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Nokia, Nokia C7 - 00 — continuing of same problems even after 3 repairs

am using nokia c7 from last 8 months and my phone had visits 3 times nokia care for its repair because of hanging and auto switch off problems in first 3 months of purchase . Now same problems are araising again and Nokia care said that this time my phone will go to Delhi for repairing .

My handset need 4th repair in its 7 months from purchase.
Is this quality of nokia handset ?

There is no solution of customer problem in nokia care.
Is this quality of after sales service in nokia ?

I am feed up of my phone's problem and now i want my phone's replacement for a new one or money back as per company norms after all money worth .
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Nokia — it is just not ok by puting up customer care centers but they should even work sometimes atleast

dear nokia concern
my experience is the worst of all other complaints i belive ,i gave my brand new nokia 6070 at panjagutta nokia care on 24/09/07
for a microphone complaint,and today 07/12/07 is the 75th day sucessfully completed for not getting my phone , if giant phone companies partners with inefficient local servicing companies and leave customers problems in vain it seems so pathetic ,does nokia have a mechanism to check the complaints and deliveries in india nokia care centers .or does it have a wing in checking the competency
of its service partner in knowing whether the customer care is taken properly r not . my job sheet;14299 code;0534581

Nokia — bluetooth not working properly

the bluetooth of nokia 5610 does not work properly in all mobiles even in nokia N95 which of some company on Complainting to nokia care they told its ok but still it does not work properly

Nokia — After repairing, still not working

I gave my nokia N72 for repair as the screen is not displaying correct, at nokia care center Sec-7, Panchkula(Haryana). He changed the screen and it got started. when i came home found that it is again showing the same problem. I again gave it to repair. and when i got it back after 15 -20 days to take it, i found that memory card holder is missing and the back side cover is replaced & they told that its from their head office and again they asked me to come after few days. when i got my cell i found that it is still not working.i finally decided not to give it to repair again, and took it with me.
its been more that 1 & half month i gave my cell to repair
I am harrassed by their poor service, i had to go there more than times, my time & money is wasted &a lso my cell is not working.
I spent 2000 rupees & got nothing.
my nokia mobile modle 6233 bluetoth is not properly working .It is not found any other device & not conected with another device
pl tell me slouction
dear nokia concern...the staff of nokia care (milap electronics, nagpur)it totally non-responsive n they even dont have atticates how to talk to customers...
there is one vilas sir...which i think a head of all staffs, even uses abusive i request u to take immediate action against them
thank you

Nokia — bluetooth not working even after repair

Dear Sir,
My name is Jaspreet Singh . I had purchased a nokia 6700classic( IMEI no.-[protected] ) last year on august2009. Its screen got broken in feb this year,and got repaired it from (Sector 2453-54Sector 22C) Chandigarh -160022.
I found that there is bubbles on screen, when i complaint about it,they kept my cell phone for 15 days. After getting it back, i realize that its bluetooth is not working. again after 15 days i went to customer care , they repaired it, same day. but when i checked it , its bluetooth was still not working and the condition of handset was also objectionable. I am a student, not hav enough time to go to customer care again and again. PLEASE CONSIDER MY COMPLAInT, I SHALL BE THANKFUL TO YOU.

Jaspreet Singh

Nokia C7 — Internal problem

The Senior Manager (Customer Care)


Re:- Replacement of Nokia C7 set Colour Black Batch no. [protected]

We are shocked to bring to your knowledge that we have recently purchased on[protected] the above-noted set which is infested with certain technical problems. The Memory Card datas are vanishing automatically. Then after removing and reputting it, the datas come back. The phone also hangs. Since we have purchased the phone at a very dear price, we expect full value for our money and ask you to replace the set at the earliest. Also ensure that such problems do not creep up in future and that our faith in Nokia remains undaunted.

In anticipation of your prompt response,

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Shakeel Ahmad Bangroo

Sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us on
[protected] and do leave your contact. We will have
someone from the team connect with you. Please mention your name on subject and add your contact in the mail.

