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[Resolved]  Kingfisher Airlines — To check the ticket through PNR NO

I book the ticket of King fisher Airlines. Flight no IT 3633, Flight date- 30 May 09,PNR no - LPGRJX from chennai to Port Blair. After travelling i don't have the ticket with me. The Travel agent who has booked the ticket closed his agency and gone to Tamilnadu. I want to claim my money from my company. For that i need the Ticket of my travelling but unable to get the ticket. Pls help me out and solve my problem of getting the ticket on King fisher website.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Mar 28, 2014

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Citibank Credit Card — misuse of cancelled credit card

My husband got a lifetime free credit card from Citi bank in 2002, but he never used it.after few months he sent the cut card back to citi bank and mailed to the bank that he is cacelling the card.Then we shifted to other place in same 2005 he got statement at his office address that he had made purchase of 40, 000/ and was asked by the bank to make payment.he was shocked to recieve the statement.After that the bank started harassing my husband, my husband wrote to MD of Citi bank but they did not responded.Now they are saying that you have to pay 60, 000 including interest on 40, 000.
my husband doesn't want to go to consumer court as it takes a lots of time.
what should we do.I need guidance.

Kingfisher — amount debited twice

I B.Narasimha Murthy Had made a flight booking in the net from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad with the PNR number: PFVGBQ, with a amount of rupees 9273.00

For the three guests namely 1. b.sankarababu,

2. lakshmi tulasi,

3. b.vizwal

I had made these transactions from my credit card (BARCLAY CARD TYPE VISA) but fortunately the sum of amount Rs 9273/- has been debited twice from my card, so I request you to refund my amount of Rs 9273/- hereby I am providing all the details for you at below

Name: B.N.Murthy (on card)

Mobile No : [protected]

e-mail: bn.[protected], bnm.[protected],

total amount : 20546 rupees with a 4 transactions.

1) 4524 rupees

2) 4524 rupees

3) 225 rupees

4) 9273 rupees

Date of issue: 01/08


Transaction Id

Transaction id






Plz Kindly Do the needful for me and refund the amount of rupees immediately,

We appreciate for your kind cooperation.

Kingfisher Airlines and Citibank Credit Card — || Misuse of Card and Non - Cancellation of Tickets booked on Card ||

At the time of 1.34 to 2.30 tickets were booked as on 10th october, 2008...card no. is given..all the details are given, but in this fastest world of technology...we are still unable to cancel the tickets and find out who has booked the tickets...citibank is saying ask kingfisher and kingfisher is saying ask citibank..if both of you think by doing this you will make us pay then you are highly mistaken...

at 1.30 i received call that my charges are reversed and my limit is increased and immediately at the same time tickets are started to be booked from my is someone from the bank only...

If kingfisher wanted they would have taken quick action and immediately cancelled the ticket but as it will be the lose of them...and if citibank wanted they would have stopped the payment of transaction which took place from 1.30 onwards...but they have not done so...let the customer suffer...right...

We have followed all the instructions to protect the card from online and offline fruad...we have followed the instructions given by kingfisher customer care and citibank customer care...which are a clear indication of mistake in their system and the way they are working...

So if you think u can fool around other indians by levying the charges whatever you want...then you are highly mistaken..this matter will go long...for getting publicity you have to spend money, we will give you media publicity free of charge without spending money...For 25000 spent on 8th no call was made...and for balance spent on 10th immediate confirmation call came...gr8 service...for your gr8 services only we are paying huge taxes and 4 interest per month...

Airport...highly sensible area cant find who has booked ticket and when and from safe we are...this matter will go a long of luck to both of soon as the limit was increased in minutes the limit was used...kingfisher is having no clue who has booked tickets...and citibank is having also no clue who has booked ticket from where and for where...gr8...we are really safe...and we are really fighting in the right way from terrorism...finding it really bore...u will..find it bore only...

Be Ready for the consequences...
We are not going to pay you...and see you in consumer court for deficiency in consumer services...

(1) Misuse of card by citibank inner staff...
(2) Inability of kingfisher and citibank to give details who has booked is my right...u have charged me 56000 and you cant give details...

(3) Giving wrong information by customer care of kingfisher that ticket will be cancelled by kingfisher airport we ran from andheri to airport customer care executive are not aware about the procedure...

(4) Citibank should have stopped transfer of payment of the transaction taken place at 1.30...but they have not done so...

