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[Resolved]  Matrix Cellular Services — Charging high & wrong bills

I had taken a travel SIM card for Italy from this co. They had provided me a tariff plan for the same. But, after returning, i got a bill from them with charges much higher than those mentioned in the tariff plan. The number of days rental is also wrong. And the Euro rate charged is also not as per the Tariff Plan & call charges are also much higher than the Tariff plan.
And i have lodged a complaint with them almost a month ago & the issue has not yet been resolved.
Besides that, they also charged the amount to my credit card, without even sending me a copy of the bill & getting my confirmation. So, now, they have my money & thats why they are not bothered about resolving the issue & making me a refund.
Pls help for the same.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Security & Investigation Bureau — GPRS not functioning

I have sent a SMS to you for activating GPRS/MMS facilities in
my mobile phone but till date it is not activated.My mobile no [protected].

Cell phone Services — Cheating Tariff

I regularly recharge my mobile with Rs.888 for 6 months duration. Then after i top up the amount which i wanna use. As per this my call charges was 10 paise for Add on - 3 Numbers.
And my local call charges are 75 paise and sms are 5 paise.
Suddenly i saw my validity ends, and i recharged for 99rs, 10rs talk time and 1 month validity. Later on i come to know that my entire call tariff is getting changed. Add-on now is 30 paise/min and local call 1 Re., and sms 25 paise per min. Then i spoken to Customer care regarding this, they told i[censored] activates this to 1-year validity or 6 month, i will get back to the old service. Then i come to know that vodafone launch 1-year validity on Recharge on 1120. Then i recharged for that, but all my call rates remain same. I couldn't get back to my old service.

Then i wasted almost half a day in enquiring all these details, and finally when i contacted it nodal center, they told me after a month only my plan will get changed. Even they regret to cancel the 99, which I recharged even though nothing I am, get rid off from that.

I recharge for Rs.99 on 13th jan. Then again i recharge the plan on 17th jan. The entire amount i spend only to get rid off from this tariff. But i couldn't. They told i will get back to my old plan once this 99 validity gets end.

If their logic is correct then my validity period of one year also carry forward to another month. But my validity ends on 16 th Jan.

Show me where is the logic here. My plan remains active but my validity doesn't.

If the Plan is not changing then why i have to top up now even though i have sufficient validity period.

Someone please help me in this regard as early as possible...

Matrix Cellular Services Pvt Ltd. — wrong billing and misguided information

I had taken a phone to usa for a period of one month i.e 24-04-08 to 24-05-08.they had asked me for a pre-authorisation from my credit card for RS 10, 000 to validate whether the card is functional or not.they assured me the amount will get released automatically after 21 days.but they debited the amount on 5-05-08 itself from my card, which amounts to fraud.i had taken the payment by cheque option which they very conveniently have ticked credit card option.they are still charging rental from me for the month of june-july.they have debited the rest of my bill charges also without informing me, inspite of calling their office and asking them not to debit from my card.
I had taken a usa sim card for a month, same problem, even the missed calls are charged as one minute calls.the person who gave me the phone has conveniently left payment mode by cheque was ticked as credit card option and they are debiting the amount without informing.they have already misused the security deposit they had taken as pre authorisation, and was to be released after 21 days.
beware of this company, they are misleading the public.
Totally agree with this person.
I took their services for S.E.Asia.
I too had ticked the pay by cheque option.
On returning I found out that they have debited the same from my CC.
Not only that, neither did i receive any bill on my email address nor did they send a hard copy to my home address.

This is a bigtime fradulent co

SIM CARD MANUFACTURING — Billing period not ok

I have one airtel mobile no. and it's activation date was 11.07.2008 but billing period showing w.e.f. 02.07.2008 and I have tried more time to get the solution from customer care but they are telling pls send a mail to airtel and we will solve your problem. what is this? if you can't provide good service to customer so why are you recruiting the customer care executives who neither reply any anser nor solve the problem?
Alarming Cheating!

This is regarding Misquote of postpaid sim charges from Priyanka Thakur.
This company is a big fake.This company is cheating customers, they just deduct money from the credit card without authorization.
Company gives you fake tariff plans of charging only 0.25 cents per min and when they generate a bill they charge you 0.89cents per min which is almost four times most.

