[Resolved]  Indian Railways — Rejecting refund for Cancelled Train

This is to inform you that my E-ticket Refunds ( details mentioned below) has not been credited to my credit Card Card account despite of submitting the TDR's and request letter well within stipulated time to appropriate offices and regular follow ups every week.

Even this is dully acknowledged and then requested by Mr V P Indoria – Sr Consultant IRCTC, New Delhi wide his letter nos. 2003/IRCTC/ERTD/Refunds dtd 6/12/2007. This letter from IRCTC clearly mentions that the applicant has applied and submitted all the relevant documents in time and the e-tickets refunds due to him should be considered.

Despite of this, it appears that there is non-compliance of the order of IRCTC E-Ticket Refunds Branch letter nos: . 2003/IRCTC/ERTD/Refunds dtd 6/12/2007.

May I sincerely request you to pls look in the matter and do the needful to actuate the refunds due to me at the earliest and oblige.

I was supposed to travel from New-Delhi to Baroda on 31/5/2007 ( we were a group of 19 family friends supposed to travel by 2952 Rajdhani Express ) but the train was cancelled on that day because of the Riots / Track damages caused due by ongoing Rajasthan Gurjar Riots at that point of time... I deposited all my Six E-Tickets at Hazrat Nizamuddin Raliway Station and obtained a TDRs. Out of this SIX TDR's I am fortunate that I have received Refunds for Three TDR's.

The TDRs for E-Tickets were then forwarded to Chief Commercial manager – Refunds, New Delhi on 7/6/2007 by Registered Post.

Since, the destination station of my travel falls under Western Zone, the TDR's were forwarded to Chief Commerical Manager – Refunds, Mumbai.

Sr. No Ticket PNR TDR Number Amount
1 [protected] 084284 Rs.3770=00
2 [protected] 084283 Rs.6795=00
3 [protected] 084282 Rs.5565=00

With Regards
Sulax Shah
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Aug 14, 2020
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Indian Railways (Western Railway) — Not refunding cancelled ticket amount

I had cancelled my ticket from Vadodara to Mumbai - travel for 14th March, 2008 by 3T A/c by Navjivan Express Train Number 2655. The cancellation was done by me at Vadodara and Surrender Receipt issues to me is 431100 dated 4th March, 2008. Thereafter I have sent reminders on 5th March, 2008, 12th April, 2008 and 30th April, 2008 to Chief Commercial Manager, Refunds, WEstern Railway, Churchgate Station, Mumbai but they have bothered to either refund my money or reply to me. The amount involved is Rs 2309/-. I am a senior citizen living solely on pension income and I find this delay is causing substantial financial and mental stress to me.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I Booked my ticket From Mumbai to New Delhi, via AUG KR RAJ EXP, 2953(24-MAY-2008).
I was ready for Journey, Unfortunately train is cancelled by Railway because of "Gurjar Aandolan ( in Rajesthan)."
I was on Official tour for New India Assurance Co. Ltd (A Govt. of India Enterprise).
Now i need the "Proof of train Cancelation" from your side, to provide the proof to my Head Office for Full Fare Compansation from my Company.
So please provide the Proof of cancellation of train in written.
i booked one rail ticket for my journey of dated 14.06.2008 vides train no. 2953 from Surat to Hazratnizamuddin through irctc website in Tatkal Quota.

When I reached Surat station to board, I came to know train is cancelled, and there I enquired by railway person, he told me that ticket amount shall be debited in my account automatically. Since amount is still not debited in my account hence I request you to please help in this regard and arrange to debit same amount in my account.
In this regard i have sent email on [protected] but still dont not get any reply. My ticket details are given as below:
Train No. :2953
PNR No.: [protected]
Tras. ID: [protected].

Western Railways — refund of ticket bought under sr.citizen category

From: Arvind B .Adalja, Regd.A.D.
JAMNAGAR- 361002 (GUJARAT) Dated:12th, July, 2008