(5) It was very easy to catch the person..who has booked ticket at 1.30...but no initiative was taken from none of the side except ourself...

(6) More 2 come from ur side...and we are damn sure that sorry will be your last word...

I am not going to pay for the services which i have never used...send your recovery ageents...put the name in defaulter list...u charge me for this and i will also not pay the previous monthly it is you who has to find who has done all this and not us...we tried our best...but u both are intentionally acting as you are helpless and cant trace out in whose account the payment has gone and who has used the tickets...

Dhara Sheth

Citibank Credit Card No. [protected]
Mumbai, India.

Now we are also sending by cutting this card in 4 pieces and sending to your chennai office...amount of compensation will be let in sometime...

a copy of the above is sent to mumbai site...also...

Kingfisher Airlines And Citibank Credit Card — Misuse of Card and Non cancellation of tickets

Recently on my i.e. Mr. Chirag Shantilal Kothari's (B.Com.L.L.B.) fiance Miss Dhara Manharlal Sheth's cell phone no. [protected], we received a call from citibank call center executive that our card has been used for booking kingfisher airlines ticket whereas we have not done any booking online...

We have never handed over the card or used it for online purpose...we have
already blocked the card and when we called customer care of citibank they
told that the tickets have been booked as on 8th onwards...for an amount of approx. 56000...We are our limit was only 60000 then we can never think of booking ticket of more than that... and from 8th october, 2008 we are continuosly busy in our marriage there is not question of sitting online and booking tickets...and we dont have any plans of going and the same person will not book tickets from the card in the manner they are booked...
Citibank customer care is not having details with regard to the person who has booked the ticket...They have told to call kingfisher for the details...when we called kingfisher customer care they told us to go to airport and cancel the same...We went to airport for cancellation of ticket on the saying of customer care executive.

Airport authorities are unable to find out in whose name and by whom the ticket has been booked...and they have told us to send mail at this address...for the purpose of cancelling the ticket and getting details of the person in whose name the ticket have been booked. [protected]

Kingfisher authorities are saying that it is not their department...and they cant furnish and find out the details .and this is so funny in the world of net..we are finding difficulty in getting and airlines are so fast in charging customer but are so slow in giving details...

We have not used the card and the card has not been handed over to any person in negligence or by mistake is a work of some professionals...we have tried our best to find out the person behind this...which can be done by citibank and kingfisher...kingfisher will not cancel the tickets as they will loose revenue and citibank wont do anything as they will loose the money which they have paid to kingfisher...and we are also not going to pay anything which we have not can send n. no. of recovery agents...and for all the inconvenience which has not caused mainly due to misuse of card but due to inability in finding the people behind this...we are really safe indian and proud to be an indian...already fooled around by some and are seeing more from airlines and the bank...

Kingfisher Airlines, Delhi, India — excess airfare taken

My daughter, Ananya Mukherjee booked e-ticket from USA in your airlines on18. 01. 2008
i) From Delhi, India(DEL) to Kolkata, India(CCU)
ii) Dated: Friday, May 2, 2008 and Monday, May 26, 2008
iii) Ist.PNR No. : MBSTNR
iv) Flight nos. : IT 0603 and IT 0602(Kolkata to Delhi)
v) Airfare :INR8600
vi) Against CITI Card No. [protected]
vii) At Delhi Airport, Ananya had to purchase again ticket for above journey as she could not produce the required CITI Card on your demand as her old CITI Card had to be destroyed as per advice of CITI Card Company to prevent fraud.
viii) New CITI Card No. : [protected]
ix) new fare taken :INR 9300
x) 2nd. PNR No. :PQNNGQ
xi) Virtual coupon record no. :[protected]
Therefore, Ananya should get refund of INR 9300.
Please arrange refund of the said amount at your earliest to her Kolkata savings Bank A/C No.109321 o[censored]nited Bank of India, Kaikhali Branch, Kolkata.
M. Mukherjee, Father

Air Deccan Kingfisher Airlines — No refund after 3 months

My case number is 185190. I cancelled the tickets through air decaan.Later on which merged with Kingfisher airlines. I have called up 100 times to bangalore call centre on[protected], but every time there is a fake stories for first 50 calls, to get the refund in 5/7/10 days.Then i was said that the file is cleared and its account manager who has to process it and i am given several other numbers of Ishwar singh/Suresh/Haripriya/Arun, some of the numbers did not exist rest are either busy or not reachable. No one responds. When i wrote the mail, got a reply from Shilpa Nathan after delay and i shall get it in 10 days.
Its a loop and no way to escape.
Is it a good time kingfisher airlines services did Mr Vijay Mallaya planning /dreaming to serve...
Whats the kind of service they are providing to their customers??????
They have simply trined their customer service executives to make fool of the customers. And this head My Ishwar singh is such a critical resource and highly unavailable kind of a person who does have time to attend to the calls/look at the files.
This is one of the worst experience of any airlines i ever had!!!