Team Nokia
Tell me now when i will receive my C7 and your team told me within 4 r 5 days i will receive but neither phone r any sms i received shall i go to consumer court now for register complain.
IME no is [protected]
Mobile no [protected]

Nokia — Again Same Problem after Repair

Respected Sir,
I have a Nokia N79. Few months ago i faced problem that My Handset Hangs after few seconds of each Restart. i visit nokia care to solve problem. they suggest to send it noida to repair it. after near about 1month i reaceived the hand set and it was ok. but know the same problem i facing. it hangs when i use wifi. the bettery also heats up.

please sir please ask nokia to repaire it and solve the problem permanentaly.

Rajdeep Singh Joshi

Sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us on
[protected] and do leave your contact. We will have
someone from the team connect with you. Please mention your name on subject and add your contact in the mail.

Team Nokia India

Nokia — bluetooth not working

MODEL NO.2730 classic

IMEI-[protected] ON[protected]


i purchase my mobile on 04 aug 2010, but i face so many problems regarding that mobile

first-i face problem regarding memory card.

second-i face problem regarding technical verification.

third-problem regarding bluetooth

may i ask the nokia why their phones' bluetooth are always not working properly,they told after 2 day we have solve u r problem But then also i face the problem regarding bluetooth connection.At 3 time also i reached to nokia care center, but they told it will take 1 week time to solve the mobile bluetooth problem. again after the period of nokia not solve my problem. now also i am facing problem with it .ones i have also face memory card problem

at last i want to say that i am not happy with the mobile of nokia 2730classic.

i am requesting to take a strict action against it because with the purchase of this mobile i had face so many problems with in the year.




Respected sir,

Subject :( Total Dissatisfaction on Purchase of Nokia N8 and the Service carried on it by the Nokia Care Centre that actually killed it each time)

Details regarding the phone:-

Brand & Model: Nokia N8-00
Purchase Date:[protected]
IMEI Number: [protected]
The IMEI Number of the Swapped phone is: [protected]
Price: Rs 23, 824.00(Purchased at Nokia Bangalore)

My Details:-

Name: Hani
Contact Details: [protected]

I am writing this long descriptive message about Nokia because Nokia forced me to complain and denied any repair for my Nokia N8 which they themselves destroyed from time to time and now just looks like a complete waste with so many issues that arose every time they fixed one and they want me to keep submitting the device again and again. This has been happening since the very next day after the purchase of Nokia N8 and till date that is 28th March 2012, nothing good has been done so far by Nokia other than sending my N8 to different service centers and changing different parts inside the phone that made some other sections to not work and now turning out to be a complete waste and now good enough to put into Nokia trashcans for recycling. Since the service center people handled my phone with complete carelessness and now it looks like a cheap china low quality phone. Now when I call up Nokia for fixing it they either hang up the call or put me on wait or put me through different IVR and at last told me to file a complaint since they are not willing to fix my phone.
Now what I understand from all this is that Nokia Service is just a group of waste people who are well equipped to talk to customers to sell their 2 Year extended warranty and when the customers call for warranty repair, either hang up the call or say some junk, like "that particular part is not covered under warranty" and if the customer not getting convinced by that, then they ask you to submit your phone at any authorized Nokia Care centre for repair and once the customer falls into this trap of repair then you can actually know that the death of your phone has started since you have given it to the slaughter house. Once you submit your phone, Nokia will provide you will a Service Job Sheet with lots of terms and conditions on it and then ask the customer to sign on it as an agreement. After few weeks in case if we get the phone back they will take back this job sheet and ask you to sign on some other papers. This is a signed slip that you are sending back to Nokia stating that the repair was done successfully, this happens even before you get to check your phone. After this when you actually get your phone, it is quite natural that you may wonder if this was how your phone looked when you submitted it. And when you ask the care agent about the outside damage done on the phone, they say that this might have happened form your hand or at the time of service anyway your phone is working fine now and this is not something that is covered under warranty and say a cold sorry and send you back home. In case you are alert and get angry at their response then they ask you to submit your phone again and this happens on and on. But they never fix anything they just create more and more issues and at last tell the customer that the phone he has is good for nothing and ask them to purchase their new range of phones like the Lumina.

