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Hi All

I was introduced to this product as a professional IT consultant and told that this is a Good Video Conferencing Tool and Video mail. Also they showed American Military as the client for them
After paying Rs.9000/- i just got a Login and understood this is a MLM product. The video conferencing never worked for me and i went back to ask refund but no one obliged, in the meantime after seeing the specs i also introduced to this some of my friends and all felt cheated and they thought i put them in a Fix by selling MLM to them.

This is a internet based product and want to know if this company has DOT permission to sell this in india, if so are they paying service tax to indian government. Why they sell in Dollar and pay the commission in Rupees. This is a scandal, and without my knowledge there are over 200 people below me bought this and many bought 6 or 7 accounts to win aLaptop or trip bangkok wich is announced as schemes. I dont understand a person who do not know to use compters are asked to buy this to make money. This is just a money laundering and the company makes heavey profits and some of the leaders who travel across country to cheat the common man makes Rs.2 lacs per week. Is there any legal way to lodge a complaint.
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Aug 14, 2020
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law firm — i loss money every week

My mobile no.[protected]
i have not use the portfolio manager but paise were deducting my account weekly once. i spoke more time executive officer but no responsibility give me. one time says computer not working, i will call to you. one time says your record not available so i have not solve your problem. please solve my problem. refund my ruppees and deactive this service at the earliest.
your message dated from portfolio manager service on Airtel Live :
1. 08.08.2009, Rs.5
2. 01.08.2009, Rs.5, Rs.5, Rs.5, Rs.5, Rs.20
7. 24.04.2009, Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.10, Rs.25


Myvideotalk is a MLM Company deals with cutting edge communication technology services.Compan
got registered and approved with Ministry of corporate affairs.All the four services works well (Webmailing, Webvide0, Webstreaming and Webcasting).You dollar earning is converted into Rs and they are paying to you!Whats wrong in that??
If individuals going for more no. of log-ins wants to earn more!Its a network marketing company!one has to refer two!Thats how network works!I am personally satisfied with the services and the business
If you dont want to do business...enjoy the services and be satisfied with.Myvideotalk operates in more than 66 countries.Web conferencing works well!There may some problem in your system Mail to global support in the backoffice you will get revert in 2 hrs for any technical queries.

the problem come when ppl want to make east money, there have been so many co which had done scam using MLM. have you seen product before buying them. I bet 90% ppl buy dont have single use of it. I feel its good that ppl get cheated by these kind of companies. so that rest of ppl can learn
U can drop a mail to director CBI, only he can help and same some more ppl also
My Video Talk is offering a fantastic service at very low purchase cost. If you dont want to do the business that comes along with it as a free opportunity, just enjoy the four services. You can also send the queries you are having to global support and they will be answered asap. If you are unable to take advantage of such a fantastic opportunity atleast dont spread the bad word about it. Well in the end ppl are not fools. It is a service that is legal and even the government of our country has used it. Too bad that you could not understand it.
Hi my deep regards to your situation, but maybe u r acting too much over it First of all MyVideoTalk is a geniune IT Company with approval of INDIAN CONSTITUTION n you r saying that u have 200 people in your downline well thats awesome dear i m a student n have only 44 sign ups n i m not making people fool. Even people below me has earned as well. I dont understand about the business just we friends enjoys the product because its unique. So plz dont comment
I have purchased this product and as of my experience this company is (MVT) not providing un intercepted or quality service. They interested only in making money; meantime, their services are not available from last month. Mathi, Please let us experience a sample web casting if this is really working.
Hello all,

I've seen 3 kinds of people in this wonderful world.
1. People who make things happen.
2. People who watch what happens.
3. People who wonder what happened.

It has been commonly found that when there are people who make things happen, there is always a group of people to say that they are doing fraud, they are not legal, blah, blah, blah.
Anitha I'm quite certain that at the time u have posted this comment, the product of MVT was working perfectly well.. because i was using the product as well at that time.
The products of MVT is the most unique of it's kind, and it is currently undergoing a Product & services upgradation. By the month of Novermber MVT would be releasing all the upgraded products for the consumer use; and i'll be suprised to see how u would be responding to the service then.
I[censored] dont want to do the business end that's fine, u can use the product and be happy about it.
Shaji- Only the My Video Web Email service is not active at this point in time. the rest of the products are working perfectly fine. I use the same service every week for training my downlines. If you can be patient for a while more you will find some of the best cutting edge technologies with MVT and u'll only feel more proud to be part of this venture.
Learn to be positive in life friends. that would open up more opportunities in life that when u r negative. U end up getting absolutely nothing when u are negative.

