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[Resolved]  Indigo Airlines — Customer complaint

Dear sir / madam,

I am sorry to bring to your kind notice that today i. E 08 / feb / 08. I had to go to bhubaneshwar. And i was booked your flight no. 6e 251. Vide pnr no. Xj78ab.

I had reached the counters at 8. 18 am after getting my bag secutity checked and all to catch the flight for 8. 55 am. But i was not givin the boarding pass. As i suppose your flight was over - booked.

Your ground staff was very rude; they harassed me and also misbehaved at the airport. Even after knowing that i have my baggage was security checked. They did not let me check - in.

This was a really terrible and horrifying experience for me and i caused a lot of stress and mental pressure on me as i am a patient of high blood pressure and sugar.

You are requested to kindly refund my money or issue me a ticket for tomorrow's travel or a ticket voucher in lieu of the above mentioned ticket in order to restrain me from taking a legal stand against your airline.

Awaiting your co - operative action

Thanking you

Mr. Karan aggarwal

C / o mr. V. Aggarwal

D - 147, east of kailash

New delhi - 110065


Mobile: - 0 - [protected]

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Indian Airlines — taking extra fair even though reached on time

Dear Sir

pls note i had a flight yesterday from mumbai to babgalore ic107 air india i reached the airport by 5.00 and was not allowed to check in stating that i was late and they made and forced me to pay 2250 extra for the next flight at 8.35 flight IC 609 and the total amount was 8250 which i had paid through the negaligance of the staff of air india
sir this is very very ridicouls harrasment to the passenger as i had a important meeting but they did not give any reply pls advice i want to take action on these pls guide us in this matter

regards kamal vaishnav

I was to fly from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 26th May 2008 in the afternoon flight -6E 251. On reaching the airport the staff told me that the flight has been cancelled. Mind you no reason given for the same, no apologies as well. Infact it has been framed in such a way that - Is this your number? we called you but you did not pick up the phone.
On asking how come I did not receive any message, reply came immediately - our call center guys would do that.
I asked for options and explained that I needed to get back to Bangalore before 7:00 P.M. For this she replied saying that indigo will do full refund and I can go ahead and check other airlines availability and go. - Hey wait a minute, I book a ticket from you so you can tell me that you cancelled the flight and you can give money back 15 working days from now???? And I go in search of another airline so I could reach my destination? The point is, when an airline company issues a ticket, does that not mean - a contract to fly the ticket holder from origin to destination?
It is very unfortunate to see the kind of attitude with which the ground staff responded to me.
Does Indigo train their staff???? this was the first question that came into my mind since they do did not have respect for the customers' time and money.
I had no choice left but to wait until the next flight which is scheduled in the evening at 7:40. do note that Rajiv Gandhi International airport being far away from the city, I had to go and come back at 6:40 which is the reporting time. 6:40, I was there and the lady at the counter says that the flight has been delayed and now it is scheduled at 8:05 P.M. - Note - No phone call or sms on the delay.
Well the flight from Kolkota came at 8:15 when the passegers were ushered into the aircraft. Finally reached the destination at 9:30P.M.
When the flight landed in Bangalore, I thought that I can breath now. Oops I was wrong, when I heard the captain of the aircraft announcing that we have to wait for sometime before we get down since the airbridge is not available and so the ladderbridge would be provided. Another 10 minutes delay there.

Indigo, I swear that I will never fly with you again. Thanks for wasting my time, money and energy all this with no respect for customer satisfaction. The experience is worth sharing with news magazine and friends which would happen eventually not to mention the blogs and orkut.

Hey they say Customer is God but you treat them as . Pardon my circasm no other decent word to say after all that I went through with the esteemed Indigo personnel.

Lastly this is for the one who is responsible in Indigo who might want to take action - Only thing you might want to consider in training is to have some respect for time of your customers.