Dont know when i will get it back!!!

Kingfisher Airlines — Refund pending even after 2 months

I have cancelled two tickets (BLR-MUM sector, Dep Dt. 14/08/08, on Air Deccan) on 11th Aug08, and the cancelling clerk committed that within 14 working days the money will be refunded back to me i.e. by 25 Aug08, I should have received my money, but till now i.e. 23rd Oct08, its pending. More over they have earlier said that they have lost track of one reference no. 188983 and need to rebook the cancellation which they did via in last week of Aug08. The other reference number is 188928. Eveyweek they are committing that by the end of the week it will definitely be refunded, but the story still continues. Even 4 mails to [protected] are not getting answered by them. Now I was forced to write them that matter will be taken to the consumer court at [protected] Waiting if some actions are there
Got the refund of one of the two tickes on 31st October08. Now following up again for the refund of the second ticket.

Kingfisher Airlines — Sky Pirates

Kingfisher - the name is good for boozing with their chilled bear, but travelling by their airlines might land you into a horible hangover for years to come. You just see more of a show than really a reputed services from them. Its nothing hidden that, big or small, these airlines have no security of the luggage the passengers carry through these so looking reputed airlines. Making fool of you with their Terms & Condition making the payment of Rs 450/Kg on your stolen luggage, Kingfisher is now becoming one of the worst airlines in open theft. See Palam Airport Police Station complaints & you need to understand the truth. Theft are common, dont trust the staff or go by the name ... Good name do not make all good services and there AIRLINES is one such example. Pay more for poor trust... useless.
Absolutely right... Kingfisher has become one of the worst airlines in the Indian skies. It is surviving only because it has money bosses like Vijay Mallya.
You were robbed off for your camera, they are heartless & lack busines attics, forget it, they might have tried to pay to there staff with the robbing they do, what they will repay you. They will soomn be bankcrupt & this is the curse on them.
Recently my aunt who is a 73 year old lady had booked through Kingfisher Airlines, what is she being told on reaching the Airport... Your ticket has been cancelled since your Credit Card payment has not been received. I feel pity on the services of K.F, they did not even have the courtesy to inform before hand about the un booked ticket. Nothing might be true, since it was a senior citizen ticket, which is at a discounted price, they might have sold to a fresh arrived customer for few bucks extra. This is the reputation of airlines whose boss claims of efficient service... Shame ...Shame...Shame...

Air Deccan/Kingfisher Airlines — No Refund - 4 months

I cancelled my flight and had got a company mail for the refund dated Aug 22, 2008. Since then, I have only been calling the call centre to hear only one damn answer " Sir please wait for another 7 working days. The refund will happen". It is now nearly 4 months, but no refund has yet happened. Ironically, very time I call the customer service, mentions " Welcome to Good times". Absolutely disgusting service. I have even mailed them at various company feedback and help mail address, still no revert.

I am currently not sure how can I get my hard earned money back.

Kishor Mistry

Kingfisher Airlines — Non grant of refund

I booked 4 tickets (3 Adults and 1 infant) from Delhi to Bangalore for October 5, 2008 (6.35 AM flight) on August 25, 2008. I also booked our return tickets on October 12, 2008.

Later on, I was informed that 6.35 AM flight for October 5th has been cancelled and based on my discussion with the customer executive I was confirmed that I shall be given the full refund of my Del Bang fare once I return back on Oct 12. (PNR No. DMZKII)

Since then I was regularly calling on the customer care no. but they could not connect to the customer executive.

Even today, I checked the Citibank to enquire whether any refund has been given by Kingfisher Airlines...However it was been confirmed that no refund has been granted till date.

Kingfisher Airlines — Lower Class service offered

Through this email, I wish to highlight a shocking case ongoing cheating by Kingfisher Airlines in Mumbai-Ahmedabad sector.

It flies a flight under IT136 number( dep.7.30pm) . It is supposedly a KINGFISHER class flight and fare is charged accordingly. Last 20th Dec., when we took this flight from Mumbai, on board, we realized that it is actually a Deccan ( now RED) service with limited facilities on board.

