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 Ahmed Muhamad Ali Desouki
Dear Sir : I was decieved, they stolen my money, they sent me an email that I have certified cheque and certificate and if I transfere 664 English pounds, they will send my parcel, and I did transfere to a person called : Nigel V. Stuart (his address:Mr. Nigel V. Stuart
Address:Units 7 & 8 New Pudsey Square
Bradford Road Stanningley
Leeds LS28 6PX
the man who sent me the email is called
James Smith his informations :Mr James Smith
Tel: +44 703 198 3686
the email that he sent to me :
Mode Of Payment For Order No: BA231282‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏&r...
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe

Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 8:43:07 PM
One World Express Couriers
Units 7 & 8 New Pudsey Square
Bradford Road Stanningley
Leeds LS28 6PX

Your Reg. Order No: BA231282‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏&r...
VAT no: 607 0635 61

ATTENTION: Ahmed Muhamad Ali Desouki,
The International money transfer company, Western Union Money Transfer have been choosen as method of payments for customers, you are to make payment through any regional office close to you. This payment method was adopted to ameliorate and speed up the process of payment and delivery because of its wide network of operation. Important Note: That your courier charges cannot be deducted from your Winnings due to Article 1186 section 45 subsection 2.3 of Constitution of the United Kingdom as relates to Financial and freight matters, which are duly codified in the United Kingdom law. Please respond to this email by making a selection from the options above. Below is the payment instruction.

You are to effect the payment through Western Union Money Transfer to the company account clerk whose details are below.

Account clerk

Name: Mr.Cool Mark

Address:Units 7 & 8 New Pudsey Square
Bradford Road Stanningley
Leeds LS28 6PX

Please note that after confirming your payment, we will commence the dispatch of your winning parcel and not Cash on delivery.

After you have made your payments, forward all payment information's to us for confirmation and you must provide the following information's below:

1.Sender's Name:
2.Place of Send:
4.Amount Sent:

Details of your payment slip should be scanned and sent via email attachment to this email address for confirmation

Also be reminded that the deadline for the claiming of winnings is exactly one weeks after the receipt of the first notification from the Lottery Board. After this period, your cash prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by you and will be reused in the drawings of the next edition of the lottery. Good luck and Congratulations once again.

Please send your response to this same email address.

Thanks for your understanding, We are glad to be of service to you.
Best regards,
Mr James Smith
Tel: +44 703 198 3686

that was the email so sad over here, please Dear Sir advise me to do anything against them to get my money back
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I'm also a victim, but I do not sent any Money to them because my mind suspect them.They say I should contact Mr. Henry Peterson(dispatch officer)
with Tel. No. [protected].
Please if these people a cheating others, try to stop them thanks.
i totally agree... they have sent a mail to me too.. plz take action against them
i too have recieved an email sayin i won 500, 000 gbp. they keep hounding me to sendin money for the shipping fee. then i researched this one world courier to find they are trying to scam everybody. its just a new scam to get naive people to send money. this is , someone needs to do something about this. but then again nobodys gonna do as long as the man gets his pockets filled.
I to was sent a email from a saying i have won 500, 00, 000 from microsoft, i then received a email from one world post saying i had to pay alot of money to get my winnings.
This is very disheartening when you are struggling in lifes struggles with money and as i've been left to raise my 2 grand children on my own, and it it's very hard to make ends meet, and i get this email saying that i have won that kind of money from microsoft a reptable company, i was overjoyed that finally life was going to be kind to myself and my family and that i would now be able to give my grand children a home to live in that they could say was there own, but sadly no it was a scam
nothing but scam.
I have recieved email from this so called company since october 08, I finally replied and just like the rest of you have figured out it's a scam, some one does need to step in and stop it as for it's very saddening to most of us working folks.
i too got this mail and was thrilled but when they ask for money.I felt something fishy. Why will a co. issuing 5 lakh pound ask its winner to pay to get the cheque. BULL . total KRAP. do not think of gettin into it.
Can anyone let me know...its this all i recieved the same mail
I have had a similar email saying i have received a considerable amount of money though the msn/yahoo lottery and that one worlds couier will be delivering the certified cheque - I do not know how much they were asking me to pay for delivery as my baby deleted the message - which was in my spam box before getting to read the full email. However, why should i be paying for a delivery which is supposed to be uk to uk ( as i work in the freight forwarder industry - i can't see why they are using such a company and asking for this amount of money ), if i have won something than delivery should be paid by them.!!!???? Obviously this is a scam and should be reported!!!
i too received the same bull ????i feel really pity for Mr.Ahamed but i should say the fault was from his side.There are cheaters and poachers every where in the world!!!its our duty to be careful..from here on we could pass on this msg to our frnds so that further no more are victimised!!!
dearsir ------ihas recieved your message and iam glad to reply for you
i'm a victim too.but today they have just send a email to me.and i think maybe this is a i don't send money to them...zz...
i'm a victim too.yesterday i to received the small bull . i was really happy to get lottery but, they started asking me to pay for delivary . then i came to know it is new scam, some one does need to step in and stop it as for it's very saddening to most of us working folks.
hi, i'm also a victim..i just received that e-mail from the cheaters on the last week (early june 09)..i felt so happy but today when i received the courier service e-mail asked me to pay a such big amount to get a cheque, i felt something fishy..why should the winner pay for that?????? think about that and please don't easily trust for any e-mail that appoint us a winner without any competition from ourselves.
hi, i'm also received that e-mail issaying you have won 500000 gbp & saying ur certificate & cheque sent by one world express courier. but after i received a mail from courier saying you have to pay courier cost to deliver to me. belive me whem i received the 1st mail i was very happy b'cas it's saying Microsoft Award Team. but after the 2nd mail i was doubt b'cas why courier company asking me to pay which Microsoft should pay. And the amount they are asking to pay is not small amount it is very big amount. Really this very & some one needs to take action on this...
I Am Also Suspicious About This Transaction. Unless I Get Clear Image I Will Not Transfer Money To Courier Poeple Ie. One World Express Courier Company.
Help Me In Getting Clear Picture About This Prized Lotterry.
I to received the same email, I also do agree, its mere scam they are askong 1500 pounds for bank commission and 750 pounds for delivery charges. i think its completely a fraud
I am sorry for what I wrote they have sent me my prize and I am very happy I am very sorry for what I did to One World Courier please you people should patronize them and follow thier instructions so that they can be of good service to you.

I was just stupid and I pray the management of this great company forgive's me.

I Thank You For Accepting My Comment

Ahmed Sugar

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