Now this is my concern. I bought New Nokia N8 with 2 Year extended warranty. The service center people spoiled the phone and turned it to a complete trash after its 5th service. Now I can’t even use my phone due to the damage done on it and because of the cheap look of the phone. Now when I ask them for repair, they tell me that I have to submit it again and if not they deny any repair for my N8.My Nokia N8 has not even passed its first year of its service life. So my question to Nokia is what you guys have been doing to my phone the all 7 times that I submitted the phone. You never fixed anything other than making more and more problems on the phone. Now since I am the customer who paid that Rs 23, 824 for that phone and warranty. If you can’t fix my phone during the warranty period, why did I pay you guys for this waste? I any way don’t need this waste in this condition. I need you guys to fix it as it was when I submitted it to you.

Different event that I had to submit my phone and wait and wait along with date:-
April 2011

I purchased this device being a fan of Nokia and love for the specification of the Nokia N8 and had used a lot of Nokia devices in the past and still have the older version of it the Nokia N82 which is still functioning good better than Nokia N8.
This Nokia N8 was a very good device when I got it, looked good and great camera. I loved the device. But then I tried some functions on the phone and came to know that the phone is a complete mess and lots of trouble.
1. The phone cannot stay connected to the internet via Bluetooth to give internet to my Computer. It connects to the internet for a while say 2 to 5 minutes after which the phone gets hung and restarts or freezes and I had to restart the phone to connect again and again the same issue. Sometimes it doesn’t restart instead it shows it is connected to both PC and on phone and I am not able to go online. So tried switching to 3g services with AirTel still the same issue and tried to change ISP like Docomo and Bsnl as per the troubleshooting provided by Nokia care and Help line.
2. Sometimes my phone forgets that it is on a network and tells my friends who try to call me that my phone is either switched off or out of coverage when I am right under the Airtel Tower when I come to know this and look at my phone it shows that it has full coverage and then it doesn’t let me to dial outbound or receive any call but at the same time I can connect to the internet. But to let the phone come back live I must restart it or it will never come back. So in day I have to restart the phone at least once to check if the phone is online or rejecting calls. This is very frustrating since a phone that costs that much is never supposed to fall under this category. I am sure that a china phone that costs Rs 500 will be able to function better.
3. When I am watching a movie or going through some songs, the phone restarts by itself and comes right back. This is very irritating when I am composing an email since all that I typed is lost. I sometimes feel like throwing the device but hold my calm thinking that the issue will be fixed by September when the Anna Update will happen.

I noticed all these problems in the month of April itself so walked to the Nokia care Silk Tele services Bangalore Marathahalli and informed them about the issues they asked me to format the phone and the memory and then try since they were sure it was just a software issue. I informed them that I was a software Engineer and had tried all the steps that clicked in my mind regarding the software issues. So they said that they will have to open the device to check for fault. I said that my device is not even a month old and I will not give it to them for opening it since I was sure that once the device is open it will never give me the same performance. So I said that I needed a replacement since the phone had some hardware damage and the phone was not even a month old. So to send me away they told me to wait until the Anna Software Update in the month of September. So since I didn’t get any fix from them I called up the Nokia Care Help line number: 30303838 and told them about the issue, they walked me through a hell lot of troubleshooting for 40 minutes and I had to pay for the call and the number said that it was a toll free number but those fix they said erased my data on phone but nothing really helped and called them again and another 30 minutes to tell them what happened on the last call and again into some other troubleshooting that never had an end. I felt pity on the technicians that tried to helped me he was not understanding I am a better troubleshooter than him and I am calling him since I was sure that it was a hardware fault which I cannot fix myself I didn’t want to sue him for the useless troubleshooting that he did, so planned to wait till the month of September since speaking to these guys were of no use and waste of time for me and them.

