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[Resolved]  Lilavati Hospital — Cheaters : Dr. Prashant Rajput and Dr. Hemant Mehta

I am writing this review comment as I wanted to ensure that the experience that myself and my family had undergone does not get repeated to somebody else. The below is a description of events that happened to my family. I wish that the licenses of these two doctors are cancelled, so that no more patients and their family undergo the problems that we did.

Hospital: Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, India

Doctor: Hemant J Mehta (Nephrologist)

Doctor: Prashant Rajput (AKD Department)

Hemant Mehta is a famous nephrologist in Mumbai; he visits multiple hospitals and also runs his own practice. It seems that the more money he earns, the greedier he gets. The first small thing that happened was when he forced us to buy Erythropoietin injections only from a particular agent. These injections are costly injections used to increase haemoglobin level in Kidney patients. A result of taking these injections from Hemant Mehta's agent was a reduction in haemoglobin level in monthly blood reports as compared to that when taken from a proper pharmacy shop.

Hemant Mehta also operated my mother for Peritoneal Dialysis, an operation done to fit a catheter in patient’s stomach. He operated such that the stomach started bleeding in one week’s time. My mother was admitted in ICU and there were X-Rays taken to diagnose the problem. My mother had to get operated again. When we tried to find out the reason of this issue from internal sources, it was told to us that the operation was done negligently and the catheter was not fixed properly in my mother’s stomach. When we tried to get the old X-Rays from the X-Ray department, we were told that the X-ray's have been misplaced.

After few years, my mother was called for kidney transplant by the hospital. It was Prashant Rajput, who advised us to go for transplant saying that the success rate of kidney transplant is 99%. One night we got a call, saying that a kidney was available from a 28-29 year old boy who died from an accident. The kidney transplant was not successful and my mother was again admitted in ICU. After 1 or 2 days, when we tried to enquire the reason of failure of transplant, a junior doctor told us that the kidney that was transplanted was infected and proper matching of kidney was not carried out. Later when we enquired with Prashant Rajput, he instead told us that my mother already had an infection (Malaria and Pneumonia), which was a white lie as my mother was very well before the operation. Because of all this, my mother died a painful death and we could just watch and cry.

I have no faith in Indian Law system and our media. The law system works on cases for decades and the media loves to cover a celebrity bruise for hours as breaking news, but however turns a blind eye on what common people have to undergo in the hands of so called famous hospital or so called famous doctors. Please be careful with these doctors as once you make a mistake it can't be corrected, ever.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Dear Mr Parag Sinha Gehelot,
I want to introduce myself as Kidney Transplant Patient having an extraordinary healthy and successful life all because of Dr Hemant Mehta and i am indebted to him. I can also vouch for other patients i recommended to him 
I shall first go from point to point regarding your grievances and maligning attempts:
1. Dr Hemant Mehta is greedier and advices to buy from agents: My experience states otherwise for i ve found him very upright & always available round the clock thus a healthy relationship between a Dr & Patient. I agree he does advice an authorised distributor (Neoral) directly appointed by the company and not an agent and that’s my experience. The advice to buy from a distributor (Neoral) is for our own betterment and helping us save money for the price available from a distributor is far cheaper from the retail stores by a huge difference of 15% to 20%. This is a patient’s savings. By making such irresponsible statement you make Dr’s reluctant to help us patients. Being a kidney patient is a huge financial strain on our pocket and every rupee saved is a bliss. I appreciate all the savings.
2. Operation: It’s funny you are recollecting and stating after a long period; and even after finding operation is faulty you still continued with Dr Hemant Mehta; very surprising. More so you state another junior Dr (no name) and state Dr Prshants statement!!! ... I sincerely believe it would have been better you could have said that very moment and not after long gap so not worth commenting. My experience has been very positive for cathedral operated by Junior Dr Ashwin Aiyanger and Dr Priti & proper care while dialysis. Both under guidance of Dr Hemant Mehta.
3. Cadaver Kidney Transplant: Any Dr at any level would have advised the same and your questioning goes against all norms and common sense. Regarding infection i cannot comment accept state that utmost care has been taken care of me while dialysis and post transplant.
4. No Faith in Indian Legal System: The very Indian legal system saved you from being dragged to court for defamation that’s my firm opinion.
My experience has been very pleasant and advice for kidney transplant has been a boon and a new life to me. Making life a joy and worth living. I would request you and others to detest from such maligning Dr’s as it affects us future patients as they will only advice as per the norms and not go beyond !!! Kidney patients can be advised but what we consume outside and how we live our life determines our perfect health. Dr’s can advise us but care has to be taken by us patients followed by our inner strength & family support and above all GOD.
I stand by the prson who has written this article and i am yet to see a greedier doctor than Dr. Hemant Mehta and this can be vouched by many individuals who feel cheated by his greediness>

