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[Resolved]  Lavanya Ayurvedic Kayakalp Anushandhan Kendra — false commitment for Cancer cure.


My Name is Mohit Kaushik, I am from Chandigarh. My father was suffering from Liver Tumor. All the Doctor's here in PGI Chandigarh gave me a very clear picture that this disease is not curable in any case.

I saw a add on more then 2 and 3 channels of Lavanya Ayurvedic Kayakalp Anushandhan Kendra situated in the Bansal Complex in Indira Nagar, Lucknow, who have the magical way to cure cancer. I contacted on the phone number given in the add. I spoke with the person who was advertising the add, I explained everything- the type of disease, what have the doctor's said and even the figures from the report. He gave me a commitment and assured that he can definitely cure the disease completely.

I took my father all the way from Chandigarh to Lucknow. We reached Lucknow at 5:00AM in the morning. The address mentioned above was of a shopping complex where he had rented out a small office. He ask me to go to the hospital, which was again a small 3 floor building in a residential area. When I reach there every one was sleeping. We keep on waiting till 10:00AM. They dint even gave a bed to my father till the time I deposit 10000/- Rs. Further no one was ready to talk openly weather they can cure the disease or not. I went to Bansal complex again where the office is situated, and the person on the TV still gave me full assurance that they will cure the disease completely. He showed me different reports of the people that he had cured, which I was least able to understand the figures and the blood reports he have. I ask him "have u cured someone who was suffering from Liver Cancer? and he said many of them thousands of them."

Around 12:30 one sadhu baba came in a orange colour Dhoti and Kurta, and without examining or touching my father he ask his assistant to write 45 types of different herbs. Then they ask me to deposit further money for the medicines. I paid again some amount for the same. They gave some kind of Powder which needs to be mixed and boiled in water. They take my father in the basement, where they give him massage, they put him in a steam bag. While massaging the person rub on his stomach and my father cried loudly. I ask them to stop the treatment right there. Should a liver cancer patient should be messaged? The best part was the other patients in the hospital, same procedure of treatment was followed to all of them. I spoke with few and no one said that they have seen any kind of improvement.

The very first day in the evening one patient died and they way the hospital guys took the body and put it into the back seat of the sumo, along with his family members and their belongings without wasting a minute was horrible. I saw the whole incident, I asked them about the same, the answer was they also provide sumo's in case u want to carry the body to your house and this will be the charge. I was horrified terrified and scared, I pray to god, "please save my father for few more days as so at least I can take him to his home in Delhi". Next day I took my father and catch a train to Delhi.

He got admitted in fortis and Doctors told me that the Khara we gave to hi is been deposited in his system. My father keep on crying for the rest days of his life whenever he urine.

I lost my father but my only concern is that anyone who is in my condition he will trust these kinds of adds. My father expired on 31st May 2006. I use to watch the same add even after his death. Now days the adds are not there on TV, but they are still on the Internet and claims that they can cure cancer Aids Brain problems and other things. Here is the link for your reference

If you can take a action on them it would be great, or atleast please remove their adds from the net.


Mohit Kaushik
Mobile : [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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kaya-kalp — not-available

I am not getting thish madicine (kaya-kalp) Since 3month in my district ,so itis therefore requested
to please giveme yuor branch-center address in Kolkata

Thanking you

rajendra gupta
I am agree, lavanya is fraud. I[censored] realy want treatment, show in Tata Memorial Mumbai.
lavanya ayurveda is total frod. the person ashok srivastava is only 12th pass who owns the hospital. with only wrong advts, some 3-4 people reach daily to there hospital. all the persons in lavanya will give assurance that they will treat the patient even if tata memorial or fortis has denied. they will convince at least two of them. they will charge about 1 to 1.5 lakhs from each of them, thus thay earn and support more advertisements.
lavanya can not give names of even 10 persons who are alive after their treatment although they claim 10, 000 patients treated. it is true that during last 8 years, 10 000 people were cheated and all have died but lavanya has made crores. they dont pay any tax also.
on their website there are photos of aids and cancer patiens who have died.
wish, all lavanya staff and doctors get cancer and die.

from son of a cancer patient from rajasthan who got cheated by lavanya at noida as well as lucknow.
my mother was having cancer.
she was taking treatment in lavanya in mumbai. by cheating, lavanya took about 2 lakhs but mother died in two months.
they did several frods in mumbai and now mumbai hospital is closed
Well I am totally disagree.. My cousin got full treatment in his MND case. He got totally cured in 5 months. Ayurvedic medicines cure from root so it takes some time depend upon growth or spread of disease in the body.
Dear all,
Our results are research based and clinically proven on several thousands patients & we have data of that. We invite all the experts of the world to see our results. Lavanya has indoor facility where our patients get hospitalized and the results are very transparent with the patients and their relatives.
The complaint is self-explanatory that they are pre convinced that Lavanya style of cancer management is not convincing that’s why they not started our treatment. They have not given any details like patient name, registration no., date of registration, amount of fees deposited etc and on the same consumer website the person Mohit kaushik (Complaint maker) has posted 2 different complaints in which same mobile no. is given with two different names Mohit Kaushik and Kamaljit Singh. So it is very clear that above person is a professional complaint maker and blackmailer. This is totally a effort by him to misguide the needy cancer patients who have no options in allopathy and they are looking for an option for survival in Ayurveda.
If any genuine patient makes a complaint, we will welcome. But please come with authentic documents. Who has any doubt in his mind, can meet our treated patients who are now free from cancer and living happy life. Today cancer is incurable only because people don’t know about our researches and results.
We are accepting the challenge and inviting anyone to see our results.

