NMMC of dated 20/03/2007.
i want to know why from darbhanga(dbg) to sakri(bihar) there is only one train in day time. when there is need of 3-4 trains. i heard private transport company has paid railway authority to not provide too many trains from darbhanga to sakri, so that they can make more money...please try to verify why it has done so... each & every person has this question. i am waiting for reply
i was trvelling in a special nagerkoil train, my destination is ariyalur, we does not know that train will not stop at my place, so we traveled till the next station trichy.tell me how much wee should be that sure we should be fined for it or it is enough to pay the difference amount.
why not u have a seperate counter at ur stations where fines can be paid, so that we can avoid cheeting of people with duplicate bills.
please reply as early as possible
dear sir
there is only one train from coimbatore to jaipur weekly so please start a direct train from coimbatore to ajmer, jodhpur or any other city of rajasthan
railway can start a train for ajmer
or can convert ajmer mysore to ajmer coimbatore weekly once
or can convert rajkot coimbatore to ajmer coimbatore weekly once
or any other train
so that all rajasthani persons can reach there native place easily
thank you
sanjay jain
dear sir,
i am running a regd. consumer welfare organization consumer welfare mission in madhya pradesh.
shivpuri is a district that rail department given the facility a ticket reservation counter. only the person who sitting on the window having very rough and poor behavior with public we have received so many complaint about him. Public is very aggrieved and and getting harassment continuously
he never return change 2 to 4 Rs to consumer he always said if you have change pay me otherwise left me.
he always quarrel person never inform the vacant seat position.
we pray on behalf the public survey and get the action

I am a 3rd year student of a technical institution.Our issuing officer is always irregular to give us the Railway students consations .Our college is situated at Guptipara ; Hooghly.He always says us that Railway do not issue student consation forms regularly at every months, he also says the Railway use to issue only one consation book at a time.Is he is speaking the truth?

We have almost 200 students who need student consation every month.Then what will we do sir.We r tired .Help Us.
Thanking you. yours faithfully
Priya Roy
Saroj Mohan Institute Of Technology
Guptipara; Hooghly

Indian Railway — Malpractices and corruption

This is for your kind information that I have witnessed open malpractices by TTE staff in the train no. 3164 running from Saharsha to sealdah. On 07.06.09 I was suffering from Maheshkhunt to Sealdah Jn in that train. After boarding the train at Maheshkhunt, I observed that Sleeper class was almost vacant according to reservation chart but there were no avability of seat for reserved seat passenger. I any how managed to sit on my own reserved seat. I didn't bother that, but what I saw was surprising. TTE were collecting Rs.10 to every passenger except reserved passenger without giving them any receipt. Upto Katihar this malpractices were at its boom. Passengers were happy after giving only Rs. 10/- and TTE were enjoying it with great pompous.

In this regard I want to know the reason behind this malpractices and corruption . I felt that Indian railway is loosing a lots of revenue by this. TTE and other supervisory staff are getting much benefited but passenger are bound to sustain inconvenience.
Dear Sir,

I have the honour to inform you that while traveling with my 3 nos of family members bu 2424 Rajdhani express from new Delhi to New Coochbehar your staff Supplied only 4 nos of drinking water bottles worth Rs 15.00 / bottle in market during our journey from 2.20 PM of 30/09/09 to 2-30 PM of 1st Oct/2009 . That sir My reservation was upto Dibgrugarh instead of New coochbehar and that was under TATKAL CLASS IN AS-3 TIRE. Bearing ticket no 71239690 PNR NO:[protected].
I even tried to purchase water bottle from your staff by cash but your staff did not respond even denied to supply water bottle for which other passengers also tried to get water bottle.

I, therefore request you kindly to take necessary immediate action to avoid future harassment for the valuable customers of your department. I also request you if possible kindly to increase the ticket value including cost of sufficient drinking water bottle so as to make passengers to keep themselves in dark in respect of corruption in your department .

Thanking you,

Sudeep Kr Paul

Daily I travel from Chamrajnagar to Mysore passenger train. Due to small ladies compartment all the women who travel from Chamrajnagar, nanjangud...etc are suffering lot because there is no place even to stand. Its so small compartment only 20-25 women can sit or stand in that compartment. Daily quarrels are going on due to this problem.
We request you to kindly make a big ladies compartment to us & its our humble request.
Its a small complaint for you but we travel daily and suffering lot.
Looking forward for your earliest.

with regards,

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dear sir, indian railway ki web site irctc pr Senior Citizen ke concession ke liya id proof me sirf AADHAAR No.Optional he jis ke karan concession me passenger ko ticket booking me problam ho rhi

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