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BILAUNJY, Madhya Pradesh, India
Naaptol is a fraud company dont purchage product from naaptol..... Please save other friends from this fraud company... You help other god will help you... Take care
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Naaptol Online Shopping Customer Care's response May 21, 2010
Dear Customer,

We sincerely apologise for the inconveniece caused to you. We are working on your complaint and in next 7 to 10 working days you will recieve your Free Watch.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Naaptol Customer Care.
Verified Support
Naaptol Online Shopping Customer Care's response May 22, 2010
Dear Customer,

Would request you to kindly provide us with your order number or mobile number so that we can help you effectively on your complaint.

You can also reach us at our customer care number i.e. [protected]

Thanking you in anticipation.

Naaptol Customer Care.
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you people should close your channel marketing. all rejected items specially electronics all kachra u sell at naptol and instead u tell urself no. 1 certified co.
I bought a sewing machine from these bogus people.. The first day it came we did not open the box.. After a few days when we opened the box and wanted to use it, it never worked.. We tried contacting the customer care.. And they held us on hold for 40 mins.. We tried 3 times and same issue.. No customer service and now the machine is out of warranty.. They again put me on hold for 57 mins.. Once u gave the money they are gone..worst thugs of History.. I wish the review websites allow to give zero stars in review.. This website deserves less than zero.
Hi i am the regular costomer of online / through dif.dif tv shopping channels. and also i ordered through mobile for tv channel naaptol. The product which i have order that was not in proper usefull. i complained the naaptol agency and returned that in same within stipulated period. but i have not received any penny of that return. I am feeling very harash to deal with them.. i promissed my self never i wil purchase any thing, in future through naaptol..
The products are bad already. Then the customer care executives are very low in their work ethics. They use bad words while talking to the customers. Those low educated don't know the way to respond to the customer who is calling for a complaint. They rather show their attitude. A very bad and disappointed experience. This shows how standard the company is. Low graded
Hi All,

Thanks for the valuable feedback...I was just planning to buy jewellery set in naaptol...
seeing the forum completely removed the thought of purchasing anything from naaptol.

Product not working properly

i have ordered naaptol mobile online and its touch panel not working Naaptol Mobile complaint details are here please respond immediately as soon as possible contact number Harshavardhan [protected] and Complaint number is 5069910

rough material of suits

i booked manasvi suits when i received the parcel & open i found that the material of the suits is so rough i also complaint through jago grakh jago but the naaptol is not agree to refund our amount
Dear friends, Noptàal No. 1 fraud company, atamex and city cabls are also Involved with them to cheat customers, their business strategy is to cheat each customer and make money, I have book an order for complete car maintenance combo and as per their advertisement total 8 item's and the price is 2999 plus 350 courier charge but when atamex courier boy Deliver thr parcel 2 items 1. Screw driver kit and timeless tyre puncher kit for two article put to gather it's less than 300Rs. Their strategy to reach every Indian and make some money by cheating them and their strategic partner's are city able for marketing and delivering item is atamex courier. Please inform as many people as possible and help them retain their hard earned money with themselves.
See correspondence of this fraud Naaptol company! See their new way of cheating customers.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Order no 22463368 dated 2nd May 2016
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 12:51:20 +0530
From: Anthony
To: Mansi Joshi

Dear Madam,

I am really appalled and disgusted with your reply, "deny the shipment when the
courier attempts the delivery. The parcel shall return back to us and we shall process refund as promised"

When you will not ship out the material, there can be no denial of the shipment, thus no return back to you and therefore no refund! WOW!!! Novel way to cheat customers. This needs to be put in the public domain to show how low NAAPTOL can stoop!

Remember, I paid you on 2nd May 2016. For how long should I wait to deny the imaginary shipment, which I cancelled the order on 25th May 2016 for non receipt? Another three months, or three years? All along I have requested for the courier details which you will not share, as it will expose you and NAAPTOL Online Shopping as a fraud, out to cheat people. This is a clear cut case where with all relevant details mentioned in the trailing email, you should have arranged the refund immediately, which you will not do so with a clear intention to cheat!