September 2011

I got the Anna Update and I formatted the device and including my memory card and built in memory. Started the all new way and was shocked to see that the phone was performing the same manner except that the look of the application and the camera. I did not put any of my data on the phone and walked to the Nokia care Silk Tele services Bangalore Marathahalli and told them that the Anna Update did not fix my issue. So they said that it could be again some software issue and said that they will need to open the handset otherwise. Didn’t know what to tell the customer care lady at desk asked for some manager. So asked me to wait and waited for hours and got a manager by the name Kumar his cell phone number is: [protected] and I told him my complete issue he had also the same thing to say, to open my handset. So I told them that I will only give my handset on one condition. And my condition was, open the handset only if it is required and I wanted the handset without any scratches on it the same way it was. Since I carried it in a pouch the time since I took it out of the box and had protective cover on display as well worth Rs1000. Instead of me pleading them to not open the handset and to have no scratches on it, they said that they even do it for new handsets that not even a day old to check for hardware damage. So they smiled and said that I can surely get it back the way it is.
But after hours I got the handset back after almost wasting one whole day there. Then I almost cried to see my handset in a very bad condition with lots of visible scratches and the plastic case pulled out and bent and with engravings of the force applied and on top of that, they told me that my phone didn’t have any hardware defect. I spoke the manager Kumar about the broken promise and the damage done on my handset he said it was a part of the service and that is not a problem, I told him that this was a very poor service done on the handset and want the body and the display case of my handset back with a new one. He said he can do nothing about it and I informed him that I would complain about the issue and he walked off saying that I can go ahead and complain and he can do nothing about it. I almost cried that day for giving my handset for its destruction and for its slaughter.
As a last resort I called up Nokia Help line on 30303838. Told them about the issue and the present status of the phone and the problem still persists so they asked me to submit the phone to Silk Tele Services to send to Nokia. So I submitted the phone to Silk Tele services again on 7th and since did not hear anything from them after the due date that is 15th called them up and they said it was under quality control check and told me to collect it at Silk Tele services on 17th September 2011.Got the handset and found that the problems that I told still remains and on top of it they presented me with scratches on display and paint on the removed at parts that were very much visible. Showed manager Kumar the condition of the phone now and told that it is getting worse now he looked at it and said that Nokia guys just changed the top plastic cover and the IMEI number that was on the plastic cover was also scratched out. It looks now like a handset that is handled very roughly and parts inside it jerking. I thought of walking to Police station for the damage but did not know Telengu to speak to them.
So since I am out of hope and will have to buy a new some other handset anyway not a Nokia Brand any more. Walked into a local place shop to sell away the Nokia N8 for at least Rs15, 000 the shopkeeper had a look at the handset and told me that I will not even get Rs5, 000 for the device since it is open several times, I told him that it is still under warranty till[protected] and I told him that if he wanted I will even pay Rs 1, 412 to increase the warranty of the handset to[protected]. He is still not willing to accept the device even after telling him that I will buy another Samsung Handset from him worth Rs 29, 999.He told me son I understand the problem and I cannot take it for that price since nobody will buy a spoilt handset that is in this condition and the one without the IMEI label. Even I felt so and that is the reason why I am writing to you. Please help me get justice for this. At least for the tax I pay and the rights of a customer. Question why Nokia is turning out to be selling fake products with no quality at all and poor service centers that spoil the handset and change it from good to worse.
Ban Defective brand like Nokia N8 to Sell in India. Why make a fool of Indians by selling toys to them that is not capable of lasting even the Manufacture period. For people who are reading this please don’t buy expensive Nokia devices as you will have the same end and experience. Nokia was once good but no more. My old Nokia N82 is 100 times better than Nokia N8-00.Felt like having bought an Expensive snake that bites me and kills me. Bye Nokia forever.

If Nokia had been true then they should have mentioned that their Nokia N8 device should at least be restarted 10 times daily for proper functioning alongside its specification. If you want to see some criticism regarding latest Nokia devices please do visit then you will understand that Nokia is still in dark age.Nokia is sleeping when all the other brands are introducing Killer gadgets to the market Nokia is still sleeping. Sorry I am no longer a fan.

24th September 2011

I at last planned to submit the handset to the Nokia Care for the 3rd and the last time since they insisted on submitting the handset to fix it.
So what I did was before I held over the handset to the Nokia Care demonstrated the issues with the handset to the Manager at Nokia Care at Marathahalli, Silk Tele services.
I had demonstrated:
1. Bluetooth Connectivity issues that disconnects itself after 2 to 3 minutes of its use and the frequent restart of the phone.
2.The damage on the handset when they took it from me for the past two repairs that indirectly spoilt it. Showed him the scratched out IMEI Label on the phone that clearly indicates that a repair was carried on the phone.
3. I was not able to demonstrate the loss of network since it doesn’t happen often and if he insisted I will have brought the handset to him some other day when it actually happened.
I want all these issues fixed on the handset only then I will accept the handset since the above mentioned 1st and 3rd issues was there on the phone from the time since I got the handset and seems to be like a manufacturing defect for the Nokia N8.
But the 2nd was generated by the Nokia Care agent due to their careless handling of the handset and useless service carried on the handset without trying to identify the fault in the handset or the model.

