[Resolved]  Karl Moore - SWREG - WCCL Network — Deceptive business practices


It is unfortunate that this individual, who also posts under the name of "Manny, " continues to spam sites with our details.

You can read my own official rebuttal of this case here:

Scroll down to the bottom to see the official response.

You are always welcome to contact myself should anyone have any queries or problems.

Kindest thanks,

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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear Karl,

I have read the official report regarding the scam 'WCCL Network'.

The report isn't entirely lies.

I have ordered several products 'The NLP Secret' & The Hypnosis Coach.

The NLP was totally irrelevant and misleading. All it suggested was to change your body posture (how would that give you extreme confidence and let go of all past issue's)?.

The Hypnosis Coach- I couldn't even open! Apparently my purchase email, wasn't the purchase email! :-?

I am very disappointed- as a student, on a low income, i relied on the content of the website. I put my trust and money to the guy selling it!

What have i achieved? Nothing!

I want my money back!

I'm sorry that you decided to post this publicly, rather than simply get in touch with myself.

Every single one of your tickets has been responded to. Here are the links:

Our tracking system means it's impossible for us *not* to respond to you.

Please check your junk mail folder, which may have incorrectly trapped our mail.


Good afternoon to all. I want to report a company called WCCL Networks. I was ripped off by WCCL Networks.

I thought this company was a good and legitimate company? I was wrong. I ordered “hide my IP Address and when they took my money, there product never ran for me. I mailed them back around 10+ times and all I received is the “run around”.

They will NOT REFUND my money. It’s being only ONE DAY and the product never worked. I asked for my MONEY BACK SEVERAL TIMES and all I get is “thank you for contacting us”

I too was RIPPED OFF by this company and want the rest of the people to know, NOT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING from this company at all.

This company should go to JAIL for what they are doing to the public.

I have read that there is “no way to trace the companies address”. Now if someone takes your money on a Credit Card, there should be a way to find them.

I hope the FBI catches up with this company and investigates WCCL Networks. The FBI will also learn from the public that it’s not a legitimate company.

And just like others: I've achieved NOTHING

I had the same problem with this company. I ordered and paid for HideMyIP and it never installed. When I contacted them for technical support the first time they were of no use. Each subsequent time I contacted them I asked for a refund but they would only send useless remedies.

I see that they're based in Oregon and I intend to contact the AG and consumer groups to let people know what a bunch of lowlife thieves WCCL is.

WCCL is a bunch of scammers, folks. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!
Are they in Oregon? I ordered from them, wanted a refund for the NLP cd they sent me, but it looked like they were based in the UK, I assumed to make it harder for people to get a Better Business Bureau report on them. I sent the cd back and haven't received a refund. It's been four weeks.
Dear reader, here is my story, I purchased a software product that was utilized in cleaning my hard drives. As a trader and investment consultant I have sensitive data on my computer I need to keep safe from prying eyes. I ordered their product and called and called and called trying to even get the program loaded, then I finally was able to get it downloaded and was in just as a big of a mess. Now the program will not open, work or anything, every time I contact them they kept telling to do something different and after losing many hours to their craziness I go nowhere. I asked for a refund the day after purchasing it got the run around, I contacted my bank only to find out they charged me twice for one order. When I contacted them they denied it completely and stated they did not charge me, I had to report them to the fraud department and block them from all future charges!! Very poor product, customer service and very unprofessional!!

It seems obvious that all the complaints here have one point in common: they are not willing to receive support through our website. Instead, they simply post bad reviews on other websites.

We have demonstrated that we reply to all the tickets on within one business day and we always do our best to assist the customers.

There's not much we can do when the customers are not willing to read our messages or work with us.

I invite all the previous posters to contact us and I promise we will find a solution for your problem, or refund your orders if we cannot.

Best wishes

[email protected]'s reply, May 5, 2021
Alan: MyHelpHub has been taking my money for 6 months through a fake purchase through Klarna. The order number I have is 9QCPLF13-1. I NEED A WAY TI TALK TO YOUR COMPANY. How do I do this? I need a refund. I Have n o idea what the product is that I DID. OT BUY!!! THE AMOUNT IS $577.24. HOW DO I PROCEED? MY EMAIL IS [email protected]
I also ordered the subliminal studio. I was really excited about making cds. I was unable to get it to work and received the run around telling me to try this and try that. I let them know the disk was damaged and instead of offering to send a replacement, they wanted to argue with me about it. Each response is perkier than the last thanking me for taking the time to write and then telling me I'm basically too dumb to open the folders. When I got tired of the run around, they said they don't offer refunds. I copied and pasted off their website where they say they do and was still told they don't. It is like they don't speak the same language or they just enjoy playing head games with people. Thank goodness I didn't put any affiliate links on my website. I wouldn't want my business associated with this.
You are a spammer though Karl. Just come clean and sod off and leave vulnerable people alone. How much money does one bank account need?

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