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 Friends of All on Oct 23, 2011
I have purchased OK PLAY material from one of its distributor M/s. Dhanesh Agencies, Ahmedabad.

The Material they supplied was defective.

Even after bringing this to their knowledge, they were quite unhelpful and unresponsive.

Here is the story.

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Letter 1, Dt. 22-09-2011
Dhanesh Agencies,

Dear Mr. Mittal

Containers of both the units of CLICS, namely, SKU 750 and SKU 400 are damaged-lids
kind of eaten away.

After seeing them,I could hardly believe that you could simply pass on those containers as O.K. and press upon my collegue to pick them up for delivery.


The containers are to hold small pieces of CLICS for life. If they are broken or damaged,
the whole item becomes useless.

Nobody buys or pays for something which is not as is promised ,or shown ,
to be delivered.

Atleast my conscience or ethics will scarcly permit me to supply goods which are not
hundred percent defect free.

You should have shown the material to my collegue before packing or should have informed
on your own about defects before we could find it out.

The first casualty in such cases is that of faith and trust on which all relations are based-either personal or business.

Anyway I will wait for fresh units of both items to arrive from your side.

Till then






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Letter 2, Dt. 04-10-2011

Mr. S. P. Mittal
Dhanesh Agencies

Subject : Betrayal of trust. Supply of shoddy products.

Dear Mr. Mittal,

We hardly expected that making a purchase of goods namely CLIC, a product of OK PLAY, would turn out to be an unpleasant and troublesome experience.

First time, on 21-09-2011, when you supplied SKU-400 and SKU-750 units of CLICS, containers of both items were found to be defective. We collected them on assurance from you that both containers will be replaced. At that time, we hadn’t checked the content inside as you had requested not to open the plastic bags which contained the material.

With couple of reminders and waiting of 12 days we finally got the replacement of containers. You personally came to hand them over. We received them in good faith believing that they were in order.

This morning, upon closer examination, we discovered to our utter disappointment and dismay that the container of SKU-750 is broken and have cracks at the bottom around one of the wheels.

When you look at it thoroughly, it becomes clear that it is not a fresh piece but may have been left in open and had marks of wear and tear on it.

So far as pieces of CLICS are concerned I have some startling discoveries.

Black colored CLICS are all dusty and appears to be exposed to environment and quite worn out.
Green CLICS are of two shades – Light and dark.
Only the one with darker shade of green have mark of OK PLAY. The rest don’t. That clearly tells the story.

We do not know whether you as a distributor, or, OK PLAY as a company, care for your reputation. At least, this experience of ours doesn’t say that you do.

Why a customer or purchaser is taken so lightly and can be taken for a ride? I do not know. You can probably know and explain.

No company or brand has survived or thrived if they do not value the importance of customers and do not care about the quality and servicing of their product.

We are returning a blue container of SKU-750 to you. We request that a fresh and proper piece is supplied to us well in time.

We also request you to supply us green CLICS of lighter shade so that there is uniformity in the product.

We also want you to replace chimneys and rotators of black color of both the units as they are clearly worn out and dusty.

This is the least we expect for all the trouble that we have gone through.

We have wasted considerable amount of time on this purchase which one would think should have been an innocuous affair. We hope that this matter is addressed with utmost urgency and due diligence.

We also expect you to keep us up to date on the process of replacement. We also wish that resolution of this issue will not take too long. In the world of internet and light speed we hope that it will not take more than one week.

We sincerely hope that we shall not be compelled to bring this matter to other appropriate forum which concerns consumers and their interests.

With regards,

Prem Kumar
Friends of All
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Letter 3, Dt. 05-10-2011

Mr. S. P. Mittal
Dhanesh Agencies

Subject : More on defective CLICS.

Dear Mr. Mittal,

I have seen your e-mail and a kind of response from OK PLAY.

Why don’t you send a professional photographer or a videographer to take pictures of the questionable products which has been supplied to us?

We didn’t buy this product probably to write a thesis on it. This is precisely what is happening.

I have to go through the pain of checking 750 + 400 = 1150 individual pieces to make all the discoveries of how carelessly and without checking the quality, all pieces were put together in a plastic bag and just sealed. And were sent in containers which were broken or damaged.

How much can you stand the quality of the product? Just look at the pictures of those containers which were supplied to us in the first place on 21-09-2011.

Ask anyone on earth what is the worth of those containers? Probably they should have gone for recycling. But before doing that they were dumped on us – on a full international price.

If that wasn’t enough, the second time what you brought to us, one of the containers namely of SKU-750 unit was worse than the previous one.

If still OK PLAY factory people say this could not happen, it only means that somebody is not doing his job properly.

And story did not end here. Once we opened the box and looked at pieces of CLICS, there were more discoveries to be made.

Some pieces are old and worn out and green pieces are of two different shades.

Even the quality of pieces which have OK PLAY mark on the back is quite different from the one without.

Anyone having a little knowledge of plastics will tell you the difference. Residue of plastic after moulding are still left there to remind you of how much care was taken to finally finish the product.

We thought that we would be able to bring some fun and cheer to the children we work with, when we decided to buy this product.

Instead, it has turned into an exercise of forensic examination of CLICS, that too without any gain and with considerable amount of loss of time.

I wish that some time, those sitting in high offices who take all decisions, will come out of their closet and go to the field. They will meet and listen to customers and visit floor of action to see for themselves, what is really happening.

Before I conclude I wish to say that a customer gets no fun in raising an issue which doesn’t exist.

Incidentally, I have been to the country and I still have some association from where this product CLIC has originated.

At least I know that they would hardly question the customer on such matter and would quietly take back the product and change it with due apologies and offer adequate compensation for the inconvenience caused to the customer and will deeply appreciate the customer for highlighting such short comings in the product to their attention.

That is Belgium.

Strangely product did travel from Belgium to India but ideas and practices of “customer satisfaction being the primary goal” remains stranded and stuck at the airport of Brussels itself.

And here I am stuck with your product which has failed to CLIC my imagination.

I have taken pictures to tell my story. If you still think what you have supplied is OK, then only god can save OK PLAY.

With regards,

Prem Kumar
Friends of All
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I also purchased super slide. senior 1210 from Bharat sports & Toys Centre 28, old market, Tilak Nager New Delhi110018 with in 3 month slide got cracked.Complain was lodged through dealer but no action taken for replace the defective product even after 1 month. Seems company in not keen for the reputation of the company and supplying sub standard products.


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