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[Resolved]  Nano Excel — CERTIFICATION

is nano excel product have any certification from indian authorities to sell in india like IMA?
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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No need of certification of any...belive in natural...nano theraphy products are working on the basis of far infra rays
Nano products r certified by fda (food and drugs association o[censored].S.A) and tested by psb corporation of singapore..
In last 4 months it created 80, 000 customers..
It started world wide office in abu dhabi..
The great rmp started in gulf countries at its 4th or 5th year and it spreaded everywhr in gulf and it crossd 90 lakhs distributors, but NANO EXCEL started in gulf at its 2 n half years and the income plan of rmp is very very tough to earn then also it coverd 90 lakhs, while NANO EXCEL's income plan is 1000 times easier than rmp, it has crossd 1 lakh past month, now just focus on its royalty club..
In rmp people are doing great work and if they didnt work they will not get income but in NANO EXCEL if v didnt work also v gets assured income..
I am damn sure that this will cross 1 crore with in 5 years..
For more info. just contact with the Co. No. [protected]
it is fully foolishness that nano cards, marketed by nano excel company has FDA recognition...And the business plan by this company is simply money chain..its club system will make some rich...but loosers will be more...within short span we can here another big scam through nano excel...and we can never believe the company chairman Mr. Harish who is no.1 fraud because he has started many companies in North India and closed business even without giving products.

why it is money chain?

in the club system, to break the club total 8 members are needed in the fourth level.when it breaks the topper gets 12, 000/ and second and third level members get Rs.3000/-each...and topper gets re-entry in one of the divided box

here one club into 2 and needs minimum14 members

2 into 4 and needs minimum 28 members

4 into 8 and needs minimum 56 members

8 into 16 and needs minimum 112 members

16 into 32 and needs minimum 224 members

32 into 64 and needs minimum 448 members

64 into 128 and needs minimum 896 members

128 into 256 and needs minimum 1792 members

256 into 512 and needs minimum 3584 members

512 into 1024 and needs minimum 7168 members

1024 into 2048 and needs minimum 14336 members

2048 into 4196 and needs minimum 28672 members

4196 into 8392 and needs minimum 57344 members

8392 into 16, 784 and needs minimum 1, 14, 688 members

now i hope there is nearly 16, 784 clubs...that means to break next time the business needs minimum of 1, 14, 688 X 12, 000 = 137, 62, 56000( c.137.62 crores busines to break next..

so the persons now investing in the company will be 100% loosers in club system.
I am looking to business offers in Coimbatore Gandhipuram.Dear sir / madam we have excellent product in nano tech in direct marketing mode. first in india i[censored] want to more details pls contact ph. [protected] email: [protected]
I also have same response in this business. I have joined in this business on 22 oct 09 but till now i have not get all products that i want. This business does not give us clear picture in future. I m 100% agree with akhilesh view over this business.
i know about this business am got the products .this business going good... i am 100 % agree this is a good business...

we have excellent product in nano tech in direct marketing mode. first in india i[censored] want to more details pls contact ph. [protected] email: [protected], [protected]
Very good too earning
As far as me concern this is a fast growing earning business in India.Therefore, herby i recomend to all those who view this join with and be part of the development of our country.Net marketing business is the only source for all the development a country in the future this will be the most and last
Dear friend, if need more information reagrding the Nanoexcel business please contact [protected]
This Nano Excel fellows while returnig the money they are doing some cutting saying that it is Income Tax and there is no receipt or any records for the cuting.How can you Belive these fellows? Is Income Tax Department of India Are sleeping?
Multinational company invite you in making money through working parttime/fultime in nano technology . highly paid income more that 30000 + per week. (group work ) Trivandrum people prefered.
interested candidate can contact :
leader Anoop George ph : [protected].
this is a very good business. people who are against this business are either not studied nano excels plans and stratagy or they are compatetors. now peoples from banks, insurance companies and other investment companies are together against nano excel. because they are worried that nano excwl will emerge the market in another few years. now i[censored] have any doubt about the club income just listen. out of your 12000 investment company is taking only 6000 to club. there are 8 people in the down level which company is not giving any income. from that 8 people company gets 48000 rupees. (8 x 6000). next level there are 4 people who are getting 3000 each = 12000. next level 2 people will get 3000 each = 6000 and finaly 1 will get 12000. so total from 1 club company earns 48000 and returns 30000. so simple company will get 18000 per club. then why cant they easily run this plan and success in the market. so no one is loosing there. nano excel is now growing more and more. this is a new company less than 3 years. so as an initial stage there will be some erors. but they are rectifying those erors and making things easy and simple. now only there is 140000 members (as per the id number) joined in this company in 2.5 years. india is a big country having a population of 100 crore. if we are avoiding old people and children around 50 crores people will be there. If company is focus the membership of half of those people it will take another 50 years to complete. meanwhile new birth will be there, reinvestors will be there.
so come forward and invest with confident. there will be lot of people to discourage you. but think yourself. discuss with positive thinkers. check with the investors in this company. you wont find any loosers. if you find anyone ask the reason and discuss with any gainers. there will not be any mistake from the company side. Members must check properly the account name and postal/coriur address.

if you ask about the examination to an failed student, he will always blame the question paper or his teacher or school. may be he will blame about the qustions which is not from the sylabus. but if you ask a pass student he will tell only good thing.
people are like that always. if you work u can win. without pain no gain. oppurtunities will never come always. once you got, use it properly. if you need any more clarification or intrest to join and earn, call me on [protected]
the cheak is very late to get our
My only complaint is that the products are not being delivered in time and considerably delayed with the lame excuse that the products are not availble in time due to delay in custom clearance. I am yet to receive products worth Rs.1.5 Lakh or so. I request the authorities to please look into it and have a serious thought in order to continue getting the fullest support from the customers and the distributors to further develop this amazing business opportunities. Many times the joinings of new entrants delayed or held up for want of availability of products in time. Prospective Bulk purchasers are reluctant to join fearing the non-delivery of products and also absence of a valid document for the amount invested and financial results of the Company like Profit & Loss Account Statement, Balance sheet. Annual General body meeting and shareholders report should be made available to the IBD. Name and addresses of the Chairman & other Board of Directors of the Company and their responsiblities should be either displayed at Office Notice Board or made availble to the IBD's when demanded. This will create more confidence amongst the IBD's and will help IBD's develop more business joinings without any hurdles.
pin request very time late. sory i no english product kolllam but very very late for pruduct cash ennu muthalaanu accound transfer aakuka
I am confused. For 12000 package you will get two products worth 7500/-and entry in club board. Out of this 12000/- rupees 6000/- rupees will go to club board.
Club member will get 18000/- from one cycle and again rentry.?????.How long this logic will work out? India is a huge and great country any logic will workout and will create some ultra rich people at the expense more poor people bcos of greedy. I will appreciate the company, if it is focussing on product not on 1.5 lac or 1.8 lac investors. God Bless all the nanogists, who are going to bcome members...
I am 100% agreeing with Mr.Shenoy. On what basis you can give 180000 rupees for mere 12000 investment?
At any time Government raid in Nanoexcel office anticipated. is good looking portal It provides various web services Like

Free SMS, Chatting, Greetings, Pincodes, Cinema, Lovers, Photos, Games, Sports, Songs, Videos etc...
nano excel is a very good company. i earn Rs.45368/= within a short period of 56 days ...join and earn money.

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