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I have purchased OrbiTek Elite 3 Months back, I have given a complaint 1 month back regarding the Moniot it will shows (Time, Calories Burned, Speed) not working I have follow-up 5 times till now this has not resolved. Whenever I'am calling they are saying today definately we weill send the Technition but they are not sending every time this is only hapenning. I have talked 2 times their Manager at Chennai office also but till now they did not solved the problem.

I strongly suggest please do not buy this product if you buy they will deliver the product very fast but after that service is very very worst there is no proper responce for service really I'm very fustrated with them. Please beware of this product they are giving so many Advertizements in all papular TV Chanels.

OrbiTrek Elite Customer

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Thanks for your valuable alerts. I planned to purchase it in tbuy by seeing the tv advertisements. Once again thanks for saving my money.I will not buy it from telebuy.
I totally agree the after sales service is hopeless. I bought the machine on 15th Oct 09 and within a week the wheel started wobbling I complained and was promised to send the technician within 48 hrs.
After repeated calls he turned up (Nov. 26th )and when he opened, to my disbelief on the one side of the wheel, the holder, nut and bolt was missing. He said he has to get the spare from chennai and left the machine as it is and upto now he's giving me some excuse or the other. (Has not fixed it yet). Thinking of taking them to the consumer court.

OrbiTrek Elite Customer
Hello dealers of Elite Orbitek,

was planning to purchase this exercise machine : but have 2nd thoughts after reading the complaints!

could you please respond and clarify ?

Appreciate it very much !
Yes, I totally agree with the above. Even I've experienced the same. At the time of buying they will speak nicely.
The owner of Sports Shoppe Suresh is a cheater. He cheats about the spare parts telling that he should get it from some other shop and he charges very huge amounts (even though he has the stock of the spares). He charged 500/- for one plastic pedal and 600/- for one bolt. So, as per the rates, the total machine should cost some 75000 or so. His daughter, an idiotic bugger, doesn't know how to speak with customers when they approach for service.
The machine is not at all worthy. Don't buy the machine, that too particularly from Sports Shoppe Bangalore. Don't buy any product from sports shoppe, bangalore. They are the cheaters. You will experience thae same if you go for the shop.

Orbitrek customer
I too seen the ad many times in TV and was planning to get this machine. But, after reading these comments I am really not interested to buy the machine through tbuy.in.

I was planning to buy the product, but from above comments i dont want to take risk of buying this Orbitrek, One bitter experiance I had on buying from Tbuy direct outlet in Kalyani nagar, Pune is ... " I bought a sofa come bed multi usage airlounge, with in a week of purchase i found a hole in the lounge and fixed using the glue and after a month again a pin hole has popped up . and as a hidden content there is a label inside the packet wchi is kept as no coustomer can see it in the label it is written that "fill the air for every 6 hrs " which is not said in TV or in their usage card. it means. These people are literally trying to make money with fake products.If the consumer court procedures are simple i would have screwed up these guys and sued them for the liability and crime."If any lawyers come forward who can fight for the case and let them pay me the money for transport and loss of pay for my job and product during court hours and lawyer can take all the claim that they can claim against the company i dont need any profit from this ratehr i want the mistaker to be sewed..
I agree with the complaint .And it is very costly when compared to semillier product which is available @7000 /- in local market with same features, and it is not that much useful, giving knee pains. My suggestion is not to buy any product by teleshoppe.
Prasanna Jaibalan - I was also planning to buy a machine after seeing advertisement in channels. Thank God. After seeing the Consumer Complaints, I have just given up the idea. Thank you Leela.
Friends i am Karthick from chennai . I have a plan of purchasing this product but after seeing above comments i am confused, give me your opinions please !
this is a cheap quality product made in China please dont buy this product
i had trouble with less than one week of using it
and customer service is the poorest of all
they wont even listen to you
they keep saying they will technicians to our place but they dont do it
my machine is not even one week old it started making weird noises
from the wheels and im scared to use it because it might break at any point of time
i'm still waiting for some one to respond to my issue
they dont even care if you say that we are going to consumer court
I think there is no point in complaining about the equipment.. not always you will get a 100% perfect equipment.. it can be any of them .. bike or car or any electronic device.. all that we trust is a post customer service... we can still manage with those people.. only thing is we have to spend more time in getting them screwed !!!

Trust me.. let me be any product for that matter..of any price.. there will be defects..
hi friends,
please suggest me whether to buy orbitrek elite or not...because i am confused of seeing all ur complaints & answer.so please help me...

I saw your complaints about Orbitrek post delivery services in Consumer Complaints.

Could you tell me about the product? Is Orbitrek worth buying? Did you meet desired result of using orbitrek apart from post delivery services?? Where can I buy this product apart from through teleshopping???

I want to reduce my weight. Will Orbitrek help?

Kindly adivse

I eagerly waiting for your reply.

Elite Orbitrek — Replacement for pedal


I bought elite orbitrek before 2 years.In the before 6 months the pedal(footstep)has broken.I need a replacement of the pedal(footstep).We contact the orbitrek office many times.But there is no response from them.
The user comments are being a great help for me by showing the actualities behind the promising ads. Thanks all!
I too face the same problem, After delivery they will ran away..

Seeing the adds in TV i bought the orbitrek elite from R.P tele buy, chennai with in two weeks i started facing problems in it, when i complaint about it they give me a complaint number and told that with in 48 hrs the problem will be resolved. but it is almost 1 month i keep on calling them no one turned up...

if u want a elliptical trainer go for a branded one which gives after sales service...

I'm very much frustrated after buying this product with a hard earned money of 14000 bucks...
for orbitech elite machine the after service is to be condemned bec the lack of
proper service. i found that it is very worst indeed. i complained on 30-1-11.they promised to send techn within 48 hours. but all in words. i phoned more than 30 times. till today 8-02-11 no personnel
arrived.i never and ever see such a worst service. i request all the people who intrested to buy this product
please have a second thought . my name is p. arumugam 64 yrs old. bala66v@rocketmail.com
We bought the machine and with in days it started making noise. Technician came and did something and said if it happens again he will change something. Of course, it happened again. we have been contacting the customer care for about three months now and they always give some useless reason. We have decided to file a case in the consumer court. Will update here once the case is filed. You guys do the same. These people should be brought to justice. The way they advertise on TV, they can actually convince people that they are selling a decent product.
Seeing the adds in TV i bought the orbitrek elite from tbuy chennai
its very difficult to work on it, no use also, iam using it for past 2 month regularly,
it makes a noice, my god...and i got knee problem also
its very costly tooo 13, 000 .
i dont know how to dispose it.
pls dont buy orbit trek and roopamrit fairness lotion cost 1000 rs
its a honey based lotion, simply waste.
slim dress, roti makers, ab circle, suana belts, slim tea, every thing in tbuy is cheaper product from china.
not only in tbuy any of them .

I am now just scared of these inputs, yesterday i called to Tbuy and kept the purchase on hold for getting feedback. Luckily i am safe now with the help of your your updates.

I am really happy not to buy the orbitrec elite. Today the customer care person from telebuy called me to find out abt my order. i have just informed him that the feedback pertaining to this product in net is not good, you know...immediately he hung up the phone .. thats it.. :))

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