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[Resolved]  MORF India Ltd/Verbal RO Machine — Bad Service

Service call booked with the company on February 20.2010 has still not attended to inspite of several follow-up calls and reminders.

Would advise anybody planning to buy this product not to waste their money as the service of this company is extremely pathetic.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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RSM — disturb

he call me before 2-3 days & use some bad langauge & then he sms by a number [protected] & when i call them, he use some bad lng. again
his first call by number - [protected]
Very worst product & very poor service it seems to local product, this same machine they will buy at bangalore HI TECH siddaiah Rd, for just Rs, 6000/- and selling for Rs.14500/- water pia and natural for 4000/- and selling for 11500/- be care full while buying the Morf india products.
They are cheating the customers.
I am the Senior Manager of MORF INDIA LIMITED. Our organization is an ISO certified and CRISIL rated public limited company in water and waste water treatment industry. We have over 10, 000 customers across South India and apart from small residential purifiers, we also supply very large centralized treatment plants across South India. We have very prestigious clients and have been in the industry since 1998. We are also the winners o[censored]NESCO and PENTAIR awards.

This seems to be a deliberate attempt to sabotage us. We shall meet this challenge legally. We are in the process of approching the cyber wing of the police to identify the miscreants who are trying to malign us with false and baseless information.
I am the Regional Sales Manager of MORF. This is a deliberate attempt to defame us. We have taken up the issue with our Board of Directors.

People behind this cheap act will not go scot free. We are in the process of lodging a criminal complaint with the constitutional authorities.
I am working as the Sr Manager - HR & Admn of this company for the past three years. I have been completely taken aback by this messsge. Being the HR head, I know what kind of money we have invested in having a sound service infrastructure in place.

We do receive complaints but from time to time we have ensured these complaints are properly resolved through proper escalation procedures.

We are trying to ascertain the authenticity of the first complaint and with regard to the second complaint it is a clear attempt to defame us. We are in the process of identifying these sources. We are determined to put a full stop to these mean attempts once for all.
Being the Head-Service of MORF INDIA, I have been disappointed by these attempts to damage our reputation. We would like to assure all our customers that we have a very responsive service infrastructure at all our locations (Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad).

We have been servicing our clients since 1998 and have built a strong reputation for ourselves. Our value added services such as 24-hours Help Line and Holiday Service are quite popular with our customers.

To know more about our products and services, please visit us at
I agree with poor after sales service from MORF.

MORF service is getting very very bad...Look at their service sheet for such cases.

My wife lodged a complaint 15 days ago...for leakage and overflowing issue and spoke to multiple people within MORF and no one turned up...till today.

MORF - Whats the point buying your product...when there is no system in place to track service calls.

Dear Mr.Bala,

Please send us your contact details for us to look in to your complaint. We have a very sound service infrastructure and for the past 12 years we have been servicing thousands of our customers across South India.

There are multiple methods to escalate your complaint in case if it is not attended. All these details have been very clearly mentioned in our website.
We also have a 24-hours help line where you can register your complaint any time.

We have a fool-proof software to track the status of all the complaints registered through the proper channel. Only when the customers try to register complaints directly with the sales executives and service engineers, we will not have a track of it.

Prakash, Head-Service
Hello Morf

I writting this feedback after after 6 months using your product- water RO purifier. Honestly I'm NOT SATISFIED with MORF product and service. Always late in responding right from the day one of installation I have to make several calls to find the right people to get my product and installation done. Now the taste of the water as turned into salt TWICE within 5months from installation. The customer service executives are HORRIBLE in responding to the call they do NOT have any kind of phone etiquettes or politeness in responding to the complains (felt like using foul languages in order to get the work done, even gas agency customer service is far better). Toll free no 800 given on brochure rings and there is no one to respond, then i spoke to SALES guy Thiyagarajan who came to our house for sales he said only in case of emergency they will pick of the phone, strange how MORF dertmines "EMERGENCY". Finally service guy make nothing was done to change the water taste and start blaming the ground water and taken a sample of it. I hope MORF is not going advise me to shift my house because of ground water is not good. My family still drinking the salt water for the fourth day, what we have done? is it wrong in opting to buy MORF product beleiving its a public ltd company than the ones we see it on TV ads? Will MORF will ever respond to my feedback? and fix my issue. I have given my feedback on thier official website.

Mrs. Sampath
Ambattur OT.
complaint was booked in the name of G.S. Raju mobile no:[protected] on 27.07.10 for leakage of water and have been calling them daily to attend the fault. They informed One Mr. Mari their service engineer will attend the fault. But till today no one has come to attend it. Very Bad and Very poor service of Morf India.
I am the Regional Sales Manager of MORF. This trend is really disturbing. There are multiple ways of escalating the complaint in case the service technicians did not respond or attend to the complaints.

