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I have booked a 2 BHK ultima flat in Casa Bella, a mass housing project of Lodha Builders at Dombivili. I have paid Rs. 5 lakh but even after a period of 8 months, I have received no correspondence regd the agreement/ registration process. The so called CUSTOMER CARE staff is very careless n they dont have courtesy. Either no one responds on the customer care number (which changes every now n then) or the investors like me get vague answers. Since last few days, I am persistently requesting the Customer Care staff to arrange for a site visit on either Saturday or Sunday so I could see the progress of the construction but to my utter surprise I have been told to come on weekdays. Now this is height of nonsense and callous attitude. A office going person wont get the time to visit the site on weekdays ! Numerous builders provide the opportunity to their investors to visit the site on weekends, which is convenient for the investors. But unfortunately, Lodha Builder is an exception. I suspect this is a deliberate attempt to harrass the investors of Casa Bella and/ or an attempt to keep the investors of Casa Bella away from knowing the exact construction progress. I even doubt if the investors of Casa Bella would get the possession of their flats as assured to them.

Above all, I allege that the Customer Care staff has no time for investors of Casa Bella as they r busy catering to the investors of Casa Bella GOLD ! N finally I condemn, the callous attitude of the Customer Care staff of Casa Bella, in strict terms.

If any other investor of Casa Bella has the same experience like me, pl feel free to email me. Suggestions / objections r also welcome.

Serena D 1504
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Dear Ejaz,

I totally agree with you, I experienced the same attitude from the Lodha Customer Care. Even I visited the site on weekend but they refused to shown the site and asked me to come on weekdays only. The Project progress is at snail pace, they have not even started the plinth work for the Cluster I buildings.

i totally agree with you guys. Recently we have recieved a letter from lodha conveying that the construction will be delayed to June 2012. they had agreed on the date of march 2011 with a grace period upto september 2011. they have given an option of either unconditionally accpeting the delay or take a payout of 9%. they are not giving any incentive to the pepople who would wish to continue.

I think these guys are cheating heavily on us. Are there any more guys who have recived such letters.

HI All

In the month of June 2009 I had booked two 1 BHK(Suprema C cluster) apartments in LODH’s CASA BELLA at Dombivili stamping & registration of the said apartment was done in the month of March 2010 after registration I didn’t hear anything from LODHA team so I contacted them - that time I came to know there was some railway authority approval awaited(I don’t know why approval was not taken earlier). After enquiring with them they informed that “Construction is now slated to commence by September, 2010” & possession for the same will be given by January 2012

I was sold this property with the commitment that possession will be in September 2010, in the agreement it is mentioned that the possession will be given by June 2011 & now they are saying it will be available by Jan 2012.

I have used all my savings in booking this property with the hope that I will be able to stay in my own home by end of 2010. And I was very pleased after booking this property with reputed builder Lodha.
Not even in my nightmare I had ever thought that I would be in financial situation as I am now. I will still have to stay in rented apartment paying high rent with the hope that my property will be available by Jan 2012, which is more likely to be delayed further based on current experience. This is significant financial loss to me as I will have to pay Rent for 2 More years and additionally as soon as partial loan is disbursed I have to pay interest on the amount disbursed as well.

Can somebody advice in this situation?

I am going to their office on monday, they have really cheated everyone, their executives kept on saying that a site visit is available on weekdays but i had been there on weekdays as well upon which they said the visit for the site is on weekends, their executive Mayur went one level above saying that the painting work is going on in few buildings ie why a site visit cannot be arranged, now they have sent a letter saying that the project will be completed in june 2012, they are ready to give all their money back with an interest rate of 9% but still they are in profit as they will sell the same flat for 3300 psf earing a profit of 3-5 lacks behind every flat, i have already seen some ads in the property websites by some agents who are in contact with the builder and selling the withdrawn flats at increased rates. This is the act of cheating and making money with an attempt to play foul with hard earned money of comman man.

The attitude of the customer care staff is extremely callous. I had informed them that I am coming on a particular day to collect my allotment letter. I had to travel from Matunga to Dombivli and then take a rickshaw to site office after paying Rs 120/- (return fare). After reaching there I was informed that the particular customer care executve is on leave. When I requested a meeting with her immediate superior, I was told she is in a meeting and cannot meet me.

The end result is that I lost a valuable week-end without achieving anything and the prospect of losing another day
Hi friends. Wish u all a Happy Dassera.