- Satya
i booked tickets from jaipur to hyd i got my pnr no. through mobile but i cant get my e ticket by mail here r my pnr no.zzj2bt ozj3an qzk4dv

Indigo Airlines — misguide

Respected sir,

My reference no. is DZBNDW

My flight was on 13th feb at 6:00 in morning.
I reached at 5:40 am and the receptionist said that flight boarding is over and flight has taken off.
I want to know that if the flight was scheduled at 6:00 so how can they do so with out informing us.
Now i want my money to be refunded as soon as possible.
Otherwise i will go to court and file a case against indigo airlines.
this is not a bus that you can run and catch it 20 mins befor flight . flight closes half hr prior to on time to catch a flight instead of blaming airlines about it !
i am syed wahab uddin, i have complaint about non refunding of my cancellation of air ticket.sir im not getting is that the way to the amount and i had complaint against your slow processing and how many time im sending a mail, still no action where taking from your department this was my last and final mail if you are not going to transfer my amount in my account as soon as, than only its better for you.otherwise i will going to give this non-refunding of amount in the newspaper. — damage to baggage

The customer relation officer,

I travelled from Calcutta to Pune on 31/10/2009 at18.15 by goindigo.

We reached pune at 10.45 pm But the Baggages were delayed, The person loading the baggage on the convener belt was not placing the bags correctly- they were not placed in the center and most of them were placed upside down .You may have recieved many more complains as a lot of people were complaining.The security guard was not allowing me to go in again and guiding me to some lady in blue dress who is supposedto be present and taking care but was not seen by me.

In the process my new bag has got damaged. My baggage check in No. was [protected] .What is the compensation the company will give me ?

Pravina Mahadalkar

air ticketing — letter of discontinuation issued but reply yet not received

I have complained for disconnection during march,2009 but till date I have received no reply from your end. Please treat it as most urgent
pl attention what i am going to write, hope this will be put up to the owner of the airlines, initially my appch towards indigo was ... however after cancelling that ticket of indigo i am harashed and my peice of mine has been ruin by you.i have got all the names whom i had spoken regarding the matters since 4th of Dec 09 and it has been more than a month to reverse back a simple amount for cancellation to my bankers..kingfishers took 4 working days to do the same in one of the intanse.i have all the conversation recording and name of all the so call executives whom i had spoken, , , varun 1500 hrs 4th dec, priyank srivastava, anu malhotra, neha on 18 th dec, deepak on 24 Dec, raman on 24th again and Ramandeep Kaur DD manager all above mentioned had leid to me and i had to show a sorry figure in front of my banker ei American Express.Now option left to me is to go to media and expose this loop hole do something before i initiate againgst indigo, my no is [protected] hope to receive a call from someone top in heirarchy, , thanks

INDIGO AIRLINES — Worst experience with Indigo Airlines/Never travel by this Airlines at any cost

We were to board the Delhi bound flight(R6URCP) from Chennai at 20:00Hrs[protected] when this incident happened.
We reached in the security check at 19:30Hrs after the announcement and were held up at security for around 15 minutes.
The manager of the indigo airlines (Present at[protected]:00Hrs) informed us that we were late even though we entered the security check at 19:35Hrs.
He (Manager) tore the tickets in front o[censored]s and we were asked to move out of the place immediately. He didn’t give us the chance to explain.
My question is - Who is he to tare my tickets??
He literally dragged us to the front gate and left us alone.he didnt show us any courtesy even after repeatedly saying that we were the first time flighters.
It is my money and rightfully it belongs to me. He has no right to tare my tickets. I was embarrassed in front of the crowd.
This was supposed to be my first flight experience and would have kept the tickets as wonderful memories since the money I have put is my first month’s salary.
It is a sentimental/Financial issue for me and was depressed for 2 weeks because of this.
I had asked this question" I am expecting a reply from one of the managers.I will take appropriate action if I don’t get a convincing reply."
For this he asked me to forgive and said he will refund me 229 per passenger.
so i[censored] lost your respect,get humilated by indigo staff - dont worry - they will pay you 229 rupees.
Really he destroyed my joy of the first flight experience.
This is my humble request to all that never travel by indigo travels at all. they dont respect you, wat all they respect is the timing of their flights and they have 229 rupees to refund you.
Moreover one funny thing is , atleast they havent repaid the 229 amount per passenger what they promised me to give.
i have all the proofs and an eye witness and i am going to take this to consumer court untill i get my money back.
my mail id is [protected] and i will be delighted to explain you in detail i[censored] still have any queries.
please suggest me what is the procedures to register a formal complaint against them.
F.A.O. Mr Aditya Ghosh, President and Director of Indigo Airlines- PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL -


Dear Mr Aditya Ghosh,

Please accept my apologies if the incident below is an exception. However I don't believe we are.

