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 Dolly Choudhary
Manju Agarwal maid services, Kandivali, Mumbai was hired by me to provide baby care maid for my one yr kid 2 yrs back. The maid given by the agency was found irresponsible and taking undue advantage as she stayed alone at home with the kid . She was sacked post 5 months or so, and requested the agency for a replacement. the contract period got over but agency failed to replace. I left it at that as i found someone local to attend to the kid. Two months back since the need arised again, i contacted the agency, after following up for one month, they sent someone, who vanished again in one month taking her full salary.

Though had promised the agency to pay the remaining balance, as their new rule said to pay one months salary of the maid, they refuse to give services as of today. The new maid left prior to the time indicated to collect balance payment .

My money is stuck, with no services from the agency.

Its the harrasment that a person undergoes inspite of paying. Such agencies should be checked for their quality of service and must be banned from operating.

I am not the only one. A friend of mine now residing in hong kong has undergone similar problem with the same agency
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i completely agree that most maid services are no good. But i fail to understand how does one deal with that. Does any one know of a bureau which is actually good.
Maid services run by Manju Agarwal are thugs. they dupe people. they make tall promises and thereafter dont bother to respond. i had same problem with this agency. i paid them for one year in jan 2008. they provided maid for three months and thereafter failed to provide till date. now they tell me that my validity period is over and i have to pay again for services. this is nothing but cheating. when i am entilted for nine more months services why should i pay again. this agency is extremely bad, be aware. and the girls working over there have extreme attitude. moreover i believe that Dr manju Agarwal herself is not involved and is not aware of the functioning of the services. but anyway stay away from this agency.
I have contacted Manju Agarwal Maid Services and paid them the registration fee. I wanted a full time maid who can take care of my baby and do some cooking. The staff promised me to provide maid within 15 days but I had to follow up with them for over a month and they could not provide anybody. The worst part is that Mrs Manju Agarwal is not contactable at any cost. Her staff ensure that she is isolated fully from the customers. Priyanka handles Dadar office who would never return your call. Shobha who is in her kandivali office is such a rude person. Forget customer orientation she screams at the customer. time that Manju Agarwal herself look into these matters and remain available for escalations. Once they send a maid they become desperate to recover the full amount from the customer even not allowing the sufficient trial period.
Yes, I also completely agree. I found the same issue. How to lodge a police complaint for such agency ?
I had called up Manju Agarwal Maid Services at their Kandivili office. The person on the other end (I don't know the name) was very rude & was behaving as if they are doing us a favor by offering these services. After speaking to them, I decided not to avail of their services.
I also got registered with Manju Maid Agency to look after my kids. The maid provided by them was totally useless, she was rude in her speech with kids and was not at all child friendly. She kept telling that she is not confident of immediately handling the kids and needs handholding for some time. First I called my mom all the way to help and train her, my mom trained her for one month. After my mom left, she again started cribbing that she has not been able to understand the work properly as it is just one month. Then I called my mother in law for one more month. After that due to my kids vacation I was out of town for 15 days. After I came back and in real terms she took charge of the work, she vanished within 10 days. She took her entire salary with an advance of Rs.1000/- . After continuously following up with the agency, they sent a lady replacement, who was worst than a road side labourer, she was barefoot and with shabby dressing whom you will not even allow in your house, forget taking care of your kids.
Pls NEVER EVER contact Manju Maid Agency. The staff is very rude, service very poor and they are crooks. They take the money in advance and when we call up to ask for maid they reply rudely and a lot of time, money and effort goes in continuos follow up with them.

Pls BEWARE. I have had a very bad experience with them. I lost Rs 3000/- in way of their service charges but never got any maid.
Hi, I am looking for helping hand who can do household work which will give us time to take care of our baby. From web site i got Dr Manju's maid agency details, but responses from most of the people who used this service says that it is not recommandable. Do you have any other agency who will provide these kind of support with good service.
I also am a victim of Manju Agarwal. She is not a PHD but a BIG FRAUD. I also registered with her and she was not able to provide me with services. Finally I had no choice but to search myself someone locally. Her staff is not at all trained and extremely rude. Morover they have the audacity to say that 1 person has to handle 3 phones hence they cannot get back to customers. Since it is our need as we need maids, we have to call up everytime to listen to a patent answer "NO ONE IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE" and so called MADAM MANJU AGARWAL does not answer the phone, does not provide with mobile number, nor attends office. These are the replies received from her staff. Such frauds should be sent to JAIL for harressing people, SHE IS A BIG ___________. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC SERVICE. NEVER FALL IN HER TRAP. SHE IS A LIAR, A FRAUD. JUST TAKES MONEY AND DOES NOT PROVIDE SERVICE. NO MATTER HOWMUCH U FOLLOW UP WITH THEM PERSONALLY. PLEASE BEWARE OF SUCH PERSONS WHO ARE A BURDEN ON THIS EARTH.
Thanks a lot I found this page on net. I was about to register with Manju Agarwal. But thought should do some home work prior to that. Many thanks to all who have post their comments here. It certainly has saved a lot of money, time and efforts of mine and off course the mental fatigue I may have received. Thanks a lot once again.
After reading the comments against this agency I personally visited Dr.manju Maid Services office in Kandivli and openly discussed about the comment posted on this site.Incidentally I met Dr.Manju Agarwal personally and explained her about my maid requirements.In fact I was delighted to meet such a kind heart personality.She being such a highly qualified personality took up this profession as social enterprise for the cause of the poor and the needy person like us.She is Not charging any money from the maids to provide them the job though, she has been incurring heavy expenditures to run this profession.She is just charging petty some to meet the establishment cost and carrying such a big risk by providing the maids to various families in need.

