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[Resolved]  Orange Properties — FRAUD

I would want to alert everyone who is gullible with the new advt campaign on orange properties.Please verify.These cheaters dont even have a mason/carpenter on thier rolls.And they claim to sell villas. I was an unfortunate customer of thier Granity venture and these people have not yet refunded the money collected the same way few months ago.This is a huge scam and the promoters are going to vanish with all the money.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Aman here again, after lot of halla gulla and while matter was nearly reaching to ulsoor police station, these guys overnight delivered the "boxes" on thurssday evening and their jackass bosses "Binoy", "Shaji Thomas" and "Suman Nambiar" and shameless executives "Bhavya", "Geetha", "Annu" kept saying different things.

Now after 5 days, nobody has come for fitting those, and i dont even know the content of these boxes. These guys can be such frauds and cheats, i could never imagine.

If any of you looking to lodge group complaint under section 420 and 424 and Ulsoor Police Station, please get in touch with me at [protected]
I hope this is w.r.t the orange woods deal. I am also one of those who booked and yet to get the furnitures.
I too booked furniture with OragneWoods. Did any one got the delivery??? Or is it merely a fraud?? Even this Sunday they gave an ad. In Times of India.
I was delivered the sofa.. but the rest of the items have not yet been delivered. Everytime we call they postpone the delivery date by a week. I had upgraded my dining set while placing the order. So now its not the question of loosing the freebees as i paid extra amount.
Hey! I've been promised, yet again, that my furniture will be delivered tomorrow. Not all my furniture though...just the king-size cot and TV unit...been told sofa and dining table will take 5 more days (considering their "two days" is the equivalent of month, I shudder to think what "5 days" will translate into!).

I'm confused as to whether to just get my money out and be rid of Orange Woods, or in the remote event of the cot and tv unit being delivered tomorrow, accept them and wait indefinitely. Because if I do accept part of the furniture tomorrow, I will not be able to ask them for a refund for the rest of the furniture that in all likelihood may not be delivered at all.

Let's say I do accept part of the furniture tomorrow, I now have a nagging doubt with regard to the quality of the furniture. I would like to know if the furniture you have been delivered met your expectations in terms of quality. It would be of great help if you share this information with me.

The quality of the sofa was good. However I have not been given the '12-yr guarantee card' as they claim that they will handover all those with the last delivered goods. Incidentally, the person who delivered the sofa suggested i downgrade the dining table and get a refund since it might take some time to have it ready. So someone finally filed a complaint against them? What do i have to do to get my stuff delivered on time.. its already 40+ day and counting...

I have been on this wild goose chase since the 4th of May!
18th may, 23rd may, 27th may, 28th may, 3rd june, 6th june, 13th june, confirmed 14th june with personal promises, 18th june and i am supposed to get the product today!

not bad i get a call, asking me to confirm the product ordered, which i have already done 10 times! and they are planning to send me a car for transport on friday!!! i have chosen to walk into the factory right now. lets see
i also chetted from this orange, one fukrer shaji he know only malyali and showoff, but jack of none, he will guide u in sweet language, but dont know any thing about buisenness, now a days they start orange travels but i am dame sure they cheat once again why because one of the employee told me that they haven't check the hotel as well as which class of air ticket, but they launch orange travel...

dont go for this offer again they will cheat...
i think the media should be sued as well, bleady why are they still encouraging such a big frauder. also all of you CANNOT COME together coz, of your commitment OR you guys will not have guts to do so...and thats exactly that joker is taking the advantage. all you guys know is to sit and crib behind and CANNOT do anything from the front. I am sure you guys will start jumping on me but, still have NO GUTS / Plans to come together and fight against the Evil...the one & only ROTTEN ORANGE

just sit back and talk some more...
Day before yesterday they had given the advertisement that if you book villa @ 69.9 L, you will get BENZ free similarly for 2 BHK, 3BHK aprtment.
Land is without BIPPA/BDA/BMRDA approval

The executive team is the same what guys have mentioned.
I have shared the info from my side because i visited the site yesterday and i was not convinced...

Please let us know more info about Orange Group.
Here are some things that you must know about the Orange Properties offer at Devanahalli:

1. The proposed location of the property is off all main highways and is in fact further away from the Intl Airport. Guess where that puts you in terms of commute time to the city! The location does not fall within 48 kms of the city center making it out of purview of even the Bangalore Master Plan 2015... you will have to wait till 2020 (with Abdul Kalam's vision!) for some proper infrastructure around the place.

2. There are only TWO (!!!) villas priced at about 69 lks in the entire project that is on offer - that too without including the VAT and club-house charges that must be paid for. Of course, you have to bear the registration costs as well! The other villas are priced anywhere between 70 lakhs to 1.1 crore without the other additional costs of course. Psst... the 69 lakh villa comes on a 997-sft parcel of land - hardly any place for what I would term a "villa". And yes, its only a 1500 sft "Villa" - just a tad bit bigger than your standard three bedroom apartment in the city. I also note a sudden disappearance of the D category villa priced at over 1.6 crores which I am sure was there when I visited the website the first time round! Wonder what happened to that! ;) Curiously, the number of smaller villas has gone up to 195!

3. There are supposedly 800 apartments and 195 villas in the project with one club-house! And, Eureka!, the company collects Rs. 5 lakhs from every villa buyer and 1 lakh from every apartment buyer for the same club's membership! That's a cool 17.75 crores for just the club-house facility that on closer inspection can be set up for less than one-sixth of the money collected (the land comes free, remember?!)