Water purifier being a high service-oriented product, service requirements will certainly arise and we have a fool proof mechanism to handle such complaints.
In case of a complaint, the concerned customer has easy ways to reach to the very top of our organization ([protected]

Without escalating the complaints, few customers prefer to damage the reputation of a progressive, fast growing organization by posting wrong / information on public websites.
When the system was installed in my house I really apreciated the fine workmanship and their dedication they have shown to this new initiation towards clean drinking water.
The service was good and they made it a point that the complaint was attented to on the same day.But, nowa days things are different, I feel the comfort level has gone down and you have to remind them at least a couple of times to get the service done.Earlier they used to come to do the regular services when you have an AMC without you informing, now the change is that it is a draconian task to get the services done inspite of you having n AMC.Inspite of all this I still appreciate the initiation taken by this company to provide this service to have better drinking water.I undersatand their problem to tackle the multiple level workmanship.But the company is answerable to the complaints, b'cause we invested the money with great hopes and faith in u.
As mentioned in my earlier comment, I would like to reiterate that this trend is really disturbing. Probably, ours is the only company in water treatment industry in India where a customer can escalate their complaints right up to the Managing Director.

I am not saying that there have been no delays in delivering service to our customers. We are servicing several thousands of clients across South India and yes, there are instances of delays / lapses at the front line levels. But the customer can easily take his/her complaints to the next level and get it addressed. These details are very clearly mentioned in our website.

We have a state-of-the-art CRM software which helps us - amongst other features - to track the completed complaints and the pending complaints. A team of customer care personnel keep monitoring the software resulting in automatic escalation of complaints in the event of a field lapse.

Most of the pendings happen when some customers bypass the official complaint registration mechanism and talk to the field service engineers on their respective mobile phones. That results in non-registration of the complaints with our CC department. In such instances, the company cannot be held responsible for delays. The products we supply carry stickers containing the complete contact details of our organization. Our order forms (a copy of which is submitted to the client) also carries the contact details of our company.

It is most unfortunate that some people have time to post comments in a public website but do not find time to go thro these details and escalate the complaints in no time.

RR Krishnan
Regional Sales Manager
We have already sent a reply mail to this person. We are also in the process of verifying our data to know whether he is really our customer or possibly this is a sabotage attempt of any adversary. Nevertheless, since this comment is very visible on the net, we are documenting this reply for the kind attention of general public.

Our company is an ISO certified and CRISIL rated public limited company in water and waste water treatment industry. We are also winners o[censored]NESCO water digest award and PENTAIR-OEM award. We have several thousands of customers across South India. We have a very sound complaint registration / resolution mechanism (details clearly mentioned in our website under the Reach Us link) in place.

Probably, ours may be the only company where customers can also easily escalate their complaints to the top echelons in no time (Escalation matrix details available on our website).

Along with a state-of-the-art CRM software, we have a professionally trained team of customercare executives in all our branches (Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad) to monitor the status of the registered complaints. This results in automatic escalations in the event of delays / lapses in the field.

It is most unfortunate and painful that few people try to damage the painstakingly built reputation of a progressive organization with their thoughtless actions.

RR Krishnan
Regional Sales Manager
usless people they came once after many many call i was happy then came their plan of renewing the amc like a i gave a cheque of nearly 5000 rupees then after some time again the same problem and they gave me a complaint no E819 nobody turned up even aftr 10 days and im still waiting. I sware ill never even recomend this product even to my worst enemy.

India Today — very bad service ,, cheating the customer

Dear Sir,

This is to inform that the service of india today is really very bad . Being a customer it had been a very bad experience for everything i have ordered from India today .

The sales guy had promised so many things when offering to buy but nothing did i get.

First order ORB[protected] which was the Kodak camera along with the offered the holiday voucher. I called up the Bangalore office they only redirected to different numbers and almost three time times i had send all the the details to the address which was mentioned in holiday document . All the three times they had just not accepted in the post box no given to avail the gift .

In the month of march i had had placed whose order was ORB[protected] on 26/03/2010.. and i recieved the order on 18/04/2010 .the amount was rs. 5298 along with which they promised with a holiday voucher and the round ticket.

The unique no was[protected]B[protected] and order no. ORB[protected].