We are currently trapped in Bangalore airport held hostage by the staff at Indigo. This all began because;

1. On 1st February when we originally booked our ticket there was no information ANYWHERE on Indigo's website that stated once inside the airport you cannot leave the terminal building.

2. On 1st March we rebooked a ticket due to an administrative error and again at no time were we notified that once we entered the departure building we would not be able to leave.

3. On arrival at the airport there was no signage or notification that once you entered the building you would not be able to leave.

4. We arrived early in the morning, even though our flight was not due to leave until the evening as the only bus we could get arrived in Bangalore at 7.00am, after a 12 hour bus journey.

If we had known in advance we would never have entered the building. I am now going to have to go and see the airport doctor as due to my terror of being trapped I am now suffering an extreme anxiety attack.

The staff at the Indigo booth were unhelpful to the point of abusive and were not at all bothered about people being trapped for over ten hours.

Well done Indigo airlines you customer service has reflected the standard of your company once again.
I have PNR No Y49FLG of Indigo of 4 person for round trip Del-BBI but I am not getting ticket details thru Indigo web site please advice me.

Indian airlines air ticket — ticket not found

last year i purchase 2 way ticket male' to trivandrum from travel agency for my husband . i went trivandrum airport on dec 29 airlines people said ticket is not found.then i got strees what to do in the neck of time .airline people advised me to get another ticket .so again i bought one more ticket on same date.
so i want to get back my money.

i trust that my indian friends will do my favour
please reply nafees
The Managing Director.
Subject : Mental Harrasment and torture caused to me.
Reference : Booking reference K53 PLA, for Indigo flights on Dt. 26/ 27 May-2010,
in R/o Shri. Pawan Nemade
Being aggrieved and deeply pained with un-human and in-descent attitude of INDIGO staffer namely Ms. RENNY, at Vadodara Airport, resulting considerable financial losses besides mental agony, I would like to bring to your notice, the unpleasant instance of 26th May, 2010.
I had purchased confirmed Tickets having Booking reference No. K53PLA for air-journey on 26th May, 2010 from Vadodara to Mumbai by Flight No. 6E 210 and from Mumbai to Nagpur (connecting on same day), Flight No. 6E 403 and total fare for both flights amounting to Rs. 5058 was paid. The commencement of Flight No. 6E 210 scheduled for 26th May at 12.00 Hours was delayed for some reasons by about 2 hours. When I personally visited Airport Counter and enquired, the staff straight away asked me to cancel Ticket for Mumbai Nagpur flight, as it would not be possible for me to catch the connecting Mumbai-Nagpur flight due to delayed arrival of Vadodara-Mumbai flight at Mumbai. I insisted to arrange some other connection from Mumbai to Nagpur, as I had to reach Nagpur anyhow on the same day, to attend the funeral of my grandfather at Nagpur. I proposed 3 options, as under:
1. To cancel both the tickets and give me Full Refund.
2. To accommodate me in the late evening flight on same day from Mumbai to Nagpur.
3. Or Lastly, to postpone the entire journey for next day ( i.e. 27th May)

