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 lauryboy on Mar 12, 2012
I came accross this website advertising a work from home option for a website called Online Income Solution. This seems to be a scam. Check the comments before the screenshot of the cheque.The person asking the question is Murali and the person "Taj" responds "Hey DAN, the answer is No"! And the next person(Sahir) responding to "Taj" says 'Holy cow "Dennis"!'
It clearly seems that the company has just replaced foreign names with Indian names to trick people into signing up with them. Please be warned before registering with this company.

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Online Earnings — Online Earnings

I'm tired of all online earning fake promises. Can anyone suggest me a genuine one please........

Pro Earn — Pro Earn - Big Fraud Hosting Company

The Conatct Person : Sudeep Bhattacharya from Calcutta
Big Fraud Person , the e-mail id used by them -

Mobile No. [protected], [protected] both number used by him for business purpose mostly

1. i have paid $79 for hosting for 1 year
2. Most of the Time Server was down
3. Server was down after 6 months
4. He have 2 number which he never picked, sometime his wife picks and give reasons he is not here or outside, if he pick by mistake he cut off the phone
5. Nor he refund the money nor he give the service to the clients all suffer very badly.

Hi Readers,

I purchased a resellers hosting pack from a Kolkata (India) based company whose servers were located in USA. The fraud company told me lot of good words regarding themselves. I was moved by them and purchased a linux resellers and a windows resellers pack worth $79 and $60 respectively. The company is closed from three months. They are not even communicating. They are saying on their website, 'The company is overtaken by Star Info Cyber Services', though I haven't found any company with this name. If there is anyone else who was fooled by the same company please let me know. We need to get United to stand against the scam.

Company info: Proearn Solutions (The Fraud Company)
The Contact Persons : Sandeep Bhattacharya and Jacob
I also got cheated by this devil.
He was chatting with me about 6 months.
Today on Feb 2 2010 9.40 PM IST I have found is active.
I am from India. My Name is Muhammadali
I have deposited about INR 11000 ($250) for unlimted hosting ... It was life time plan.. The server was not purely up. After two months it completely went down. I got the same message you also got. I would like put a complaint in India Cyber Cell against this. If you cooperate with all of his victims together put a complaint
You can contact me on this number [protected]

Income — is it really works!!

Dear wellwisherd,

I would like to check wether the below link is really works, i mean is it worth sign up there. they says its free.

kindly post your reply after go thru it.

complaints india — misleading website

The consumer complaints
As u r running a website name consumer complaints u r doing a good thing but as some persons r using u r web as a tool to mislead the mass and some reputed company because if u publish a complients in a public web site and it effects some body in personel or in his business life by a foul complaints by any body .because how can u publish such complaints without any facts finding by u r self as any body just type any thing about any company how can u publish such things when the person who is sending these complaints can not have a proof or how can u say the complaints r 100 % rights .this is against publish any thing in public web site without a legel proof.and even if a company reply’s the reason u should remove the complaints from u r website.even y u r publishing this things without giving u r admin office number and address so if some one find some thing wrong they can file a case against the courts of india.
Do print u r address in your web site and owners name then you wel see what can mass and companies do if they find a fake complaints.
Hope you will inform us about this.
It is totally fraud.They created different website for different and
open these websites and the whole picture will be cleared. In the cheque screenshot, these assholes shows a same cheque with different people names. in the Indian site, this cheque is assigned to Krishna Karpal and in Canadian site, this chaeque(same cheque number, bank, serial no etc) is assigned to Melissa Johnson.
After seeing this, you can only say "W T F"
yes it is fraud
This is what ankur said...he is right

I agree, this is a big fraud and if you noticed that you go to any link of that site, it opens upto a sign up page only.

I tried calling there c/care no. but it is invalid. what all anyone would require to know that this is fraud.

If this is Really a fake company trying to get people into this, then why is it been advertised on all popular possible networking and social sites.. there should be some action taken towards this.. to be honest i have also gone through the same site and i do agree with the above mentioned as it is true.. that is what made me look up for possible complaints registered and the result was and this is the only website the carries negatives about the company which seems to be prominent.. but why there isn't any action taken towards such act... In fact i feel its been encouraged...

I completely agree to this, this is really fake and people should not fall pray to this site.
I also agree wid all of above and specially with ankur...n thanks to all commenters so that i was aware off the truth...n requested to the others before believing this type of site firstly go thru Google to know the truth...
i also agree, as they have not mentioned any e.mail, phone no or address in their link

very smart crooks
Seriously, I also came accross the advertisement and got excited. But I was curious and searched through google for the same and discovered All the facts mentioned here are true, its fake.
Friends please beware of these misleading advertisements. if you dont wanna go bankrupt, do proper investigation and then dare to start.

For reference, you can also check the below website :
Thank you all... I was about to sign up for this one. Thought of doing a search as I have seen many such websites (the format, the way they market etc...). Thank God, I am here. The crooks need to be put behind the bars.
Why cant our police or goverment offical or any board take care of such act?????
Hello All,

I saw this advertisement, and got excited. I thought it would be a great idea if we start making money through online as we professional always have to.
I registered in their website and signing up there, and then a thought come to my mind that just look into the google little about krishna Karpal before signing up, and from there i got consumer complaints blog. And after reading blog, I got shocked and really happy also, that I did not signed there. All this is fake, I came to know from here only. Thanks guys n girls for posting ur comments. There are hell lot of scams here, people who are surfing internet regularly are getting hunted coz of all these scams.

Beware guys n stay away from all these scams.
i have added a big comment of my opinion and suggestion on the following post or article of the same thing.
Lets see they approve it for display or not.


My comment is

****i guess all above comments are faked to make this thing work.
Instead of asking for payment of $25, why don't you make registrations free of cost and when a person earn any amount ( say $200) you can deduct or charge your fee from that.

or you can have dual payment systems
pay during registration $25

pay after earning $ could be more than above.

But you people always charge before.
I m sure these things doesn't work.

This was my opinion and suggestion.***
Please read below link :

Pls. Read below linnk also

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