Though i had completed all the formalities of sending the documents to the address which was mentioned , I didnot receive any holiday voucher or any round trip ticket also the product does’nt work at all after some time.The second product was the black berry ..where they promised an apple laptop and the holiday voucher.After receiving the same Accordingly i had sent the document to the mentioned address as below with the draft of 800 and all the required documets as the formalities they had asked for but no response for anythin g also after paying so much money to get a blackberry of rs.29,000 it does’nt work. I purchase during the month of may and i started facing the battery problem from the month of june itself. The battery doesn’t even last for 3o mts even and after charging whole day also only the battery lasts for one call only. Also the battery get’s heated up so much that i get scared sometimes that it might explode like a bomb.

Regarding the gifts along with this order ORA[protected] after sending the documetnts to the below address i have not recieved anything neither the confirmation of the letter whether they have recieved or not or any communication from India today .

I had send all the documents and Rs.800/- draft for each to the below address as mentioned in the document to claim the gift:-

Premier sales promtions

P.O.Box No. 5042

Bangalore -560001

It was written once we receive the form they will send the holiday voucher within ten days but nothing happened and has happened till today also i have not recieved a single call for either process to claim the gift or whether they have recieved document or not , I have not received a single intimation from anybody. Where all the documents and the draft has gone that is also a big question.

I would request you look into this matter..especially the black berry cellphone which is not working at all. Please guide me which service center should I go as it is a very expensive purchase which I made from the india today.

I would request the indiay today group to assist me to rectify my blackberry and the kodak camera or else should reimburse the money to me for selling the fault product to the customer

Please find the detials of the product:

Your unique no:[protected]A[protected]
Your ITBC membership no: ITBC08688166
Your invoice no : ORA[protected]
Your email id :[protected] /[protected]
Your Holiday Voucher no: ITBC17600

Your unique no:[protected]B[protected]
Your ITBC membership no: ITBC08688166
Your invoice no : ORB[protected]
Your email id :[protected] /[protected]
Your Holiday Voucher no: ITB1W7DGFA10

They had promised so many things but got only a faulty black berry an the camera which has costed me around 40,000 ( Forty tousand rupees) .

Please help me to reimburse the same from India today book club.

Thanking you ,

Gloria sahoo Mazumdar

Phone no.[protected]
Worst, bad, useless and fit for nothing every word which i mentioned was is this MORF, you think we are jobless by calling you every time useless people, stop your product, by fooling people you expect us to get ur product? u will send ur stupid sales people to fall on our feet and they will give a stupid number were the call does int even reach, , how many times to call you to say we have got a problem your stupid person will tell yes mam i will send u the guy immediately but at the end of the day no one will turn up What ? trying to fool us, we gonna see that no one gets your useless product . we are so disappointed if anyone talk 's about your product see what am gonna do WORST PRODUCT, WORST SERVICE, AND WORST MORF PEOPLE as my brother said I swear ill never even recommend this product even to my WORST ENEMY, if we see your sales men anywhere we will become so wild ma friends, relatives and other of my flat people we all hate your product . i am typing this bad comment also on behalf them members .better see to it or please take back your product and give back our cash.
We are in the process of verifying the authenticity of this complaint. If this person is our customer, we shall endeavour to address the issues on a war footing. However, since we had a bitter experience of people faking as our customers in the past, we shall explore options to register a criminal complaint with the cyber wing of the police in case we find this is another such instance.

That said, we are really disturbed about this trend. It takes only very little time to browse our website ( - Reach Us) and shoot a mail to the very top (our Managing Director) and get the problem addressed. We do agree that some times delays may happen at the ground level despite having put in place many systems to avoid delays. We have also put in place an effective escalation mechanism to ensure such delays are brought to our notice immediately.

However, it is most unfortunate that some customers prefer to bad mouth us on a public website so adversely. Instead of indulging in such an act, if they had sent a mail to us, it would have been mutually helpful.

As a progressive and fast-growing organization, we have utmost respect for our customers and leave no stones unturned in ensuring they get the best products and timely service.

R.R. Krishnan
Regional Sales Manager
We really dont wish to send these kind's of mail to u but we are forced to be sent like this, Well after sending u this mail ur people came to us, y don't they come before itself when we had given a call we hardly waited for a month, well! that's ok any ways we are happy finally they came, hope it does in happen next time, sorry if we have hurted you, please to attend our calls! thank you!
Dear Mr.Gunasingam,

To avoid communication gaps in future, we are furnishing our contact details (Chennai Branch) for registering your complaints.

Between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm[protected]
Between 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm[protected]
(Kindly take note of the complaint registration number provided by our customer care personnel)

For escalations, mail us at

Stage I : [protected]
Stage II: [protected],

All these details are also available in our website under the Reach Us link

Assuring you of our best and prompt services at all times.

Thanks and regards

R.R. Krishnan
Regional Sales Manager

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