All the best... every one.
Susmith Jayaraj – based on the MVT companys’ info their services are not available at present because they are doing some enhancements, Meantime, as you aware taht these kind of services are freely available in the web ; we are paying for this product to avail un interrupted service; but MVT’s services are always failure . trust the MVT company have sold products / service 20 times above of their capacity in India. They know MLM leaders are aggressive only in developing their net work and earning money; leaders or distributors are not interested to study / realize what they are promoting and what is their products / service quality.
I can introduce thousands of people who promoting this MLM without knowing about MVT product or service and not even switch on / off the computers. Thanks
A simple question to all those positive about MVT
if the company is genuine why is it not informing the truth of the situation
why are they keeping everyone in suspense and company should tell not to promote
the product till service begins otherwise they are not following the business ethics
whoever is speaking for MVT should not give FALSE CONFIDENCE CAN ANY ONE TELL
EXACTLY when the service will start I am sure nobody can even the company cannot say it
that is the situatioin, 60 days is a long time in the field of technology
so what is the big deal please dont give false confidence let the product work
dont forget even lehman brothers closed a 150 year old company
my advice is to all is stop selling till the product works otherwise it is you who have to answer to all the people, the company will not bother.
Most common business concepts in MVT-MLM or MVT Network Marketing:
1. Buy the product or services if you are satisfied after several demo
2. Use the product and service after you bought
3. Promote the product and services in order to earn commission/income
4. Don't complain and blame anyone if you failed
MyVideoTalk is 6 yeard old in existence in USA, Europe and in ASIA Pacific. Out of 35, 000 customers worldwide after 6 years, only those stupid and like you which could not make are distroying the whole image of this company-industry.

Your stupid words proved that you are a slaver to the MVT Company; we are discussing here about this Companies failure in providing quality and un interrupted service which they promising and must delivered. We can see that there are lots of MVT service failure complaints world wide. Please think at least like a common person and respond. As of my knowledge US MLM companies exploiting Indian youth’s money, Time and energy for making them rich. Finally this company does not have the reputation or good image; a reputed company will not cheat their customers without giving quality service.
hahahaha.. really nice discussion... do any things in ur life but never do MLM kind of work. could u plz tell me one thing have u seen any person who be a lakhpati thru this kind of business.
Hello To ALL Myvideotalk Associates, I Have Been Into Myvideotalk From Past Few Months And The Products Are At Good Condition Itself.They Are Going To Launch MyVideotalk Studio In Dec 2.No Doubt About THe Legalities Of The COmpany And The Compensation Plan Of 35000$/Week.
The People Who Are Commenting Negative About THis Are Shamless.Let Me Tell You Why..This People Will WOrk As An Employee 8 to 10 hr/Day For A Company Inorder To Get A Salary And That To On Montly Bases.
Now The Same People Are Not Ready To Put Even 1 hr/day For Myvideotalk And They Expect To GEt The Money..Lol..This Tells That They DOnt HAve Common Sense For This Business And They Are Not Fit For This..They Better Be Slave ANd Work For Others Instead Of Working For Themselves..
Tell Me Guys, Did U EVer Tried To Commite Seriously On Myvideotalk...The Answer Will Be BIG NO.
Evry Org Is A Network Itself, Take Any Company Its A Network, Network Marketing Is The Business Which Will Set You Free..Give Your 100% best Shot Guys..Meet You Soon :)
Complaint has been given by short temper, he is not even checking what is the issue beyond his problem & foolishly blaming MVT,
-ve discussion done by -ve people, by which INDIA is lagging behind.

MVT is superb n superb no words for this.. Both for products & business..

All the best..
I am with My Videotalk Technologies since last 12 months... I am very happy to being with this multy-national company... One thing is very fantastic in MVT that is globle support to help every person any corner of the worlds... and the technology is osam... Commission structure fantastic...

I am very happy i don't know others..
Many people believe. rather wrongly, that the scheme of a particular company is not illegal because they are multilevel marketing only and not money circulation schemes. They should learn that if any company indulges in any quick/easy money schemes, it is certainly indulging in illegal money circulation schemes.
For the simple reason, that there are no cases against any company or no complaints from any quarter does not absolve the company from its guilty operations.
For instance, GoldQuest International claimed for long that its operations are transparent and every transaction is through demand drafts and everything is computerised. Once criminal cases were filed against the company, everything came down like a pack of cards. Now, every person who participated in the scheme of GoldQuest is running for cover and became fugitive. They can plead their arguments in any court of law instead of running away from it.
Why many companies choose multilevel marketing is that the companies can attract more people with inducement of easy/quick money. And naturally, people who joined early may make some money in the initial stages and everyone end up losing money. The inducement and the hook is so attractive that the people would be in an illusion that they are the first to join the scheme and they would make money fast. They would be disillusioned soon but prefer not to complain for obvious reasons: 1) they were introduced by their relatives or friends and they do not want to lose their relationship 2) they resign to their fate for not making money and curse their fate. They never realise that the scheme is inherently flawed and everyone except the company would lose eventually.
For instance, MyVideoTalk members claim that there is no membership fee. But the membership fee included in the money they have paid. The company may claim that their product's worth is actually Rs. 3 lakh and they are selling it for Rs. 9000. Why should any company sell the product that expensive for pittance? The secret is in the hook and the inducement it offers to the members.
People easily fall for easy and quick money and that is their weakness and that is the forte of these fraudulent companies. Since it is not easy to bring awareness among people about these fraudulent schemes, it is apt to file criminal complaints against these fraudulent companies.
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I'm still safe in this part but yes, i to have been taken to such people and they gave me full two hours presentations and tried to convence me some how, but i said directly to them that i have a doubt in you people and asked them if this is really a great product then you people should go and sell this to big IT companies and then i got the clue because the reason what they gave me was really stupid...and this people are making people fool through out India...Man how to stop them...
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