Dear Sir,

My name is ARVIND ADALJA, Aged, 69, residing at Jamnagar. On 9th, July, 2008, I wanted to go to Jamnagar as I was at Ahmedabad for few days for some work. I went to Station for getting Reservation Ticket for Jamnagar at about 4pm as I wanted to travel by INTER CITY for Surat to Jamnagar in 1st class. I filled in the form for the purpose and submitted to issue me ticket on reservation window for the purpose. But with my surprise I was told by the booking official that there is no provision to make any reservation in1st class in the aforesaid train
.So, I asked him then what is to be done by me to get ticket? He advised me to buy from CURRENT TICKET WINDOW .I went there stayed in queue for about ½ hour and I asked the person to issue me 1st class ticket for Jamnagar under Senior Citizen concession .Surprisingly, he also expressed his inability to issue ticket for 1st class for the train referred here above. I asked him then please let me know who will issue me ticket? He advised me to buy ordinary ticket for 2 class and get it UPGRADED in the train by the Conductor.
As my going to Jamnagar was pre planned and there was no time to go any other authority to understand the norms for issuing tickets for 1st class in the aforesaid train I accepted the advise and bought 2 class ticket from him under senior citizen concession.
Then after the arrival of the train I met the conductor who was accompanying to the 1st class coach to make my ticket UP Graded under senior citizen which he refused stating that he is not empowered to issue such ticket and I have to pay FULL amount of Rs.410/- (four hundred ten only) if at all I want to travel by 1st class. Though, I was much shocked and taken a back with the norms of railway I left no alternative but to pay as asked for upgrading my ticket and accordingly I paid him Rs.410/- and he upgraded my ticket., a copy of which is enclosed here with for your perusal Voucher No 313052 along with the original ticket which was issued on the window is also submitted its no .is 9252 for Rs.58/-.
From the for going you will observe that there is no fault of mine as whatever I asked was accordingly to the norms of railway is made known to the public. Under the circumstances may I know where the travelers have to go particularly senior citizen like me where(1) Reservation not made for 1st class, (2) current booking do not issue ticket for 1st class under sr. citizen category and height of that even(3) conductor in the running train also do not have authority to upgrade the ticket under sr. citizen. Thus, all sr. citizens like me are DEPRIVED Of THE CONCESSION and have to pay full amount of FAIR for traveling.
I felt more surprise as I traveled in the same train from Surat to Jamnagar on 26 th, June by 1st class and On that day I was refused issuing ticket on current booking and asked me to go to RESERVATION COUNTER to get the ticket reserved.
And it was issued to me by reservation clerk.
Is not all contrary to railways norms besides UNFAIR, UNJUST and UNILITERAL and against the normal NORMS fixed for sr. citizen concession?
I hope you will appreciate my concern in the matter and REFUND the AMOUNT Rs.123/- at 30% of the ticket issued to me by upgrading the same to me allowing me under sr. citizen concession and the amount may be sent at your cost by Demand draft or Money order to the aforesaid address at an early date.
Awaiting anxiously your response in the matter and hope you will not compelled me to lodge complaint before Consumers grievances redresser forum at Jamnagar.

Yours truly,
Arvind Adalja. Enclosure:- As Stated.
NB: A copy of this complaint also sent by to concerned dept.
Hi All,
Well I must tell you that the Cancellation of E-Tickets on irctc is just the formalities and no refund is being done. as an example, I booked a Ticket for dated 02nd Nov 2007. I somehow missed the train and cancelled the ticket in the nearby Internet Cafe. I am still following the mail. I have received documents from irctc stating that my request has been forwarded to India Railway for the procedure. Its 10 months since then and I am still enquiring about the refund with the officials with no result. I request you to kindly get my refund done as soon as possible.
Transaction ID Being [protected].
Train No : 2561


I Sanjib Chaudhary & my wife have boarded train no. 3287 from Bilaspur Jn (BSP) to Hatidha Jn (HTZ) on 09.11.2008 with a confirm ticket 2nd AC ticket. But after boarding, it was told by TT that we have been adjusted in 3rd AC coach due to unavailability of bearth in 2nd AC. Accordingly we got adjusted in 3rd AC and TT has made a certificate for refund of difference amount of 2nd AC w.r.t 3rd AC and asked to collect refund amount from HTZ Jn.

Accordingly after reaching HTZ Jn. at 05:00 AM, I approached ticket counter to collect my refund money but as per then it can only be collected after opening of reservation counter after 08:00AM. So I went home which is 35 KM away from HTZ Jn. Again I came back at 09:00 AM to collect my refund amount and produced my ticket & certificated issued by TT, but at reservation counter they refused to refund the same and told that we don’t known about this. Then I approached Station Master, he also told the same thing. After this harassment I came back from HTZ Jn. without getting my refund amount.

This is really painful and shocking for me that in the same organization there is such a wide gap o[censored]nderstanding and lack of knowledge of rules. I am working as an executive in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., which is multi locational and this type of gap is never seen in our company.

