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Purposely or purpertly Indian Railways "contact us" section does not work. There is no section where Feedback is collected or place to provide suggestions. Hence request to add those sections and Railway ministry to publish actions taken with respect to those feedbacks and suggestions.
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Aug 13, 2020
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i want to complain about the reality happen in the indian railway. i want to inform you that the station bhatapara is situated in the raipur district of chattisgarh it is 45 km away from bilaspur zone . in this station in the reservation booking office the time is very limited due to small business.but i want to inform you that every ime the outer person(which can work as dalal o we say commisiontaker on every ticket) can operate the computer of the booking office of railway and the officer of the booking office can go to drink tea or taking breakfast at the office time. they do not provide the form or reservation to ordinary person easily and the behaviour is also very bad and as i
know that the outer person is not allowed officialy so please take action against them. when i go to reservation counter in 12th march hey cannot give me form and advice me contact he dalal when i told them i can complaint on railway then the give me form but we want lower seat fo the old lady they can give me upper birth they told me that lower birth is not avilable but from other station i can get the lower birth and at that place they told me that all lower seat is avilable when i go to bhatapara counter and told me the officer tha wh you do not give me lower birth then he told that for this you have to give rs 100 extra if you want from his counter other counter are differentso please and please take strict action against them specially mr. soni.
Place : Surat Date : 28.05.2008

Binu B. Pillai,
A-305, Sreeji Complex, Adarsh Nagar,
Bhesthan, Surat.- 3950 23.
Phone No. [protected].

The General Manager,
Western Railways,

Respected Sir,

Reg.: Robberry held during travelling from Kollam Junction Railway Station (Kerala State) to Surat Railway Station.

Ref.: PNR No.[protected] & PNR No.[protected], Date of Journey : 19.05.2008 through Train No. 6334, Trivandrum Veraval Express.

We, the whole members like: 1) Binu B. Pillai aged 29 years, 2) Miss. Krishna T. Pillai aged 13 years, 3) Mrs. Vijayamma aged 54 years, 4) Mrs. Divya aged 24 years 5) Mrs. Bindu aged 35 years were in a travelling from Kollam Junction (Kerala state) to Surat Station (Gujarat state) on 19.05.2008.

The entire fact of the case are as follows:-

We, all are belongs to Kollam District, Kerala state, and for our service purpose, since last 8 years residing in Surat only with family. Therefore in each school summer vacations, to see the parents and other dears and nears we are going to Kerala constantly.

In this summer vacation also, we left kerala in the first week of May 2008 with whole family. Then the return ticket was for 19.05.2008. Accordingly we have left our Home at Kerala on 19.05.2008 in the evening for catching the train to be departed at 16.20 from Kollam Junction. The Train started at 16.20 (Train departed from Kollam Junction), Our seats were in the Coach No. S-9 at Seat Nos. 17, 18, 20, and Coach No. S-1 at Seat Nos. 9 & 10 respectively. We were 5 Baggages where in 2 baggages (briefcases) were with heavy valuables such as Gold ornaments for a weighment of 160 Grams for a Present market value Approx. for Rs. 2, 00, 000/- (Rupees Two Lacs only), also Cash Rs. 5000/-, Original PAN issued by ITO, Cheque book issued by ICICI bank, Athwagate Branch, Surat containing 12 leaves and Original Election commission card (of my sister Mrs. Bindu Pillai) issued by Election Commissioner office, Surat.

We have travelled usually in the train without any inconvenience and we have reached very safely upto Navsari Station and from there, the next main Station is Surat Railway station only. Thereafter, departure of the train from Navsari Station, for our better convenience for delighting to the station, we have taken all the luggages from our specified seats to the nearest to the door steps. At this juncture, at 3.00 am (Approx) on 21.05.2008 in the early morning, some (about 5 gents) fellows approached to the same door steps where we were stayed and were deliberately made some problems in order to get them plenty of space for getting them down to the station easily. However, according to their convenience they themselves changed our baggages here and there slightly. Then, after 30 to 40 Minutes, train arrived at Surat Station and we have got down and left for our Home at Bhestan, Surat. We feel that in this short time, they might be stolen the ornaments and other valuables as specified above from our baggages.

