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[Resolved]  O2 Surprises — My balance was taken by o2 surprises

Dear o2, i topped up £15 today to recieve my free calls and texts to any o2 mobile and recieved my o2 surprise code as always. I went on the o2 surprises website and entered the code. i won free o2 minutes and when i collected them i recieved a text telling me that my o2 minutes will expire in 2 days. My £15 balance was also taken for no reason because of your o2 surprises. I would appreciate if you could tell me how to get my £15 balance back. My number is [protected]. My o2 surprise code was TPW9TQ. Thank you. Paul.
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Aug 14, 2020
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i finaly won a surprise i wanted to collect (buy one meal get one free) the site wouldnt let me collect it and when i complained i was informed i hadnt won that i had won free voicemail its a complete con and 02 should be ashamed. i for one will look for a new phone company because of this.
i topped up several times and claimed all my suprise codes in august. I recieved many awards includeing 2 for 1 dinner 2 for 1 bowling 2 for 1 cinema and the usual mins and texts. I never recieved these suprises so i rang 02 and 02 suprises and i was told i would recieve them through email. This was over a week ago and i still avent recieved or heard anything!!!
well i put my code in and won a tv and went to collect button and pressed it and next it said server was down yet i played then and tried again and did same so rang o2 cust services and they said some one will call me back and never did so called again and they said again some one will call me back and again they dident instead they resent my code and i only got a fre meal at a reseraunt bloody cheek and a rip off as all the pay and go free txts and mins are deducted at same time as the ones u already ave won how can they justify it... will call oftell se if they help as more people ring them o2 will sit up and may listen
I played the 02 surprises game which entailed playing fishing for the ducks. I was told that I had won 2 tickets for the price of 1 to dine! On the 19th August I received a text message from 02 that I will find it in my inbox soon. I have not yet received any surprise.

I would be most grateful if this matter could be resolved.
I too have had problems.
I won 50 free digital prints on a gold surprise. i put my email address in and it said i should recieve to my inbox in 24hours. 4 days later, nothing so i emailed O2 they sent me a text saying it had been resent...2days later still nothing. I have not got any filters or blocks on my email. Called them today and the woman said all she can do it resend the email. i asked for the address they send from to make sure it was in my 'safe senders' but she couldnt give it.
got a text saying it was sent again...nothing still so far!
Looking over the net it seems a common thing an o2 are not helpful. BIG CON and something really should be done.
yes im still waiting for my free dvd rentals 02 is useless, i will be changing my supplier
Where is my tenner i apparently won?? do i get it through email or what?? They've got my no. and my email address and still no reply. To be honest i don't really give a '#ck about the money, but i don't like being tricked and lied to, which seems to be a very regular occurance these days. Everyone skanking everyone. Can't trust no one these days which is sad because we will all lose out. Shame on all the greedy c'#ts ruining it for everyone else. You know who you are.
ive just played the game and won free blockbusters rental and £10 voucher where is it ?
played o2 surprises -said i won month free with blockbuster plus ten pound text 2day from o2 to say it was sent to my email at 4.4Opm. checked email at 11.2O PM NOTHING! whats o2 playing at? frank
i got my code and it want let me enter the code or my phone number it wont let me as i have trie4d since tuesday and still wont let me do mit
something should be done with o2 it realy stinks
i keep tryin to get my 02 treats and it tells me to press one to hear more so i do then it gives me informtation then it says to choose your treat press star and when i press star it says bye for now
whats going on?
won again on 02 suprises and guess what i won ??? free texts again !!!
but when i top up i already get 300 free texts ta for nowt !!!
and when my husband gets his o2 suprise he gets free talk time !!!
and when he tops up he already gets the free minutes
I have never had a problem with the surprises an i'm greatful there there, you don't have to play them.
And you get a choice of three things too choose from so you must have clicked free mins and texts.
maybe they've been having faults with the system? ive won the blockbuster free rentals and a tenner, got it no problem. im sure they're not conning you, i mean the biggest mobile network company in the uk wouldnt attempt to pull that one over..i mean come on!!
i won the free unlimited blockbuster dvd rentals i did recieve the code only when i went on my email to print the voucher off like 02 tells you too, what they dont tell you is they redirect you to the blockbuster site then have to give them all of your personal details ( ie. name, address, mobile no, phone no, and the best your bank details, because actually you are signing up for a retal subscription at £14.99 per month and your getting first month free, its a total scam, you cant just print off the voucher 02 are meant to send you and then go to blockbuster and use it, you have to give away all your details and sign up for something you dont... what a scam, when i renew my phone i will renew the phone company too
Come on O2... The next step is Watchdog on the BBC to see if that will make you get this fixed! As for the prizes... Why is a free month at Blockbuster a Prize, when you have to give all your personal details to a third party company, who none o[censored]s would have any intention of having anything to do with in the first place. Should a PRIZE not be just that?? A PRIZE with no catches??? Don't con the public O2... You're getting a bad name and winding the public up the wrong way! In this world of RIP-OFF CONS, please don't become part of that!! Sort this QUICKLY... If Not, no doubt we will see you on Watchdog SOON for some BAD PRESS!!
hi, i topped up and was awarded 02 surprises i put in my telephone no and my code i did this 3 times and it kept coming up error.

i won the blockbuster deal and i am not happy at one of many i see who are not happy with this and how is this a prize i[censored] have tp pay £14.99 a month
Getting a tad p****d off getting free taxts as prizes when i already get free texts topping up

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