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[Resolved]  LUI BRAIL EDUCATION SOCIETY / Website-: — They are financially fraud on social networking plan

What is this stupidly going on? This is a Reputed Company? Or a NGO for Blind Progressive Plan? A Social Networking Company? I know that every company have a right & a aim to get profit from his service or Sale, But it is also involve to give profit to his customer or consumers, But I think Your Team is only think only & only for your Profit?

With in a 45 days you change your plan 3 times? As it is joke for you?
1-: You give the first plan have a maximum limit of 50, 000 from 10th month of joining till 24th month, when customer join it, & also convey his/her friends, relative & take money from them, for ur company, to make 2 members in a 2 month to run on the track of 50, 000 Rs & this plan he conveyed to his relative & take a money from them with his own personal trustiness. & you immediately change plan, means to say that you persons have a no feeling for your consumers who make your market at his own personal trustable risk,
And a great thing is that for all of you that, they all are unable to do nothing because there is not any paper proof for your previous plan,
First you saw us a fairly dreams to people & when they make 10 or 20 Ids of approx Rs 40000 then you change the plan, " Is it your Home Rules Bladdy", You sit in your office to fuul your Pocket & to make a fool to public,

2-: After changing your first plan to second one, when you didn't get positive response from public then you add 1 narration on the Top of your business Plan that " It is Not an Final Plan", Man, I think you & your company thought your self a smart, To confuse public that " Please -Please invest, this is not an final plan, , we will be right back soon with full attractive plan, to get you company donation non-stop.

3-: Now a final Plan came, & what is the guarantee that this plan is not get changed with in a month or a hrs, after getting more Ids from Public.

We become to know that finally you are cheaters & you are not thinking for your customers, The company who is not able to maintain his own making plan for maximum 1 year, what is the guarantee of that company??????,
can you feel that how many people get break his trustiness from his relative after get changed your plan, & get abused from his relative, & a man who is conveyed his relative for your company & give money to you to say all that " That he will get money as a scale (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25000, on), he have become cheater in the eyes of his relative, and get a full pressure to return all the money from his own pocket.
But you guys have no problem, Because it is not your Problem,

I am also not get conveyed your full & final Plan because to changing a plan is in your hand, because Company rules is not an fix rule & it is just like a Forest Rule, which can be run on your own directions
We will definitely stretch you on consumer court, and this is my Dam promise
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Aug 14, 2020
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I think that you are right. They are working to make profits for themselves. Initially to get money, their plan was good and was giving good returns. Now that they have got, they have changed the plan.
what r they doing? r they working for blind people or for themselves?actually they do not have any real vision for humanity.please respond me properly.
why r u making people misguided?what is the real problem of society? why the people r not able to live peacefully?can we do anything regarding the burning problem of society? let us start a movement for the whole transformation of society.
your society is
very simple
Iam fully agree with the sentiments expressed by paticipants Sapan Mandal is going to become Indian Meddof of ponzzy scheme
they have cheated the public.they must be taken to task.
yes, your oponion is mostly is correct, but i disagree this. more than 1000s of mlm in india are the same now, at present what are you doing, un necessary a huge political game in entered in mlm. a big mlm investors like vijay bellade and his associates have paid huge money and planed to stop with various reasons for not only lbgold their are several investment plans like fineindia, lakshyindia, helloindia, r.k.t.h, healthcare india, sobm etc, he has started realestate paying 25% monthly and 30% for 3 years and closed.

