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[Resolved]  lhasa apso puppy-chennai — DR.Thirumoorthy is a good cheater in selling dogs

i had bought a lhasa apso puppy for rs.3500 from DR.Thirumoorthy in besant nagar, chennai.Since we cant identify puppy much in when it is small.When puppy grown it is cross of spitz.He is really good in cheating, so animal lovers be care full when buying puppies .
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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We are also brought one rajapalayam puppy to him on feb 08
when its grown its not a original breed.its just like an cuntry dog
i am suggesting we have to give Dr. (or) padmasree to him grade in cheeting
i too got german shepherd dog from this thirumurthy...
now it is one yr old.. and it is like a street dog. planning to sue him...
He is truly a ...i got a lhasa apso pup 3 mths back for rs.3500 and it is now growing like a street dog.We should all sue him...Can we do something abt him?

If we can all team up...we can take this complaint to a higher level and make sure that he returns our money.
Thks for the post guys. i thought of buying a german shepherd from him, after seeing ur postings i certainly changed my mind...
am a grt pet lover tis person should be sue...

Again thks parthi, archa, and karthi
i got a lhasa apso itz not the same size, itz quiet big. but itz a cross wit terrier i guess. he was so so sick in the beginning then i took him to the vepery for a month to get him back atleast to walk. he s fit and fine now. bt jus that he is a cross n his ht differs from other lhasa apsos and his hair is lil curley near his head. bt one of my frnd bought a puppy before and d poor pup ws infected with scabies and died later. he s a def a cheat.!!
I have been hearing & reading quite a lot about this person on various sites. It's appalling to know that this man runs puppy mills & skims money off so many people despite receiving so many complaints! I am just surprised he is still surviving despite all this being circulated about him. I definitely think you guys should get together & do something about him. Even if not for the sake of getting the money back, at least to ensure he does not continue his puppy-mill business.
Dr. Thirumoorthy (Besant Nagar, Chennai), is a real . I got a puppy from him one year back, thinking that it was a Labrador Retriever for Rs.5, 000/- + other accessories which he coaxed us to buy totally for Rs.7, 000/- When I showed him to a vetenary doctor, he told me that, it was not a Labrador and that I got cheated. Just to know second opinion I showed him to another doctor at Valasaravakkam, he also told me the same and also he said that Dr. Thirumoorthy cheated many people like that. Dr.Thirumoorthy also lied that he had vaccinated the puppy against Jaundice/ Rabies etc which we generally do. But the puppy died in just 5 months. We felt very bad though it was not a Labrador we grew him with lot of love and affection. He suffered a lot during his final moment. That doc must be sued.
I think the situation will be better if you guys were to advice your friends to opt for adopting a puppy rather than buy it. I mean...most o[censored]s want pets for companionship right? So, rather than spend thousands on some fancy breed (and find out that it's from a puppy mill, which I should say is quite a deplorable place to get a pet from!) and find out you've been cheated, why not opt for an abandoned animal? I'm positive that you'll find the animal just as loving and cute as any other 'pure-bred' one. And please do remember to neuter your pets!

As for those who hope to buy puppies from breeders, please demand an inspection of the facility and the parents. Most of the time, the puppies are 'mass-produced' and the conditions in which these poor animals live are beyond pathetic. I completely agree with the fact that this person should be brought to the books. But rather than changing breeders, I think the main solution lies in changing our own mindsets about adoption and pets.
my husband gifted me a lhasa apso on the wedding day and it was brought from the same doctor at besant was the last puppy n hence he had to pay more.
it was a cross n ill since we got him n expired in few months for abt 3 and a half month .MR doctor i curse u hard as u cheat people n play with their emotions.after all dogs r not just a dog..its a part of our family.Being a doctor i[censored] cant understand this then u r not fit to be called as doc.
people be ware of him...he cheats n sells all unhealthy dogs n products.Don't go according to the looks of his clinic...
he is a CHEAT...BEWARE...
u'll never come up in ur buissness ...
guys it was not just a dog for me but more than that...
About 3 years back, I boughta Lhasa pup from this so called Rogue Dr. Thirumurthy. I asked him specifically if it was a Lhasa and he confirmed it was. About 2 weeks later the pup developed acute scab's and also slowly its ears started lifting up like a terrier. Since I felt cheated, I went upto his place and showed my unpleasentness and threatened him with Police action, For which he came back asking me to go ahead, and he was regularly supplying to commisioner and Jayalalitha. I knew it was pointless talking to a bum like him.
Guys if everyone wants to teach this A a lesson, lets get to think and bust him
Hey guys watch out there are many doctors roaming in chennai like this.Same scenario he sold a lhasa apso puppy to my aunt that did same deal of
rs 5200.. We had many dogs but we have not seen a small pet dog in india for rs 4000.Once we sold a Ton brown doberman for 3000 but this *** **** sold the accesories around for rs 1200. That dog stood only for three days he had vacinated just a 38 days puppy.