When reached at the home and opened the luggages we realized that the valuable ornaments and other entirely were missed. Rest of all the things such as cloths and other articles was there. Accordingly, we have informed the facts to the Surat Railway Police Station. A copy of the complaint submitted is attached herewith for your kind reference and perusal.

We came to know such several instances from our neighbours in Surat, those whose are lost valuables during the journey from Kerala to Surat recently, that incidences are also in similar type.

In view of the above, we feel that the culprits are may be same fellows behind it for all such robberies.

Therefore our request is particularly relevant that, you may please be taken immediate action in this regards to get back the ornaments missed and also to take precautions in order to avoid such incidences to the passengers in future.

Thanking You in anticipation of a favourable response at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,
Binu B. Pillai
I am umakanta pradhan, having details of travelling:
From-Bhubaneswar(BBS), Orissa
to-Samalkot(SLO), A.P
Train-1020, Konark Exp

This is the detail matter.
I was coming to samalkot by this train from Bhubaneswar.
I am new to this journey and told same to T.T.E.
It was supposed to reach Samalkot by 12.00 night.
after Tuni, it is around 01.00 A.M. i enquired from T.T.E
at what time it will reach Samalkot, he told it will
take 1.0 hour more. i repeat my enquire again and showed
my watch to tell by what time it may reach there. he
told 1.0 hr.then i went to my berth and took rest.
by around 1.25 A.M samalkot appears. I got up and enquired
near by people, they told it is samalkot. Immediately i rushed
to T.T.E for telling to halt the train for another few minutes.
But alas i didn't find that time the train starts running.
with no other idea, how to get down from train, i pulled the chain.
after that i met the T.T.E at wake up state from sleep and
i informed him about my is also again the boggie was
fulled with un authorised persons sleeping at the door front
which added to me worsen state to get down.
then i appeared in police (R.P.F) and wrote a note and they put a
case against me and i gave Rs.500/-for compensations.

Please suggest me what i can take action
against this issue. i am not in a stable state of mind
due to what happened last night.

yours faithfully
umakanta pradhan
Southern Railway - Trivandrum Pattom Reservation Counter
Date and Time of Incident:
Date: October 1st, 2008
Time: 8:10 AM
Need to change the attitue of the railway people at the reservation counter.

Railway people are behaving rudely against the customers who came for ticket reservation. Mannerism should be taught to these people before deputing to this service. As Gandhi said, customer is the king. But here these people are behaving as if they are the super king.
witout ticket and unauthorised peoples are travelling in this train at present from tundla but ur security staff GRP and coach conductor is not available in this train
moori exp 8102 22.1.9 igs going to kanpur site
We traveled recently to cochin from Hyderabad both in 3rd A/C and 2nd A/c. The mintainance of the comparment is very bad. When the train travel for a long journer the toilets has to be cleaned once in 5 or 6 hrs. in the station where it stay for long time. The toilets were not clean. And the main complaint of the A/C coaches is there is lot of cockroaches in the comparment which distrub us in all the way and also it leads to illness to the passengers. The comparment has to be maintained clean in such a way that passengers should feel comfortable. Hence the Railway deparment has to take care in this matter so that public cannot suffer.
This is towards problem of disposing of mineral water empty bottles. I suggest you :

that social forestry purchase polethene bags for growing plants and sell/plant them after grwoth.
If railway collect all empty bottles and give them to social forestry deprtment after cutting approximate 3" from cap/neck side and plants can easily be grown as a pot. Thease bottled will be used and problem will be solved.

in general public a awareness may be send through media and ads so generel public can also use them as plant pot and keep them on their roof.

Thus a big problem may be solved.

The same message can also work for all other type of bottles like cold drinks and other posing threat to
public health.

Thanking you
There should be Rajdhani Express that will connect each state capital to state capital.
E.g. Mumbai to Lucknow or Banglore to Bhopal.

adarsh coaching — more class

plz anil sir more chemistry class provided by m s khan , we think one of the best chemistry teacher in delhi.
Post of Loco Inspectors shall be abolished immediately to avoid the anomalies arised due to new pay commission.Loco Inspectors can be drafted from Loco Pilots to work in tenure period (as in case of Power Controllers, Crew Controllers etc.). Moreover the Basic Pay of Loco Inspectors are high as compared to Loco Pilots hence Railway will be financially benefitted if Loco Inspectors posts are abolished
Dear Sir,

Sub:- Increase the 1 st and 2 nd compartment for central Railway Line.

