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NH66 from Krishnagiri to Tiruvannamalai is extremely bad. Loads of people tarvel to Arunachalam on every poornima to make Girivallam. A night drive in this road is very very dangerous. Deep potholes can strand a Suv to a small car. If you travel in the night on a rainy day, every kilometer in the road has a death trap. Because water is filled in the potholes, you would not know how deep the pothole and your car will land up in the ditch and you need to sleep there. The trucks and buses with huge headlamps will make you to literally make a stop and proceed. They never used dimmer and you can imagine..

If the authorities feel at least the moral responsibility, they should immediately take action to lay good roads.. Otherwise, one day, their children will face the music..
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Aug 13, 2020
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Project may start by February 2012 (Transstroy India Limited- Hyderabad)
thanks folks for each and every suggestion, i had same "pot-hole" experience while travelling on this road couple of years back was really bad, just wanted to know if road condition improved ? from review seems like gone from "BAD" --> "WORSE". Mr Karuna is buzy with Kannimozhi behind bars ... so dont curse him much as he is already a curse to TN people... his GREED is answered by dieties in Tiruvanamalai itself ..
government of tamil nadu should take immediate action put tar road from krishnagiri to thiruvannamali immediately. My suggestion Miss.CM should travel in her own car to see the problems faced by public. I do not know why local aiadmk parties keeping quiet, or they are really blind?


Ramakrishnan C.S
This is the second time I was travelling on this road after 4 years, nothing has improved. It took 4 hours to reach Krishnagiri from Thiruvannamalai. Initially I don't know that it is National Highway, this is National shame to have a NH road that too to famous shrine like T.V. Malai where many tourist visit.

Due to this bad road, my petrol, time and energy gone for task. Also I have seen some bus accidents due to rash driving. We are loosing the lives also.

I have visited many villages and those roads are better than this so called National (Shame) Highway.
I also have come across the same situation...but not sure why the government is in sucha blind status.
People visit to the grate shrines like T.V.Malai...will really feel bad about the situations they face on the way.

Government of TamilNadu should be ashamed to keep the national highways in such a worse condition.

SR Akula
Take the Krishnagiri-Karimangalam-Morappur-Harur-Thanipadi-Thiruvannamalai and is 40 KM more but better than the regular Pondy road. IT IS HELL ON EARTH.
This highway is a pathetic road.. Not even 100m of road is drivable with clear taring. Full of patches and potholes. Do you believe a National Highway unfit to be driveable that too a stretch of 105KMs.. Wake-up and do some good to public folks..
traveling in this road is like so horrible even in multiaxil volvo buses vibration can be felt continuously. it is like sitting on vibratory sifter for one hour, it is high time government should act and rectify the road.
If you are planning to make a pilgrimage to tiruvannamalai from bangalore, please send an application ( pray ) to lord annamalai to safely land you in tiruvannamalai. The road is not only terrible, its one of the dangerous roads of the world. It can swallow you in a larger pothole filled with water. It can trap your car between two gutters. The vehicle coming in the opposite direction can ram in to your vehicle any moment, not because he doesnt see your vehicle on the road because he would have been in his hight of frustration and irritation. After surpassing all this hurdles if you are really able to reach successfully to tiruvannamalai, Please do a special pooja to the diety vannamalai for bringing you safely to his temple. Thanks to the state govement, Jayalalitha and her predecessor for giving the commuter a free of cost adventure.
Road condition between thiruvanamalai and kirishnagiri is too bad. No action taken by concerned .
Some1 explain wwhen will the road be good for very basic commutation …...its still in worst shape, ...
I have travelled on 5th July 2015 night and my Car base hit almost all the pot holes, I was wondering where are we living, 30's 40's where there were no roads.

Not sure what is the reason for such a worst situation, there are even officials travel in this road I believe and I think the reason might be very silly.

There is no sign of any construction work going on and it seems they just left it a few years ago.

I feel very sorry for people who voted and elected the politicians .

People who travel please avoid using your own vehicle .use public heavy transport if you want to travel from Bangalore to Thirivannamalai or use alternate route via Sripuram.
I have lost my bike's suspension forks, its too perfect conduct rally race on this road.
I have been facing this problem since 2010 onwards.
I have suffered tail bone injury when i was travelling back to Bangalore from Pondicherry by KSRTC - Rajahamsa bus on October 2010. Due to hectic path holes the driver couldnt drive properly.
I had been on bed rest for almost 3 months without salary.
Again i have tried by my car this week for Girivalam and taken via Tiruppathur and the road connects at Singarapettai.
And we have again suffered the same pain this time after almost 5 years but we couldnt sit on the car from Singarapettai to Tirivannamalai the distance is about 55km.
I dont know how the Government is functioning for so long years without proper road on the very important Highway.

We have to blame the citizens of Tamilnadu. We are the only people expect the government to give Cash for vote and expect the government to give free TV, Mixer grinder and FAN.
For the ruling partys they wanted to sacrifies the voters but indirectly we the people are suffering a lot by paying hectic amount to ortho doctors because of travelling this kind of idiotic roads.

Its shameful that there is no protest from public from the surounding villages and towns like Tiruvannamalai, Tindivanam, Uthangarai, Chengam and Krishnagiri.
This is also equally important like tasmak protests.
Its nothing to bring to the Government notice that the NH66 is most worse road. Since all the government higher officials like Principal District Judges, Magistrates, District Collector, District revenue officer, Thasildar's and Politicians like Ministers, MLA's. District Panjayat President and all others are using this lane to travel. Even a baby may ask, Why this road so worst. But the eye sight of the responsibilities might have went blind. That's why they didn't notice the strange on having drive on this road. Key is somewhere that this lane work should not be completed at any certain. And even they are very alert to stop the lane work. why because the Authority have already released the fund or yet not. To be frank, Basically all the commission amount should be stopped since this commission amount is the basic lobby for all the Bribe and corruption in our country.
We were planning to take this route and looking for feedback. Many thanks for sharing your recent experience.
WE have travelled by car on this road, in daylight, in 2012 and 2013, when it was a real torture for the driver, co-passengers and the car. It is really sad, there is no improvement over 4 years on this very useful and only short stretch between Krishangri and Tiruvanamalai, so-called NH 22.
It is a vital link between these two towns for both goods and passengers; sincerely hope he NHAI will do pay attention to complete this stretch soon. Am not sure why the people on this route are not taking this matter with their MP/ MLA
For 5 Years the Road condition is very bad and its still called NH..?? Current ruling party is doing lot o[censored]nwanted stuffs to promote Hinduism but they don't care about the route to some of the famous Hindu pilgrims like Thiruvannamalai and Chidambaram. 5 years is a very big time for a NH to be kept like that. Feeling ashamed to be an Indian after seeing Fukushima damage was cleared in a matter of week by Japanese government.. Our Government doesn't seems to be cared about our people.
I am frequent traveler from Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai every month, really the road is very very bad condidition. NHAI can take this as priority and make it fast.
There has been some temporary roads & patches done recently in last 2/3 weeks. Condition is far better as of last week of October.

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