Other complaint is that he sells all medicines in addition to the M.R.P this is a great offence for which he can arrested.. WATCH OUT
I'm not surprised to read all these comments about Dr.Thirumoorthy. He sold me a male black labrador couple of years ago. He was anything but a lab in terms of temperament, behaviour, etc. The trainer swore that it can't be a thorough bred as claimed by the doctor. Plus he developed so many complications including severe skin disease. I managed to have him treated but it took him months to get back in normal shape. I had him with me for a year and had to give up since his behaviour could not be corrected and he turned completely wild.
When confronted, he said he'll find him a good home and replace with another pup of my choice. I brought another female lab in his place and she's about four years old now. Though she lacks true qualities of a lab, i decided to keep her because she's so much a part of my family now and i didn't think it appropriate to give her up for some fraudulent doctor.
Something really needs to be done about this guy. If someone has good suggestions, please post here, I'm totally willing to help in whatever way possible to stop such people from playing with the emotions of people that care about animals.
He is a cheat... we should not leave these types of human we should sue them...
pls suggest can we give go and give compliant to CM. I also affected buying a dog from that non sence person, , , should save the dogs life...
Oh. Great. I thought of buying Lhaspapso from this guy. I spoke to him this morning ONLY. Having read all your concerns experienced with him, I have dropped of buying a pup from him. If any of you a reliable source of getting original Lhasapso breed, pls. share me the information at [protected] or SMS me at [protected]
i had bought a labrador puppy from this doctor and the puppy had genetic cancer and lymphoma.
IMPORTANT PLS READ : I have heard complaints of this FOOL for years now, and as in my capacity warned a lot of people abt this guy and stopped them from getting wrong unhealthy and sick pups. but sadly i am not able to do anything against him individually or the way he treats pups. I plead SPCA to take action against this guy. I stay just a few houses away from his store and stop a lot of people from buying pups and also hear people screaming at him regularly.
Apart from him there are also alot of other traders like this, who sell wrong pups AND THREATEN PEOPLE when they ask about it. Most of these traders / puppy mills / people are in and around areas like perungudi, chromepet, tambaram, perambur and north madras. PLS DO NOT ENCOURAGE THESE PEOPLE BY BUYING FROM THEM.
Please only go to trusted sources. THANKS.
My labrador cost Rs.9000 for being an imported, pink nose. It was finally a retriever and not pure labby... this fellow cheated us. the pup developed rashes all through his short lie span... and our doctor at anna nagar was another cheat.. Dr.Ramakrishna... he used to inject avil/ paracetamol and charge 1500rs. he closed his clinic finally and he didnt tell us that our pup suffered from cancer though it was evidently seen in his throat like cosco ball, his knees, his spleen, lymph nodes enlarged... its not that 9k that mattered.. we spent more than a lakh for the treatments such as x ray, ecg, biopsy etc... could not save our child... he suffered by bleeding everyday.. we put him to sleep to avoid anymore sufferings.. Our baby lives in our heart forever... these doctors carry curses for cheating..
Guys i too got cheated recently. I bought a labrador from him 4 months back and now it looks like a cross bred dog..I took it to another vet and he assured me that it is not a lab at all and also told me a lot about thirumurthy's reputation. I went back to thirumurthy and asked him to refund the 7000 i gave him for the dog. He just shouted back and said that this was not the dog that he gave me and i was the one who is cheating.. He also threatened me by saying that he will call the police. I had to leave feeling insulted, cheated by that son of a [protected]@#$*. Guys remember his wife is even more thieving than the doctor. She was the one we first met and it was she who showed us the pup. This husband-wife duo are real thieves. They are are an insult to the society. I just dont understand how they have the heart to cheat people using pet animals.
some one pls sugest me gud pet shop...i need to buy labarator...

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