2 months back i happened to travel to Atlanta from Delhi and i asked the Sales Executive in Delhi Matrix Office to come and meet me.I am an employee of NIIT Tecnologies ltd Delhi and i am on official visit to Atlanta.
I met Priyanka Thakur in my officewho works in Matrix Delhi.She quoted me a plan for US that was a 30$ plan.According to her 30 $ was rental amount and calling charges were 0.25/min(10rs/min)cents per call incoming and outgoing international and local.I had also told her that i would dicontinue services in case plan doesnot suit my expenditure.So after one month after several reminders to priyanka she gave me a bill of 2394 RS. which was deducted from my credit card without informing me.
She sent me a bill for this amount however this was not the actual bill.After 2 months they deducted 50000 rs from credit card again without informing me.After sevral inquiry i was told that my bill had exceeded 1Lakh rs.When i looked into the bill i came to know that Matrix charges 0.89cents/min(40 Rs /Min)for international call.which is more than thrice of what i was told.My mistake was that i believed in the word of mouth of Priyanka Thakur.
If i would have known the actual amount of calling charges i would not have taken this card at any cost because i have various options that give me international calling charges just 6-7Rs/min.
I want to know what action does company take if there employees are giving fraud quotes to the customers.
I have been under huge mental disturbance due to this.
Please let me know what should i do to solve my problem.

Citibank Cheated me — Wrong bill calculation

I made citibank payment time to time, then also they charged me late fee, i made the late fee payment also, but now they are sending me statement of high amount, i didnt purchased any thing but than also they are sending monthly statement, when i asked for fax no so that i can fax them all the details the didnt gave me, and told me that they will call me for further clarification, but nothing happened yet.(they are sending me monthly statement since last two months)
This complai nt is regarding a fraud Companyn called Matrix Cellular.I
I had taken 3 SIM cards for 3 different countries in Europe.
I received a bill of Rs 45, 000/-, towards the use of GPRS on my cell.
I contacted the sales rep. Mr Navjoyt deveral times, to come to my office and sort out this issue.
I have not used the GPRS service, neither i use it in India, as the speed is very low.
The days on which Matrix has billed me for GPRS, were exhibition time, and i was continously on the stall, , attending the customers/enquries. There is no possibility of giving the Phone to some one, as my partners were also having another SIM from Matrix.
The company has given me some Excel sheet print saying that these are the detials on my usage, it dosen't mention the time start and end, what sites were accssed etc. etc.
I totally disagree with this bills, and i will not pay the amount at any cost.
Can we launch a complaint against such harrasements???. can govt. take some action against this fraud company???

Rajesh Kulkarni

gagan — bill

dear sir my number is [protected] maine ise number ki complait bahut baaar karwayi hai coustomer sai bina puche service activate kar dete hai 56694 mere bill mai 2 baar voice content charges lag kar aa rahe lekin realince mai koi naahi sunta batayiye kya kare hum bahut pareshan hai

(Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt Ltd.) — activation of new postpid connection

Dear Sir / Madam
I have taken a new postpaid connection from (Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt Ltd.) on 10/02/09 and submitted all formalities required and the marketing person who was dealing with business promised me to activate my connection with in a day. Today is 14/02/09 and still my no. has not yet activated. When I am calling the concern person, she used to tell me it will be getting activated with in two hours but it seems to be impossible at the moment. Please suggest me whether it is the policy of your organization to get the customer first and not to take care after that.Please do the needful.

I am waiting for your response.

Thanks & Regards
Deepak Kumar Patel.
I fully agree with the routine fraud of Matrix Cellular.I travelled in UK for 7 days in March 2008 with a Vodafone Data Card given to me by Matrix.At the time of delivering the same, their person told me that there will only be a monthy charge of approximate 59.99 Euro as I have clearly informed them that I use the same just to check my mails during intervals.As I had done this before in Nov 2007, it was okay with me and I had paid the bill accordingly.But this tim when returned to my office in INdia, I got a bill for Rs.245000.00(Two Lak Forty Five Thousand Rupees).Can anybody imagine a bill like that for internet usage for 7 days??Inspite of all my statements that I used the card just fo checking my mails etc, after one year, now they have lodged a civil case against me for the recovery of the above amount.I had already paid the monthly rental as per their tariff immediately on the receipt of the invoice.I am sure these people have thier own hackers to cheat customers like us.Its a real wonder for me that any service provider in the world will set a credit limit for any network users and I dont know how my account was having such a high credit limit without even paying a single rupee as advance.This is real cheating.

data card night swift plan — GIVING A FAKE BILL.....

