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[Resolved]  M.P.Electricity Board &MKVVCL,Guna Circle — Misbehaving by employees Of complaining of Wrong billing

The Totally corrupt,Inable employees of MPEB(Including all Cos.)are doing ATYACHAR on Public of Madhya Pradesh.
1-I am posted as District Informatics officer (NIC),collectorate,Guna-(M.P),In my by Collector Guna) every month( since few months)I am facing problem regarding billing,some times they are giving Assessed Units,or some time very wrong billing i.e.Add old amount which is already been paid again added, some times we are not very keen to see whole calculation of bill & suddenly paid.
I am posted here & in office timings there is no power consumption also 8 hrs (app) power cut is also here in Guna hence most of time I am living alone at my Govt.residence hardly 3-4 hrs power I am using,

2-also I have been 100%equipped my house with CFL of 5,8,15 watts as per my need,hence there is no question to give AAKALIT KHAPAT for govt.accomondation because sometimes I am not in the town for long time but bill is still same all the time ,
even corrupt MPEB High official told that There is no question about less bill what a irresponsible behaviour by such type of MPEBofficers of GUNA as well as MP but according to service term Only metered unit bill is justified No one(as one high official told that ITNA KAM BILL NAHIN AA SAKTA HAI ,
I must say who will decide the consumers consumption?either officials of company or consumer the answer is well known by the officers him self.

3-yesterday also I have got same type of bill in which I have again got added the prev.month bill,all the time I send any of my subordinate to correct the bill but after not satisfying this,

4-Today I made a plan to go personally to MPEB GUNA (office of AE) without giving my Identity,My husband who is also an Engineer at Gwalior just we met to two clerks One is Mr,Ojha one another person sittingalong with(I don't know the name of person) there who is little bit more ill mannered compared to other one,I surprised to listen that both persons are Loudly told thatt he is unable to correct bill,
Iam very much ashamed to see the such a irresponsible,unmannered &totally rubbish behaviour of such kind of Employee of MPEB GUNA,totally belogs to BADATAMEEZ BAABU Kaum,
but I was waiting for his next step to see his maximum limit of behaviour what a behaviour Mr shivraj singh is really willing to give gold medal for MPEB employees those are collecting the revenue by cutting the pocket of honest customers of board,Of course now meters have been installed outside of houses hence now mpeb is only responsible for them consumer is responsible for paying only metered bill,
Today after giving My introduction now the bill has got correct by revenue officer og MPEB GUNA but there is no hope for future to get correct bill.
My main complaints are:-
1-Behaviour of MPEB Employees is not a kind of gentleman behaviour, they are totally Jungli & very far from gentlemanship even they are don't responding properly to consumers,but just interested to cut the pocket the honest consumers to grow revenue by the support of our present government.
but this is left a question that how people of MP surviving with this problem
I am complainting in Public interest to MPEB that not even for me please they must have to give proper good response over complaints to anybody & also donot cut the pocket of honest persons,If meters are installed outside of house that means no customer is responsible for any loss &only responsible to pay actual metered bill
2-I am also complainting to All high officials off MPEB Guna to punish MR.OJHA along with another Incharge of bill correction who is one of the most irresponsible person to his duties towards customers
we are the customer &MPEB is the service provider nothing else so behave under the guidelines for any kind of activities like billing &after complaints.the lower staff of MPEB including all clerks,JEs AEs Even DES or SEs are not very keen towards customers problems
MPEB & compnies are not very keen towards complaints because they are doing intentionally
but this is left a question that how people of MP surviving with this problem
but I am very keen to go towards Consumer forum If any kind of mistake find in future in my bill & also I must have to go for Right to Information to get whole billing process by the company in case of failure I must have to go even court to get justice in Public interest & my self as well
complaint by
District Info.Officer
Collectorate GUNA
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Respected Madam
I appreciate your efforts for writing this even you are a Class-I high official of district Guna, The major thing is that you are related with Ministry of I.T. & head of NIC GUNA, If MPElectricity board is doing such type of dirty Unconstitutional bahaviour with officer like you, I am shocked to know the bahaviour of Clerks are very shameful & they must regret with you,
Clerks are always doing so in any govt department actually clerks are having there own cast, always Makkari, Dhoka, Ghoos, matlabparasti are the basic character of each clerk of India.
If they are doing such type of behaviour with high officials then how we can expect from Robbery Department MPEB to behave like a gentleman.
The KHULI LOOT IS DONE BY MP ELECTRICITY Board &Inka sardar hai CM of Madhya Pradesh Mr.Shivraaj singh who is permitting loot from the public.
I do not believe on news that MPEB & companies are having any kind of problem if so then how can CM has given 6th Pay commission to Employees of MPEB &CO. as well.Even they are not deserving to get salary & deserve social boycott.
If with prolems cm has given this than why he is not again started MPSRTC, along with sixth pay commission.
All Ministers, Leaders Along with all favourite officers (LikePet doggy ) they all together just LOOTING the State & hard earned income of public they are using, Many high level corruption I have seen done by local MLA, MPs along with local officials, Zila panchayat, Irrigation PWD, PM Road projects are the few names of such kinds
but CM Is doing Robbery from Public even persons are not having financial sufficiecy to pay high bills they are giving un bearable bills to them, I don't believe that Shivraj singh is not be able to give financial support to MPEB but If habitualy BJP is always doing loot from public either from PLaying the feelings of public or by giving financial shock to public, BJP is never done any thing for public interest they are only doing their own interest same thing applying here.
I must Urge to CM of MP to stop such type of behaviour to Public done by MPEB employees Even whenever we contacted they are doing misbehave to public instead of solving problems created by themselves(MPEB).
Madam I must suggest you to do social boycott to Officers &employees of MPEB &cos.& convey for this to all your district level officers &subordinates etc to do so.
I also urge to Public to do social boycott to the employees of MPEB don't invite them in any social ocassion don't do relationships of your children in any MPEBs employees, even no one go in any kind of casuality or death, they deserve to totally boycott from the country
I am fully agreed with Neerja saxena, DIO, Guna, I am an Advocate of MP High court & also in Guna
I am also supporting all public against MPEB Behaviour.
If some body wants to go Court for finding justice I appreciate.
In future If Anybody find any kind of wrong bill straight go to meet an advocate & according to advocate advice must have to do necessary Paper work against Employees behaviour & MPEB with CM also, no one bigger than judicially in this country even CM or PM.
I suggest to Public to Don't do any wrong Uncostitutional behaviour against MPEB, just do within the constitution we have very powers as a citizen as compared to Public servants so keep in your mind.
If finding any wrong behaviour you can do complaint against them even in your local Police station in case they are not accepting(Usualy they are doing) you may directly go to court filing as private complaint
One thing Must have in your mind do every thing in writing &get O/C of each document means If you want to do bill correction usualy some one go directly with Bill &handover it to MPEB clerk to correct,
some time they made it correct on a new paper so you don't have any proof that you had any complaint other thing That is not being counted in MPEB complaint, so do complaint directly to SE along with copy of bill along with one cc to Local DJ/DM along with one copy to CM along with Chairman of company but don't forget to get O/C of your document
Rest your Advocate will see
M.P.High court
I am fully agreed wih all those people, being a high administrative officer I am unable to disclose my identity
but I know &also having experience about such kind of dirty games played by MPEB & companies may be by the support of high officials or not this is not a main question.
AsI have seen the complaint by one of the high official of Guna through cental government & Ministry of I.T Madam Neerja Saxena.
really its shameful to do such kind of behaviour by the clerks as well officers, but almost whole state suffering by same problems but if they are doing with Govt.officers even they are high profile that this is finding a limit o[censored]n manneredness.
I even find they are not leaving many VIP officers but whatever the instructions for them
remember PAANI MEIN RAHKAR MAGARMACHCH SE BAIR KAISE BHI THEEK NAHIN may be whatever the instructions for them
I must say the "MPEB &Cos. employees are deserving beating on a public place without clothes"
whole state having such type of feeling
this is the question of honesty because they are only service provider & we are in many terms are the consumers

