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[Resolved]  Laptop Loan — Laptop loan Fraud by Sheetal Enterprises (Suresh Muthreja)

Dear Sir,

My name is Vikas Dubey.
I am living in tarapur Boisar.
1 month before i have seen one advertisment on having offer of - Labtops on Emi
I was intreasted so i have posted a message to advertiser that i am intreasted.
Second day He has send a Email with detils.
The person name is - SURESH MUTHREJA
He is mailing add is : - [protected]
His cell no is - [protected]

On that mail he has asked that we have to submit 3 months sallery slip, 3 Months Bank statment , Our Resident proof, Id proof along with Quotation of Local computer dealer and 25 % amount of desired laptop. We can pay in 6/12/18/24 months emi.He has promiced to complete all procedure in 72 hrs (3 working days.)
on receipt of that email me and my friend manoj sharma have taken a quotation from our local dealer and send a scan copy along with our other documents through email.

on sunday 11th October. on monday Mr suresh has called and given a account no to Transfer 25% amount for further processing.
The account no given was -
S.B.A NO[protected]
ICICI BANK Chembur Branch.
The account holder name is - POONAM SURESH MUTHREJA.
We have asked him about this account , he said this is his doughters account.

Then on 12th Oct - we both has transfered 7000 rs from boths account to icici bank account[protected] through Internet banking thransaction no is are : -

[protected] from my icici bank account[protected]
(Vikas Vedprakash Dubey)

Thransaction no[protected] FROM ICICI BANK ACCOUNT[protected]Manoj kumar visheakarma)

Total transfered amount is - 14000 Rs.

he has asked to complete a process in 3 days and send a DD in Favour Server-tech computers on 16th Oct.
On 16th becouse on 13th there is a elections in maharashtra and it is off.
we have called him on 16th he said the bank is asking for Guarantor so tyhe process was delayed, he has aske to do the needfull after diwali (diwali off is on 17 & 18 oct )

we have told him to refund money but he is insisting to do the needfull after diwali.
again i have contacted on 19th Oct , he asked me to do the needfull in next 3-4 days. The process continues and whenever i called him he give a new reason of delay or he ask me becose he is busy so no be able to do the needfull... again and again he asked me to complete process in nest few days....
Finally after 20 days i have asked this to refund our money on 10th Nov and asked him to refound money...
He agreed and ask me to refund on 15th Nov...

On 15th November whole day he has not recvd our call and on 16th he told us that he has send cash through dropbox and same will be credited to our account in next 24 hrs... on 17th i have called again ... then he said to check with branch why the money has not been credited.
he said me to advise what happen by afternoon...
i have asked him if he has droped cash in drop box send me the scan copy of counterfoil... but no he asked me to deposit money in my account on 18th morning, but he has not deposited...
again on 19th he said to deposit money today but no
the same commitment he is commiting from last 5-6 days whenever i call either he didn't recv call or ask me to do the needfull today or tomorrow.....
Still whenever he recv our call he ask to do the needfull tomorrow.
but i dont know when his tomorrow come.....

If you search key word - muthreja2009 on google, many many advertisment on many wensites you will find related to suresh muthreja.. his advertisment is regarding real estate brockrage, laptop emi , flats on rent in mumbai ets... i am worried if this person is doing same thing with his other consumers...
he is also having 2 website - &
he is playing game... with us.......
Today morning also we are trying to call and after co many calls he has not recvd calls but send a message that he will do the needfull on monday. This types of commitment he is doing form last 40 days...

I have all his emails and sms messages with me....
i have his many many voice recorning on my cell phone.... i have allready given internet transaction numbers

now he is not refunding our money also laptop finance not done by him...

i realised now that i have made a big big mistack after transfering money to his account withour knowing hom ... but what to do now...

can we take any legal action against him.....

I am provide you emails, sms and call voice recordings.

Pls guide me..