I had been to the site office last Thursday ie on weekday. To my utter surprise, I was told that the site visit has been closed indefinitely. There was no executive to cater to an investor like me.

I neither believe nor approve racial or religious discrimination. N I dont feel that Lodha Builders believes or approves the same. But there are rumours that Muslim investors like me have been dumped in a tower named SERENA, even the plinth work of which has not commenced. N Lodha builders, now with lots of deposits at their disposal gained from Casa Bella Gold and Casa Rio, is wanting to harrass the Muslim investors and infact all its investors to such an extent that they would be compelled to cancel their booking or sell it to some other party. While going to my native place in Konkan last Saturday, I got the opportunity to see the stage of construction from the proposed Usarghar Railway Stn. N I was surprised to see the overall view. Believe me friends, the investors of Casa Bella will have to wait till December 2013 or may be even more to get the key of their flat. I really wonder when we would get the opportunity to use the gym, swimming pool n blah blah blah promised by Lodha.

Will someone from Lodha builders come forth and explain all this things ? There must be someone to redress the grieavances of the investors.

Such attitude is not approved by Almighty God - May it be Allah or Bhagwan or God or Jhulelal or Mahavir or Buddha or Wah e Guru.

thank god I did not go for Lodha Casa Bella/ gold / platinum blah blah blah !!!
Such builders with huge money power and connections will NOT listen to INDIVIDUAL customers. we should form a union and then approach them as an equal party. Might is right and they will only listen when their fear any loss of reputation/business. Start a group asap, this is only strategy that will work not calling up customer care individually.
I Agree with almost all the people here, i have booked an appartment in eleganta B Cluster, The Registration Process Was Finished 4 Months Ago, After That I dont See Any Progress In the construction. It Has been 4 Months now & Only The Plinth Is Initiated, How R they Going To Give Us The Posession By March 2011, God Knows!
All I Can Say Is That The Builder Is a very Big CHEATER
There is already a group where investors are trying to unite and meet on 20th Nov...to discuss all issues and visit office collectively...If needed, we can approach media as well...

Join - -- casabellagold@googlegroups.com
I totally agree with you, I experienced the same attitude from the Lodha Customer Care. Even I visited the site on weekend but they refused to shown the site and asked me to come on weekdays only. The Project progress is at snail pace, they have not even started the plinth work for the Ellura buildings.
On top of that they don't update our change of address or cell nos to data base, after sending mails to differents staff of lodha group, they don't revert. Nither they give any information.
Hemant Pawar




I am also a victim of Casa Rio Project. I am Prof. Shailendra Khandelwal. They are even also refusing to acknowledge the letters send by me. We should make a team to fight against it. Please unite at khandelwalclasses@gmail. com.
My Cell No. is [protected]
I will be mailing my details on khandelwalclasses@gmail.com.We will together decide further course of action.
Loksatta Marathi has reported a news that the land acquired by Lodha at Dombivili is under scanner. Let we (all the investors of CASA BELLA, CASA GOLD, CASA RIO) hope and pray that the land where our flats are being constructed is not acquired illegally by Lodha.

The present CM of Maharashtra is strict and shall not tolerate any land scam.

Hope Lodha comes clean.

I also appeal the investors of CASA BELLA to pray to their respective GODS to instill MERCY in the heart of LODHA, so that we get possession of our flats till DECEMBER 2012.

16 months passed but the construction work is not started. Though the registration is done 7 months back the Plinth Work has yet to start. Customer Care has not received the project plan yet for Excellencia Cluster.
We dont know what is the eason and what is inside story.
I also have same experience.they r not allowing site visit even on weekdays.please call me on [protected] if there is any get together to fight with this haramkhor builder
Today i came to know that they have started giving for CASA BELLA at Magnesia,
waiting to see the constructed flat...So seems they have started finally,
But don't believe until we see the real.
dear all.
i have booked excellencia a & registered also the flat ? optima.the cust. care informed me that the digging work has been started for excellencia a but twice when i planned to visit even on weekdays they refused to do so.i dont know the actual details of the construction phase.if any one has idea pls. revert.thanks & regards.dr achal tiwari [protected]
lodha is no.1 cheater and they have not yet learnt the lessen even after income tax raid.

now all should united and drag them to court to get back our hard earned money.

once u signed their application, the buyer is in their trap. all terms and conditions are for the builder only

do not fall into their trap. i have diverted atleaset -10 guys from lodha to other builders



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