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[Resolved]  Ninestars Informaton Technologies Ltd. — Not Paying US Based Consultants

I was referred to Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd., a company based in Chennai, India, for a position as a contracted account manager. Two months after I started working for this company out of my home in New Jersey, USA, providing account support to their US and Canadian clients, they stopped paying me as per the obligation in my contract.

Over the 5 months I waited to be paid, I was made promise after promise by the company that I would be paid and each time I expected the money to be wired to my account, it wasn’t there and another promise from the company followed. I ended my contract as of end of June 2009 and the company now owes me USD$35, 596.77. I’ve made numerous attempts to reach out to the company to get this debt settled but no one has made any attempt to respond or make an effort to pay. I only keep getting these empty promises that they will pay me. I am looking into all my options to get this debt settled because it is unfair that a company can do this to people and get away with it.

I am the second US citizen I know of that this company has done the same thing to. They have breached a contract and, in my opinion, committed fraud against me. I hope anyone doing business with this company will reevaluate their decision to continue doing business with Ninestars Information Technologies.

If anyone can give me some additional thoughts on how best to get this company to pay me what they owe, I would appreciate it.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Dear All,

Please let me know what you have done for the company??? If you have done some thing you will not been thrown out of the company.
Ninestars helps you all to grow to this heights and dont forget it...
You willl not be in this position if you have not joined Ninestars.
Think before write or scribble some thing

Loyal Emploee
This makes me sick! How can a company get away with this? If you worked you should get paid, its that simple. I wouldn't do business with a company who can't treat its employees fairly. Its a shame that some people ( Bernie Madoff, Enron, Ninestars) think they are above the law and can do whatever they want.
I say fight, fight, fight for the little people and their cause. I hope you get your salary that is owed to you. BOYCOTT NINESTARS!
I am disgusted by what this company has done. It's beyond belief that they can try and get away with this. I'm so happy to see that finally someone is standing up to them!! Ninestars you're going to be Zerostars real soon!!!
Working for 5 months without getting paid by a company is unethical and immoral. I feel bad that you went on good faith that you would be paid, constantly putting in 100% of your time, only to be misled. If a company can get away with doing this to their workers, imagine what they will do their their clients. Any company doing business with Ninestars should immediately question their contract and better yet terminate any dealings with them.

I dont understand why the company could not be upfront and truthful about their accounting/payroll issues. There has to be something that can be done to get your money. $35, 000 is not pocket change.

Hopefully enough people/corporations read this and recognize the truth about this company. They really should not be in business.
Shame on you Ninestars for not living up to your contract. People should be paid for their services. I hope Ninestars do the right thing and pay up.
Oh come on Ninestars, pay your employees and stop the BS. Do the right thing before you become "nostars", it is the only way. Perhaps a few of your clients (New York Times) etc. needs to know about this.
I feel sorry for Charles Bernard, i worked for Ninestars five years ago in India, during that time there were few business associates doing level 1 jobs mostly data entry for the company. Until i resigned the company, to my knowledge Ninestars did not paid the dues and also two of the business associates closed down their business out of loss. I was an entry level employee with this company and till date they have not given me my final settlements. i am not making any attempt to claim since i know this fraud company. Mine is only $200, but yours is huge. And i am sure you are not the only one and most of the ex-ninestars employees would have experienced some other form of cheat/fraud from Ninestars
Dont join this company dudes. There is a new HR lady in the chennai office called Zita and the thing she speaks only she understands...indienglish...worst HR I have ever spoken to.
Best thing to do is post your complaint at Lot of employees, job seekers, ex-employees visit the website. Maybe out of fear of tarnishing their company image, they might end up paying you.
@Charles Bernard
Mate, My sympathies with you mate. But just get the point how someone being an account manager can be take for a ride and how you kept working for 5 months. I am sure that you would be able to recover your money legally..

Good luck


Mr.Sundar, I am not really sure if you had worked with the organization or had been there for seeking one, but it's definitely very unprofessional of you to post someone's name when it isnt even related to the discussion above. For all that you know, this verbal bashing might be good enuf to file a defamation against you. If you have something relavant to the post and if you have something concern it makes sense wasting others time inthis forum.
After negotiating with Ninestars Information Technologies, I am happy to report that we have come to a mutual agreement and Ninestars has honored that agreement thus far. There are a lot of good people working at Ninestars whom I've had the pleasure of meeting when I was in Chennai and in no way those individual's reputation should be scarred by this unfortunate situation. I am glad that Ninestars and I were able to reach an agreement to settle this matter amicably.
All are perfect but some looseness of the company regards management.
With Ninestars and their "founders" you never cease to be surprised.

They have been systematically cheating unsuspecting employees and suppliers. They deduct the taxes and Provident Fund from salaries but never deposit it with the governement. For over 11 months they have not been able to provide tax payment statements (Form 16) of the proofs of having deposited the PF money. There are scores of emplyees to whom they have not paid salaries. SOme of them have even taken the matter to the courts.

The entire "operations" of the company is quite dubious. While they call themselves an "Information Technology" company, the actual work carried out is just data entry, and cutting articles. They have shady operations in sheds based in far flung places in Kanchipuram distt.
If you are planning to deal with them, insist on seeing their audited books and the CIBIL records of their "founders", and of course, don't miss the pleasure of visiting the basement in their office in Chennai or the "fabled Kanchipuram unit".
Gk9stars - You obviously know Ninestars quite well. I too had a brief stint with them. If you are also a former employee it will be great to get connected.

I can attest to the facts you mentioned. I quit Ninestars nearly 12 months ago I am yet to get my Form 16 (TDS certificate), salary dues for over 3 months of employment and travel reimbursements since the time I joined.

I inquired with the Income Tax department and came to know that Ninestars has deducted the tax from my salary but not deposited it with the tax authorities. I have written to the company 26 times over the last 12-months and spoken to their HR and even to their Chariman, but to no avail.

Suresh Satyamurthy

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