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listen j.k shah has really really lost its worth..proff like anuj sir, prabhu sir, vora sir are just excellent...there cannot be any match to them but others???...cmon...h patel, a patel, viraj, ronak, hitanshu, some i.t guy who was ragged completely and the great gaurav sir...are u serious these are j.k teachers?...all my c.a cousins told me to take j.k but they did not have these prof at all!...like my cousins if only anuj sir, vora sir, prabhu sir n j.k sir teach ur i am willing to pay double...rite now i say an absolute no no to anyone who asks me about j.k..
this gaurav sir teaches well...but he shud really b taught some manner...comin wid a shirt wid 3 buttons open?., ...is this how a proffessional teacher look like?...then gaurav tryin to show off a lott...by sayin my bandra house, my friend from spain whuz an interior designer, i hv a bar at home!...shut up!..ok ok ok u r toooo great...but just teach us and dont speak all these things!...he is telling us.."frankly i just wanna get done with u all as soon as posible.. coz some dumb person from ur class sent a letter to j.k sir tat u'll waant me to teach...i am here missing on my vacation...i just wanna get done wid u all..."...is this the way a proff talks?...he dint teach us any services from service tax coz he said we were talking...and i swear to god we werent talking dat day...not a single person in the class will agree tat we were talking!...wat non sense at j.k?...hitanshu sir does soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much timepass and so lil teaching!...ronak sir cannotr solve doubts!...ohhh god how can i forget baxtar sir!...atleast other prof completed portion(except gaurav)...this baxtar sir...last 45 mins of lecture tels us to solve sums and leaves the clas/...we r just sittin in class n talking coz we know he, ll never come bak and finish d sum!...even if we ask he will say..ya ya ill do it in the end...but wat happens in d end?...he is gone!

oh how shud i forget to mention wat did prof gaurav say
1) i feel j.k sir is very boring
2)i dont agree wid ganatra sir
3)if u wan u can take thakkar sirs notes but they r useless coz he has just copy pasted from one site!...
4)i have tattoo all over my body
always tries to look down upon ganatra and thacker sir!
he will ask u questions...make u thin like crazy but never answer them!..yes he does tat!!!

j.k shah stop starting new batches...maintain quality and not quantity!
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Prospectus is a thing which a student before taking admission in JKSC compulsorily gets, and relying on the information in it takes admission. At Charni road branch of J. K. Shah classes, the prospectus read 31st August as the course completion date but as on today (1st September) our 4 chapters in costing, 4 chapters in FM and more than half of the company law syllabus is pending. Well I don't know who is to be blamed for this, the poor time table drafters, who didn't pay any heed to our request or the overconfident branch manager sir, who kept assuring us till mid July that course will be over till 20th August or the senior faculty accounts teacher (prof. Vyas sir) who falsely claims that he informed us in March ( i.e. one month after our journey in JKSC begun) that course will be completed in sept. end. (Had we know this in March, I bet everybody student would have withdrawn their admission). Or maybe the students themselves are to be blamed, because in prospectus it was nowhere mentioned that course will be completed on 31st August '2015', it just simply read 31st August and we were the fools to assume that we were being trained for Nov. 2015 attempt.

Also, JKSC should start giving seminars on how to make an organisation cost effective? They are running three batches combined- Nov. 2015, may 2016 early bird and may 2016 regular batch, without realising that the time table demand, the requirements and the maturity level of all the three batches will be different.

I would like to thank them for letting us know how recession strikes an organisation after boom. Thanks for the extra care you showered in our batch!
yes it's true that jk shah classes providing very poor classes
i'm also victim of this class
i'm totally not satisfied with this class
i'm rankholder in ipcc may 2010 by self study
i left this classes in mid
i scored 462 marks
and my capacity is 560 i.e 1st rank
but my dream is broken because of i joined jk shah classes and wasted 35000rs for 2 months with no study whereas i'm rankholder im cpt
yes.. dats true... except sum teachers like vora sir, patel (who teaches accounts), sweena ma'am, prabhu sir, raghvendra sir...
all r useless...
gaurav sir and baxter sir are simply useless, dey dosent knw how to teach... dey think as if we r born CA's... rubbish...
i sugesst all dat if u r not from bomay den nvr think of goin to jk shah's... its just waste of time, money n ur own potential...
i completely agree wid all the above comments, no doubt JK Shah's r reputed, bt dat was a past... though der r some very gud teachers like sweene ma'am, raghvendra sir, vora sir, prabhu sir, patel sir (accounts)... except dez teachers all r useless specially gaurav sir and baxter sir...
nvr think of join Jk shah's...
Yes... above comments r correct, though some teachers r gud mentioned in the above comment.
Hi I'm a current student of JKSC CS professionals batch in Borivali.. I have just taken 2 subjects for CS processionals i.e. tax and FM so I don't attend the other lectures like CR etc..its happened for the 2nd time that in the timetable online it showed Sunday as holiday while in classes somewhere around Thursday it was announced that Sunday (22.11.2015) will be a tax lec of prof.Nihal. while taking the admissions there were all false claims made to us by JKSC staff that if there is any changes in the timetable they will inform via SMS but in vain...missing a 5.5 hrs tax lecture is not a joke..whose going to pay for the damages that I suffered? They have taken my 2 nos.during admission n said I'll b updated about the timings via SMS n yes I did got a msg in the past when there was a lec that was been cancelled but from past 2 times I've not being getting any updates and I'm highly disappointed... JKSC gives preference only to CA students n CS course is jus taken for granted here..I don't have any friends in my batch who informed me about the change in the lecture and neither I have come here to make friends...its an highly irresponsible activity on behalf of JKSC staff who didn't SMS me about a change in the lecture..
My fathers job has transferred to chennai i applied for refund to jksc with required transfer letter and application letter will i get refund

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