i have got reliance usb modem which was free for first two months ie.from 25march to 25may, on 26th of may i have taken swift plan of 300Rs. according to which i was told 15hrs free in day & 30hrs in night but the problem is that on 7th of june they are giving me a bill of 1200 something thus charging that amount also which was under free period.i have also got a CDR WHICH IS SHOWING 6 Rs BILL but they are saying you have to give 1200 RS...SO I REQUEST TO HELP IN THIS MATTER...MY CONTACT NO. IS [protected].
I Totally agree with you guys, This Company is Cheat they just know how to get money from Credit Card. I dont know how they swipe the amount wid the help of 16 digit and expiry date. The MD of the company should understand wat company he is running, I believe Gagan Duggal is the MD of this Company, First thing is all illiterate and Uneducated ppl are recruited im management, Its a very worse organiztion that [censored]ing Gagan should realise the pros and cons of his business. This Company is BIG CHEAT.

Guys If you have any complaint please mark mail to [protected] is very secret email-id which i got from Delhi).

[censored] this Company in and Out. There employee's should know how company cheats the customer

n/a — security is wrong for me

the security questions asked when restarting is not the question asked to open account, therefore I
can't give a right answer

pre-paid — wrong charging of bill

you have deducted an amount of Rs.10/- as Love subscription tips charges which was not at all subscribe by me.
Please kindly reverse the amount same as mentioned above.

Thanking you.
back in 2009, I took a connection for my trip to USA on my Gf’s credit card. It was a $39.99 plus tax. Please bear ini mind that I was in USA before and I had an At& T connection. Matrix has tie ups with Cingular
which is AT & T. They first said that Cingular and Sprint charges up front $500 for connection in USA.

So thinking that these are hoinest guys I went ahead with the connection. GPRS was supposed to be deactivated. Further they mentioned that they GPRS rates were in tandem with Cingular, in case I dont activate it. The Cingular rate is $1/ day or for $15 unlimited.

Upon reaching USA, I received an sms statining check usage data from http://at& for free. Now upon opening that site MATRIX charged me RS. 29, 000. (almost $700). Further, At&T says, " you have no inline support for this kind of number" . Matrix has charged 700 US for visiting the website, whereas the AT&T rates were $1/day.

Now I have switched to Sprint, and counter to what Matrix has said I did nit have to pay anything. The problem is that MATRIX has charged the entire 29k from my gf’ credit card. I really don't know what to do. MR. JAIPRAKASH of MATRIX is a thief and he is using people’s credit cards for money laundry. Jaiprakash by the way is the international sales manager of Matrix Calcutta.

Can anyone tell me if any legal actions can be taken against these crooks? Now MATRIX has falsely charged the credit card, and disconnected the services. Still they keep charning for cell fone not used for more than 2 years.

Vodafone-wrong tariff — false tariff plan and no refund

I have taken a prepaid vodafone number and has been using it since 2 years now but have never come across such bad response from vodafone. I have taken a plan of rs. 75 for my number [protected] to get the tariff of 50p per call per minute and 50 free local sms after the first message is being charged. I took the recharge on October 12, 2009 but the same was not activated for 2 days and when it gets activated, i still get charged 50p for my local messages. Its ridiculous that after having visited vodafone store twice and having being spoken to customer care n number of times through all these days, my problem is still not sorted out and i have not received a single penny refund from vodafone.
This is inreference to my aircel cell no [protected] where they are charging for the services which i never subscribed. andthe greatest agony is that are charging me more . i have purchased aircel sim on 1 sept, 2010 with a bundle scheme and there was no rate cutter available for 6 months but after completion of 6 months which they mentioned the rate cutter would be available. but unfortunately they have cheated me time and again .i asked them to change my tariff plan for 1 paisa/1 second they said that i have to recharge with rs 3 and it will be available. but after recharging with 3 rs again they gave me zero balance and my tariff plan not changed ., and they said i should recharge with rs 4, it was not avilable. after that recharge with 61, again it was not avilable, and finally they said use 123 services and it will be done again nothing has hapened and they did not take my complaint at all
my name is Rohit tikoo
cell no [protected]
company against complaint is registered aircell
Dear sir,
This is Amit from delhi, I had given Request On 26th feb10, from change my number postpaid to prepaid and after that I am counitiously calling to your customer care for last three days but till this time i have not getting any positive response so this show your very poor services which is providing by MATRIX CELLELAR SERVICES PVT LTD, I am very unhappy with your services so I have decided, Tomorrow I am going to complaint in TRAI about this poor services, if my number has not changhed from Postpaid to Prepaid.

Thanking you
Amit Kumar

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