Anthony Gomes

Verna Industrial Estate, Verna Goa 403 722 Board : +[protected] Direct: +[protected]

On Wed, 27 Jul 2016 17:58:08 +0530, Mansi Joshi wrote:
> Dear Mr Gomes,
> Please treat this mail as an apology mail from our end for the trouble
> caused.
> The feedback is well noted and we shall surely look upon the gaps
> highlighted.
> As discussed in our previous mail, please deny the shipment when the
> courier attempts the delivery.
> The parcel shall return back to us and we shall process refund as promised.
> We reiterate that we do not have any intention to cheat /misguide you.
> Hence be rest assured and co -operate with us.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Mansi Joshi
> Assistant Manager-Web Care
> Naaptol Online Shopping Pvt. Ltd
> India’s leading comparison based social shopping portal
Naaptol — Naaptol fraud company.
We received message on winning 1st price from naaptol.. after calling on their cc no. I came to know that they hadnt message it.

Point.. from where the fraud people get the customer details..

Whole company appears fraud where your data and card details are not safe.. atleast dont do card payments to these [censored] websites..

ughosal's reply, Feb 2, 2017
My mother has been victimised by the fraudsters after ordering from Naaptol Bangla over telephone. She got a call from a guy (apparently from Delhi) informing her she has won a car; she can either take the car or cash in lieu. When she wanted cash, they need all bank details. When she changed mind to car, they first needed her to topup Rs.500 some mobile number (which she did, thinking this might be real), then they wanted Rs 10000+ to fill petrol to drive down the car from Delhi to Kolkata!

Be aware, this company is passing customer's personal details to the fraudsters. I will see what can be done to them.
Hi My Name is Roy.
I had purchased bed sheet combo set of 8 peice. I got the order and there was no issue. However the most upsetting part is that. In about a weeks time i got a call from this no.[protected], stating he is calling from Naaptol. He proactively confirmed with me about my order with naaptol so i felt it is from naaptol and continued with the call. His name he mentioned was Vikram Malhotra and calling from Jharkand.
The shocking part is this, he stated that since i purchased a product from naaptol i qualify for a reward. He said you have won a car and to block your gift i have to transfer 12000 rupees to a particular account. He said car will come from Jharkand. I said i dont need the car then he said if you dont need the car you can take the value of the car that is 600000 rupees and for that i have to transfer 6000 rupees. He stated that it has to be availed today by 2pm.I somehow felt this is just a scam and did not bother. This guy calls me the next day and question as to why i did not block the prize and i said i'm not interested. To that he started abusing with filthy language and he went on and went on.

My first question to Naaptol,
1.Post the purchase are you guys scam you customer in this manner, if not then..
2.How my number and order details was shared with the 3rd party
3.Do you guys have any system in place for protection of customer information.

I would request you to strictly deal with this and get back to me.
My email: royz.[protected]@gmail.com

If i do not hear any update i will continue posting this on all website.

The government should ban this fraud company immediately and arrest the owners and all employees. what the government is doing?
Jagdish bhat's reply, Oct 13, 2016
We should start give order and when it come to your door step reject it. If we get harass then teach these people this way because we are staying in democratic India.
Just stop this fooling around. I am sure Naaptol you will make zero business in campare to ebay amazon. Very soon will go behind the bar.
Correct naptol is fraud company. Also now a days we are getting fraud calls from naptol and the man on the other speak bihari. He will tell you you are the winner and you either take car or cash. He will tell your address and what you ordered correctly. I do not know how come address cell number and personal information is geeting shared from naptol. It is within naptol who is leaking such private information outside. Fraud fraud and fraud company. Even naptol ll not return back money that is the most pathetic thing. They ll charge you more for shipping and show less amount on site or tv. Just beware of this fraud company.
I have ordered Electric stove and the not the plate but the whole body is overheated even thought the sticker are melt from the body and burning smell came out from it . I call customer care and tell them about product problem and they are just saying that mam thats not a problem its going to overheat dont touch the body what the hell they are giving such kind of silly reasons and said the product is not going to return because this is not a reason and they dont even know how to talk with customer
Naaptol are frauds... The ppl who advertise on TV, better dey do a begging job than making fraud...they show offers which won't be fulfilled...and cash back once they say points, once money...what rubbish That while selling mobile phones they cut vegetables on that and say many rubbish things instead of main features like RAM, internal memory.etc.They r selling outdated mobile sets by saying rubbish info...and i[censored] have experience of ordering, it won't be in RIT condition and i[censored] call customer care, dey just reply like a robots and not at all taken care of issue...
How bloody fraud compeny these are... Taking lot of money and sending a duplicate products like 2 to 3 times... There is no proper service at all & no proper response from customer care., They didn't send refundable money back... So I am going through legally, , , so frnds stay away through "NAPTOL" and join with me

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