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[Resolved]  K.N.S. Rajagopal stup consultant — defrauding of public money

Mr. K.N.S. Rajagopal working in stup consultants pvt. limited chennai giving his office address has givnen classivfid add in deccond chronica and times of india and lurred public and obtained huge investments with his atractive return scheme and defrauded them and has been absconding from his duty as well as from chennai without disclosing his whereabout but only sending sms to the investors assuring them that he would give back principal by means of dd without telling time frame. The office is not also disclosing his address and cooperating with him with the result the investors are unable to to locate him for lodging police complaint or going for civil suit. Anybody who are knowing his whereabout may kindly intimater. Further those who are affected may also contasct for conserted action legally.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I along with 10 people were lurred by K.N.S Rajagopal promising high return he took money from us paid us interest for two months and thereafter did not pay. We had been to his office namely stup consultants in temple tower and contacted him and he was telling that he would pay the principal shortly. but he was not paying and ultimately he had gone underground and from where he has been sending two three sms promising to pay the amount. Perhaps he must have understood that we were also going to his office even after he gone underground. The office refused to divulge his where about. Once we were told that the cover sent by office was returned undelivered. It is high time we all join g together to lodge a police complaint before city commissioner of police who is very keenly monitoring such cheeting so that we get back our money as early as possible. I have grievance against the company also for having encouraged k.n.s. rajagopals defrauding activities.
The position stated above is not correct. The fact is that there are about 40 persons who had joined in investment which ultimately became unsuccessful with the result Mr. Rajagopal had agreed to settle allthe investors by paying them the principal and now with 2% more. To this effect he had formulated setttlement scheme and it is in the process of being settled amicably.No where in the scheme should arise the name of the company namely stup consultant. Hence the compalaints does not arise as the matter is amicably beingh settled.
I disagree with the comments given by Ram Kumar and Dharmalingam. When Mr. Rajagopal made profit, we enjoyed the benefit fully. Now that he is not successful in his business, we are blaming him which is not correct. He assured all the members that he will give the principle with 2% interest upto date. We have to wait and support him in the present situation. i came to know that all the members have agreed for the settlement deed and signed. After this, no body should create any problem which will affect the other mmembers also. Please do not give trouble when we are going to get our payments shortly. I hope everybody should understand.
Mr Ram Kumar / Mathavan,
Please attend meeting convened at 6.30 PM at Ashok nagar Park when will be able to discuss all the points and unitedly decide as to how to proceed further in the matter without affecting the interest of any members as our aim should be to get the matter resolved by amicable settlement by getting the amount from Mr. Rajagopal.
kindly give me details
Dear investors,
After my postings about investments with kns rajagopal the investors have been contacting me on the basis of sms by kns rajagopal. He has not contacted me to tell me about update soon after he contacted me over mobile at the time of vcating his place. Yesterday I sent a mail but has no answer. It is not possible to answer each and every call of the members. Hence members are requested to be present 14th March at Ashok nagar park to take of the situation and proceed further by which time if any status mail received from kns rajagopal the same will be revealed.
Dear Investors with K.N.S. Rajagopal,
I have received mail from MR K.N.Rajagopal that he is calculating interest @2% from November 2008 and that he will definitely come in person to handover dd as and when (it is ready) . This is the latest update. Please attend meeting keeping this update in mind.
All those investors with kns rajagopal are requested to be present at Ashok Nagar Park positively at 4 P, M on 1st May 2010 to take stock of the situation and draw up plan for future course of action.
I now disagree with the comments of Mathavan. No doubt initially kns rajagopal was s giving interest for some months and there after created confidence amongst public and collected huge amounts and even before going underground collected money promising additional interest etc . apparently he had not done any business only done cheating for which he is deserve to be tried by the court at law and punish in accordance with the provision at law.
In the meeting one of investors had apprised about his visit to the native place of KNS Rajagopal at 87, South Street, Keelapatm Po Tirunelveli. He apprised that k ns rajagopal had deserted his family and that his son has dropped out of schooling owing to poverty and the family is living on some support from a relative of rajagopal who had taken over cable tv from them. They are also in search of kns rajagopal.Apparently it transpired KNS rajagopal had actually cheated the public by inviting investment showing different faces and lurred them by paying for a limited period of 3 months from out of the invested amount and after reaching his target or when he faced difficult situation to face the investor gone hiding and he is on the run. The Saidapet Police whom the matter was reported had called for full documents to register the case and apprehend the culprit and bring him before justice so that he cannot do mischief with public in furture as he had done in chennai as also in mumbai as stated by his wife. All requested to bring original papers for the scrutiny of Saidapet Police for proceeding further.
News from stup consultatnts office Mumbai:KNS Rajagopal is in Mumbai and searching job there. His whereabout in Mumbai is being searched and will be known shortly.
We have received phone calls from stup consultants office staff who had also sufferred in the hands of kns rajagopal as they were also lurred by kns rajagopal and obtained huge amounts from them and escaped and they also expressed their desire to join us to focus attention of public as well as police. They were also told to consolidate make joint representation to their management so that the management can also institute criminal proceedings against kns rajagopal for his wrong doing misdemeanaur.
During meeting to day it was decided that the investors should deposit the cheques and get them bounced and immediately lodge police complaint with the documents on hand so as to get liverage for police to alert all stations with the photo of kns rajagopal downloaded from sfi site. All members were requested to do the needful and assemble on 15.07.10

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