Best Regards
Vikas Dubey
Cell no - [protected]
Email - [protected]
Office no[protected] / 261263 Extn no - 7721.
Contact no(Resi[protected]
Laptop loan Fraud by Sheetal Enterprises (Suresh Muthreja)
Laptop loan Fraud by Sheetal Enterprises (Suresh Muthreja)
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Aug 13, 2020
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Laptop — refund of security amount

Sir, I m Kamlesh k balar A/O gujarat, ahmedabad and i had bought a lenovo laptop from emall- chandkheda .I had taken a finance From Bajaj Finance comp.They have taken a security amount of Rs 11638 as a part of refundable security.They told us That after the completition of the tenure if finance amount they will return us the money.The tenure of the Installments ends on the august month of 2008 but till now they hadnt refund us the money.when we contact them they told us to reach to their office near b.d patel, nanarnpura , ahmedabad.

my lon no is[protected] dsep/ 1180
please do needfull

thanking you!!
kamlesh jain

Laptop Loan — NOC not being Issued

Dear Sir / Madame

I had taken a Compaq laptop on hire purchase through the Bajaj Finance IT products loan. This was in the month of July 07. It was told that Bajaj is the only institute offering laptop loans. On the belief of the brand name Bajaj, i had taken the same.

My loan tenure was for 24 months and i had cleared the same in July 09. The Bajaj Finance in Malleswaram branch is the worst ive seen al my life. The persons there do not lift the phone nor if they lift it they bang it and disconnect it. Its been 3 months since i had cleared the dues, but my NOC has not been issued.

Ive applied for a housing loan, where that bank is asking for my loan closure certificate but im not able to get it because of this irritating way the people in Bajaj Fince work.

Im really surprised to see that a company with such great repute and brand name is behaving so cheap and unprofessional is making me lose my cool and the creidibitly of the brand

I in a situation where i need tp take this up with banking ombudsman for Bajaj

Danson Moses
Dear Sir,

It is about my complaint posted by mr.Vikas dubey.

Mr.Vikas Dubey has deposited the money in the savings account of my daughter.

She is in no way aware of the purpose of the money so remitted and is no way responsible/ legallly liable for the money so remitted.

I accept that the money is received by me and that I alone am accountable for that.

Mr.Vikas was told verbally that his entire money will be refunded.

At no stage there was any break in the communication.

In case he still wishes to pursue the matter legally I shall defend myself at "his cost and consequences".
Dear Sir,

I want to delete my complaint since he want to settel this dispute personally if i delete my complaint,
i request you to pls delete my complaint i i am not finding here any option to delete it.
pls help us to solve this dispute, .
pls delete this complaint asap.

thanks and regards
Vikas Dubey

PLS delete this complaint as we want to settel this dispute personally now.

pls help
i would like to request to administrator to delete this complint to solve this dispute.



Respectfully i say that

1.I got a laptop loan from Bajaj Auto finance under perposal number[protected] under my name sanjeev tuteja

2. I was holding a security of RS 4500/- approximate

3. My last check bounce and old fine calculated by your representative was approximate 4433/- rs .

4. I had given payment to Mr sandeep Kumar your representative as per his telephonic message and got a receipt

5. When I visited your hisar(haryna ) office for refund of my security and met to Mr Dinesh ,then he replied that you have un necesarily given payment to of RS 4433/- to Mr sandeep and he replied me that my case has been already setteled against my security amount .

6. When I asked mr Dinesh for security claim bond ,then he replied me to contact pune office .

7. So you are requested to give my extra amount paid which has been diposited in your account of Rs 4433/- to pervent harashment .Because bajaj auto finance is an esteemed orgainisation .

8. I have tried many times telephonically to register my complaint ,but no any positive response was there

so i hope for posiive response

Yours customer

Govt Officer Haryana
LAptop loan perposal no[protected]

Mobile number [protected]
Govt Polytechnic SIRSA
Dear Sir,

Suresh Muthreja is a biggest Fraud in the world.
By mistack also dont give him any money to him becouse he has allready cheated so many ppls like me.
You can see this post above and he has promiced to refund money but after 1 month from the last post by muthreja we are still waiting for refund.
He has changed his cell no also so that no body will contact him.
also whenever we email to him he has set a auto response to him mail saying that " muthreja is hospitalised and servide no longer available"
i have got his resident no from person called pravin manjraker.
Pravin was also fraud by suresh muthreja.
Muthreja resident no is[protected]
If can believe you can call me on my no - [protected] and also call pravin muthreja on his cell - [protected] to confirm.
pravin has lodge a police complaint on Trombay police station also.
I have lodge a police complaint on Boisar police station against his and police is investigating this matter.


