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I just couldn't hold myself from sharing my nightmare experience with Mordern DPS school on approaching for Nursery admission. The school is located in a very shabby place in Faridabad..The admission process was totally unorganised...I felt ridiculous when our Kid was taken in a area, prohibited for parents , with multiple doors for CHILD- INTERACTION, to be told finally that he doesn't meet their expectations..and has poor performance ??? oh God ! What do you expect from three year old , who has seen the place first time , met new people, taken away from parents and to answer all their rubbish queries??? Moreover the honourable principal Mr. Verma (for whom I had high thoughts before) told in front of many parents in his chamber that Eurokids (pre-nursery) school is not a good school & the child should be admitted in some good school...What a disgusting attitude of behavior, very Shameful..we met many parents who were also told the same things..
Dear Parents, just request you pl. wake up & take a lesson.. JUST CONDEMN these ruthless money making education providers who fail to pass the basic tests themselves..Think & decide what is good for your child..
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Aug 13, 2020
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Dear Parents,

I am soory to say this but all these blames and allegation only because your child was not selected. My kid is the student of this school. I appreciate the standard and dedicated the teachers are!. Buts its true that no body has the right to criticize the another school that too in fronts of so many parents. But If you take the broader views, The Prinicpal is the heart and soul of the school. He wake up at 6:00AM morning and works till late and greet every 5000 child in morning by his name. Really a very dedicated and commited mentor I have ever seen. The saying goes "No rose is without thorn". Appreciate teachers please.
Very true!!! These well known educators should be told to refresh their knowledge and differentiate between the Interaction and the Interview. All the parents should together oppose for such hard-core way of child interaction for nursery admission.
Hi, I think the School needs to reaccess at their end. I can, with some confidence emphasize this, because my own child studies at EuroKids. I can see the progress. I must say that I am extremely happy to see my kid learn so many new things and develop his overalln personality. Modern DPS needs to focus on its own problems rather than maligning EuroKids name. Afterall since 10 years EuroKids has groomed more than 150000 children. From 2 centres 10 years ago they have got 650+ centres in 260 towns and cities in India and abroad. This could only be possible due to the high standards that they follow consistently.
I also had very bad experience with MDPS although my son was confirmed admission but i was suppose to deposited fee with in threee days or so when i requested Mr. verma for some more days on that he started inquiring are you expecting result of another schools. then i said yes then he started his absolute non sense by uttering that i am the best. after all it is my decisin to decide who is best in the industry. any way i think there should be a fixed date for submission of fee at least and a fixed month for other admission related activities.
We had a similar worse experience about the Modern DPS...I am an M.Tech fom IIT delhi and my wife is a psychology Hons.
To begin with the admission procedure for the session[protected], We had an interface with Mr. Verma...The interaction was all about the academics of mine and of my wife...And the interaction ended up with the remarks from Verma addressing to my wife that urs husband is so intelligent…And u should also go ahead with the future masters or something like that…
Then my child was taken to a separate room for interaction and after 15-20 minutes or so when she returned her mam says that oh she is so good...she is through..And this is really what we were expecting from my daughter too because we knew she is very confident and knows almost everything that is required or been asked at her stage...
However we were shattered to know that her name was not there in the list which was prepared…When we called upon the principal he said out of 1000 student we had to choose only 120 and therefore may not be possible to tell the exact reason on phone…u come to my office….I am working in delhi, I took a second half leave and reached there….But invariably because of the rain and some bad traffic I reached there by 2.30 PM…The principal refused to meet me because it was already past 2PM.
The experience was really horrible…I began to think over so many things…was the qualification of my wife who is a graduate and housewife is not enough to get my child through for admission?…was my child lying that she answered all the questions in the interaction?….Was ours being from Bihar a barrier to admission (because when I looked at the list the name normally looks like of from Delhites types or so)?…Or was my qualification being an M.Tech. and working in Delhi has put a fright on the management that we are doing a time pass and will certainly move to the other school…
But in a day or two we got a call from MVN Aravali and from sector-17 and am happy to get my child through for admission...When I look behind…I just memorize a saying “if winter is here can spring is far away”…
I completely disagree with the above comments. Principal is very hardworking, loving & caring. Staff side is also very cooperative and cometent. School is very good in academia and extra curricular activities. Infrasturure is very good and well maintained.You'll find the school neat and clean always.Overall, Modern DPS Faridabad is a very good school.You must visit the school and meet the staff and principal before taking any decision.Thanks
Mr. Ashishsept75 when the school is located in a shabby location and the principal and staff side is not good then why do you want ur admission o[censored]r child in that school.Haven't u seen these things before appying for the admission. Why these things come in ur mind suddenly when ur child didn't get the admission in school. Why you people write these kind of comments. It is strange and pity experience with u. You must improve yourself.
I am 100% agree with the people who faced such kind o[censored]nfortunate moments. Even I faced the similir kind of worst experience with Modern DPS. This principal is really behaved rudely and claims himself and his school the best. This school doesn't have any formal process for admission.
TO vandna_working:
can u plz tell that Do you work there as a chem teacher?????????????
Dear All Readers,
I am very sorry because I want to say to all that if today that school has reached to high level that rest schools are felling in competition is all due to Mr. Verma and his hardship.

Now MDPS is achieving that success that rest schools are trying to imitate the same, for all of you now DPS, Vidya sanskar international school is also opened in these area’s that you all call shabby location.

