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[Resolved]  Indian Railways — Poor facilities

i traveled on 30.11.2007 from margao (goa ) to nizamuddin (delhi) by rajdhani express the food provided by the r.k. cat. nizamuddin was worst when i complaints they told me that we have to money to all officers and even lalau yadav to get contract so how can we provide the good food even when i asked a bootel of water he asked money for that i had written complain in there complaint book but nothing has happend and even indian railway doesnt have complaint portal in there web site my pnr no. is[protected] seat no. B-2 , 30 i request to indian railway dont solve the problem of the passenger but atleast listen to tham and take bribe but dont play with the safety and comfort with passangers
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I am Selvaraj from Chennai, working in Mumbai.

when I was returing to mumbai by Dadar Exp. many illegal passengers (pass holders / Ordinary Ticket holders) are occupying our seats(Reservation bogies) , and sleeping on our berths, and making quarrel with legal passengers.

This is how government lossing very good source from railway.

I dont know when the govt. will set right all these things to improve our national Income.
I am Selvaraj from Chennai, working in Mumbai.

when I was returing to mumbai by Dadar Exp. many illegal passengers (pass holders / Ordinary Ticket holders) are occupying our seats(Reservation bogies) , and sleeping on our berths, and making quarrel with legal passengers.

This is how government lossing very good source from railway.

I dont know when the govt. will set right all these things to improve our national Income.
respected sir,
i undersign farid nawab live in this address c/f1/12 cheeta camp
trombay mumbai 88 is the passenger of mumbai's local
my nearest railway station is mankhurd station
i would like to file and objectionable complaits
against your station master sb verma on of saturday13
january 2008 i brought one complaint againts your
windows cashier(who sale the ticket) then on 13 jan
2008 at 4:15 pm i went to the station master cabin and
asked about the complaint book the i surprise with
them behaviour which is done with me at the time and
he was refuse to give me the complaint book and he
saids"whatever you want to do you can do so"
my name is sb verma and nobody can do anything aginst
sir i am a regular costomer and i expect lots
of thing from our nation's railways service and with
some worst peoples are make disgredation of our indian
railways name
please take some neccessary action against them
and i am ready to facing him in any where to say abt
the matter & hearing in this case
my name is shaikh fareed nawab jahan
and my mobile no is [protected] again i have a write my address and contact no
cheeta camp trombay mumbai88
thanking you
your faithfully
farid nawab
i have cancelled my ticket under PNR NO. [protected] for date of journey on 9.11.07 and till date the refund is given by the railways.

kindly take up with the Western Railway, Indian Railways and do the needful

Indian Railways — Cramped II sleeper bogies

I am a regular traveller from Mangalore-Yeswanthpur(Bangalore) and vice-versa by the recently introduced Yeswanthpur-Mangalore express train 6517/6518. Recently, a side middle berth has been introduced in the II class sleeper bogies which is very uncomfortable. The side berths are already narrow and a third middle berth has compounded the problems of the passengers. There are no steps provided to climb the side berths. The upper berth is not at all comfortable since the roof is curving and the panels are coming in the way. This is the most unscientific way of providing additional berths in the already cramped II sleeper bogies. The passenger feels that he/she is being treated like cattle and does not deserve any comfortable travel. Railways aim is only profit making without caring for customer comfort. The newly introduced side middle berths should be immediately withdrawn for the comfort of II class sleeper passengers.
Sir, I have purchased tickets on 7.11.2008 for puri, ufortunately the seat arrangement is unsatisfactory. I do not get any lower berth as three passengers are senior journy & return one of them is 90 years old. my PNR no.[protected] & return[protected].

Kindly take the matter very urgent. kindly arrange lower berth for them.
thanking you
hello, my dear online friends and strangers, here i would like to bring the latest innovative action taken by the gadgeted authorities of our dear and dare "INDIAN RAILWAYS"... that is nothing but introducing a SIDE MIDDLE BERTH in SLEEPER and AC-3A class...the very few attractive features that i have noticed here is:
1] Optimum usage of the available space inside the compartment(let the passengers die due to suffocation, doesn't matter).
2]Our respected Laloo ji is planning to set his path to achieve the next international award for helping INR to achieve a path breaking gain for the current financial year(passenger=cargo, this is the present assumption made by all of them).
3]Now, lets speak of the passenger's side, they will pay the same amount of money from now onwards to get a worse service than the previous.
4]Best of the best point is... 0 comfort, 0 Security with the max pay... Chidambaram must make a tally of the "GROWING INDIAN ECONOMY".
*** NOTE: now the most important thing, after knowing about all these hassles, we, the proud citizens of india will protest in terms of blogs, will organize some strikes may be at the max of a very few disticnct mobs... but in the end as we all have done always, will start adjusting with the situations...
So its my humble request to you all, who always have taken life as granted, please get up from your sleep and show all of them that what is called as communist power to them who are playing diplomacy on the name of politics... initially that can be started by filing verbal comments on 139 [the toll-free railway complaint and inquiry number]... then also, if the ice don't break, then we have to take the next action like destroying national the way mentioned below... each and every responsible passenger can start turning the screws of those newly attached middle berths and can easily through it away from the compartment doors...
What more do you expect in this filthy country? Soon you will see snakes on trains also. This is a slum dog country where more than 100 people are cramped into a coach like filthy pathetic animals. Accept, compromise and please try to live without any complaints. If you cannot, then migrate to a better country please. slumdogs dot wordpress dot com
I had the misfortune of having to take a train. All the passengers on train number 6525 (Kanyakumari-Bangalore), dated[protected] had enough to grumble about, but I have decided to write to your kind offices with the hope that there will be some enquiry and improvement.