The first option, was straightly refused, for second, I was given some flimsy excuses., while for third option, The staff insisted me to pay an extra amount of Rs. 3249.00 for no fault of mine. The earlier Tickets had cost me Rs. 5058.00 for total journey ( from Vadodara to Nagpur via Mumbai ), but the subsequent journey on 27th May, cost me Rs. 8307.00, in which case, I spent Rs. 3249.00 extra, for no fault on my part.
Similarly, I was compelled to stay at Vadodara on 26th May, 2010 because of postponement of Air Tickets for 27th May, resulting in unfructuous expenditure of Rs. 3, 000.00, for stay at Vadodara, besides the fact that I could not attend the funeral of my Grandfather.
On 27th May, when I approached your counter at Vadodara airport, for Boarding passes and requested to issue Boarding passes for both the flights together, (which I always do), the staff straightly denied and insisted me to collect the boarding pass for second flight at Mumbai itself, for which I had to again take pain to move here and there at Mumbai airport, when I was alone and already mentally harassed and tortured by INDIGO staff and disturbed due to the unhappy incident at my home.
I would further like to invite your attention on Indigo’s Itinerary read with Terms and conditions, In the eventuality of flight delays and cancellations, in my instance case, I had travelled by INDIGO flight on next day for my entire journey from Vadodara to Nagpur and not by any other air-line, therefore, there was no reason to charge me Rs. 3249.00 extra for postponing the date of journey to next day. Further it was also obligatory for INDIGO, which is airline of Repute to arrange my stay / Lodging/ Boarding at Vadodara as is being done by other Air-lines. But Indigo did not arrange it. Hope you will understand the issue in its right spirit.
I request you please take suitable action in the matter and arrange refund to me as under:
1) Rs. 3, 249.00 (charged extra wrongfully )
2) About Rs. 4, 000.00 towards Food Travel and Stay allowance at Vadodara and
3) Letter of regret from your side to compensate for the Financial / Mental / Physical agony.

Here, it may also be noted that on the said day, there was a strike by the staff of Air-India and probably to show Indirect support to the strike, your staff (or organization) tried to take passenger to task.
I, further like to bring to your notice, that in case of no satisfactory action from your side, I may be forced to approach Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation Mr. Praful Patel as well as to bring the instance to notice of Press and other air-lines also
Expecting suitable action and a line of reply from your side,
Yours Faithfully,
(Pawan Suhas Nemade)
38, Ravindra Nagar,
NAGPUR. 440 022.
Contact: [protected]
Email: [protected]
Indigo not only makes mistakes but does not receive complaints. Any complaint lodged/sent by email to customer.[protected] bounces back. Does Indigo believe that would help them to make a popular airlines in India?
Indigo Airlines suggest their customers to lodge/email complaints, after they make mistakes, to customer.[protected], and the mails bounce back. What a great idea for customer satisfaction!!! Or is it because they consider customer satisfaction is not their priority, being a cheap airlines? I think, you should respect your customers, or else will lose the support soon.
Open condition was broken too, lock was also Open. When we complaint to Indigo Staff they all were giving stupid excuses .they didn't put in the seal onto lock.I told them i have some valuable let me carry it as handbag they didn't allow .Many other also were complaining the same but they were not ready to listen. I simply told them would like to take up the matter with higher authorities they said nobody is at Airport,I asked I would like to lodged the complaint they didn't have the format also for that ,neither they were ready to provide the acknowledgement copy off my complaint they didn't provide that also. I called up to customer care they were also not giving me the complaint no. They simply told go back & register your complaint on company website. At the time of boarding the weight of the luggage was 16 kg whether at the time of arrival it was only 15.3kg .Some bags were totally in torn & open condition. The staff was not all co-operative. What is the security of our luggage if we travel with this kind of Airlines. Staff kept on arguging for 3 hours but was not ready to provide any kind of solution. It took my 3 hours but all in vain. They started settling down some amount with other passenger all went away but they didn't bother for me.They don't have even that much of Curtsy that they should provide the priority to female passengers. They just wanted to argue untill customer gives up & go back to home without any solution ,so it happened .It's nothing except mental tension & we wasted our valuable time also. When we travel by Airline we are sure of the safety for our luggage & stuff also. I kept on saying i am getting late but they were not at bothered. One of them took the security sticker also from the luggage (Open condition) while I was talking to one of their officials without taking my permission. They have not written any kind of conditions onto boarding pass. It's big hassle for us pls help to resolve the matter.

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