No matters how many ring he wears but what matters is the profile that he is building for our children’s

I am happy to be connected with MDPS cause my child future is safe.
I could not comment on being good or bad but surely one thing i would like to share with all you people who wanted their child to get admit in
Modern DPS that THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY TEACHER OR ANY HELP STAFF IN SCHOOL BUSES. there are only Bus Driver and Conductor
who take care of you small kids.

NOW you decide how safe your kids is such a school...
Haha ;
And you wont believe my story ... Its for[protected] session nursery admissions. The last date of Submission of Forms was 2nd September 2013. We submitted form on 27th August 2013. On Reception it was told that it will take 1 week or so while u get a call for Interaction. But to my surprise they have already declared Nursery Finalists list on 3rd September 2013. What does this mean? They already had a prepared list of students before even forms submission and did not even interacted with parents even a single day after form submission? Or the interactions were already going on in between the form submissions? Or was it that they already had special list and were just collecting Rs. 100 in names of Forms?

Seriously this school is a real peace of ...
I don't know how good MDPS as a school is, but I'd like to tell stst that the last date of submission of forms was 2 Sept. I submitted a form for my daughter on Friday, 30th Aug 2013. I got a call on Saturday to come for Interview on Monday but since I had already taken 1 leave for submission of form on Friday, I asked them if i could come on tuesday as that would involve taking another leave. I went for interview on 3rd Sept and my child was selected on the same day. In the interaction that we had with the Director-Principal, he asked questions regarding the school & colleges that my hubby & I attended, which I know is not really relevant, but i think it is just to judge how confident the parents are while conversing in English which is their mode of education. Most schools expect the parents to converse with their child in English at home so that the child is able to grasp what is being taught in school, so why would MDPS be any different? MDPS interacted with student on 2nd & 3rd Sept & declared results on the same day.
The same thing is happening in other schools also. We applied at MVN on 31st Aug, a Saturday at around 1 pm and we got an interview call on the same day at around 5 pm!!! Which means they scrutinised the forms on that same day! We met them on 1st Sept, Sunday and were informed in the evening that we have got through. We were asked to complete admission formalities by 5th Sept. What i'd like to point out right now is that applications are still being accepted at MVN, yet they were shortlisting candidates and even completing admission procedures.
The same thing is happening at Ryan International also. We submitted form there on 3rd sept, the day we went for interview at MDPS, and while accepting forms itself, we were being given interview dates.

So, long & short of it is that all schools are accepting forms, scrutinising & shortlisting candidates and even completing other admission formailities all in the same time period. But i don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing, because most schools have started accepting forms around the same time. So, if they start calling parents for interactions around the same time, imagine how difficult it would be for us to rush from 1 school to another for interviews... working parents will find it difficult to get so many leaves also!

What i personally think is that schools are actually seeing your annual income (to judge if you can afford to pay their fees!) and your qualifications (to see how much you can assist your child in studies as most schools nowadays expect parents to do all the work!!!)
I don't know how good or bad MDPS is, but what i'd like to say is directed to stst. All schools are accepting, scrutinizing, interviewing and completing admission procedures simultaneously.

I took leave on Friday, 30th Aug 2013 to submit application at MDPS where forms were being accepted till 2 Sept. On Saturday 31st Aug 2013, I submitted an application at MVN where forms are being accepted even today. On Saturday itself I got a call from both MDPS and MVN. I was interviewed at MVN on Sunday, 1st Sept and in the evening i was told that I had got through and had to complete admission formalities (read deposit admission fees) by 5th Sept. I was called for interview at MDPS on 2nd Sept but since I had already taken leave on Friday, I asked to be interviewed on tuesday. I went for interaction on Tuesday 3rd Sept and the results were declared that same day. Since we had got through we were asked to complete admission formalities within 2 days.

The same thing is happening at Ryan International also where interview dates are being given hand-to-hand.

So, basically my point is that all different stages of admissions are taking place simultaneously in almost all schools of faridabad. I cannot really say that this is a bad thing coz we get to know early if we have got through in the school of our choice & if we have, we don't really have to apply to others. Secondly, if all schools wait till a particular date to start interactions, then almost all schools will have interactions together & the parents themselves will find it difficult to rush from one school to another to attend the same.
What should be choice between MDPS vs MVN? How would you Rank DPS (Fbd), MDPS, MVN (Sec 17), Apeejay Swarn (21D)?

Let me know your choice.

liked Deepak Sukhija's last comment but also agree with mr. anand's feelings. we have to think seriously about our kid's future. i think all schools are one and the same in terms of making money. it's too difficult to take right decision. first of all we need to check our self what we expect from a good school also we have to fix our priorities. can anybody answer pushpendratiwari query?????

What should be choice between MDPS vs MVN vs DPS Vs Apeejay sec-14 Vs Aravali Internationl ? How would you Rank these school and why?
hi, we too had same experience as others about MDPS and its principle. we went for interview sessions. My wife's certificates are at her parent's home. We told school staff that we will show them all the certificates at the time of admission. Principle started questioning about Indian history and started saying that you have not done BA. If the school principle does not know how to behave with parents, what type of education they will impart to our children. Very rubbish principle.
its ridiculous facing interview for a nursery kid. and also giving result whether selected or not. No one knows what is a criteria of selection in MDPS... I think it's a one man show. there is no information about 9 September's interaction... no updates on the school site.

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