The hospital is hand in gliove with this merchamt of death and the medical council should strip him off his right to practice> This would save many patients falling prey to this greedy devil.
Hi, prem here is this nice website of consumer forum help consumers to overcome their problems? I want to know the problem resolving percentage
of the consumers who complained here. I wl be very thankful. Is this website helps us from any fraud, abuse, harrasment and other cheating without looking the status of the cheater?
I really want to know pls tell me as i am awaiting for answer with result.
Thanks prem
I strongly disagree with ur comments mr, i hav been with Dr Mehta since 2000 nd yes they r also out to make money but pl dont call them cheaters, i can understand what frame of mind u may be in but then inspite of best care, complications do arise, i underwent dialysis in the same hospital for 7 and a half years, was very well looked after nd u know dr. mehta picks up ur call even at 2 in the night. i dont think u get such concern from many such drs. Dr Prashant Rajput is a young dr who convinces each to go a transplant since he cant see people suffering on dialysis, he convinced me too nd its almost 3 years nd i m leading a normal, happy life. I adore these two drs nd lilavati hospital is like a second home. i love the hospitality there. so dont be bitter, i understand ur anger but trust me these 2 drs are helping so many patients. FINALLY ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ANY KIDNEY PROBLEMS U CAN HAVE FAITH ND GO TO THESE 2 DOCTORS, THEY ARE GENUINELY GOOD.
Mrs Gehlot, cadaver renal transplant is a life saving procedure and the best option for any patient with end stage kidney disease, it is better than dialysis not only in terms of survival but also the quality of life. Any procedure has an inbuilt risk, the risk of transplant is a rejection or an infection. many patients who undergo a cadaver transplant has no function immediatly the recovery of the function takes few days to weeks. The infectitios complications of transplant are common. Around 30% patients with transpant who die due to some infection and the rest may have other causes. Even in the most advanced centers for transplant they have a high infection rates, which can be prevented. Pneumonia immediatly after transplant has a high mortality esp after a cadaver transplant.
The question of medications which you alleged is non sense, you know that all patients with ESKD reqiure EPO to maintain the hemoglobin, you know the MRP just check it, you should be glad that you get it directly from the distributer at a less cost and the cold chain which is required is maintained.
Your allegations are because you are angry as the tx had a infectitious complication, which you cannot aviod, otherwise you lose the graft. You should know the statistics of complications in transplant.
Have you read the consent form which you have signed during the transplant. Should read it, many causes of death and failure has been mentioned.
Tx still saves many lives, your stupid allegation does not affect us, we continue to do good work and do best for our patients to reduce the suffering
Dr from LHRC
Please contact [protected] for any on-line reputation management which needs to be radically different
I agree with the person who wrote the article..i have experienced greedy doctors by Dr vilas dhanu who keeps requesting side money...and Dr nitin also who friends have has bad experiences with the same asking money...The hospital in lilavati is good..but due to such greedy drs the name gets spoiled

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