I am an student in indore, some days back i got the bill of rs 1700 for 3 month, and bill was paid by us, but this month MPEB gave me the bill of Rs.2800, the add previous bill of rs 1700, and now they are not ready to deduct it from our current bill, i got 3 tub light and 2 fan in my house, tell me why should i pat the bill of Rs 2800.

dear reader please i[censored] cant do any thing about my problem latest add some of you complain on this page. how long we will pay for some one else mistake.HALLA BOLL.

if needed i will take help of my college union.
As I have seen all Robbery done by MPEB & cos. this is the limit & I must say to all consumer we need a public agitation against MPEB & Companies supported by BJP govt. but If this is going on for a long time this is really a matter to take Kanoon IN our hand & get justice from them by our own effort.this country is demanding few good people to give services to break system but unfortunately we people don't want to give our children to the nation only we are trying to make our children's career for serve them either in govt or pvt jobs no one wants to see his child as a leader of Country, hence person those are totally deserving dust bin means they are totally nalayak can give their efforts to country you all can see how waste material of country ruling on even top level cream mind IAS officers also.
I have seen all the complaints &supporting them,
The MPEB officials & Employees are totally doing irresponsible behaviour.if they are unable to less the line losses then what can we do, they are looting ourselves
they are Not the people those are permitting to live in SAMAAJ so do the boycott them & where they are living go & cut the life line of them like water &grossery, vegetables etc must be prohibited for those people, even don't give the admission of children in any institute or school, even don't give any job for MPEB'S employees children.
This can be done by any forum to get support by the people because this is State level Robbery done by MPEB & employees.
anyway I need a support from Public of MP
If needed As Mr.N.SAXENA written that we must get the help from Judicially to get justice because YEH SARKAARI GUNDE HAIN INHE SARKAAR KA SUPPORT HAI
I am totally agree with above complaints.
MPSEB is a LOOT department of MP Govt., unfortunately supported by Mr.Shivraj Singh. We have to do something for this. Not to see faces for each other.
Yesterday I also got a bill with ASSESSED UNITS and I feeling like LUTA HUA. After doing complaint to AE of my area TANSEN ROAD, GWALIOR, they said that "YEH TO AAPKO DENA HI PADEGA". Now, I don't understand what to do ? Should I go to RTI and then CONSUMER-FORUM or should I go to the COURT ?

Manish (Gwalior)
unbalence bill
please provide online bill payment facilities for guna

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