October 2011

Nokia provided me a refurbished used Nokia N8 since the original one that I purchased had proved defective and cannot be repaired. So they gave my phone to someone else and gave me a swapped handset that was not very good but ok. The paint, IMEI number and the screen was ok. So since I didn’t have any more time to waste with Nokia and since this device was ok I accepted the device from the Nokia Care Silk Tele services.
Before leaving the care center itself I had noticed a glitch on the Hardware camera button, it shoots the photos sometimes but not always. I showed Kumar the Manager there this concern. He said it was fine and after few clicks it will turn out right. So I thought it was ok since I had alternative ways of shooting a photo with the phone.
The IMEI Number of the Swapped phone is: [protected]

March 2012

On 2nd of March 2012 Nokia released an update called Belle. I did this update on the phone and ever since then the camera button stopped functioning. The phone looked the same way it was given to me by Nokia Care Silk Tele services. But just that the camera button would not click or function. So I planned to submit the phone again for repair since the button was frustrating me. This time I was well aware of the previous situations that Nokia put me through. So I planned to inform the Care center people that I needed just the button issue fixed and the phone back as it is please.

On March 5th 2012

Nokia Care Calicut
5/3472B, Merry Land Square
Thiruthiyad Road
Opp.Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut-4
Mob: [protected]
PH: [protected]

I submitted the device at a Nokia Care Centre at Calicut and they told me the story of opening the handset to fix it. I related my previous experiences and asked them to please ship the phone to Nokia with their service request numbers: 1-[protected] and 1-[protected] asking them to please take ample care of the handset and I just wanted the camera Shutter button fixed.

March 15th 2012

I got back the repaired handset and was shocked to see the same thing happen again. The button was fixed but the case, the top and bottom case and the screen were once again back to their old conditions and in addition to that I noticed that there was dust inside the camera lens that sometimes made the shutter to stay still even after closing the camera application. I gave not satisfied feedback to the service center for destroying the handset again.
I asked if they could fix it. They say that this is how they got it from Nokia.Since the phone looked so bad I wanted to check out if all the functions on the phone were functional so I took the phone home. Later in the home I noticed 2 main features of a phone are not properly functional.
1. The phone has lost its ability to vibrate since the vibrator has stopped functioning and so I called up Nokia Care Help line number: 30303838 to check for troubleshooting. He as I thought walked me on troubleshooting for about half an hour and found the handset having some trouble to communicate with the vibrator. He informed me to take the phone to Nokia care; I told him that the phone was not having this problem before taking it to Nokia Care. He said he shall escalate the case and have someone call me. That someone he mentioned kept giving me missed calls once every day before even I could pick up the call he would disconnect the call. One day I was fortunate to take her call and she again asked me to take the phone to Nokia Care. I told them that, they were the ones who spoilt the device. What she had to say was rude "Submit the handset then I can take up a complaint and if possible we can fix it for you”. I said I need a standby Nokia N8 during the service period. She said that "if you want to get your phone fixed go ahead and submit it or else go buy a new phone and asked me to complain if I wished".
2. The phone lost its ability to catch range, it loses range very often and I have to keep it outside to get range and it heats up very fast. It sometimes gets too hot that I can cook on it. It never had these issues before.
I am not planning to put myself at risk. Once Nokia gives me a possible solution to work out this situation, I don’t plan to give them this handset again to damage it more. Either they must give me in writing that they will not spoil it more and fix it or that they will give me a working standby N8.So that just in case if they spoil it more I can keep the standby at least.

I need a fix for this once and for all. Sending back and forth is not working for me and it’s just waste of time.
I had spent lot of time writing this to let the readers know what kind of service is Nokia providing now. Open your eyes and say bye to Nokia. I am saying a big bye to Nokia.
They will never fix it so ask your money back.They will destroy it more if you submit it any care center.

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