Enclosed: Scanned copy of
1.Ticket. (No. 21943608, PNR No.[protected]
2. Certificate issued by TT (No. 231067)

With warm regards

Sanjib Chaudhary
Address: B-77, Refinery Township
Begusarai, Bihar, PIN: 851117
Ph No.[protected], 275745, [protected]
FAX: 06243-
Respected Sir!!
i booked my e-ticket through internet( on 25-Dec-2008. in, journey date[protected]. PNR NO.[protected], Transaction ID [protected] in Tatkal Scheme. but unfortunately in Date of Journey train was late more than 13 hrs. and i have to go urgentely delhi that day. so i came delhi by another train .
Sir.. i am very requested that plz. refund my money..
i have missed my train(MAILADURAI EXP) from Bangalore to Trichy on 8/12/2008, Regarding to get the refund, railway department has requested us to send a letter to Madurai southern railway and we did it .but we have not obtained the refund yet.what is the procedure to get the refund.kindly tell me the way for it.
Train no:6232
Pnr no:[protected]

There is an emergency requirment of a train between chennai to bangalore on saturday and sunday night
between 23.15pm to 23.50 ... most of people working in banglore prefers only available train bangalore mail in which its very difficult to get reservation...ppl hang out side the unreserve compartment ...which oneday will lead to a very big tragedy or kindly take my sencire request and make a note to higher offical regarding this complaint
I am writing this mail about the refund of the money that I paid to buy tickets from Delhi to Rourkela and also the return journey.
I booked two tickets for train no-8478/Utkal express/3AC PNR Number:[protected] for the date 07th July 2008 paying an amount of 2296+30(an additional amount for booking tickets).And I booked two return tickets for train no-8477/Utkal express/3AC PNR Number:[protected] for the 10th July 2008 paying an amount of 2296+30(an additional amount for booking tickets).
The train however got cancelled but I didn't receive my money back till now. I filled the TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) form number: 923129 on 7th July 2008(same day) at 13:00 hrs .After coming to Bangalore I have sent the TDR form again to the address given below.
Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds),
Northern Railway 2nd floor station building
New Delhi 110055 via speed post.

It is waste of time and money both to go to the railway enquiry again and again in Bangalore & Delhi. I already wasted a lot of time & money in enquiring but didn't have any response yet, as there is no one in the railways department who can tell me exactly what is happening. The most common answer which I get from railways is that "it’s under processing”. I am fed up of hearing these words.
What kind of processing you do let me also know that it take several months & years to transfer the refund amount?

Dear Sir,
we had sent you TDR against untravelled PNR No.[protected] on 18/02/09 which was received by the due authority on 24/02/09. But we have not received any reply to your end till date regarding fare Rs. 941/- . we, therefore request you to send the same at the earliest.

Rahul Bhat
Nilons Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Railways — Ticket Refund - Due to Tain Cancellation


This is regarding ticket cancellation for the tickets issued using Smart Card.

I issued 3 tickets from a Smart Card Machine on 12th April 09 at 09:46 am from Kalyan to Vasai Road (via Diva), ATVM Ticket # 9347. After reaching Kopar, we were informed that the train for Vasai was cancelled due to some work. We had a talk with the Kopar Station Master and he informed that Kalyan Station respective department was already informed of the train cancellation the earlier night and even after that they were issuing tickets. Also, there was no announcements made in Kalyan that the train was cancelled. He asked us to either use the ticket to go via Dadar or get the ticket cancelled from Kalyan.

We came back to Kalyan and talked with the Kalyan Station Master Mr. S B Singh and he agreed for a full refund to be given on the ticket. He marked the same on the ticket and asked us to collect the refund from the ticket counter. At the ticket counter, we were directed to some other window everytime we went to some window for refund. Ultimately, they refused to provide a refund as the tickets were issued using a smart card. I went back to the station master and he also mentioned that since the ticket was issued using a smart card, refund is not possible. I wasted more than an hour in all this.

Can something be done about this? Ideally, the tickets should not be allowed to be issued even from the Smart Card Machine. Also, why did the station master signed for refund and then his signature was not respected at the counter.

Rajesh Nagwekar
Dear Sir,
My brother Sri.vV.CHANDRASEKARAN booked tickets for my family and his family from CHENNAI TO DURG on 25.12.2008. Due to some problem one of the passenger Smt.N.P.LAKSHMI LATHA(wife of my brother) was not travelled with us.So we got a FORM OF CERTIFICATE FOR LESS NUMBER OF PERSONS TRAVELLING(ceritificate 'A' for granting refund) from TTE and that certificate number is 162421 dated 25.12.2008. We gave a letter to MADURAI RAILWAY AUHORITIES for refund in the month of JAN'09, till date we have not received any refund from the officials of MADURAI RAILWAY. I furnish herebelow the ticket particulars.