Lavanya Ayurveda
total frod money makers
looters, just go and see then pata chalega ki kya kya frod hote hai
Dear all,
I stick on what I have documented earlier that Lavanya ayurved is fraud. I got phone calls from this clinic asking for the details of my father, when he was treated and other things. I refused to give any such details and ask them to go legal. If these guys are honest and they can cure cancer and aids why haven't they had registered a case on me if I am wrong.

I got number of calls from different people, and I advise them the same that these people are fraud. My phone number is [protected], I am from Chandigarh, any one who want to confirm the truth can call me anytime.

And as far as Kamaljit complaint is concerned that is done by me, and kamaljit is my friend in patiala. I would still advise you all, please do not trust on their false advertisement as these guys are concerned for money. I can bet on this you will loose your money and you will get a dead body in return. Use you brain folks, cancer and Aids are not curable world wide, these jhola chap doctors are making fool o[censored]s, they should be punished. I am trying my level best to get lavanya highlighted for their false commitments, and would need your support. For any further details please call, [protected]... Mohit
Please guys check the videos of Lavanya Ayurved on you tube and check the comments posted by same 2-3 persons again and again.

I would request you to please post a comment ( as I am not able to post the comment on their video). Please give them the link to visit this complaint so that the misleading advertisement can be controlled. Regards Mohit - [protected]
Yes, absolutely right. this hospital is totally fraud, here medicine package is given that is worth of 6000 to 12ooo without any test. Can any body tell me how we can take any action against these type of corporate hospital, all the ads given by this hospital is totally fraud.
Dear all (special Mohit ji) my mother also suffering from breast cance with high grade. I want to go to Lavanya. but now i am totally confused. Mohit ji i am calling you but you are not atanding my mobile. My Mobile no. is [protected] and my e-mail id is "[protected]" please help me
See visite description of Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai, Inventor of Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan System and his experiences, at the following web blog;
he is totaly good
Yes I do agree with Mohit, these guys are totally fraud, yesterday I have seen their advertisement in the time of India.
On the basis of their addv. We plan to go to Noida branch which is very close to my home. We were very surprise to see their facilities, they don’t have qualified doctor, all of them are jhola chap.. once we enquiring about the things which has been mentioned in the addv… they have told me that these facilities are available in other branch which is situated at near chaterpur mandir. Since we are very keen to see the treatment of cancer we moved to chaterpur mandir branch we had the same kind of experience which we had at noida branch. These people are fraud pls. keep them away….
My mother has recently suffered from Pancreatic Ca, has had undergone Whipples Surgery followed by Chemotherapy. Even I wantted to visit Lavanya in Noida for further diagnosis/treatment. Now, that Mohit has shared his ill experience with Lavanya, I am a littlle apprehensive about going to Lavanya. At the same time, I would not want to miss it if it was authentic and they could actually cure these deseases. Can someone advise me of any other place where Ayurvedic / Homeopathy treatment is available for Ca.
Ashok Srivastava totally deceitful man, in the request you want people to treat your patient got them from a good doctor, not the illiterate man like Ashok Srivastava
Yhasmin the name of the girl claimed that her cancer had been completely made it right through Ayurvedic treatment that was completely untrue, the girl's death from cancer was in the hospital,
I have seen and read many advertisements of Lavanya in newspapers and was feeling very proud of the achievements of ayurveda in Lavanya. Now, after reading so many bad comments, I am totally disappointed and highly confused about the claims of Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital . It is also surprising that Lavanya have not come with any serious clarifications and factual information in support of their claims of treatment. It would be better if they give contact details of as many successfully treated persons as possible sothat people could contact directly these treated persons for getting first hand information to their satisfaction.- A.S. Bhatnagar
Yes Mohit, I agree with your personal experience and really want to know about the authenticity of the institute. I want following details about the institute and the cancer patients being treated there :-

1) Is this institute recognised by Bhartiya Chikitsa Parishad? Is there any certificate of proof?
2) As per Indian constitution, from which university or medical college has the cancer specialist degree been given to them? Proof certificate for that as well.
3) The doctors employed in this institute are cancer specialist or general practitioners?
4) Is there any provision under which Health association inspects Lavanya Nursing home? If yes, then when was the last inspection done and what was the designation of the officer who did this inspection? What was the action taken against any of the objections?
5) Provide details for all the patients who were treated in Lavanya institute from the year 2007 to 2010, in the following format
S.No. and date when the patient was admitted
Patient’s name and address
Details of the disease
Duration of treatment Cost/day for medicines
Total Cost How many patients were referred to another hospital, along with date
How many were referred to Nova
How many patient s were treated well along with the percentage
How many patients died along with percentage

Mohit, i was moved with your experience and could relate the same thing which happened to my relative. If someone can help me in finding the following details, please call at [protected]
I visited LAVANYA Ayurveda center at Lucknow on 05th March 2010 and met to the Doctors and other staff there. I have narrated my visite description in my web blog

in short. Yet I have not included many more descriptions to my blog post. Anyone can read my experiences after teh visite to Lavanya, Lucknow.

Dr Desh Bandhu Bajpai
Inventor, Electro Tridosha Graphy ; ETG AyurvedaScan system

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