4. Lets look at another interesting aspect of the apartment offer - There is an offer of a rental of Rs.5000/- a month (for an as yet non-existent and unfinished apartment!!!) until completion - two yrs in timeline. Now, lets dissect, you pay 2 lakhs in booking amount and the company pays you 5000*24=1.2 lakhs over a period of two years! Wow - magic - you got rent!

5. Now - coming to the most interesting piece of them all! The Mercedes Benz! :) Another thing to keep in mind is that given that the company will book delivery of at least 20 vehicles at a shot, it is possible to get a discount of 40% on the cost - lets just say that the cost per car for the company is down to about 19 lakhs. Now, how does the company fund this whole thing? Some cool math below:

Given that the cheapest villa is what you buy (No. A-37), here is what you pay:

At Booking: 10 lks
Land Cost: 19.94 lks (at a massive Rs. 2000/sft for land that was probably acquired at less than Rs.400/sft - Foolhardy if it has been acquired at a price higher than that so far from the city!)
Construction Cost: 39 lks (Wow! At Rs.2600/sft for construction, this should qualify as the MOST expensive builder in town! Any good contractor worth his salt should be able to do a decent job for about 1200 a sft - all inclusive - Raw material prices are falling yet)
Development Cost: 9.97 lks (What was that again?? You are charged for the land, you are charged exorbitantly for the construction and then you pay for "Development" - Excuse me??! Most plot promoters in the city provide all "development" like compound walls, underground cabling and drainage as part of the plot's cost.)

Here is what a regular builder would charge - You would probably get the land for about Rs.600/sft (am willing to bet!), construct at 1200/sft, spend on approvals and other stuff like compound walls and motors at maybe 200/sft. Comes to 30 lks in all for the property. Leaves a good 39 lks for the freebies - "Mercedes BENZ" :) which is acquired at about 19 lks and 20 lks for the balance sheet and the ad campaign! Ah yes, you can get membership at any one of the multitude of clubs on the NH for a far lower price - I checked.

6. A look at the payment schedule, the company proposes to entirely fund the cost of construction of the complex (and the cars) out of booking and agreement amounts received! The booking amount is only adjusted on completion of the flooring, when you have already paid 80% of the total price!

There is little, if any, indication of the execution capabilities of Orange - they have branched out into multiple business lines solely on the strength of their marketing ability. Some who purchased furniture from the company's other venture have had to wait long for delivery and have been at the receiving end of goof-ups in the production, logistics and after-sales service departments. The problems with all the holidays that were booked (through another division) are only unraveling now.

Net-Net Orange is a group of clever marketers that dwells on the enormous hype it generates to attract customers who will be blinded enough not to read the fine print until later! The short time period of the offer (which I don't believe holds), the massive ad campaigns (running in crores!) and the attractive price points (that are not all encompassing with prices often higher than market for their "other" eh-options!) all point to a strong marketing team but speak nothing of the execution behind the promises made. Beware! :)

*Note: All data provided above has been taken from the Orange website, various newspapers and promotional material distributed by the company and a little bit of analysis by yours truly!

Warm regards,
Hi All,

I have come across this scam from Orange Propertise. Many of my friends have lost their money, its so sad that our hard earned money is going to a fraudster in a easy way. Infact we need to buckle up and take some serious sction as he is cheating the educated society.

Few of my friends who had booked have got cheques (for their advance amount) but the cheques have bounced. They all have gone legal by appointing one advocate as they feel this will make the case stronger in the court. So I suggest you all can plan the same or let me know if any one of you would also like to join them to file the case.

Good luck!
Hi All,

There is a positive sign, there is a positive move has happened towards settlement of the money or giving sites to the existing customers.Few people from Granity propertie side have came to me two days ego.They were showing interest of settling the present issue as soon as possibe.Some big power is playing the major role for settling the issue.I have briefed to few people who are in touch wt me.I wanted to brief full details with u people to discuss how take it further.We will try catch up in a common place.plz revert back to me

Hi Umesh,

Can you please count me in ? Can you please PM me your phone number ?

Do Not believe Umesh... He is one of the close aide of Vijay and Granity Team..he has been trying to spread rumours like this from the day one of the scam

Umesh, stop spreading rumours..We have your details and have been passed to CCB already. Count your days!!! .Beware!!!
Folks, I went and lodged a complaint at the Central crime branch (CCB), CottonPet today from my orange premium apartment, it is dissapointing to know that the Orange properties owners are underground now. There were tons of complaints lying with the CCB. and even for Orange woods and electronics.

Some o[censored]s Internet savvy are aware of the problem but there would be many others who are not yet aware of the problem.

I used this post today to write my greivances to some press email ids, and I will be sending some letters to the various new editors as well, please try doing the same and write your grievances and hope we get some notice on this problem.
I agree that we should file a criminal case against these fraudsters called Orange Properties...
Orange properties office in Banaswadi closed and many of were asked by the police to register a formal complaint at the central crime branch at cottonpet. Please take copies of your reciepts and agreement copies to lodge your complaints.

We also have to unite and there is a yahoo group where duped investors like us should join and discuss next step forward.

Buy one apartment and get another free!. Sell the second apartment and get the first one absolutely free!!!
Buy a villa and get a Merc absolutely free. If one can see any logic in this then they deserve to be conned.God bless you all!
They are now located in R T nagar, bangalore under the name os Ginzer Infra.

The office is near the HMT ground, diagonally opposite to Kabab Manor and on top of Cuppa Restaurent.

All the best...

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