PNR NO.[protected], DATE OF JOURNEY:25.12.2008, TRAIN NO:6328
No.of passengers mentioned in the ticket:6
no.of passengers travelled :5
Kindly arrange to refund the ticket amount at the earliest.

refund should be there in case of late train arrival in emergency time
Dear sir,

This is to inform you that Kindly mention the failled transaction deducted amount is not refunded from IRCTC .This is to inform you that I had made four transaction on 6/3/09 but there 02 transaction were failure . Details as follows 06/03/2009 74477489067009954852161 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 034.29(DR)
06/03/2009 74477489067009915616614 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 963.03(DR)
06/03/2009 74477489067009918908463 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 034.29(DR)
06/03/2009 74477489067009954853540 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 034.29(D

only two tickets were delivered but amount deducted of four transactions 02 transactions were failure( Dark Underlined) yet amount was deducted still that amount is not refunded from your side.Herewith attached my credit card account satement I have made there Bold and underlined letters on dated 5/05/09 cash back debit amount 1) 1034.29 & again -1034.29/- total amount is 2068.58. ( Please see 2nd attachment )Please refund me. from last couple of month i am tryring for the same but still I am failure non of amount refunded from your side . Please do the needful .
Regarding the same.I am really tried to communicate with you People from last 3 between I have lost my time, money patients. I have made 4 transactions on 6/3/09 but there was 2 were failled yet transaction amount - Rs 2068 deducted still this amount not credited in my credit card account No is - XXXX XXXX XXXX 1018 . As per IRCTC they told me that time your banks mybe server down. and also informed me Please inform to your bank " the failled transactions amount not refunded form IRCTC then we (IRCTC) will talk with your bank . and alos the verification report not forwarded me from your side. the report of dispute released in favour of bank, please send me soft copy or hard copy send me on my residential address is " 6/18 shri ganesh nagar, yerwada pune - 411006. This is my kind request to you otherwise I will go to consumer court regarding the same matter .
1) attchment 1 IRCTC REPORT
2) Bank Statenent.

Thanks & Regard,
Nagsen Chavan,
User ID ; chavan_nc
Credit Card no : XXXX XXXX XXXX 1018
Date of Transaction: 6/03/09
Mobile No. [protected]

1) Reference Number VCB11960/VCB11961 Transaction Id [protected]
Date 06-Mar-2009 Amount 1, 016.00
PNR 0 AWB Number
Credit Card Number [protected] FT number [protected]
IP Address Reason Transaction Not Recognized

Admin Details
Printer Name Printed Date 06-Mar-2009
Dispatcher Name Dispatched Date 06-Mar-2009
Deliverer Name Delivered Date 06-Apr-2009
Consignment Id First Attempt(Creation Date) 06-Mar-2009
Recieved By Second Attempt(Creation Date) 06-Mar-2009

Ticket Details
Payment Status Payment Settled Refund Status refunded
Reservation Status Not Booked
Train no 7031 Train Name HYDERABAD EXP
Journey Date 06-Apr-2009 Class : 2A
Boarding Point PUNE Reservation Upto HYB
Quota General Reservation Choice 3.Book any

S# Name Age Sex Berth Preference Food Preference Senior Citizen Cancel Status
AVINASH MANOJI 46 m Lower Veg 2

Payment Details
Payment Option ICICI
Ticket Fare 996.00
Service Charge 20.00
Total amount 1, 016.00
Settlement Id [protected]

Delivery Details
Delivery Mode eticket
Delivery Address
Delivery Date 06-Apr-2009
Received By
ID Card Type XXXX

Refund Details
No of Passangers 1 Refunded On 06-Mar-2009 Receipt No [protected]
No of Pass Cld PG Name ICICI Refund Type Transaction Failure
Amount Refunded 1, 016.00 Refund ID [protected] Refund Status Refunded

User Details
User ID chavan_nc Email ID nagsen.[protected]
User Name Nagsen chavan Mobile No
Home Address 6/18 shriganesh nagar yerwada pune-06 Office Address 6/18 shriganesh nagar yerwada pune-06
Home City Pune Office City Pune
Home State Maharashtra Office State Maharashtra
Home Pincode 0 Office Pincode 0
Home Phone [protected] Office Phone [protected]
Findings User tried to book an E-ticket that was not booked but amt debited from user's a/c whole amt 1016/- was already refunded vide Settlement ID [protected]. We will not accept chargeback for this. Pod not applicable. User State Active