Ironically, my friend Dr. Jani, who was earlier booked in a Deccan service ( same evening 9.05pm), actually had to pay extra 2000 Rs to upgrade his flight from RED to IT 136!

From the co-passengers who fly regularly in the sector, we came to learn that this is a regular case where Kingfisher is cheating its customers. Several complaints in past have yielded no results.

Prof. Saswat Bandyoapahyay

Kingfisher Airlines (Air Deccan) — Tick Cancellation Refund

I had booked a ticket for me and my wife Rachana Maurya from Delhi to Dharmshala by Deccan Airlines Flight No. DN551 in the
month of August 2008 through vochour which is now Kingfisher Airlines.I had cancelled the same ticket on 24 August 2008 and since then i am waiting for the refund amount of Rs. 5498/-.
After 4 months of regular follow up, I have not yet recieved the amount.
Kindly look into this matter.
Till now i have made around 10-15 Calls to customer care Number [protected], that always take around 30-35 Minutes because of initial waiting and then time taken by the representative and they always assure me that amount will be debited in your account in 48-72 Hours. but after 4 months i am still waiting for my money. In the meanwhile i have spend arount 500 - 600 Rupees in the follow ups.
The same has happned with me in Delhi Lucknow Sector on 26 of October 2008. Ispite of my repeated reminders they have not refunded the difference of fare. Its a shear cheating case. Can anybody help in this regard.

The private airline players are even worse than the TTE who take bribe for providing the seats.

What a standard of Kingfisher. Dr Vijay Malaya are you aware of it.

Kingfisher airways, things missing in check in baggages — things missing in check in baggages

I had travelled from nagpur to bangalore on 13th feb and I checked in two luggages.
AFter reaching home, after one day, i checked my luggage, my gold ornamnets were missing in one of the luggage.

After talking to the kingfisher airlines, they r not ready to take my complaint as it was above 24hrs.
I dont understand why people are not giving importance to this thing,
Please let me know the correct way to proceed further..
Please look at the reply what I got from guestcare.after three days..same standard mail...
Please think twice before travelling via kingfisher...

Thank you for your email to us giving us feedback on your flight from Nagpur to Bangalore.

We were concerned to learn that you found certain articles missing from your baggage subsequent to your flight with us. Ms Gowda, guests are advised to carry items of high commercial value as a part of their cabin baggage and this is also specified in our Conditions of Carriage. Alternatively, the same should be declared at the time of check-in and tagged accordingly.

We would like to assure you that sufficient checks are already in place to ensure the safety of guest belongings. In case of any untoward event regarding baggage, we have put in place a system, only for the purpose of accounting and ensuring quick resolution. The matter must be reported to our airport staff before leaving the airport premises, wherein our staff would then raise a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) stating the losses incurred, assess the situation and resolve the same as per set guidelines. We understand on this occasion the PIR was not filed by you.

On receipt of your message, we have checked and confirmed with our Guest Services teams and regret to inform you that we have not yet been able to locate the said items.

We thank you for writing to us about your experience. Despite your present disappointment, we hope you will allow us an opportunity to welcome you on board our flights again.

Best regards,

Louella Cabral
Guest Commitment
Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher Airlines — Missing valuables from check in luggage

SUB: Valuables were missing from checkedin luggage.

WHile travelling from nagpur to Bangalore on Feb 13th, I checked in my luggage which was having valuable worth rupees one lakh, But after checking after coming home, valuables were missing.
But after talked to guestcare, they r not taking any responsibility,
And the most important is...declaration form wa snot provided during checkin.

Now Airlinesis not taking any resposnibility, Pleas ehelp me out with this issue,
If thsi continues to happen in airliens, then how common people will travel in airlines...


Kingfisher Airlines — material not deliverd at time

We are sending our IMP Documents to our Delhi office. Air Waybill No. [protected] dated 05/03/2009. As per confirmation with Kingfisher employee at pune Airport, They Suppose to deliver our documents on early mornning flight.( i.e. 6 O'Clock) & we can collect these documents on 9 O'Clock.Our People waiting at delhi Airport from 9 A.M..But still 4.45 P.M, They dont have received any kind of Documents.Also we are not getting well coordination from delhi Kingfisher office as well as pune office.They dont aware about consignee documents & time factor? For this we are wasting our manhour, Cost, Mental satisfaction.

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