Mahindra First Choice — Theft of components during service and bad service

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Dear Sir

I bought a second hand Honda City 2004 model from Mahindra First Choice, Goregaon West Branch in 2009. When the vehicle was first shown to me it had minor points for paint touch ups, head lamp fogs and some grease/ oil marks on the door panel (inside) rectification. I had pointed out these to the Manager (Mr Shetty) there. He assured me of rectifying all that with a great air of confidence that I would love the vehicle when it is all done. The price quoted was 4.25 lac+. Given the personal assurances by the Manager and credibility of Mahindra brand, I decided to buy the vehicle.
On the date of delivery, I was called in the morning at 10:00 only to be kept waiting till 4:30 pm. The vehicle was delivered and looked awesome with polish etc. I went through the check points and found things in order, still Mahindra credibility at the back of my mind, not doubting, I took the delivery.
Day 1: I found the rubber beading on front door ruptured. It was crudely stuck with glue!
Day 2: I discovered that the grease marks on door panel were faint but very much there and looked bad.
Day 5: The fogs in head lamps reappeared. They were not replaced as assured by the Manager. Also, the driver door panel paint was out, it was not painted but hidden in polish!
Day 7: I experienced starting problem. Had to crank the engine thrice to start. This happened on a traffic signal and Mumbaikars know it well how embarassing it becomes.

With all the above, I took the vehicle back to the dealer only experience the typical "post sale" obnoxious attitude that they has nothing to do with all that as they don't guarantee anything else other than transmission/ engine. As a favor, they took out the head lamps and defogged it. Regarding starting they suggested to run the vehicle so that battery is adequately charged. A week after delivery battery to be charged!!

Then came the first free 3 months service, I also requested for pant touch up near door panel and cleaning of grease marks. The vehicle serviced, shining, I took the delivery. After service:
Day 1: The fragrance in my car had disappeared and was replaced by odour. I found the driver side floor mat wet, close to dripping! Mahindra brand credibility fainting, but still I thought that water would have seeped in while servicing. Dried the mats...already had a fair share of embarrassment in my family.
Day 5: Discovered that the paint on the door panel was done by a crude paint brush!! The one like my kids do. Looked worse.
Day 10: It was raining and I took out the car for a drive nearby. Past 10 mins, I realised that the brake and clutch pedal were splashing on a water pool!! My shoes were half way into water. The vehicle leaked!!
Day 11: rushed back to the service centre only get the jolt again that these are not covered in service. I was shaken and out of my mind, threat mixed with request, asked the service engineer (Mr Santosh) to check if it can be repaired. He called me next day.
My Job didn't permit me to go back for another 10 days. Those 10 days, every day the my car used to get pooled in water and in the night by 10 when used to return from office, I had to drain it. The ordeal and I knew that I have been tricked.
The first opportunity, I took leave for car repair. It was repaired as per the engineer, by 7 pm. He didn't charge anything. Still hopeful, I took delivery and back home I realised that the roof strips were missing!! When I called back, the engineer completely disowned any responsibility after the vehicle is delivered. I knew I was tricked again.
Month 9: My AC stopped working. Again took it back to the workshop for a bill of Rs.3000. I caught them red-handed replacing an old coil/clutch for the AC compressor. But the service engineer adamant...he said he cannot repair it otherwise, and that if I pay less then he would remove the replaced part!!! I succumbed and paid (negotiated for little less)...knowing fully well that I paid full for an old component!!
Month 10: Starting problem persisting, I got the battery checked, found its close to be dead. Had to be replaced.

For me the Mahindra credibility has shattered now and that the First Choice is nothing better than a typical road side garage. Want to write more but getting late for office.

Will my complaint be taken up. Does it happen in India!! I have my doubts.
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Be a mumbaikar — took money and didn't deliver

I found an agent on net to get my name change and pan card. His name is Mr. Suresh Bajaj. HIs cell no. is [protected]

He took 5000 rs. from me to get my and my son's name change and get my pan card on 17th of july.. he told me he will give me documents by 20th.. but whenever i called him for documents he made excuses and now he is not picking up my phone..

I was harassessed by him mentally and financially.


Asha Adhikari

My name is Kurup Sandeep Gopal. I have purchased a Santro Xing 2004 model. I have also experienced the same problem with my car.

1) My car has also started filling water in the drivers seat, when i informed the Garage people about the same they said it is not covered under warrantly. we pay more than the market price for 2nd hand car's and purchase them from a reputed comany called Mahindra first choice but what we get a piece of crap, why are they fooling people, why it happens in india why can't people speak the truth while selling something to people who purchased this things from there hard earned money. today for my family it seem like another headache. I have given my car to repair the power stering and it has been 15 days and they still need more day. The reply i got was that people from Mahinidra takes time to come and clear the warranty things. i have already paid all the money i had, now were will i go to repair the water logging problem will mahindra fist choice return the hard earned money that we paid extra to get a good second hand car. waiting for reply

My Name is sandeep kurup and my vehicle no is Mh-04 CB 6353 and my contact no is [protected] which i forgot to give on my last message
Mr. Sandeep / Mr. srivastava, i wish i had read this before i got myself a maruti 800 from Mahindra frustrated choice ( or i shud say Mahindra last choice )

Wen i seen the car first, it was sparkling from the exterior, on the day of delivery...the unexpected happens, a big dent on the right side of the bonet above the tyres...oops moment for me, but i said its ok, let me take it, my first car...once i got in the window glass comes crashing down trying to lower it for my wife who was besides me...awesome, i said its ok, happens, got it my self to the mechanic the same time and paid out of my pocket... drove it home though...

i use it twice a week on weekend most of the times, as my job doesnt allow me time at all during more surprise day of my relatives wedding, car refuses to start in the middle of traffic, saturday evening at about 6:30 heart was in my mouth... some how after 15 / 20 mins of trying miracle, it started...

The next day, battery is dead and so was Mahindra dead for me... i am still paying EMI for the junck i purchased...and paid putright for the new battery too...

I dont feel like writing more as that keeps me hunting right throughout...

I brought it from MFCL MIraroad branch.. Thank god the showroom is now closed for good...

Deepak K

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    Mahindra First Choice - Theft of components during service and bad service