[Resolved]  Noah Solutions — Not giving salaries to employees properly

In this company Salaries will not come on-time. There is no HR policies. This is very worst company, nobody will not join in this company by mistake. If you join in this then you only suffer. Bad company. All employers are worried about their future. They don't know what going on this company. So kindly I request you to avoid to join this company. (Keywords: Bad Company, Chetta Company, Worst Company, Noah Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Noah, Noah Solutions, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, No Salaries, No Employee Benefits, Bonds, Rules, No Increments, Software Company, Employees are Crying, Salaries Not Crediting into Bank accounts, Salaries giving by hand, No P.F, No Health Insurance).
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Aug 14, 2020
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Yes that is true. One my frnd wrking in that.he is struggling a lot
Taken bonds but no value for it. Salaries are not given from nov onwards till date(pending 3 months salaries). Company is going to close. No funds to proceed.
Its a very good Company, Dont Believe Rumors, Bcse The Founder was very Honest Person and Intelligent Person, Saleries r also cming Properlyt
This is a very Fraud Company ; There are no Salaries since 3 months, and without any information and settlement asking the employees to quit the company . without any reason, No Settlement is done for employees who have left from the organization
Yes, it is true. it is not paying since nov.2008. One my frnd wrking in that.he is struggling a lot
Here if the employee asks the due/pending salary then Mr.Aswartha Reddy Accounts Manager/Admin.
He wil be threatning by saying that our M.D SOPHIYA.C IS DAUGHTER OF Mr.C.C.REDDY so we are very influenced and it is family business. if ever you ask your salary then you will face the worst situation.Mr.Bala (Director of Marketing).he is the dynamic person i have ever met in my life and i am glad to be associated with him.i am in noah just coz of this great man, he is the back bone of Noah.Infact the Only reason y noah is still exist.

The worst part of noah is Mr.Aswartha Reddy. He knows only to play cheap poltics.if any employee go against him he wil do some or the other cheap poltics nd fire them.He dosent even knows to speak proper english and he is one of the director.He wants all to respect him...

madam if ever u see this mail please one thing is that we respect you alot and we are ready to accept our salary when ever you give.but please try to trust people you are really worth and asset to our company.we really feel bad that noah is in this position coz we all by one or the other way got up in our life nd atleast got the power to face the world that is just coz we got opportunity to work in your ESTEEMED company..we all are with you if you are with we.
Did u ever know what is going in our company only one person is to look after the employee problem that is Mr.Bala nd even by aswartha poltics he is to keep his mouth shut.
may be not true wht you are assuming. you are in deep frustation. you contact M.D.MISS.SOPHIYA REDDY in her office and solve your problemz. why you want to blame the staff. we heard that they are planning to go out of noah. they paid one one cheq for me last week.
Useless fellow Ashwath Reddy, you have some commensence, you are dealing with accounts department and also the head of the accounts department. You issue the Cheques to the employees and you dont know to honour the cheques, you dont know to put the money in bank on-date, also you dont know to pay TDS of employees. You are a big cheater and alos lyier, you talk one time onething another time another thing, you dont know how to talk with the people. You talk about frustration i.e., you are accepting all the above comments are true. You are cheating the people and employees (existing and non-existing). You talk about contacting to your Greate MD who is defaulter to the people, she also dont know how to receive the people. Why you are sitting and managing Accounts and Admin post, you just resign . You are the one of the Culprit of the disaster by giving wrong directions on employees, your MD she dont have capability to think and take decessions, just she listens other words. she cant even manage the company this situations are clearly indicating. If ther are planing to go out of the your company, what you have to do and what is your prime responsibility. you have to clear all the debts and settle the account, where you are clearing, you are giving PDC's, it is not clearing all are bouncing. and you are talking about one cheque payment, you [censored]er from when you are not paying the salaries, how many months over, after how months and how many bounces you are clearing, Just look your face in mirror. You just resign, if you dont want to hold all the responsibilities, dont play with the people you will have good honour or else, be carefull...
My Friend is also working in the same company, one thing by seeing above comments. I can understand that all this issues are going with the directions of Chairman Mr. Arun Abrahim. USA government has to Depote this bugger, big frauder and cheater. Or else he will spoil USA policies and Laws, this is a danger and threat to the USA Government.

Already his wife Sophia Reddy is playing with indian laws, not paying salaries to the employees is big crime. Employees can sue Chairman and MD.

From my side I will help these poor employees who are not getting salaries from so many days, how they are leaving without salary really hat's off to the Employees.

Also I will complain to the USA government about this buggers and see to it Mr.Arun Abrahim will depote to india.

I am basically from USA, one of my friend brother has worked in this company, when we sat together he told me about this issue. This is too sad, Chairman (Mr. Arun Abrahim) & MD (Sophia Reddy) to be punished. I have called his brother, When I talked with him it is pinched me. I told him I will give helping hand what ever I can do I will do and also I will discuss with attorney about this issue and take necessary steps to depot him to india, becasue he may play with USA policies already wife and husband are playing with indian policies. What is the punishment in India I don't know but here this is he serious issue mployee can sue the company left and right. I have taken all the details about Chariman (Arun Abrahim), I will give caution to other people about Noah Consulting LLC in USA. Not to trust this consulting company, because they are being cheating and making frauds by not giving salaries in india.