This is reagrding above subjce.Total no of working women is increasing day by day.and in central compartment of 1 st class is very small for that. Every one facing the big probem to catch the train every morning . Due to this some incident are going to happen every day.

Kindly consider the above problem and do the needful to increase the 1 st class compart ment as well 2 nd class compartment.

Nisheeta Jangam
(Javabdar Nagrik)
We peoples(TamilNadu Guys) in Hyderabad want one or two trains extra from Hyderabad to Coimbatore with low travel time. From Hyderabad to Coimbatore there was 2 private volvo buses are there, which reaches coimbatore within 15 hours. But train journey takes 21 to 22 hours to reach Coimbatore. So Please provide extra train with less travel time.
General people are not allowed in reservation class coach. Toilet should be neat and clean.
railways is trying 2 b pretty generous by allowing passes 2 people for certain category of class of people .
but actually giving it to people 2 whom this facility really matter much
eg crickters whove brought laurels 2 india, how many times do they travelby train and do u think they really need it, and above all cant they afford it.
pls for god sake dont use ur heart alone pls use d head also
another eg faujis who r given their salaries for putting their lives at stake, they r awarded at times by none less than our president for their exemplary services for d nation, may b at d border or wid in our country
eg 1 making foot over bridge durig cwg
2 flood situations when civil admin perpetually fails
my request is 2 pls give these supporting passes to the faujis who r in need of it more than our cricketers(who play in crores)
plese act and get it done
on 30th mar i boarded saryu yamuna express in ac iii tier bogie . d compartment was a big dustbin . almost till half of d compartment d muck was there which included
empty water bottles
paper packets
empty tea cups
and other such related items
is d indian railways constituted to only take care of
palce on wheels
raj dhanis
shatabdis and the likes
pls let us know whose responsible for these kind of trains in which 95 %indians travel

pls for god sake wake up and act
EKTA EXPRESS 4795/96Ekta Express 4975 - The Great Difficulty Express
The Ekta express has been the great difficulty express for the people of the Bhiwani, Rohtak, Gohana, Panipat districts of Haryana. It is a train with the burden to carry 1000's of daily pessengers, families, bussinessmen, students and tourists travelling between Bhiwani and Chandigarh. The major problem is that train is linked to Himalyan Queen Express in its common route from Panipat to Kalka. We understand that it may be saving the running costs but the share for the Bhiwani/Rohtak side passengers is way less. We have got only 5 general boggies for our share, whereas only one train runs from Bhiwani to Chd and Chd to Bhiwani in a day. Dehli, Chandigarh is linked to with many a trains and it would be great if Ekta Express is expanded to accomodate more pessengers. Ac-Sleeper coaches would be a great advantage for senior citizens, bussiness class, families and tourists. Their may be considered a fesibilty to run the train independently as it can than be run on its own saving the half an hour delay at the Panipat station as per the linkage of two trains.
This is also an appeal to people travelling on this route, to please comment and raise a voice for the betterment of the railways in the district.
We would be thankfull to Indian Railways if our problem is considred for the feasibility surveys

Northern Railways Hospital New Delhi — Rude Behaviour of all staff

All Nurses and Doctors are rude, never speak politely, always replied rudely to the petients , even never speak to their attendent also, kindly give instructions to them at least to speak politely
I have transplant my kidney in applo hospital.New delhi on 12/03/2012 and issued concession certificate for railway journey when I go to raja ki mandi railway station, at agra.Your reservation supervivor mr. Nirmal gupta never cooperate and always says that the certificate issued from applo hospital is totally bocus and fraud and always using abusive language with rude behaviour. He also misguide to other staffs also and never sit own counter. You please take very serious action because he is loosing the goodwill of indian railway. Hope you will take immidiate action and acknowledge the same. With warm regards
To Sr.Divisional Commercial Manager

Inspite of having valid e tickets PNR NO [protected] and identy proof Mr.M S JARTAR forcibly collected fine Rs 3470 and used filthy, arrogant, dadagiri language.

Mahesh R Gothivrekar
cell [protected]

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