pl think this a under don plans to loot the public, ok what you have lost just 2100, when you cannot oay a rupee for a begger, he has maintaing 25 to 30 blinders which i have saw with the nearest. dont think this will be close. I belive 100 it will be re-open with huge fans and ids, b+, by
lui bril edu. socity is fraud organisation.this socity was not giving me money back.that's why i agree with this comment.
ž¸¸£÷¸ú¡¸ ¢£¸¨¸Ä ¤¸ÿˆÅ
__________________RESERVE BANK OF INDIA______________________
UBD. CO. BPD. PCB.Cir. No.9/12.05.001 / 2009-10 September 16, 2009
The Chief Executive Officers of
All Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks
Dear Sir/Madam
Adherence to KYC/AML guidelines while opening and conduct of the accounts of Multi Level Marketing firms
It has come to our notice that certain firms posing as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) agencies for consumer goods and services have been actually mobilizing large amounts of deposits from the public with promise of high returns. The names of some of these firms are:
i. Fine India Sales Pvt. Ltd.
ii. Lakshya Levels Marketing
iii. Eve Industries
iv. Trident Advertising & Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.
v. Super Life Link Distributors
vi. Lue Brain Education Society
vii. Manya Mantra Marketing
2. The representatives of the above firms had opened accounts at various bank branches at different locations in the country and numerous small cash deposits were being made in those accounts. The firms and their agents had reportedly promised very high returns on deposits and lured common people to part with funds in the name of certain investment/deposit schemes. These funds, running into crores of rupees, were being pooled at the Principal Accounts of the MLM firms and the funds were eventually flowing out of those Principal Accounts for purposes apparently illegal or highly risky. These firms had managed to get very large number of cheque books issued from the banks and they have, in turn, issued to the depositors, post dated cheques for small amounts representing future interest dues and deposit payments. The small depositors
©¸í£ú ¤¸ÿˆÅ ¢¨¸ž¸¸Š¸, ˆ½Å›Íú¡¸ ˆÅ¸¡¸¸Ä¥¸¡¸, Š¸¸£Ÿ¸½¿’ í¸„¬¸, oe¸í¥¸ú Ÿ¸¿¢¸¥¸, ¨¸£¥¸ú, Ÿ¸º¿¤¸ƒÄ - 400 018
ûŸ½›¸:[protected], û¾ÅƬ¸:[protected] / 2492 0231, ƒÄ Ÿ¸½¥¸: [protected]
Urban Banks Department, Central Office, 1 Floor, Garment House, Worli, Mumbai - 400 018
Phone:[protected], Fax:[protected] / 2492 0231, Email: [protected]
¤¸ÿˆÅ ¢í›™ú Ÿ¸½¿ oe¸°¸¸¸¸£ ˆÅ¸ ¬¨¸¸Š¸÷¸ ˆÅ£÷¸¸ í¾ —
were depositing the money in the accounts of MLMs at places far away from the places
where the accounts were actually opened which was facilitated by Core Banking
Solution (CBS) offered by the banks. Since the operations of the firms are essentially
deposit taking activities involving unusually high returns, the ongoing repayments of
interest and deposit amounts in respect of existing deposits would depend on
continuous and uninterrupted flow of fresh deposits with increasing volumes. Therefore,
at some stage, the flow of deposits is bound to be stifled and post dated cheques
tendered thereafter would bounce, due to inadequate funds available in the accounts.
3. Some of the above firms were advertising their deposit schemes through websites. A
few such website addresses are:
Preliminary reports reveal that the names of the banks, where the MLM firms or their
agents were maintaining accounts were getting associated with such operations of MLM
firms. This has potential reputational risk for the banks, especially in the event of the
firms failing to repay the depositors. Incidentally, as it appears, during personal contacts
with the prospective depositors some of these MLM firms or their agents had used the
name of the banks where they had accounts.
4. In view of the above, we advise that banks should be careful in opening accounts of
the marketing/trading agencies etc. Especially, strict compliance with KYC and AML
guidelines contained in circulars UBD.CO.BPD (PCB) No. 1/12.05.001/2008-09 dated
July 02, 2008 and UBD.PCB. Cir. 30/09.161.00/2004-05 dated December 15, 2004
issued by RBI should be ensured in the matter.
5. In cases where accounts have already been opened in the names of the marketing
agencies, retail traders, investment firms, the banks may undertake quick reviews.
Wherever large number of cheque books has been issued to such firms, the relative
decision may be reviewed in the light of the following:
• Whether the cheque books have been issued to customers on the basis of their
express request and after following the internal processes laid down in the
• Whether the number of cheque books is consistent with/matching the profile of
the customers as also their nature of business operations.
6. Even where the volume of transactions/profile of the customers apparently justify the
number of cheque books issued, special ongoing monitoring of the operations in the
accounts of such types of firms should be made especially if large volumes of small
cash deposits are being made in those accounts and withdrawals are being made there
from, through cheques written for small amounts, either across the counters or through
clearing. In respect of such account holders banks may, in specific cases, call for the
data from the account holders on the number and aggregate amount of post dated cheques issued. The data/information so collected should be analysed in select cases to rule out the possibility of the firms being engaged in deposit taking activities. Certain indicative parameters for selecting accounts for further scrutiny and action are the bunching of dates of the post dated cheques, the uniformity in the amounts of cheques etc. These data should be analysed together with data on cash deposits of small amounts on previous distant dates resembling the deposit contracting/mobilizations dates in terms of similar bunching and uniformity of amounts.
7. Please acknowledge receipt. Also, unusual operations noticed during the above review may be immediately reported to us and other appropriate authorities, such as, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-IND), Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Hotel Samrat (6th Floor), Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110 021.
Yours faithfully,
(A. K. Khound)
Chief General Manager-in-Charge
dear sapan mandal, pls.public ka 100, 200, 400, 800, ka cheqe bhege .apke fund main main itna paisa to hoga ke aap de sake.ya phir aap jail jane ke taiyare kare kyoki hum sab logo ke gali sun rahe hai.aap jaldi muje bataye mail kar ke.ya phir main aap ke diye kareeb 1000 cheque ko bounce kar wa kar aap par 420 ka case banwata hoo.kyoki aap ne ek PAVITRA kam ke badle logo ko thaga hai.aap aaj bhi chahe to logo ke 100, 200, 400, 800, ke cheque de kar logo ka sahyog le sakte hai.aap ye kare ya main aap ke against case karne ja raha ho. ARSHAD RAJNANDGAON C.G.
Mere hisab se lb gold abhi tk ki sari company me se sabse bekar company hai. Jo donesation ke naam pe pai sa leke, 100, 200, 400, 800, ka cheque dikha kr phi wo wapas maga leti hai, aur bar bar pucche jane pr hamesha ki tarah date pe date de raha hai, likin paise ke naam pr logo ko dair rakhne ki bat karte hai,
lui brail education society is a failed society. sir mujhe aapse acount open ki news pal pal ki khabrein dete rahe. main tejkaran aapse ummid karta hoon ki aap jald hi jald koi karvai karenge, aur sabka paisa diwayenge 4mahino se is band company ne logo ka chain chin rakha hai jeena haraam kar diya hai. sir aapse meri request hai ki jald se jald koi na koi karvai ki jani chahiye taki logon ka paisa jaldi se jaldi mil sakein. main consumer complaints ke director ko thanks kahna chata hoon ki aapne logo ke liye acchi website ka intzaam karya hai. taki hum humari baat aapse seedhe aap tak pahucha dete hai. sir aap hi unko inform kar saktein hai ki case detail hamesha lui brail par update karate rahe taki isse logon ko information milti rahein. thanks sir 4 consumer complaints.
dear, sir
please give a details for LUI BRAIL EDUCATION SOCIETY