I have read previous message, it is too appreciatable and I will support.
All the above comments were 200% true.Due this above comments they have changed the company web address to to

We Can't even imagine these guys.Please don't spoil your career by joing this [censored]ing company.
One more thing to forget to tell is that..They don't have money to pay the current bill.If the current gone means all the systems will shutdown in 2 minutes.They didn't have any UPS or batteries backups.Nothing is there in this company.They are runing our lifes.Kindly do not join in this SICK [censored]ING company.
IS it that sophia reddy daughter of CCReddy relative of Chief minister y.s.Rajshekar reddy things are taken lightly .definetly they would be punished by god
If she thinks she is a relative of CM then she is an ediot, CM won't comes to the picture becuase all the top to bottom are really true. She is a [censored]ing who is cheating the people of india, Banks of our nation, her Husband Mr. Arun Abrahim is cheating USA nation and also banks. Still they are trying for loans, they want loan to enjoy lavishly. They are not thinking that how they pay if they take loan from bank.

This [censored]ing Lady is too fraud, if CM supports on her matter he might spoil his political career, already she is spoiling her Fathers political career. She has lots of head bit.
Mr. Arun Abrahim will be in big problems sooner, because of his wife Mrs.Sophia Reddy. Day by Day his problems are increasing because of his wife. If she won't solve all issues, he will be loosing lot of things in USA, his career will end.

Already he is spoiling employees & close associates life and also his husband life.
Mrs Sophia Reddy, I am asking you directly that how can you have such a costly car (Benz) with out having a single pee in your bank account.Is that not our money?your robbing our money and enjoying yourself?your not paying our salaries and with that salaries you and your husband are enjoying?Your such a cheater?your cheating your selfs and cheating both the Indian and American governments.?You will have suitable punishment for this?I think whole family like this.Your a fraud, cheater and layer.



Remember my words lady.
I am basically from United Kingdom, I have seened all the comments in the fourm about this company, I feel so sad about employees what had happened. But Mr.Arun Abrahim, chairman has to face a lot of seviour consequencies, he is not the eligibal candidate for that post. Because What I have noted in the comments are they havn't paid salaries and they cut the TDS for that salaries also. If the employees directly go to Income Tax department and complain about the situation, directly they will raid on to the company, because it is illegal, they should not cut the TDS according to the law. If they cut the TDS then they have to pay the salary not PDC cheques, another thing is that cheques are bouncing. I can see clearly mainly 3 persons will be behind the bars for 7 Years. Firstly Mr. Arun Abrahim, Chairman of the company without his approval nothing will be done in the company, anyware in the world he might be immediatly that country government will depot him and they will cease all the things eg., banck accounts etc., Secondly Mrs.Sophia Reddy, Managing Director of the company, she is a idotic lady she is playing with the innocent people, and she is cheating the two country Governments, she will be punished seriously, she is spoiled her future already, also she is playing sadist roles and spoiling others future also. Thirdly her associate Mr.Ashwat Reddy, Accounts Manager of the company he is knowingly or un knowingly doing all this things but he is punished seviourly, becuase while issuing a cheque his main responsibility is to see that a cheque should honour on that given date, by seeing this scenerios he is the main culprit who is giving the suggestions to chairman and managing director. Accounts manager role is the crucual role, he should know what are the concequencies will happen if cheque bounces mainly on TDS he made a big blunder where every one will caught.

In the comments I came to know that they are still cheating the employees by giving false dates. Please dont play with them already they are in troubles. If anybody is there who is the part with them they will also spoil their futures.

I have seen that Mr.Arun Abrahim is the partner of Noah Consulting LLC, he will be in big trouble there also, if partners will know all this stories they wont live him, immediately they will ask him to leave the organisation, because it is a damage to that company, for one person so many partners life will spoil, I could not remember there is a saying.

Lastly I can say only one thing dont play with the people. clear of their cheques and prove your Sincerity.

Dear Employees dont worry I will be with You Sue then Untill death, what ever you can do you do. They will pay for all these things, they cannot escape.
Let us fight together, to get our salaries back.Mrs sophia shame on our path.Read the comments and open your eyes.Don't cheat others.I think your whole family is cheating family.Your husband (Mr.Arun Abrahim), and your self cheating others.
Guys, i think it's been expressed thoroughly by everyone that you all need your salary settlement, but, like other companies Noah never said that it will not pay the dues to any employee(current or Ex). Due do some crunch in financial situation they are trying all means to settle the dues/pending and current salaries to their Ex/Present employees. Obviously, everyone has gone through lot of pain and trouble dealing with company & vice-versa by showing their frustrations by expressing in this forum. I sugest let's wait for some more time and if things don't improve further obviously you all know what needs to be done.
Sorry boss, u might be having patience, but we waited long. Maybe you didn't go through what we underwent and undergoing. If you like you too can join our company and will make sure we get justice together. We being employees or ex-employees of Noah, we never said we will work for FREE. And no company would extract work for FREE as Noah plans to do. If Mrs.Sophia or Mr.Arun or Mr.Ashwat is looking at this, please settle all the dues to all employees (Ex & Current) at Noah with immediate effect, else things will proceed in a legal direction soon. We all have waited ENOUGHHHHHHH

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