My Ticket number is[protected] boggie S7

There were so many cockroaches both in the toilets and in the compartments- I wonder if fumigation or disinfecting was done. To add to our woes, there was no water at all in the toilets from 9.20 pm (30th July) till I disembarked at Bangalore Cantonment. I even searched for the TT on the train to register a complain in the complaint book but could not find a TT.

I would appreciate an acknowledgement and response on action taken.

Thanking you

Adolf Washington
Managing Director and Editor in Chief
Hello Railway Authority,

Wake up wake up. wake up wake up...Railway Authority-Mamta jee
I checked railway website but didnt find any complaint portal, so i am sharing my problem to all of you including Autority if they have time to read it, listen it etc...

I was travelling from Delhi to Katihar on 25th Sep09 from North East Express(Which goes to Guwhati).On that date train was late by 6 hour, but finaly it got delayed 13 hour late till Katihar.God Knows till Guwhati, what happened...
Late was happened due to some repair work on track were being done at near Khagaria station and train was being diverted since 15-20 days.It was pathetic day for us.I was tarvelling with my wife in Ac 3 tier.we were not taking food because there were no water in Toilet and it was very dirty.We were taking only liquid item, so that we can avoid toilet.I went toilet at home only.It was completely 36 hour journey, whereas it should be 22 hours.Train was stopped various big station, but no water was filled up there.
After journey of 4 hour from Delhi, the Engine of Train was failed, due to this, AC was switched off for 3-4 hours untill Engine was started and we had to wait at small station for 3-4 hours.It was completely untolerable services given by Railway.

I ask to Railway authority that why we expense triple fare as compare to Sleeper for Ac 3 Tier, where no basic amenity is available.Even i question, there should be some basic things like water, cleaning at some interval for long route trains even in sleeper class.public gives money but they do not take care of Public.

Now i am sharing, one more pathtic journey of my Wife.She and my Sister's son are coming from Seemanchal Express(2487) to Delhi, they have taken tain yesterday night(09.10.09) at Purnea station almost at right time.At katihar they came to know that train is being diverted from original route(i.e Khagaria, Baruani, Patna) due to again some repair work is being done on tack at near Khagaria Station.Now train got delayed 14 hour, they will reach by tomorrow noon(11.10.09), whereas they are supposed to be here(Delhi) by 9.30 PM(10.10.2009).

My question is here, why the repair work is not yet completed(Since first week of sep09).
For few days they have done trial run but it did not work.However, some train like Guwhati Rajdhani take this route only.Mamta jee, can you pls tell us when we will have some releif.Why it is taking long time.(almost one month-repair work done but again it collapsed-final output is zero)
Now we are in 21st century and the service is Deteriorating now.You all are focusing to introduce more and more train for your region, but no body is taking care of services like timeliness of Train arrival/departure, Extra track to minimise traffic, alternate track for single track like Khagaria route etc...

I completely agree with the previous writer.

I too traveled on an Indian Railways train in January 2010. I took a short ride from Mumbai to Goa on the shtabdi express from Dadar to Panjim. The scenery was great. But the service has really degraded. I saw roaches in the train. The seats were not clean. The maintenance was poor and once food was served in the train all the trash was just dumped on the floor or just trown out of the train. The bathrooms were awful, yes awful and an a public health hazard. I was hoping to see a better operation considering that the previous Minister was in Wharton telling the rest of the world how profitible this public enterprise was.

I had traveled to Goa a couple of years ago and the service was much better but the bathrooms were the same...just awful. The soot from the train was and continues to be terrible. By western standards Indian railways appear to offer a good price. But there is no excuse for filth, roaches and bad bathrooms and no trash bags on the train.

India railways can surely do better.


Albinus D'Sa
New Delhi

Indian Railways — Bike Not delivered to Destination

My Bike black colour unicorn was sent from Jalgaon to Nashik Road station on 12/05/15 Still bike not recieved on nashik road station and nobody cares to track the parcel.

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