Mr.Vikas Dubey and Mr.Pravin Manjrekar have misused the forum. I know mr.muthreja suresh way back since 1985. All along mr.vikas has been putting complaints and abuses and accusations on the net left and right. Mr.pravin manjrekar paid only 1000 and that too by trying to make muthreja suresh an accompolice in trying to fool the bank in giving him a personal loan of 500000 without any verification of his documents and providing of guarantors. The money was paid by him to an agent of the bank and not mr.muthreja suresh.So the complaints are malafide in nature and defamatory to the human rights of the individuals so named. Please remove such complaints immediately.
Dear Sir,
What mr praveed andvikas said is true becouse muthreja suresh has cheated me as well, my name is Raj. Deceived by his innocent looks and false claims in websites, i become prey for his cheap traps. As i was very busy i approached him to get my wives passport, family card etc to be done. He said he knew everyone in chembur area govt offices. Like a fool i paid him rs.2500 and all documents in advance.

Then came the shock. He kept prolonging and not picking up my calls. met me once to get some stupid forms filled and vanished again. After trying his number for 3 months (which was switched off most of the times) i went to his residence in demand to return the money and documents

When i went there to my shock there was a huge chaos between him and one of his another client regarding similar issue. He didnt have guts to face me. his daughter later told me that he could not manage to get passport for his own daughter and claiming to service others.

Eventually i got my documents recovered and not a single penny back.

He is a BIG FRAUD. Pls stay away from him.


Raj -Chembur
its a big complex. all this back biting of this mr. muthreja suresh.. sleeping over the matter and waking up to add name to the complaint. ..mature, educated guys like mr.vikas dubey and this new mr.raj from chembur, going out of their way to get things done illegally or legally and when things go wrong shout from the top of the roof. Wake up man. maybe by the end of 2010 there would be more vivid complaints maybe by this mr.vikas dubey, (under different aliases) who started it all for reasons best known to him...Life does not end with a few hundred or thousand rupees going down the drain and blame yourself for letting it happen, just because you kept your pocket zip open. Crying over split milk is for sisies...not guys...maybe...
Am a Lawyer.Practising in Thane. I am of the opinion that the complaint put by mr.vikas dubey on the website or the net is not legally subsisting, sustainable in any court of law in India. All mr.vikas dubey has a email. And the fact that he did deposit money in the account. In any Indian Contract Act there must be a proper communication duly dated, signed and with address to show that mr.A (in this case mr.muthreja suresh/sheetal enterprises) was offering a laptop on instalment and after depositing the money did mr.B (in this case mr.vikas dubey) get a written confirmation of the order and or a valid and binding receipt from Sheetal Enterprises ?.If Offer was made by mr.A or m/s.Sheetal Enterprises for sale than mr.B should have made the payment into the account of mr.A or account of Sheetal Enterprises and not some mr. or miss C's account.Did he verify if Sheetal Enterprises really exist ? Did he have the postal and or the registered address and or the Seal of Sheetal Enterprises when he placed the order ? The Courts in India do not accept emails and smses as proof/evidence.Mr.vikas dubey being educated and of sound mind is himself to blame for rushing into a pit. He will have to spend money (with no guarantee if gets it back legally.And of course in the first instance prove it as a real and subsisting Contract.Besides from the complaint put by mr.vikas he claims to complain on behalf of himself and his friend. Does his friend have any offer of sale of laptop on emi by sheetal enterprises ? any receipt/acknowledgement from sheetal enterprises signed, sealed and addressed to him (his friend).Doubtful. As mr.vikas dubey has put as exhibit, only one email of sheetal enterprises. His friend is out of legal limits to claim the money i.e., 7000 as even sheetal enterprises did not offer his friend any laptop directly.An offer to mr.B cannot be utilised as offer for mr.c or mr.d or mr.z and even if availed can be annulled/challenged in any Court of Law. Legally. Sad but true.
I disagree with mr.vikas dubey and people like him. They are themselves to blame. Besides by putting their own name, address, phone number the likes of mr.vikas dubey want to show the world that "dubey's" can be stupid, foolish and vulnerable.A blemish on their own community. By putting their own name, address, phone number the likes of mr.vikas dubey and raj expect someone to get their lost/misplaced or willingly given away money to them, at their home.ha ha ha. doka phirle ahet ka...
Suresh Muthreja is biggest cheat.
today i have seen his website - he has written, " iF YOU BELIEVE IN RUMERS PLS CLOSE THIS PAGE HERE "

I request again and agin to every body to not believe on him.

he is biggest cheater...

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