2) 06/03/2009 74477489067009954852161 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 034.29(DR)
06/03/2009 74477489067009915616614 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 963.03(DR)
06/03/2009 74477489067009918908463 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 034.29(DR)
06/03/2009 74477489067009954853540 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 034.29(D

Card No.
Card Type Primary Card
Statement Date 07/05/2009
Payment Due Date 25/05/2009
Statement Period 08/04/2009 To 07/05/2009
Total Amount Due Rs. 6, 980.67
Minimum Amount Due Rs. 1, 870.00


Statement Summary
Previous Balance Rs. 5, 266.92
Purchase and other Charges Rs. 9, 345.25
Cash Advances Rs. 0.00
Payments and other credits Rs. 7, 631.50
Total Amount Due Rs. 6, 980.67

NOTE:The redeemed points include the actual redemptions (if any), the cash back adjustments and purchase reversals or cancellations.
Rewards Program
Opening Balance Earned during the month Redeemed during the month Closing Balance
145 26 145 26

Transaction Details :

Card Number : [protected] - NAGSEN CHAVAN
Date Ref. Number Transaction Details Transaction Amount
Domestic Transactions
05/05/2009 CHARGEBACK DEBIT Rs. 1, 034.29(DR)
05/05/2009 CHARGEBACK DEBIT Rs. 1, 034.29(DR)
30/04/2009 74477489120012502514106 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 434.36(DR)
27/04/2009 74477489118012366334512 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 885.66(DR)
25/04/2009 196167 CHEQUE PAYMENT RECEIVED, THANK YOU Rs. 2, 000.00(CR)
25/04/2009 74477489116012250673845 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 80.00(CR)
24/04/2009 2/3 EMI Principal - Rs. 1, 300.00(DR)
24/04/2009 Orig Amt: 3, 900 on 24-02-09 Bal: 1, 300 Rs. 0.00(CR)
23/04/2009 74477489113012161085355 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 588.08(DR)
16/04/2009 196166 CHEQUE PAYMENT RECEIVED, THANK YOU Rs. 5, 000.00(CR)
14/04/2009 74477489105011751451001 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 344.08(DR)
11/04/2009 74477489102011591817380 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 178.15(DR)
09/04/2009 74477489099011491974328 Indian Railways Catering Rs. 1, 546.34(DR)

Card Number : [protected] - NAGSEN CHAVAN
Date Ref. Number Transaction Details Transaction Amount
Domestic Transactions
09/04/2009 Overlimit Fee Reversal Rs. 500.00(CR)
09/04/2009 Service tax reversal Rs. 51.50(CR)

1. Unbilled transactions (those for which authorisation has been taken but have not yet been billed by the merchant) are not displayed here.
Train No=4650 /Saryu Yamuna Exp.
Transiction ID=[protected]
PNR NO=[protected]
Date of Jurny=25/05/09
Date of Booking=23/05/09
in the name of=
1)Syed Ayazul Islam
& Rezwanullah
Train No=4650 /Saryu Yamuna Exp.
Transiction ID=[protected]
PNR NO=[protected]
Date of Jurny=25/05/09
Date of Booking=23/05/09
in the name of=
1)Syed Ayazul Islam
& Rezwanullah
MOBILE NO=[protected]
Sub:To change the time of vadodara-Bhilad intercity.
The time of above mention train from vadodara is 7:00 a.m. which is too late after kutchh express.There is one another train avilable after 10 min. from Bhilad exprees.It is Better we all demanding to change the time of Bhilad-vadodara express(down only).If possible make it Departure time 6:30a.m. from vadodara.
It is convinient for all and we get benifit of train after kutchh express.Please, please, please do some favourable change .We all eagerly waiting for it
Thanking you
Vadodara Group.
my journey dated[protected] from madurai to tirupati from train no. 6352 . therefore my money is to be refunded because second AC coach was not attached therefore i have to conduct my journey in THIRD AC . please refund my money kindly.
my pnr status is - [protected].
I had written a letter to the Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds) on July 28, 2009 regarding the ticket refund.

The ticket status was waitlisted till the train left from Gurgaon on June 24, 2009. Therefore, we had decided not to travel by train.

Tickets details are as follows:

PNR No.[protected]Rs. 373) and[protected]Rs. 3528/-) (Gurgaon to Chakki Bank)

Please advise the status.


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