I have really got a very good maid through her efforts and thankful to the team of Dr.manju Maid Services for helping me to find a good maid.
I fully agree with you. Even in my case the service charges are taken upfront & no services are rendered for months together.

Such agencies must be penalised for not giving any services to the society.
I completely agree with all of the above allegations. My wife had registered with this agency a month back. The website talks of all the tall claims of being the largest service provider etc. Qualifications of Mrs. manju being a Phd. and Gold Medalist etc. acts as a good bait for educated people to fall prey, who would expect some kind of professional management.

We were in need of a full time house maid to take care of the Kid and house hold work. On the phones, the executive assures of the best of customer care and services etc. The website doesnot talk anything of the non refundable stuff etc. anywhere. There is complete lack of transperency in the transaction. When the person comes to collect the money, the receipt speaks of stuff like, Maids will be provided as and when available and non refundable money etc. No service provider, i understand, can have such clauses like - will be provided as and when available. Whats the point of opening a shop and collecting needy people's hard earned money when you do not have any services to provide itself. This clearly looks like a cheating cover. My wife specifically mentioned her urgency and also mentioned on the receipt that valid only if maid provided in 8 days. Still the executive instead of denying to accept the sum, knowing fully well of their limitations, promised to provide the maid in the said period. Now when called up, the tele callers, who earlier so decent to speak to are completely rude. Its a surprise and a shock to find that there are so many more with such grievances and the proprietor is un available to answer the issues nor is even involved in the activities.

Some one of us has asked about the possible solution. I would be requesting them to have my complete fund refunded back since its been series of follow ups and rude replies for almost a month now. If they do not refund the same, i will be initiating a suit against the firm in Consumer Forum or pull under MRTP - restrictive trade practices. (Just Fyi. Filing a complaint in Consumer forum does not require any expenses and the same can even be done through the Internet now.)
Oh ! god ! i have also registered with them ... i thought i was the only one having to follow up .looks like more money down the drain in quest of the perfect maid!!
I have also had a terrible experiece with this Dr Manju Agency. They provided a maid who was a thief. She was caught within a week of her joining and we recovered the stolen item from her. When we complained to the agency of the credibility of the maid, they said that they also meet these maids for 15 to 20 mins, how can they know. I was schocked but had no choice but to wait for a replacement maid. It has been four months and atleast 50 calls from my end to them, but not a single maid have they sent. To make matters worst, they told us that some maid will be coming to meet us on a weekend, we stayed at home to be able to meet her, but no one turned up. The same thing happened on another weekend. I am totally frustrated now, and decided to look up the net on this agency, and looks like this is how they work. The staff is extremly rude and useless. I wish to find some way some legal action can be taken against them.
I agree with all the complaints above. I have been cheated by the Agency. I have been provided with two governess for taking care of my baby within short period of my registration after hell of phone calls. But they didnt know how to take care of the baby. One of them always pretended to be ill. They left as soon as they got their first salary. They were with us only for one month. When we contacted agency they told us that we dont know their whereabouts.We dont know their background. We never did any verification We also dont have any maid stock now.We have to take leave from our offices to take care of baby. So please dont register with such b... agency. Since 8 months I have not been provided any governess. We have to search for the local governess where salary is also less. The governess provided by the agency are not worth of their half salary also. BAN this AGENCY for humiliation we received, cheating, our job risk.I never got MANJU AGARWAL in office.
This agency is cheat agency. They never respond to you. I am victim of this agancy. I was given one governess to take care of my baby. She was ill through out 1 month she was with me. She escaped the work which finally my mother had to do. My mother is 65 years old.She left the job next day of receipt of salary.
The employees are illiterate & dont analyse the maeds before sending to the client. I never receive replacement.
They have only bunch of maids whom they rotate from one to other client with prior indication of leaving the job in 1 month so that they can provide them to new client.
BEWARE of paying to this agency.
I totally agree with the above comments. Manju agarwal maid service is total fraud. Please please please please DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE. YOUR MONEY WILL BE WASTED !!!
Manisha Umraniya in the above post mentioned that she got good service from Manju Maid services and also mentioned that she could personal speak to manju agarwal. Since Manju Agarwal is evasive after taking money from the rest of us, I request Manisha to share Manju Agarwal's personal mobile number and help us in whatever way she can.

Also, Shardul Kadam mentioned about filing official complaint against the agency with Indian Consumer Forum. I request him to guide us further on how do we go about doing that since I really want to teach this agency a lesson so that they think twice before duping innocent customers of their hard earned money.
Yes I agree with Ms. Rachana. Give mibile No. of Manju Agarwal & help us to make complaint against the agency & their maids.

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