Sir pls muje lui brail Ke bare me jankari dijiye.
Mai rajasthan se hu or humne 2000 se bhi jyada logo ne isme paisa lagaya hai, kai poor people ne bhi joining ki hai, hum yaha kafi pareshan ho rahe hai.
E mail- sk2009.[protected]
Head Office

Luibrail Educational Society

B-51, Behind Arya Niwas Bus stand, Main Khera Road,
East Krishna Vihar,
Najafgarh, New Delhi-43.

Tel :[protected]
Ph No :-[protected], [protected], [protected]

Account Detail

ICICI bank :[protected]
Branch :- Najafgarh

HDFC Bank :- [protected]
Branch :- Najafgarh

Pan No :- AAATL4157B
Tax Deduction Account No :-
(TAN) DELL 03842G
sir i want to invest some money in your daily income plan
The funniest part of the scheme is that I cannot catch any resposible person of the company within the visinity of my area. It is only a network business where every person seems to be fooled. I think it is high time for the administration to interfere and atleast ensure refund of invested amount possibly with interest.
Dear Sir,

I am joined this plan and invest 2100/- throw Mr.Ram Chandra Yadav and joined 2 persons my friend Mr.Jasvant and Mr.Ram Singh but my friend Ram Singh money is not return R.C.Yadav said hold it comany is lock and case file so wait
please suggest return of my and my friends money.

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